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Discuss about the Media Analysis for NSW Nurses.




NSW Nurses and midwife association has published a press release regarding the policy of privatisation of the public hospitals. A critical perspective has been adopted in the article regarding the government policy. The objective of the article is arousal of the public consciousness regarding the government policy in this regard. The writer of the article is harbouring recalcitrant attitude regarding the decision of the government and the article is sharing the attitude of the writer to the reader. The approach of the article is direct in nature. The writer didn’t try to hide his position in this regard the criticism is direct and straight forward. The attitude of the writer is getting reflected in entire literature (Schivinski & Dabrowski, 2016).

The objectivity of the article is clear in the press release of NSW Nurses and midwife association. The heading is reflecting the stand of the article in this regard. The writer is indication his opinion regarding a policy that has been adopted by the government. In the article the writer made an attempt rationalised his adopted stand and described all the opinion is supporting his position (Bishop, 2014). Before analysing the whole article one aspect need to remain clear that the article is representing against some issue and the writer has adopted a specific stand in the regard. The stand of the writer is representing the stand of an association. In this case it can be said that the mentality of the all member of the association comply with the stand point of the article and offer an unconditional support to the perspective that has been adopted by the article (Vasseur& Hui, 2014). The article has described the perspective of Brett Holms who is the secretary of NSWNMA. In his opinion the he described a negative stand point regarding the government decision. The altitude of the association is getting conveyed by this opinion. In the case the prime area of consideration the objective is getting serve out of this application. In the context it can be said that the article is representing a specific perspective of certain organisation (McChesney, 2015). The interest of the organisation is directly connected with the government decision. The interest of the organisation is getting affected by the decision. The attitude of the association supposes to be negative against the position of the government in this regard. The adverse impact of the government decision has made the association recalcitrant against the government stand on the issue the objective of the article to inflict the sense of opposition to the reader of the article. The article has a target audience. There is a division in the regard. the reader of the article may be the member of the association. In this case she can rationalised her stand to oppose the government decision on this issue or if she is not active member of the association this article can inflict the sense it wants to communicate to the reader and the indifferent reader from this profession can receive an encouragement to the adopt the stand of the association on this issue (Berger, 2015).


In the article the writer is holding a direct stand regarding certain issue. The stand is clear here the issue of balance of perceptive is gaining importance in this regard. The reason of balance is laying in the factor of cognitive consistency of the writer as well as the reader who does support the opinion expressed in the article (Watson & Hill, 2015). Cognitive dissonance is the position of discomfort for and individual if he or she harbour or holing a contradictory position than the position she has adopted in a certain occasion. Any type of anti establishment stand does require resolving the issue of cognitive dissonance and retaining cognitive consistency. The member of a structured society is facing indigenous resistance those are part of his upbringing (Huang et al.,2015). Any type of anti establishment move is offering challenge to this resistance and the issue of cognitive dissonance is the part of the whole process. The recalcitrant position is the base of any resistance. In this article the writer is representing the position that has been adopted by the association. But the position of the writer is also palpable here. In the construction of thought on important element is diagram formation. The communicator can communicate two different way one is verbal another is nonverbal. The process of non verbal communication is not applicable one the time direct communication though ambiance attitude and body language it can be applicable at the time of indirect or the generalise communication through the print media. Print media use the way of communication purposefully ( Knapp, et al.,2014) In case of this article the writer used the diagram process. It can be described after taking some example from the article and the notion that it can convey to the reader. The heading of the article is the representation of the notion that does harbour by it at the same time the formation of the article is indicating that the point of view of NSW Nurses and midwife association is getting reflected there. A person can get the information without reading the article. The non verbal communication is getting reflected in the arrangement of the article the descriptive depiction of the speech of the secretary in the indicator of the cognitive balance of the stand pointy that has adopted by the article. The article is the press release and at the same time it is a public announcement of the association‘s stand in the government decision. Communicating to the grater mass is the major intention of the article along with that getting the public support for its exclusive stand is another intention of the communication (Fernández-Llamazares et al., 2015).

The article is the expression of the recalcitrant stand of the association against the government decision. The association is not convinced  by the position has been taken by the government by declaring the policy to privatised the sate taken hospitals due to the lack of revenue from them. NSW Nurses and midwife association has adopted the position to oppose the government decision due to certain reason. The press realise is the description of the threat the association is expecting out of the decision (Gillespie et al.,2014). The spokes man of the association is the secretary. This article is the vivid description of his opinion. The attitude of the article has been manifested in the heading that it has use. The word ‘Sad’ is the communicator of the attitude in this regard. NSWNMA has clarified its stand in the last paragraph of the article.  Here it is getting declared that the association is getting involved with a campaign against the government policy. It is policy of privatisation of the state owned hospitals. From this context the whole article is the process of rationalisation of the stand that has been taken by the organisation in this context. The article has use different types of information due communicate the opinion of the association and rationalise its position. The attitude of the article is palpable in this regard (Poell, 2014). The article has use a strategy to make the reader convince against the current position of the government on the issue of privatisation. The article is the representation of the speech of the secretary of the association. In this speech the secretary has rationalised the opposition of the association and in the end of the article the association has disclose its support on the stand of the secretary. In order to rationalise the attitude the article has indicated to the deviation of the democratic value in the behaviour of the government in this regard. The seventh paragraph of the article has described ill democratic behaviour of the government in this regard. This description has helped the writer to convince the reader regarding the stand of the association the attitude of the article has been depicted properly out of this paragraph ( Silverstone, 2017).

The article has been backed by an ideological view point. The interest of the profession that the association is representing is the core of that view point the whole approach has been developed on that particular stand. The government decision can jeopardised the future of the nurse and midwives that is the key concern of the article. Privatisation of the hospital can generate a direct effect over the issue of the job security of the worker of this profession that is the major area of concern for the article and opposition against the government decision is coming out from this (Klinger & Svensson, 2015). The voice against the government decision is not only base on the concern and the emotional reaction as the result of the concern. The article has offer brief information regarding the failure of the privatisation process in the past and the opposition of that has become logical and rational in this regard. That is reason it can be said the ideological value that has been depicted in the article does harbour the rational value and the position of the opposition has become formidable after incorporating that (Rossetto, et al.,2015).  

The organisation such as NSW Nurses and midwife association is taking care the interest of the nurse and midwifes. These professionals are directly connected with the service of the patients in the hospital. That is the reasons the quality of the medical care of the admitted petients are the part of the statement that has been depicted in the report. The secretary of the association is directly concern regarding the quality of the care that can be received by the patients in private hospitals (McQuail & Windahl, 2015). The description of the forth coming impasse in the important approach in this regard. This approach can attract the attention of the general reader of the article and the people whose does use the service from the nurse and midwives. During the time of communication of radical stand it is important for the communicator to offer a space to the other people so they can identify them with the position that has been taken by the communicator. The communication process is getting validated here where the communicator or the writer of the article indicating the interest of the nurse and the midwives are associated with the interest of the patent and the ordinary people. The logical positioning of the communication is the scientific rigor of the communication process the acceptability of the communication is depending up on that. This is one of the major points of influence to the grater mass. This type of communication has a limitation. The object of the communication is specific in the nature. Ordinary people may not identify them with the mood and the object of the communication. That is the reason it is the part of the responsibility of the communicator to make the ordinary people involve with the subject. In this case the communicator did it carefully and in a professional manner (Best et al.,2014).


In the conclusion it can be said that the article it salve has made a significant effort to communicate the subject to the professional as well as the greater audience of the country. The article is equipped by evidence based description. These evidences are supporting the position has been adopted by the article and the notion it is trying to communicate. The article is indicating towards the forth coming impasse that may get happen due to the decision of the privatisation that has been taken by the government (Riff, Lacy& Fico, 2014). The intention of the article is to dissemination the notion of protest and rationalised the stand of the campaign that has been imitated by the organisation against the government decision. The article has two different aspect from one perspective ir is informative. It is offering new information regarding the history of the privatisation in Australia to the reader. From another aseptic it has futuristic approach through which it is offering a description regarding the forth coming failure and the effect of that over the nurse and the n midwives of the country. After considering all these aspect it can be said that the article can make an effective communication to the grater audience.



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