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You are required to update the milestone plan and schedule (completed in Assessment 2) and provide your client with a Progress Report, based on information in this brief. This information advises you of potential problems for your case scenario and you will need to consider how to address these issues.

Prepare a Progress Report for submission to the family (as your client). The report needs to include:

1. an Introduction outlining the purpose of the report and what is contains;
2. the project status detailing completions, slips and delays;
3. implications of any changes made on the resources required to complete the project;
4. details of all adjustments made to the schedule, and why you made these adjustments; and
5. a personal reflection on the process.

Project Overview

This report depicts the progress of family relocation to Perth project. The progress report of the project and its current status will help both Jeff and Kelly to understand what other additional efforts will be required to successfully complete the project within the estimated timeline and budget assigned at the very preliminary phase. Jeff has recently secured position of a marketing director interstate thus he along with his family has to relocate to Perth from Sunshine Coast, Qld (which is their current location). The project plan was initiated as soon as Jeff got his date of joining to the new office in Perth (the date of joining is 5th February, 2019). They signed off their agreement for the current apartment in Sunshine Coast and as per the agreement they have to vacate the current property on 20th January. In addition to this, their children’s admission in the new school in Perth they have to take Transfer certificate from the current school.

The TC must be taken before 20th January because they are leaving the property of Sunshine Coast on 20th January, 2019 and they have to reach to Perth by 30st January because the new school session in Perth starts on 31st January. It is the responsibility of the project planner to make the entire plan considering all of the mentioned factors and perspectives. During the progress of the project it is identified that Kelly was attacked by a worst epidemic flu and the doctor advised her to take bed rest and theses days she will not be able to take reasonability of any task. Apart from this, the truck traveling with their belongings were suddenly breakdown in a remote location near South Australia. It also took 3 days around for repairing. As a result the complete project was failed to complete on the assigned date and their children have to take admission to the new school in Perth on 30th January, 2019 instead of 27st January, 2019.

In order to accomplish this project triple project constraints have been considered in terms of scope, time and budget. The net budget estimated for the project is $15,000 it means the project planner requires completing the project within that budget only. The scope of the project is to consider all the given conditions such as Kelly’s flu, sudden breakdown of the Truck and Australian day celebration as well and complete the project successfully. The timeline previously assigned for the project was 27th January, 2019 though for these accidental incidents the project faced certain slips and delay, representation of those slippage and delays are also scope of the project. After considering each of the conditions given it is determined that the project will take 21.75 days for its successful accomplishment.

Project Constraints and Timeline

Considering the current date as it can be said that the numbers of days assigned for the project previously was delayed by already due to the truck breakdown and Kelly’s flu. Primarily it was assumed that the project will be completed by 27th January, 2019 but due to the mentioned accidental issues the days were delayed. The project shows that, the project was assumed to be completed till by 13% but the actual percentage of work completed is 11% due to these accidental causes. These problems cannot be avoided nor resolved quickly therefore, delays have been occurred during the project progress period. The list shows the tasks that include delay and slips respectively are shown in the graph. The assigned resources for the tasks are also assigned and also the remaining work details are also given in the above list.

The graph above represents the total remaining cumulative work and the remaining cumulative actual work. The difference between the actual work and the planned work for the family relocation project is (13-11) %= 2%. The graph is comprises of two axis, the Y axis shows the hours and the date are shown in the X axis.

Project slip is referred to as the time gap between planned time and actual time taken.  Sometimes it happens when a project failed to complete within the assigned timeline. For this specific project also a time delay was identified. In other words, the actual date of completion is not equal to the planned date however the total budget was kept same making adjustment in the resources. 

The net budget estimate for the project was $15,000 but some material costs are newly added due to medicine, doctor’s fees and truck repairing. The total project budget increased due to these additions. However, the purpose of the project is to keep the budget same and complete the project. In order to maintain these balances some of the resource costs and adjusted. The below list shows the details adjustments make in the resource list from which is different from the previous project. The lists of resources are given below:

Resource Name

Max. Units

Std. Rate

Project planner


cost of agent



Jeff and Kelly



Additional accommodation cost


Logistic cost


Admission fees


Labour cost


Movers and packers


Truck repairing cost


doctors fee



Medicine cost


In the previous project plan some of the activities were included. The project plan developed for the progress report is modified with some additions and adjustments. Though, the project has to be completed before 30st January but for the incidents the days were increased by 2 days and they will reach to Perth on 30th January, 2019 instead of 27th January, 2019.

Project Budget

Some of the tasks in the schedules are adjusted to keep the total budget of the project $15,000 and days accordingly. The changed incurred in the project schedule are listed in the below:


Task Name


Updated Perth relocation project


   Project commence phase


      Budget estimation


      Risk identification and management


      Contact to agent in Perth for successful relocation


      Milestone 1: Initial project outline plan completion


   Project planning phase


      Project timeline or complete schedule plan


      Contact to packers and movers


      Booking truck for shifting the belongings


      Consult to doctor for Kelly’s health


      Extension in numbers of days in Sunshine coast for Kelly’s flu attack


      Making payment to the current location for the extended days


      Signoff agreements


      Milestone 2: Completion of agreement signoff in Sunshine Coast apartment for the final shift


   Pre shifting phase


      Start of packing


      Labeling each and every things for better identification


      Arranging and packing Buddy's belongings


      Application for Address Change


      Taking admission of Will and Lexei at school of Perth


      Milestone 3: Completion of Shifting Preparation


   Shifting phase


      Contact to agent in Perth


      Taking truck to the nearby garage


      Repairing the truck (because of its sudden breakdown near South Australia)


      Making Partial payment for relocation


      Vacating the current property


      Milestone 4: Completing the shifting phase


   Post shifting phase


      Unpacking all the furniture and other belongings


      Admission of children in new school


      Agreement sign-in in Perth new property


      Milestone 5: completion of relocation to Perth project successfully

After analyzing the current status of the project I have realized that the project  is comprises of five different process staring with project commence phase, planning, pre shifting phase, shifting phase and post shifting phase. Each of the project development phases are interconnected to each other which means that output of a previous phase enters as the input to the very next phase. It defines that if any of the project phases is missed of interrupted them the project delivery will be interrupted respectively. I have also realized that, some project management knowledge areas such as communication management, risk management, quality, time, cost, scope and stakeholder management are also required to be maintained by Jeff, Kelly and the project planner to accomplish the project within estimated timeframe and budget.  For this specific family shifting project the four leading knowledge areas of concern include time, cost, communication and risks.

While interacting to the agent in Perth regarding any project related queries the project planner, Jeff and Kelly should use open communication to avoid any communication gaps and misunderstanding. At the initial phase it is determined that the project should be completed in $15,000 without any extensions therefore the total budget of the project including its resources are all updated. The cost was exceeded due to the sudden addition of truck repairing cost, doctor’s fees and medicine cost but theses costs are all adjusted with the rest of the resources to keep the balance and ensure that the project will be completed in the assigned budget of $15,000. Though, the total time assigned for the project was delayed by some days but the complete time required for the completion of the project is 21.75 day. 


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