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Introduction to T2


Describe about the Management Analysis of T2?

1.1 Background

T2 is a leading top retail company of Australia which is basically offering the maximum percentage of fragrant, premium tea and the other materials getting from tea from the maximum area of the globe. T2 is doing their business for the last 18 years, and now days it becomes a large company of tea who does their selling of enough tea in such a large amount that is equivalent to the amount 9 million cups of tea. In this assignment it discusses the full analysis of sustainability and management of the company T2.

To give an introduction of the company it tells that T2 is the one of the special tea of many of the country like Australia, America, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and also many other country where there are many numbers of stores. It is a famous tea that many people start and end their day with this tea to get the full refreshment. T2 teas are also served among the leading restaurant of the Australia. The package of T2 is done in a beautiful way in an experience of both the unique and immersive way which is the celebration of making centuries in the art of making tea.

There are many of the companies which are operating their business on the Australian and the international business landscape. In the international business landscape this company is compete ting with the other leading brands of the tea such as Tetley, Lipton, etc. From 2013, Unilever Australia ltd. one of the special tea brand of Australia called as T2 to expand their business in the premium tea market (International Small Business Journal 'Entrepreneurial Exit', 2013). To compete with the leading companies on this international business landscape it is required to develop the sustainability of the business start-up so that it increases the client’s number by 20% throughout the year. Through this landscape it provides the view of the potential future of the tea industry throughout globally. In this business landscape it develops the outlook of all the business and also makes a report to analyze the particular business with respect to the whole business (Lu, 2012). On the basis of this landscape, the international business organization has published a report in which describes the whole report of the business and also about the strategy of all the business. On the basis of the international landscape T2 has already emerges with Lipton so that it can make its own place on this landscape (Lu, 2012). To improve the business T2 is expanding their business throughout the other countries as in Australia, New Zealand, and America and also many other companies which helps them to extend their business. To make their importance in the international business landscape they have to first understand the lack age in their products according to the other brands so that in their requirement they can bridge that gap to improve their business in the international business.

T2 in the International Business Landscape

2.1 Role of organizational behavior at T2

Organizational behavior is mainly describes the group dynamics and also describes how an individual relate and participate in the group work, how they take initiative to do any work, and also the leadership nature (Zhong and House, 2012). The way in which the individual and any group interact with and towards the organization refers to the organizational behavior.

In case of T2, the existing combined behavior creates a climate, which can undermine the organization’s success. Within the organizational environment, employees of T2 bring out their background to their work place and also accommodate themselves according to the organizational culture (Ludwig and Frazier, 2012). So, here behavior creates an impression of good or bad on the customer which overall depicted as T2’s response in terms of behavior. In this context, the research also finds out some of the aspects which cause the changes in the organizational behavior at T2 (Ludwig and Frazier, 2012).  They are:

At T2, while any of the new employees joins, the changes of their behavior is get influenced by the culture of the company in such a way that they starts to behave according the behavior followed at T2, which they thinks to be acceptable likely in formal ways.

At the same time, the organizational behavior at T2 also influences the many of the decision which are taken during the operation. Here, to motivate the employees, T2 introduced many of the plans such as reward program; bonus program, incentives and also salary hike so that the employees can get motivated in their work and also get more dedicated towards the company.

So, from these points of view, it can be said that the organizational behavior at T2 plays the vital role towards the success of the organization. It causes the great impact on the improvement of the organization. As it is well known that discipline is the key of success, under the organizational behavior, it also includes discipline.  So, to sustain the success of the company, T2 needs to follow some norms of behavior so that it can be easy to maintain the behavior of the company (Zhong and House, 2012). It is also the fact that organizational behavior mainly controls the human behavior in the organization environment.

In case of human resource management practices, it is noted that at T2, there come some of the points which cannot be neglected. Any organization cannot organize any team without the proper management of the human resource, so the organization T2 (Buller and McEvoy, 2012). Research shows that at T2, the key strategies applied to manage the human resource of the organization are: recruitment of the people, training of the people, appraising the performance, motivation of the employees, work place environment and also many more things. Some of them are discussed below:

It is noted that in order to recruit the proper candidate and also to give the proper training of the people, T2 followed proper training schedule so that they can do their work in a proper way and also can get suited for the description of the work (Human Resource Management: Volume 52, 2013). In this context, another important thing, which T2 followed is the on the job training. They followed this specific strategy to give the proper training on the basis of the requirement so that they can get that opportunity to show and also to sharpen the skills of the employees (Si and Li, 2012).

Organizational Behavior at T2

To upgrade the performance, T2 also encourages the people in such a way that they can get ready to give their full potentiality towards their work. To improve the performance of the employees the team leader communicates with the team member after a certain time interval so that the team member gets to know if there is any lack age in their performance and also how to improve and also what are the necessary steps according to the required improvement(Human resource management: Volume 51, 2012).

International business mainly includes the entire business transactions as private and government, investment on the sales, numeric and logistics and also the transportation cost which occurs between the two or more countries, regions and also the nations above their political criteria. Through the international business, T2 emphasizes on certain important points which are:

  • The international business helps T2 to acquire the more sales.
  • International business helps T2 to get the new technologies in the business.
  • International business also helps T2 to bring the proper utilization of the resources.
  • Through international business, it provides the quality products.
  • Through the international business T2 helps to earn the foreign exchange.
  • It also helps to get the proper infrastructure for doing the investment.

For now day’s International business acts as the essential phenomena in the business world. Through the international business any organization can get easily is access in the international market through this they also can get the recognition in the international market which also helps T2 to get foreign exchange in return of their product. Through the international business, T2 also become popular all over the world and also bring the useful resource from the foreign countries and also do the proper utilization of these foreign exchanges (International Small Business Journal 'Entrepreneurial Exit', 2013).

Information Technology (IT) plays the vital and the integral part of the business plan. The role of technology management at T2 helps to understand the value of the certain technology of the organization. The technology management plays some of the important part at T2. Technology management helps T2 to communicate easily with others through emails, online meetings, voice messages, video – conferencing and etc. Through the information technology T2 can also manage the inventory in an effective way so that they can easily access the stock of the company and also give the information of the stock available in the company. It also gets alert if the stocks are decreasing so that they can get the time to refill the stock. Through this inventory management it creates a loop between all the departments of the company so that everybody can get easily access all the departments of the company easily. It also helps to manage the information systems of T2 in such a way that it can easily track the profitability of the company, maximization of the return of the investment and also the areas which are needs to improve. Through the information technology it becomes very easy to manage the data in the best possible ways which can create a database where all the data becomes available and any time it becomes easy to access all the data easily. So that if any time it requires to draw the conclusion it becomes easy to do it. Information technology also helps to do one of the important things which are called Customer Relationship Management (CRM). CRM helps the way they design and also the way they maintain the relationships of the customer. With the help of CRM the customer of T2 gets the better and the more focused experience and the company also get benefitted from this improved productivity (Cole-Hawthorne, 2013).

Human Resource Management Practices at T2

The process through which any of the business and the organization becomes started it becomes the entrepreneurship. In innovation management it describes the set of tools which allows the mangers and the engineers to cooperate with the processes and the goals (Wright and Stigliani, 2012). At T2, creativity of the new ideas and process are welcomed so that it helps to get the improvement in the business. Entrepreneurship and the innovation management focus on the 4 parts which includes:

  • Entrepreneurship introduction
  • Management of the small business
  • Management of the creativity and the Innovation
  • Strategic and the corporate types of the Entrepreneurship (Dhliwayo, 2014).

In the introduction of the entrepreneurship, T2 describes to identify the opportunities and also do the proper analysis of these opportunities, does the feasibility study of the opportunities, to build a proper team and also to give notice in the growth strategies.

In the small business management it is important to understand the scope and the nature of the business and also look after the opportunities of the business environment and to manage the growth of the business in a proper way (Ott, 2013).

To manage the creativity and the Innovation of the technology it requires maintaining the creativity of the business and also the source of the innovation of the new technologies to find the strategy of the innovation, proper choosing of the innovation project and also the introduction of the new product in the development process (International Small Business Journal 'Entrepreneurial Exit', 2013).

To analyze the necessity of the corporate entrepreneurship the link between the strategic management and the strategic management it discusses the whole strategy and the role of the entrepreneurship and also the development of the implementation framework of the corporate entrepreneurship (Dhliwayo, 2014).

To improve the future strategies of the company there are some of the three major points of the strategies which needs the company needs to improve. Those three major strategies are discussed below:

First of all, they need to bring the varieties or the diversification among their product so that they can get the better improvement of their business. They are already doing the business of the tea if they bring the varieties in the tea and also starts the business of the coffee they can improve their business and also can expand so that it helps to earn the more profit because now days the people get more health conscious.

Secondly, to provide the teas they can use the eco-friendly product so that they can easily decompose and also cannot get effect to the environment.

Thirdly, it can do the improvement in the quality of the tea which helps to earn the more profit and also to expand the business.

5. Conclusion

To concluding this assignment, it gets to know that the company T2 needs to follow and implement the future strategies of the company which are mentioned above. So that it get the better profit and also expand their business through worldwide. It also states how they can bring the variety in their business so that more numbers of customers can get engaged with this type of brand.


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