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1. Provide an introduction and overview of your chosen organisation
2. Analyse how operations management processes support the organisation#(20#mark
3. Critically discuss how the Performance Objectives apply to the organisation and what improvements could be made.
4. Critically discuss the supply chain of the organisation
5. Compare and contrast the quality processes of your chosen organisation wit those of another high street retail operation.

Organization Background

Operations management assign to the management of commerce practice in the direction of creation of the uppermost rank of effectiveness likely to be within an association. It is uptight by means of converting resources as well as manual labor into merchandise along with benefits as professionally as probable to make the most of the profit of a company. To understand in detail the operation management and the process of operation management a coffee shop situated in London has been selected for this paper. The coffee shop was situated in the heart of Fitzrovia and they are in the growing business of the coffee shop along with the breakfast and the lunch provided by the shop. The shop was in the bad position for almost 50 years but their way is changed with the new and improves operation management. This paper is all about the operation management process of the coffee shop to be the best in the coffee industry.

The famous coffee shop in London is the Attendant coffee shop; this shop is situated in the heart of Fitzrovia as well as it is at the distance of five minutes walking from the Oxford Street. The address of the shop is 27A Foley Street, London W1W 6DY, UK. The shop was build in the year 1890 but from the year 1960; the shop was unemployed for almost 50 years. After the continuous planning for almost two years, the shop is again in the business. They are open on the seven days of the week from 8 am to 6 pm and they serve a menu of the home style breakfast, lunch, and brunch till 4 pm every day. From the year 2013, the shop has transformed into the coffee roaster. This is basically a coffee shop but people can get light lunch, breakfast, and brunch also in this shop until 4 pm. The shop branches are located in two more places; Shore ditch and Clerkenwell. The shop is located in the heart of the city and for that; it became the center point for the people especially the people who work in a bank as this shop is located near the bank. They give more priority to their customer satisfaction along with the maintenance of the quality of the food. The shop is small but they serve lots of customers on the daily basis as a bank is near the coffee shop so they are able to provide food items to all the customers who ever come to their shop. Their services are also good and basically, they do not turn their customers as their supply chain management is also very strong.


Figure: Attendant Coffee shop of Fitzrovia

Operation management is the process of the business practice administration so that it is able to create the maximum number of efficiency possible for the business operation (Zhang, et al.,, 2013). The operation management of the organization is directly concerned with the conversion of the labor as well as the materials of the organization in the services along with the goods as proficiently as possible so that the organization is able to maximize their profit. This is the design and the method that help the organization in the production of the goods for their profit maximization. This shop was also in the bad face for almost 50 years and after the planning of the operation management the shop gain its popularity as well as they are also able to maximize their net profit (Jiménez-Jiménez, et al.,, 2015). Operational process or the business process is the activity or the action that the organizations need to produce for their specific products or services. In this case, the shop is the coffee shop so their operation processes for their product coffee have to be the quality, variation, and varieties in the products along the freshness of the products. It is very much important for the coffee shop to understand their operation process management to offer the superior quality of coffee and services to their customers (Sedaghati, and Kavousi-Fard, 2014). The entire operation management processes work in the same rule of input and the output, for input in the organization like the coffee shop the input is raw material, equipment, capital, time and so on along with the output of the coffee shop will be the products and the services offered to their customers. But they different process of the operation management do it in a different way.

Operation Management Processes

The operation management model of a shop contains the 4V’s and they are as follows;

Volume Dimension: This is one of the main parts of the operation management model. This indicates the volume of the product for the product price (Shabanpour-Haghighi, and Seifi, 2015). Here, in this case, the shop maintains a high volume for their products with the low cost. This actually helps the organization to maintain their profit ratio in the market as customers are more likely to visit this coffee shop more often due to their quality and quantity of the products.

Variety Dimension: The variety dimension is in the variety of the procedure and the process of the operation management of the shop (Wakui, et al.,, 2016). This is the coffee shop and for that, they bring variety in their menu to attract the customers and to provide them the best service. The shop in their various services offers the coffee along with the lunch and the breakfast for their customers.

Variation Dimension: The variation is the process in the operation management that help the organization to maintain their service cost and product cost as per the quality of the products and the service offered to their customers (Slack, 2015). The coffee shop provides different types of coffee to their customers along with the variance in the lunch and breakfast menu of the shop. This helps the organization to provide a variance range of product and services to their customers as per the cost of the product and the choice of the customers.

Visibility Dimension: This visibility dimension is the process of the operation management where the customers are able to locate and visualize their products or service (Krajewski, et al.,, 2013). This coffee shop prepares their menu in front of the customers and for that; the visibility of the products is maintained by the coffee shop. This actually attract the customers as they feel safe to know the raw material used for to prepare their coffee along with the raw materials used to prepare their food products.

Waste management is the process or the activity that is involved in managing the waste from the inception of its final discarding (Oakland, 2014). The waste management of the coffee shop is to provide the superior quality of atmosphere to their customers so that their customers feel the soothing atmosphere of the coffee shop and they visit the shop on the regular basis. In their waste management, the coffee shop maintains the healthy and sustainable environment (Slack, et al.,, 2013). To maintain their waste management the coffee shop started the process of reusable cups and plates for their customers along with the recycling process. They made appropriate food for their customers so that no extra food is wasted along with the product and the services are provided best to their customers. To reduce the waste at their coffee shop the team member of the coffee shop introduced the process of visibility where the customers will be able to view their product and also the product is made in front of the customers so the accurate product is offered to the customers with the superior quality of products. The process of cup recycling in the coffee shop reduces the waste to its maximum and customers are also happy with the result of the coffee shop and the operation management process that was invented by the coffee shop for their customers and for their surroundings. Waste management is the most important process in the operation management as this help the organization to maintain their product and supply the adequate amount that is needed for the customers (Costa, et al.,, 2013). Attendance is such a coffee shop that was built in the Victorian toilet place and for that, they have a little space so it is very much important for the shop to maintain a waste management in their organization.

Operation Management Model

The performance objective of the company is the operational strategy of the company to achieve the competitive advantage in the market (Dale, 2015). In general, the objectives for the operational management of the company are the quality, speed, dependability, flexibility, and cost.

Quality: The quality of the products is normally measured by the four things and they are; client retention, specification, company brand name and the recovery of the service (Monczka, et al.,, 2015). The coffee shop is not new but they have faced a lot up and downs and for that, they always try to maintain the four quality items to uplift their quality. They provide the best recovery service along with the specification and the client retention than their competitors Lantana Café. The quality of Lantana café is also outstanding and their services are also up to the mark. But the service and the client retention provided by the Attendance coffee shop is perfect and competitive with the Lantana Café.

Speed: Speed is the process of the company by which they are able to supply their products to their customers (Christopher, 2016). In general, speed is related to the maximum number of time taken by the company to provide products and services to their customers. Though the coffee shop prepares the food item on the order instantly, then also their service is quite fast as compared to their competitors. As in Fitzrovia the coffee shops are not so closely packed and for that, the competition among the shop is not so high. They provide food item really in a short period and customers do not have to wait for a long time for their ordered menu. This is the best point for the operation strategy of the company. As customers do not like to wait for a prolonged time and the company is quite fast in their work so the customers are also very much satisfied with the management of the coffee shop.

Dependability: It is the operation of the company management to produce as well as deliver the products to their customers on time as per the price and the cost of the products agreed. The company measures their dependability by the means of the product ability for functioning as per the design along with the ability of the product to perform time after time over a rational quantity of time. In the Attendance coffee shop, their products are totally dependable and they provide the same quality and the quantity of food day after day (Stadtler, 2015). They are open for the seven days of the week and every day they perform the same as the first day of the company. Sometimes coffee shop changes their product quality and also decreases their quantity along with the quality of the product but this coffee shop is very much dependable according to their products and services.

Flexibility: Operations are normally flexible of nature if the corporation is able to arrange the manufactured goods lines to an agreement through a variety of product necessities as well as if operations are able to regulate to fresh supplies rapidly. Flexibility requires so as to a company be capable of producing goods of the diverse level of excellence in addition to the various plan modification (Wisner, et al.,, 2014). Flexibility, in addition, requires a business to become accustomed operations to get together latest or altering delivery schedule as well as production volume. The coffee shop is very much flexible in nature with compare to their competitors as they prepare a variety of products as per the requirements of the customers. They gave their first priority to their customers and they are very much flexible to change their menu for the need of the customers (Davis, et al.,, 2013).

Waste Management

Cost: Costs presentation objectives submit to the difference in element price due to change in the quantity a producer produce as well as the diversity of goods created. In most of the cases, the superior the diversity of goods manufactured the inferior the quantity formed along with the superior the unit price, along with vice versa. Uniformly significant, the price of every manufactured good will differ, which affect the manufactured goods cost, organization costs as well as profits (Brandenburg, et al., 2014). The cost or the price of the product of the coffee shop is maintained as per the quantity and the quality of the product. The price is not so low and neither too high for the customers, rather the coffee shop provides superior quality of coffee nor food to their customers within a limited cost price of the products.

Supply chain management is the management that involves the storage of the raw materials along with the movements, then the inventory of work in the process as well as the flow of the finished products from the origin to the consumption point (Brindley, 2017). Supply chain management is very much needed for the company because it helps the company to enhance their efficiency as well as their speed for the organizatio0n improvement. This help the company to provide the best quality of products that also within a short period of time due to the best supply chain management of the company (Heizer, 2016). The entire supply chain of the coffee starts from the grower of the coffee beans, then the intermediaries who actually buy the coffee cherry from the growers and process it, then the coffee operative, then the transporters, then come the processor after the processor the next one is the exporters. After the exporters of the coffee beans the supply chain management of the coffee contains the government agencies for the further process. Then after the government agencies, it comes to the supply chain of the roasters. Roasters are the core participant of the supply chain management of coffee as they engage in recreation a function as well as encompass the accountability of remodeling the green beans of the coffee in the brown roasted figure. It is complete to the put on the market. Enormous Roasters of the planet are receiving the lion carve up a return from the production of the coffee. They are associated with the home group of actors as well as also the worldwide company in the trade marketplace of coffee (Mahadevan, 2015). Retailers are the finished or can be said as the final player for the supply chain management of the coffee.

The Attendance coffee shop of London has their own roasters and for that, they directly take the charge of the coffee beans after the government agencies of the supply chain (Taj, and Mousavidin, 2015). This helps the coffee shop to mend their own coffee as per the choice of the customers and for that; they are also able to keep their products always ready. This is the main reason for the shop that they supply their products with a good speed. This is the best for the company to provide more to their customers. Supply chain management of the company is well performed and it helps the company to grow in their future (Fletcher, 2016). It is quite important for the company to have an accurate supply chain management for the company that will enable the company to produce their well-finished products and also they will not face the lack of the raw materials for their finished goods. Supply chain management provides the best for competition in the market of the coffee industry. The strong supply chain management will provide the strong view to the customers of the company and this works as the best review for the customers. The coffee shop did not face the lack of the raw materials and for that customer did not go empty hand from this coffee shop. The staff members of the coffee shop are always ready to serve their customers and their service along with the product is excellent for the customer's attraction (Mok, et al.,, 2013). This is the main reason for the company that they are growing rapidly in the coffee industry.

Quality management is proceeding as the supervision of all the actions as well as responsibilities required to preserve a preferred level of superiority (Jang, et al.,, 2015). This includes the strength of mind of quality guideline, create along with implement quality preparation as well as a declaration, and in addition to quality manage plus quality development (Booth, 2015). The Quality Management Process is the arrangements of the events that are followed to make sure that the products formed by the staff members of the organization are perfectly fit for the reason. The beginning of the Process involves situation quality target that is decided by means of the customer choice (Narasimhan, 2014). The Quality Assurance Process, as well as the Quality Control Process, is after that undertaken, in the direction of determining in addition to account the authentic quality of products. The process of the Quality management helps the organization to perform their Quality assurance, then to undertake their quality control, then to initiate their quality improvement and at the last, it helps the organization to implement their quality management (Mohammadi, et al.,, 2014). This also helps the organization to set their quality targets and also find the way to measure those quality targets of the organization.

The world is filled with the entire business operations and everyone is providing their best to their customers. In general, there is three type of the business operation and they are; service business operation, merchandising business operation and the manufacturing business operation. This different type of business operation operates differently in the business world and their way of managing the quality management is also different (Sallis, 2014). Coffee shops are the retail business and the merchandise along with the manufacturer as they are making the food item out of the raw materials. The coffee shop for their operation management is able to control their quality management by the way of waste management (Simpson et al., 2015). The quality management process helps the organization to maintain their product quality and the operational management helps them to gain the profitability from the market. Quality management of the company is controlled by the staff members of the company to promote the production process as well as to improve the quality of the product (Lin, et al.,, 2015). The operation management of the coffee shop is to maintain the entire process of the management of the shop to uplift the business and to attract more and more customers for the shop. The operation management is linked with the quality management of the company as the quality of the products needs to be verified so that the customers are well satisfied with the product of the company (Roth et al., 2016). Operation management of the coffee shop prepares the entire plan for the management process of the shop along with the business function of the end performance. The quality management of the coffee shop is connected with the quality of the product (Goetsch, and Davis, et al.,, 2014). To maintain a shop or the business the quality management along with the operation management both is required for the growth of the company. The one of the management controls the entire procedure of the business and the other one control the quality of the products.  


Operation management basically plans as well as manages the execution of the business function so that they are able to perform the end business process. This paper concludes that the coffee shop of London was in the big trouble for the last fifty years but with the new operation management of the company they are now able to provide the best products and service to their customers. They are located in the best place where they are able to attract more and more customers for their coffee shop. With their new and improve operation management process they are able to grow the future of their business.


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