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Introduction to Ingogo Corporation

Discuss about the marketing plan made on "Ingogo" and the product is "services for business".

Ingogo Corporation is an Australian online Taxi service providing organization founded in 2011 by Hamish Petrie and headquartered in Sydney. Currently reachability of organization is in major cities of Australia such as Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, etc. Organization has developed its own GPS-enabled booking system. With the help of this system, people could book taxi using their smartphones through a mobile application or website. Any nearby taxi picks up the ride and drop to their desired locations. People could book taxi as per their convenience from anywhere in reachability of the organization. Before introduction of online taxi services, people used to stand on the roadside for booking taxi which was time consuming process. Introduction of online taxi booking service has made Aussies’ lives easy and convenient. In order to enhance its reachability to other cities of Australia, Ingogo Corporation has launched a special taxi service for business. Main motive of this service is providing convenient to working and business class people. Value for time is high and in the business environment in metro cities, reaching office on time for employees is a challenge. Service launched by Ingogo Corporation understands the value of time (Ingogo, 2015).

Ingogo Corporation was the first Online Taxi Service providing company in Australia which offered fixed rate rides. Aussies have utilised Ingogo Taxi service to the optimum level because before Ingogo, there was no corporation who offered fixed rate travelling including the charges for traffic jams, etc. With the help of system used by Ingogo, people could book the taxi in two days advance.

Situational analysis is the assessment of organizational strengths and weaknesses in accordance with the external environmental conditions. Previous assessment has detailed situational analysis and in relation with the current scenario of marketing plan, below is the SWOT analysis of Ingogo:


·         Fixed fare scheme (Ingogo, 2015)

·         20% discount for businesses

·         Adequate safety measures

·         Loyalty points benefit

·         Range of payment options (Davcik & Sharma, 2016).


·         Lack of promotional and branding strategies

·         Lack of reachability to small towns and cities

·         Lack of funds

·         Available only on internet i.e. no physical booking

·         Different commission rates for different regions


·         Ingogo could expand its business in other parts of Australia

·         Enhance customer base by effective promotional strategies (Fine, 2017).

·         Enhancing its market share by taking physical bookings.


·         New companies are entering into online taxi serve industry

·         Discount and other promotional steps taken by new entrants

·         Promotional strategies used by them.

Company’s new service is especially for business. Thus, their major target market will be those people who work, does not have their own vehicle and other modes of transport are not much effective for them. Apart from business, Ingogo will also focus over other segment of people in relation with approaching to the target audience. Generally, all age group people use taxi services and in relation with the target audience for Ingogo for their new service, major target market segment will be businesses. Organization will highlight premium and key features of their business service to the businesses for enhancing customer base. Staff travel is an integral part of a business; finance and management team have to organise the travel for staff. Apart from this, Ingogo has provided an attractive discount scheme with the motive of gaining large number of consumers (McDONALD, 2016). This will help the organization to enhance its revenues which will automatically lead the organization to attain its financial as well as marketing objectives.

  • Demographic: This type of segmentation is classified on the basis of age, income, gender, etc. In terms of Ingogo’s new service, people aged 20-60 will be targeted because generally, people between this age group execute businesses.
  • Geographic: Currently, Ingogo is operating in major cities of Australia, thus, their major target markets will be limited to these cities only (Chaffey & Ellis-Chadwick, 2016).
  • Psychographic: People are classified on the basis of lifestyle, preferences, luxury, comfort, etc. Apart from service for business, organization could target every segment of audience who loves to travel with fixed fares.
  • In order to target business and to enhance customer base, organization has planned to provide 20% discount on service for business. Businesses can save up to 20% on all staff travel by optimising the Ingogo’s automated expense management and fixed fares (Welford, 2016).
  • Fixed fare system provides certainty prior to booking a taxi. Staffs are taken to their destination via the best value route including the tolls and there is no surge pricing regardless of any unexpected delays.

Ingogo’s GPS-enabled Booking System

In relation with brand positioning in the target market, organization could use number of positioning statements. Positioning statement for Ingogo Corporation with regards to service for business will be “Travel with us at affordable rates and earn Quantas Points”. Apart from the positioning statement, organization will also focus over effective marketing and promotional strategies. In addition to these promotional and marketing strategies, organization could highlight the USPs and key features of service for business. This will help the organization to set up an effective image along with gaining positive outcomes. After each booking and completion of trip, employees who had travel with Ingogo taxi service will receive an automated generated email receipt (Baker & Saren, 2016). Apart from employees, an email receipt will also be sent to the finance department of business who will collaborate with organization to provide travelling services to its employees.

Apart from this, transparent and clear picture will be showcased to the organization in relation with the route fixed for the employee and route taken at the time of drop off and pick up. Ingogo provide easy taxi booking for staff. Along with this, management, billing and reporting will be centralized with Ingogo for business. Ingogo will provide access to the business who will hire them for dropping and picking up their employees to add and remove any employee anytime (Lusch & Vargo, 2014). Organization will also provide the link of their GPS system through which people who will hire Ingogo would easily be able to track the current location.

Effective promotional and digital marketing strategies will be used in the marketing plan of Ingogo Corporation with the motive of spreading awareness amongst the business ventures. On each trip with Ingogo, businesses will earn 1 Quantas on every spending of $1. Other key features through which organization will be able to set up their effective position in the target market are:

  • Staff members does not require to stand in ques to wait or taxis and for other modes of transport (Wirtz & Lovelock, 2016).
  • Staff members do not require worrying about physical receipts of fares.
  • There will be no confusion regarding the fare given by employees and claims pass by organizations because Ingogo operates on fixed fare policy (Adetunji, Nordin & Noor, 2014).

Marketing plan is developed with some objectives and goals. Apart from introducing service or a product for an organization, there are various objectives are linked with a marketing plan. In relation with the scenario of Ingogo Corporation, main motive of this marketing plan is to spread awareness amongst the public and target market regarding their key services in order to enhance revenues and profitability (Ryan, 2016). This marketing plan has been made with following expectations which needs to be accomplished for success and growth:

  • Building brand positioning
  • Spreading awareness amongst the target audience
  • Expansion in other parts of the Australia (Tiago & Veríssimo, 2014).
  • Enhancing customer base by minimum 30%
  • Increasing overall revenues by 15%
  • Minimising other overheads
  • Increasing profits by 10%

Ingogo’s New Taxi Service for Business

In order to attain these objectives, it is necessary for the organization to render qualitative and effective services. Apart from this, it is necessary for the organization to set reliable image amongst the target audience in relevance with the organization, hence, maintaining transparency between what organization shows and what organization renders. This plays essential role in developing an effective as well as efficient marketing plan. Rendering qualitative services along with providing value for money will help the organization to attain its desired financial and marketing objectives. 20% discount provided by the organization to business in order to attract their new target market will help the organization to boost up their sales. To convert this assumption into reality, organization is required to focus over trending digital marketing strategies along with focusing on integrated marketing communication channels, push and pull strategies, etc. (Benz & Tanner, 2017).

It is a global marketing effectiveness consultancy which helps the business enterprises to make smarter, predictive and predictive business decision on the basis of analytic, technology and data solutions. Main objective of this theory is to enhance the efficiency of marketing professional’s decisions. This theory helps the marketing professionals to make effective decisions and it supports ongoing decision making rather evaluating errors and glitches in the existing strategies (Poelaert & Najafi, 2017).

Gain theory and philosophy are summed up though FAST doctrine which are Forward thinking, Active partnerships, Simplicity, and Transparency. There are numerous advantages of using Gain theory in marketing plan. In relation with Ingogo’s operations, organization will get clear and deep understanding regarding marketing and media landscape which is a part of WPP, the largest communication service group across the globe. Organization will be able to reach to its target audience along with attainment of desired goals and objectives (Noroozi & Rüffer, 2014).

It is an effective element of marketing plan and in relation with Ingogo’s new service, this strategy will showcases and highlights its key features and USPs. With the help of this strategy, organization will be able to design its promotional mix plan in an effective manner with the objective of gaining better outcomes. Following are the crucial elements of marketing mix strategy:


Ingogo Corporation has introduced an effective service for business so as to enhance company’s sales and customer base. The more organization will serve; the large will be its customer base. Organization is focusing over enhancing product range so that there will be an effective and useful service for every segment of audience. Recently, organization has launched service for business under which employees of the organization will get benefits. Travelling for work in metro cities is bit time consuming and challenging task. In order to resolve this challenge, Ingogo has introduce fixed fare scheme through which business enterprises could be able to resolve all challenges such as managing meetings efficiently, etc. Apart from this, the major challenge for business enterprise which is coming late of employees due to traffic jams in metro cities will also be resolved with the unique service for business introduced by Ingogo recently (Ottman, 2017).

SWOT Analysis of Ingogo


In order to attract the target audience, organization has planned to offer 20% discount for a limited time period. This will help the organization to boost up the revenues and sales for the organization which will ultimately boost up the profitability and growth of the organization. In addition to the discount, organization will follow fair pricing strategy in order to set up an effective position in the target market as well as to generate more opportunities for further expansion of the organization (Kannan, 2017).


Ingogo is serving in major cities of Australia such as Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, etc. New service introduced by the organization will also be served in these big cities only. Service for business will be useful for big cities only because there is not much rush in small towns and cities and there people could easily travel from one place to another, hence, requirement for online taxi services are high in big cities only. In order to maintain transparency between the organization and employees, Ingogo will provide access to their clients so that they could track the route taken by the taxi driver and it could be cross checked with the actual route to the destination of employees. irrespective of this, company deals in fixed and fair pricing strategy, thus, there will be no such issues through which organizational operations gets affected (Ashley & Tuten, 2015).


In relation with promotion and advertisement campaign, organization will be focus over trending digital marketing strategies. Along with this, major focus will be imposed over the email marketing because the new service introduced by Ingogo is for business enterprises, thus, email marketing will be a useful technique for spreading awareness amongst the target audience. Following marketing techniques will be included in the marketing plan of Ingogo Corporation:

This is the most trending and result oriented technique in contemporary business environment. With regards to the service introduced by Ingogo Taxi Service Company, key features, USPs and the uniqueness could be highlighted using video marketing strategy. Number of social media users is increasing day by day and in relation with enhancing customer base and revenues, social media marketing will help the organization to attain its objectives. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms will be the major sources for the organization to promote its new service. These are most appropriate and effective mediums of digital marketing strategies (Belch, Belch, Kerr & Powell, 2014).

Target Market and Promotional Strategies

It is the simplest form of marketing strategy and helps the organization to maintain a link between all messages in an effective manner. There are huge benefits linked with integrated marketing communication. It helps the organization to gain competitive advantage, boost up sales and profits, etc. It is the most crucial element for P in the marketing mix strategy. Advertising, maintaining public relations, direct marketing, etc. are such effective mediums of integrated marketing communication. Big data analysis and gain theory will be major elements in relevance with enhancing the effectiveness of marketing plan (Kitchen & Burgmann, 2015).

Organization could also focus over event marketing strategy. By sponsoring certain crucial events, organization will be able to promote its existing as well as newly launched service for business. This is bit expensive technique but it has also several crucial benefits.

Apart from the above discussed marketing and promotional strategies, organization could also adopt other modes of marketing such a traditional forms of marketing such as newspaper advertisement, magazines, etc. 


Budgeted investment ($AUD)

Social media:







Email marketing




Traditional mediums of marketing


Event marketing


Integrated marketing communication







From the aforesaid information, it can be concluded that marketing plan is an essential element of promoting the new and existing products and services in the target market. This report includes a marketing plan in relation with promoting new service launched by Ingogo Corporation. Ingogo Corporation is an online Taxi service providing company and to enhance their customer base and revenues and sale volume, trending digital marketing strategies have been included in this marketing plan. This report has concluded significance of marketing plan in relation with promoting the new and existing services introduced by the organization in the target market. In this marketing plan, situational analysis, marketing & financial objectives and gain theory has been included as the major elements. In addition to this, marketing mix strategy and other promotional strategies has been included in the marketing plan in order promote the newly launched services in the target market. 


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