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External Analysis

Discuss about the Marketing Plan of Elite Oman Airlines for National Tourism Strategy.

The market position of Elite Oman Airlinehas enhanced their level as they have invested their money in the tourism field. The entire economy of Oman has changed and that has provided an entire change scenario in Oman. The ministry of Oman is liable for that case and they have taken some innovative steps that will provide some better beneficial support to the nation. The National Tourism Strategy (NTS) was unveiled in 2016, and it has been adopted for the sustainable condition of the government. The basic structure of the process is the forming of the cluster and that gave rise to some urban strategies for cultural and natural changes (Khalfan, AlRefaei and Al-Hajery 2006). The changes in market also brought changes in the national economy and helped in capitalizing the process of the economy.The purpose of the essay is to plan the market objective of the Low cost airlines and also state the business position of the company to possess their establishment in Oman. The purpose of the airlines business is to deliver the right business process and encourage the business opportunities as well.

In this paper, a Low-cost airline company of Oman "Elite Oman Airline" has been taken and the company has managed to strengthen their market after the market conference in Dubai in 2016. The company is very new and started their business in 2015 and the introduction of low rate domestic flights are done by them. The entire process of the company is formulated from the Adam city of Oman and the market base is enlisted throughout the provinces.

The mission statement of Elite Oman Airline is to make low cost fares so that all genres of people specially the middle class people can take this advantage from the airline.

In case of external analysis, the organization imposed on the other influencing factors that are liable for the business acceleration and to find a good position in the market. Oman has an impressive change in travel and tourism industry and that is the reason destination marketing and service deliverance is the key factor that enhances the business opportunities for Oman. They cater for adventure, wildlife, architectural and all kind of innovative travelling with their airline (Alhemoud 2003). The company is based on the low-cost carrier and still, they have managed to connect 12 destinations and fleet size of 5. The motive of the company is to make more opportunities and provide services to more people become some lucrative service for the company to make it sustainable. The choice and flexibility in the journey are also keeping in mind by them. The level of hospitality also becomes a good aspect of the company. The five factors of the company like political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal are needed to be aligned for the sustainable development and make more sense in the organization so that company can continue their service for long-term cases.

Political Aspect

In case of political aspect, the government commencement is the key aspect for Oman to make some changes in recent past and that will help in highlight the political aspect of the country (Morrison 2013). There are some changes that have made more opportunities for the organization like Elite Oman Airline. The improve climate in Sultanate is the key issue in case of investment and that is the reason Oman local and foreign investment happen. The invested people come in Oman and the domestic travelling is very important in that case to accumulate all the people for the tour and mostly in case of short rides, they prefer the low-cost airline like Elite Oman Airline.

The low-interest rates are the key opportunity that government considered for Elite Oman Airline. The airline company is not big enough to invest that much amount in quick time rather they need some relaxation from tax and that will also influence their service expansion (O'Connell and Williams 2016). 

The transfer free commodities are important for the company. The government makes this process free and effective for the organization and that is the reason re opportunities has come for the organization.

The free trade agreement with different nations make some chances to engage people from diverse sections and they use airlines for that factor and that will influence the use of this airlines. A well-regulated capital market is an influencing issue for the company and that attract most of the foreigners to invest in this nation.

Low operating cost needs some financial growth from government and in that case, money transferring and foreign business investment is essential for the market of Elite Oman Airline. Political stability like the rejection of war states or inter-medial conflict needs to vanish in that certain period of time and that gives the more sustainability in the business process (Al Badi 2015).

In case of Economic development, Oman has increased their potential barrier to getting more opportunities in business. The aspects that impacted in that case are:

The GDP growth of Oman is 5.2% in 2018 after the establishment of gas production and for the reason, a new airport established in Muscat. The market is quite steady and makes the strongest rate of growth since 2015 (Camilleri 2018).

Diversity in reverse streams helps to reform the positive growth of Oman. The development is the national economy is important in that case airlines industries are making advantages from that. The economic opportunities are the main concern for the new business development and the culture and enhancement of the business.

Economic Development

The overall demand for commercial and residential development is the key factor in that case and new business set up. The market opportunities for airlines in the can be segregated if the internal stability and budget allocation are not accessed in right way. The premium location needs to be high in demand so economic steps are taken as per the state of the position.

The social aspect of Elite Oman Airline is strong as low-cost airlines provide enough opportunity for people. The main facet of the airline is delivering safety to their customers and that is concern application that indulges in the operation. The people from Oman want the safety and security of the airlines and the particular airline provides that.

The basic intention of the airline is to get some good position in the market by involving more people with their service and the problem has come if low-cost interference has come in between (Henderson 2015). This is one of the prime concerns for people and they have also taken the opportunity of accumulating people by different passes and discount tickets, so that will be a huge opportunity for passengers.

In case of Technological aspect, booking technology is 24*7 and passengers can call and state their concern. In some cases, an acute situation will come in the organization and that will be a huge challenge for the organization to overcome the situation. 180 seats are available in the seat and each seat has the automation control and shape alignment figure adjustment that means the seat will automatically take the shape as per the passengers (Siriborwonpitak and Pathumporn 2014). Better customer service process will be allocated in that airline for enhancing better technological aspect of the company. It is quite impressive form the point of view of customer satisfaction.

In case of Oman the company is the main concern of the process and most of the low cost companies are having a good market in Oman. The factors like government stability, policy reform process, international relation and internal security are the major factor of this process. The labor law is another aspect in legal case and for that reason tax is been less implemented over the organization (Basfirinci and Mitra 2015). Recent economic policies are enhancing the business opportunities also and that impacted in business process also.

Government action issue and business conditions support the environment process and Law for the Protection of Environment and Prevention of Pollution (RD 114-2001) also releases the same environmental law for the bio-diversity and natural reserve process (Podoprigora and Nazvanova 2015).

Social Aspect

The internal analysis highlights the four aspects of a company. The four aspects are infringing the quality of the company and make it presentable in the outer world. 

The major strength of the company is the low-cost airlines' process. The company can accumulate more people with their service if they maintain this low-cost process. Another aspect that needs to consider by the company is the level of quality decline due to the low cost and that is the reason most of the passengers are questioning about the malicious situation in the airport or airlines (Fan and Lingblad 2016). This needs to be checked by the crew employees so that everything becomes fine. Booking facility is impacted on customers as the 24*7 booking process through online portal helps the process for passengers. Quality service and feedback for cancellation or disruption cases are important and that is the reason customers might feel hurt for this reason. The company has taken care of this aspect and that will influence more business opportunity and engage some people.

The weakness of Elite Oman Airline is the brand image of the company and that is the most concern matter of the company. People are not familiar with the company so there is persisted hesitation present there. The rating of the company is low as the promotion is not possible for the company like this. The productivity amount is another concern for the company as the productive sources are limited, thus improvement is not possible (O'Connell 2006). Natural disaster or war situation has added the aspect that may change the sustainable position of the organization.

As the company is the best low-cost carrier in Oman, thus future opportunity is persisted in that case. There is an opportunity to make the repressive market for the airlines' industry. The global presence is the key opportunity that may be considered in this case.

The threats of the company are always started with the competitors. In case of the global market, each aspect has been evaluated by the passengers and that is the reason quality assurance can be a threat to the airlines (Rachid and El Fadel 2013).

The market position of Elite Oman Airline is not very good as the marketing principles are not meeting in a legitimate way. The promotional aspect of the company is the key approach to the company and that considered a major change in form of revenue generation of the organization. The basic target market of the company is the higher middle class, middle class and lower-middle-class people. They have not formulated a flight for niche market people as they are not able to deliver this kind of infrastructural change in their flight that evolved the quality of the flight in quick time. In case of demographic segmentation, these kinds of the lights are admired by the age group between 25 to 35 aged people and they have found the flights are in their range and also state that it was in their budget (Baporikar 2012). The company has set their ticket price as per the investment is done by them at the initial time and that is the reason the entire budget of the company is important. The budget allocation showcases the reason behind their low-cost carrier and also influences their discount of free ticket context opportunity to promote their service and to have better audience gathering. In case of the demographic segmentation age factor has been discussed (Richardson 2012). The psychographic segmentations is also important for the development of business and in case of Elite Oman Airline, different genre people have accumulated in that process for the development of the business.

The major goal of the organization is to deliver safety and security to their passengers and implement the process of low-cost airline in Omani market to gain the huge amount of existing passengers. The company has set their short-term goal to extend their service to 2 new domestic destinations and has taken the long-term initiative to make some international move within 5 years from now. 

The objectives of Elite Oman Airline are

  • To deliver low-cost fare tickets to passengers so that enough engagement with them sustain.
  • To accumulate the huge number of people in middle class or lower middle-class people so that an engagement to operational success can retrieve from that.
  • To deliver safe and secure airline amenities for passengers so that people have never complained about the facility related issues.





Target Date

Low cost Tickets

The process will be completed within one month

The pricing department and the operation department will take care of that process.

For less pricing strategy, company will approach more people and will also make some hourly flight in domestic areas so that more people can accumulate to these fights.

20. 06. 2018

Engage more middle can lower-middle class people

The promotional aspect is needed for the business and it will take 3 months for that.

The promotional department of the company will take care of that and engage more people with the organization

Through the social media, online media, TV and print media promotion of low cost price is the most important factor that they can use for the development of their business.


Safety and security of passengers

The entire process will take place within the one month.

The department of safety and security in the airlines are the liable persons for that job.

They have to take care of all the safety and security technology for the development of organization. In most of the cases airlines are using technological support for that and Elite Oman Airline will use some process like this also.


 Table 2: Action plan

(Source: Created by Author)


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