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Macro as well as micro analysis

Discuss about the Marketing Fundamentals Open Family Australia.

Analysis of the micro environment reveals the fact that there are six different factors, namely, organization, consumers, suppliers, business intermediaries, competitors as well as public. The company is essentially the marketer of the state that needs to work harmoniously with other departments of the company in order to generate customer value as well as associations (Hollensen 2015). The corporation operating as a publicly traded firm is necessarily limited by guarantee and is particularly governed by the Board of Directors. However, the customers of the company are particularly the volunteers of the firm who extend their support for the homeless young people as well as the people who have the risk of losing their home. As such in case of suppliers, Open Australia is financed by the Corporate Gifts and Grant as well as Government Funding. Intermediaries are also important participants of thee macro environment and the market need to partner with other players in the value delivery network of the company. Particularly, Open Family Australia partners with likeminded young people’s association, Whitelion that too act as a business intermediary. Furthermore, Open Family Australia too has several competitors in the market. Evaluation of the macro environment of the business Open family Australia reveals the fact that there are essentially six important factors, namely the demographic, economic, political, technological, natural as well as cultural factors that affect the macro environment of the business of Open family Australia.

The current section reveals the fact that the target market of Open Family Australia is essentially the volunteers aged between 18 years and 35 years willing to extend their support to the homeless young people and the people at risk of losing their homes.

The management of Open family Australia employs differentiation policies for attracting young people as volunteers in their organization by providing difference in service and service period. The organization Open Family Australia undertakes activities, namely, Tickets for AFL, NRL as well as A-League, Outing for youths in Luna Park, numerous BBQ’s, activities of fishing as well as camping trips as part of their differentiation strategy of attracting target consumers.

Open Family Australia carries out activities of volunteering that in turn makes esteemed contributions to the overall reputation as well as activities that the organization carries out with youths. Popular events conducted by the firm such as the Chatter-Bus held in Melbourne, NOSH Bus programme in Sydney as well as programme for collection of food help in positioning the service of the organization in the minds of the target consumers of the organization.

Description of the target market

Promotional Mix: the management of the not for profit organization Open family Australia can employ the promotional mix for assisting the firm to reach the organizational objectives and goals. The promotional mix that refers to one of four p’s of marketing refers to specific communication strategies. The management of the organization Open Family Australia can undertake actions that include certain important elements of the promotional mix (Kotler et al. 2015).  The actions include advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relation, direct relations, direct marketing and product placement among many others.

Advertisement: The management of the organization can carry out a paid presentation of the company’s messages and promote the ideas and actions of helping the homeless youths by an identified guarantor in a mass medium (Kotler et al. 2014). The instances of advertising include advertisements in print media, direct mail, bill boards, pictures, web pages as well as mobile applications among many others.

Advertisements can help in reaching a large market by means of wide variety of advertising. This too helps in dramatizing the message of the firm by diverse techniques as well as multimedia effects (Sheth and Sisodia 2015). Again, this can enhance the satisfaction of the consumers as well as confidence.

Personal Selling: Open Family Australia can undertake the process of personal selling that refers to the personally employing members of the staff of the organization for persuading the target consumers (volunteers) to take up this job of supporting others for a particular cause (Marshall 2014). The instances of personal selling include sales training as well as meetings, incentive programs by different intermediaries for convincing the volunteers to join the organization. This promotional technique can be regarded to be very effective as this helps in enhancing the personal interaction between the purchaser (volunteers) and the seller (organization “open family Australia”). The personal selling can extract better response by illustrating different utilities of different actions/offers of the organization to the target consumers.

Sales Promotion:  Sales promotion is also one of the important activities of the promotional mix that supports the media as well as the non-media communication (Weinstein and Pohlman 2015). This can be used by the managers of this organization for pre-specified time to augment the demand of the consumers, stimulate the overall market demand for joining this job. Again, sales promotion can also lead to short and simultaneously immediate effect on the sales. Promotion techniques for convincing the target consumers include premium gifts to the target consumers (volunteers) along with other usable benefits (Cho et al. 2014).

Differentiation and positioning

Public relations: Public relations refer to the publicity procedures that a firm undertakes for conveying the messages regarding the provision of a wide array of outreach services to youths who are experiencing very complicated needs (Chernev 2014).

Direct Marketing: Direct marketing can be considered to be an effective form of promotional mix that permits business concerns as well as non-profits to communicate and interact directly with the target consumers of the organization (Nordhielm and Depena-Baron 2013). This process refers to the use of mechanisms, namely, mobile messaging, interactive consumer websites, online advertisement displays, fliers, distribution of catalogue, letters for promotion as well as outdoor advertising.

The promotional tools can be used by Open Family Australia through various ways for the purpose of attracting the target consumers of the organization. The messages regarding the projects (Make a difference this Christmas, Wyndham Youth Homelessness Project, Donate Now” and many others) can be sent through different mediums to reach the maximum number of people. In this way, the management of the organization can alter the lives of several homeless as well as at risk individuals by functioning singly, offering diverse long term as well as concentrated and rigorous support (Bejou and Palmer 2013). 

The main elements of the promotional tools include the following:

Traditional media

Digital technology

Public relation tools

Popular events

Sales person

Influencers (Baker 2014)

 The important marketing promotional tools that the management of Open Family Australia can use include the traditional media, digital technology, public relation tools, events, sales person as well as influencers. As rightly indicated by Kotler and Keller (2013), promotional strategies refer to important factor of marketing that comprises of process of delivering corporation, brand otherwise product messages to the target consumers of the company (Babin and Zikmund 2015). The management of the organization Open family Australia can implement the promotional tools of Traditional media that involves deliverance of paid messages by means of television networks, radio stations, newspapers as well as magazines. In addition to this, the management of the firm can also implement digital technologies as well as interactive promotional instruments. Particularly, mobile devices for electronic communiqué as well as social media permit corporations practically 24/7 admittance to purchasers (Baghaturia and Johnson 2014). Public relation tools such as the press release, press conference, news reports as well as newsletter refers to the public relation procedures. Major events as well as community actions can serve as promotional opportunities for corporations.

Discussion of the integrated marketing communication (promotional) strategies

The management of the organization can use the traditional media such as the radio, magazines as well as the newspapers for communicating regarding the ongoing campaigns as well as events of the firm. The traditional media can help in communicating the messages through billboards, buses, aerial, as well as point-of purchase displays as regards supportive actions of the company. The management can employ mobile devices along with applications for diverse electronic communications as well as social media (Manceau 2015). In addition to this, public relation tools can also be used and the messages can be communicated by means of press release, newsletters, news reports as well as press conference. Again, events as well as community actions can also be organized that in turn can act as the promotional opportunities for corporations.

Conclusions and implications

The above study also elucidates in detail the way the management of the corporation Open Family Australia can enhance the integrated marketing communication process by implementing important tools of promotion such as advertisement, personal selling, sales promotion direct marketing and many others. The enhanced communication can thereby convince and persuade individuals to join the not for profit organization as volunteer. The engagement of volunteer can be considered to be a critical factor for the success that in turn can help in achievement of organizational objectives of the firm. This is because engagement of volunteers can reduce the cost of firm and save money for the company. Analysis of the above study also reveals the fact that the volunteers also bring in the requisite skills and consequently donate their skills as per the requirement to the members of the staff. In addition to this, volunteers also introduce renewed energy as well as excitement and increase community ownership.

As such, essential practical steps need to be undertaken for an efficient volunteer program that includes the following:

  • Convey the reasons and a justification for wanting volunteers
  • Examination of the needs and wants of the volunteers (assessment of the needs of the volunteers) (Cho et al. 2014)
  • Development of ways to tell the targeted volunteers regarding the way volunteering can help in development of society and the manner the volunteers too need the organization.
  • Framing appropriate promotional strategies for attracting volunteers to perform the noble functions of the operation of the company

However, there are important metrics for ascertainment of the effectiveness of the promotional strategies as well as integrated marketing communication plans of the firm. The management normally employs different metrics for assessment of the efficacy of the communication plans of the organization. The internal communication process are normally assessed using the dimension of audit, focus groups, benchmarking, scorecards as well as surveys.

In conclusion, it can be said that homelessness is a serious concern in Australia where more than 32000 Australian youths sleep on the street and young people aged between 12 years to 18 years are the largest group that experience homelessness. In this regard, the not for profit organization “Open Family Australia” operates by delivering outreach support as well as services to homeless as well as at risk youths for over and above 30 years. Thus, in order to deliver maximum benefits to the people in the society, it is important to have more number of volunteers who can support the work of the organization, community ownership, mentoring, and enhancement of the mobile youth outreach. The above mentioned study helps in gaining a deep understanding regarding the important elements of integrated marketing communication that can help in delivery of corporation, specific brand or else product messages for attracting consumers (volunteers).


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