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A. Analysis and Evaluation of Alternatives
Once the issue or issues have been identified, the next task is to:
Develop the strategy options open to the company – the alternatives available to solve the company’s issues. This includes the option of doing nothing!
Dismiss the less promising alternatives

B. Tactical plan
Develop a tactics to achieve your preferred strategy options

C. Recommendation with Respect to Action
a. Now that you have analysed all the feasible options, the next step is to provide you recommendation, providing complete justification for your selection.
b. Your recommendation should consider the:
i. Short-term, within a year
ii. Medium-term, one to three years, and 

The organization Quanergy has been successful in providing people with light sensor products and in utilizing the technologies to the best of their abilities. The organization has made a name for itself in a short span of time. But with the growing competition and no solid backing from any big organization the company is in a stage of moving down with a rapid speed. There is lack of investors, employees, customers and new products. All these reasons have contributed to the downfall of the organization and the company is need of some better alternatives strategies and recommendation. The Quanergy though, has a lot of potential, but the company is unable to convenience bigger organization, be it in the automotive industry or electronics that will provide financial strength to the organization and will also support and publicize the brand name in the market.

The main issues that have been identified in the organization Quanergy are the growing competition that is affecting the company’s profit, the lack of abilities to get prominent and popular partners for the organization and retaining the present ones like the troubling relationship with the organization Mercedes-Benz, the failure in delivering the product that they promise their customers and the loss of skilled employees due to bad working environment (Ahrne and Brunsson, 2010). Amongst these various issues that the organization is facing, there is some scope for jumping back in the market with a bang.

Some of the possible alternatives that can help the organization to bounce back are-

  • The organization Quanergy have to focus on one industry first rather than distributing its attention of many different sectors. The company has an experience in automotive and electronic. Both the industry has a very steep competition. The company has to bring its focus in one industry and introduce a wide range of products in that industry.
  • The company have to improve its product delivery and it is essential to deliver what they promise, to gain the trust of the customers.
  • The company is in an urgent needs for solid investors and alliances, to get the necessary investment in the organization (Akbari and Hakimpour, 2018).
  • The company need to get back some of the key people of the organization who left due to the bad working environment and the CEO Louay Eldada.
  • The company has to make some important announcement about their present partners that they are hiding due to competitors, but it is important to show the strength of the organization and put an end to all the rumors that is damaging the brand name in the market.

Amongst all the suggested strategy options for the organization Quanergy the less promising one is the one that requires getting the lost workforce, because there are high trust issues and also it can hamper the organization’s reputation. There is even better skilled and talented workforce in the market that can be hired for the organization (Wiersema, 2013).

Some of the tactics for Quanergy that will help the organization to beef up are-

  • Deliver big and fulfill all your promises

The organization has to be upfront and should display honest contents to their customers. The organization should avoid being a clickbait in the sense that they should not entice the customers with false attributes and then present them with very less factors. This will affect the brand image and the credibility of the organization in the market (Brustein and Bergen, 2018).

  • Integrated Channels

There are some very effective channels that help an organization in creating leads. They are-

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media marketing and hypes.
  • Events
  • Inbound Marketing

This tactic should be used by the organization Quanergy that will help in attracting new customers. The organization should build effective content that will focus more on the challenges of the prospective customers, this tactic will ensure them that Quanergy will be fulfilling their needs. This tactic is also useful for getting investors too (Järvinen and Taiminen, 2016).

  • Employee Marketing

Employee marketing consists of building a team for promoting the brand and helping the organization achieve their objectives. The employees are the real brand ambassador of the organization that are spreading effective words about the organization’s products, values and ethics. This will help in showing a transparent picture of the organization to the customers that is very effective. This tactic also helps in building solid bonds between the employees and the organization, which is very important for Quanergy (Kleinaltenkamp, 2018).

  • Account-based Marketing

Tactical Plan for Quanergy

Account-based marketing strategy are the tactics that are especially planned for targeting the identified organization that are the potential customers of the organization. This tactic involves personalization of content in context of the targeted organization. There are a number of potential customers of Quanergy, which the organization can attract by putting their focus towards and building and implementing tactics especially for them (Ndubisi and Nataraajan, 2016).

  • Conversational Marketing

This tactic has brought a change in the B2B marketing strategies and has welcomed some aspects that were initially not taken into consideration. The conversational marketing includes personalization and also human-to-human conversations. This is due to the mere fact that increases in human interaction will help in yielding better results that each organization wants. This tactic can be paired with different other tactics stated above to get excellent results for the Quanergy. This tactic involves the process of capturing, qualifying and connecting with the best qualified leads for the organization (K?eczek, 2014).

The organization Quanergy should execute the above suggested tactics for getting ahead their competitors and creating a strong mark in the market that displays the real quality of the organization to their customers. But there are certain recommendations that the organization should consider for the future. These recommendations have been divided into two broad categories. They are-

  • Short-term (in a year)

Some recommendation that the organization should achieve in a year are-

  • The organization should conduct a deep analysis on the different industries it has been a part. Examine the profitability gained in each industry and then on the basis of the information gained the organization should focus on one industry for a certain point of time (LaPlaca, 2009).
  • The company should introduce various new products with distinctive qualities that are new in the market. This will also help in dealing with the growing competition.
  • Medium-term (between 1-3 years)

Some recommendations for the organization to be achieved between the time periods of one to three years are-

  • The organization should try conquering their selected industry by getting in some new technologies and should increase the level of innovation in the organization.
  • The company should regularly conduct analysis to know about their brand position in the market and also conduct analysis for knowing the new needs and desires of the customers (Mitteta et al., 2016).
  • The company should shift their focus to other industries with a planned and organized approach after they had conquered their initial selection.


The organization Quanergy is experiencing a sudden downfall that has shaken up the organization and the emerging competitors are making the situation even worse for the organization. There is a depressed environment in the organization amongst the employees which is the main reason for the low retention rate of employees in Quanergy. Amongst all these struggling times, the company has the potential to bounce back under the leadership of the CEO Louay Eldada. The organization should implement the tactics that have been suggested and should make a proper schedule of the objectives that the organization wants to achieve in short, medium and long term. The main thing that the organization has to work on is fulfilling all the promises that it makes to the customers.


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