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This assessment addresses the following subject learning outcomes:

a) Demonstrate academic skills appropriate to the level of study

b) Demonstrate research skills and referencing appropriate to the level of study

c) Critically analyse texts and/or multi-modal material in a business context

d) Identify and apply effective communication methods within a business and academic environment

e) Evaluate the use and importance of technology in presenting business communication


The prime determination of this paper is to focus on the role of communication which plays a major role in business productivity. The effective communication strategies can increase the profitability of any company exponentially. This report is one of the example, which shows the impact of digital communication in the organisation. In order to enable the digital communication in the company named Phoenix, which was facing some technical issues in their portal, adopted the social networks (Savage et al., 2014). The social network policy increased the productivity of the company, increase the work progress as well as strengthen the networks to create better communication,

This unit of the paper will be focusing on the Phoenix technology which is a small enterprise B2B company that provides network security tools and software to the other business sectors to secure their online businesses (Naser et al., 2017). The company has three branches in three different cities. The entire branches work on the same web control portal, which was used by the organisation to communicate with the departments as well as handle clients at the same time. In past few months, the company has incurred a huge loss because of the delay in providing the services to the client. 

The most significant findings of the issues and problems related to the selected industry is stated in this unit of the paper.

In order to find the problem behind the huge losses the interview was conducted in all the branches of the company to find the root cause of the problem faced in the company and the solution is implemented in the company.

Research survey are made to the check the productivity in the companies conducting same businesses. The idea is then implemented within the Phoenix technology, the performance and progress is then asses based on feedback collected from the employees and the stakeholders of the company through quantitative analysis of the personal interviews.

Identification of the problem is the main source of concern for this unit of the assignment. The initial interview conducted with employees was to record the problems that was face in the company (Patacchini & Zenou, 2016). The results showed that there was major communication gap due to continuous failing company-controlled portal, which have created internal and external communication problems within the organisation. The concerned issues taken under this case are as followings:

  • The web portal is irresponsive many times
  • Inability to show specific details while transaction.
  • Late response on the messages and the task.
  • Transaction failures.
  • Memory crashing.

The above problems are faced in the organisation is due to the web portal overloading since there was multiple records were stored in the internal storage of the web portal (Tucker, 2014). This lead in slow loading of the web page, delay in sending and receiving message, verification details.

  1. Proposed Solution of the problem

Identification of Problems

This unit of the paper will be focussing to the solution to the stated issues. In order and enhance better business communication with the stakeholders. The implementation of the digital communication strategies are implemented within the company.  In this case, we are implementing the social media to enhance the effective communication within the organization.

The main objectives of implementation of the digital communication strategy in the company are as followings:

  1. Drive the business productivity
  2. Bridge the communication gaps
  3. Strengthen the networks
  4. The Knowledge expansion.
  5. Requirements for meeting the solution of the problem
  • Making the social media page for the company:The company will get digital exposure and this could increase the business sales of the organization (Turban et al., 2017).
  • Grouping in the accordance to teams and department:the groups in the social media would join the stakeholders and employee in accordance with the work. This could make sure that there is transparency maintain within the organization as well as there must be abstraction of the sensitive details.
  • Installation of Chat bots: The installation of the chat bots in the webpage of the organization on the social network through Google talk will help the employee to get in hand assistance whenever needed (Lin, 2017). The Google talk would solve the small problem and the common problems that are faced in the organization by providing the instruction in accordance to the solution.
  • Proper security framework:The security of the network will be surveillance under the security framework and only the authorised personnel will be provided the access to the backend of the page or the organization. This could be done by installing proper licensed antivirus software to restrict the cyber threats and URL tracker to make sure that there is no potential harm done in form of internal breach within the organization.
  1. Implementation Plan for solving the issues

The implementation plan of the solution is stated in this section of the paper. The digital communication strategies can be implemented in the Phoenix technology will be done in the following 10 steps:

Design: The proper framework should be constructed to meet the above objectives and solve the identified problems, the social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn; hangouts can be a better communication tool for the business communication.

Develop: The social media framework must be used for professional level of working, it the framework must block through surfing through personal details of the organisation. The framework will be provided with guidance on each channel, to help in the application of the channels. The chat bots through Google talk to provide assistance 24/7.

Identify: The framework should be implemented for a trial period and the results are being observed about the employees working in the organisation, their productivity, development and the feedback regarding the strategies (Wang et al., 2018). Identify the current problems through reviews shared by the customer on the networks like Facebook and twitter.

Research: the online survey and the personal interviews should be conducted to check the progress by the application of the social media policy within the Phoenix Technology. The proper research will decide whether the strategies is good or bad in creating the effective communication in the company (Kramer, Guillory & Hancock, 2014). The external research can be done by the reviews made on the proposal of the idea through mass review over Facebook to keep a track of client assistance

Produce: If the result is progressively improved than before, there will be the implementation of the social media framework to the personal message platform to have an alternate port for communicating employees and the customers when instead of the company controlled portal (Hurlbert, Beggs & Haines, 2017). The web portal should be used for sharing services and all the communications will be based on the social networks according to comfort ability of the employees.

Establish:  The social media framework is established in the company needs a better security framework to; make sure that there are no cyber-attacks faced by the system online. The firewall and only the permissible links and website must be permissible to access. The system used in the organisation should be constantly monitor to make sure there is no source for internal breach

Implementation of Digital Communication Strategies

Agree: The prior permission and the government policies like Data Protection Act and the Privacy Act should be taken in concern while implementation of the strategies for the framework (Gao et al., 2015). This would help in building the trust of the employees with the organisation they are working. It would also help in building the trust of the clients with the services and the company.

Setup: The social networks framework will be set up in the company are used and categorise in accordance with the roles and the departments. The development team and the tech team will interact using hangouts and Google talk (Krikidis et al., 2014). The group are sorted on these networks according to the departments of work. The bloggers will post updates about the company on the social network pages of word press Facebook, microblogs over LinkedIn and the tweeting in the twitter account. The organisation should address information through Gmail, Facebook as well as hangouts. The access of the information can be done through these networks as well

Help: In case of any issue occurring in the framework, the chat bots made on the Google talk platform will assist the user with specific problems (Fracassi, 2016). In case of query and verification, the chat bots will help in solving the common problems that are faced by the organisation

Promote: The social networks framework can help in promotion of the organisation through microblogging, the social page and promotional tweets to gain a global exposure of the organisation.

The implementation of the framework will help in gaining the goals after implementation if it uses the social networks in

  • The monitoring will help in knowing the new opportunities and the improvement that can be made in the services provided by the company (Dass, Reddy, & Iacobucci, 2014).
  • The online surveys, the feedback reports, the Q &A, promoting incentives to improve and engage the stakeholder with the framework.
  • Getting the social media platform will provide more chances for the company to expand globally and target online audience for the company.
  • Building a better result for bonding the professional relation in the company, implying better networks to interact with the stakeholders.
  • Develop the better security framework and keep the track of any internal breach of data.
  • Banning the threat prone websites.
  • The implementation of the network ethics while using the policy.
  1. Impact

The result shown in the implementation of the proposed idea helped in gaining following productivity in the business:

Strengthening the networks:  Research have shown that the better connectivity and well-managed networks help in gaining the sufficient impact over the performance, learning and the innovation. The social network analysis can help in building the better bonds among the employees (Bott, 2017). Studies have proven that organization progress more than company-controlled networks when it depends upon the social networks. The social networks provide the better results by providing the inbuilt employee survey charts, the organization’s workflow analysis.

24/7 assistance: The social networks framework has interconnected the various web networks that can help in giving the expertise the exact information they have been looking for. Apart from secure search. These social networks open many possibilities to access information that are related to one subject (Bao et al., 2015). These information are properly reviewed which provides a proper map to find the exact article with sufficient information. The chat bots have provided ease to the employees as well as the customers to solve the issues faced regarding the services or while working.

Benefits of Digital Communication

Performance increase: The social network framework help in the better performance since the services are provided on time, the social media help in the organisational growth by improving the communication within and among the employee of the computers. The social media provide better interface to interact with employees and the work is carried 24/7.

Better security: The sensitive data have been, more secure since the policy is secured with a high quality framework, which make sure that there is no data breach of the sensitive information of the employees and the clients (Arnkil, 2018). The organisation shows user-friendly approach by collaborating with the government policies have entrusted the faith of the stakeholders with the company.

Better interaction: The social networks should be opening a 24/7 platform to clear issues online irrespective of the demographic boundaries (Agrawal, Catalini & Goldfarb, 2015). The 24/7 assistance through chat bots have ease the pressure on the employees as well as inbuilt the trust of the company within the market of the company.

Digital exposure: The company have exponential increase in the customers from different parts of the country. The social networks help the company to know the position of the organization in the market and compete with the other companies gaining better experience and position on a global platform.


The report mainly concludes that how implementation of the digital communication enhances the effective communication within the organisation. The company was facing problem in the web-controlled portal, which had incurred huge loss to the company. The crashing of the web portal affected the communication with the organisation and it created the secondary problems like transaction failure, memory crash. In order to avoid the problem, digital communication strategies have been implemented. The report contains both primary and secondary references with the information collected from interviews, surveys and journals.

This unit of the paper will be focussing on the recommendation for the selected business organization so that they can enhance the sales and emerge as one of the biggest brand among the similar industries

  • The employees should share only the required information on the social platforms. The employees should keep their sensitive details hidden in the social media ports.
  • The company should constantly update the security framework of the social network channel.
  • The passwords of the social network must be update in 30 days.
  • The policy should be made that only the certain amount of the information will be publicized under all the condition.
  • Private URL locators must be used to keep the track of any internal breach taking place in the case 


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