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You are writing a formal marketing planning tool because they help to ensure that important information is not omitted from the marketing plan. Answering the questions on these worksheets will enable you to:

1. Organize and structure the data and information you collect during the situation analysis.
2. Use this information to better understand a firm's strengths and weaknesses, and to recognize the opportunities and threats that exist in the marketing environment.
3. Develop goals and objectives that capitalize on strengths.
4. Develop a marketing strategy that creates competitive advantages.
5. Outline a plan for implementing the marketing strategy. 

Environment Analysis

This report is the marketing plan of an organization named Scooters Coffee. This report provides effective marketing strategies and tactics to target more customers in the market. Scooters Coffee is the famous coffee producing company in the beverage market. Customers always enjoy the high quality services of coffee provided by the company. By this way, company is increasing its business area and sales of coffee in the market. This report provides an effective marketing plan for the company Scooters Coffee. The report provides effective marketing strategies to attract the customers in USA market for the quality coffee and beverages products. Report focuses on the environmental analysis in which the company is operating. Along with this, report also identifies the target market, marketing objectives, marketing strategies including marketing mix, and budget implementation plan for successful business operations (Scooters, 2017).

Internal analysis 

Core competencies

There are value chain activities performed by Scooters Coffee in its business operations. Those activities high quality beans raw material and supply chain activities in the business operations. Further, company uses healthy ingredients in the drink beverages. Company has effective environment including healthy coffee and drinks, clean and friendly environment. Along with this, company has fast services and quality products at the affordable rates (Armstrong, Adam, Denize and Kotler, 2014).

Scooters Coffee focuses on adding value in the coffee products so that more and more customers. This would be effective for the company to compete with the competitors in the market. Company will provide super experience to the customers with the quality products.  So, Scooters Coffee is known as for speediness (Kotler et al, 2012).

The company has high quality raw material and coffee beans to prepare the coffee and other drinks for the customers. The company uses natural products and ingredients as compared to other competitors.

It is important for Scooters coffee to rely on the organic products while preparing coffee as there are different rules for the food ingredients in various countries. Further, Scooters coffee is willing to follow various sourcing strategies. Company focuses on the fair trade practices in the market. Along with this, laws and regulations of every country impact on the business of Scooters coffee as company buys raw materials from other countries. There are some regulatory factors also that impact the business of Scooters coffee (Lynn, David, Wang & Mehlum, 2011).

Sometimes, the economic recession at the global level can be key economic factor for Scooters coffee. The economic factors impact the profitability of Scooters coffee in the operating market. Due to economic recession, customers can shift towards the cheaper option which can decrease the profitability of the company. There are some other factors like local economic environment, taxation level in the various market and exchange rates of currency which must impact the business of Scooters coffee.

Scooters coffee is famous for high quality coffee among the customers. The company provides cheaper products with the without compromising with the quality. This is the key social factor by which Scooters coffee has to deal in the market. In current time, customers are focused on ‘green’ and ‘ethical chic’. Along with this, they are also concerned about the environmental and social costs of the brand.

PESTEL Analysis

Scooters coffee has good position in the beverage industry due to the quality products and use of technology. The company is providing app based discounted coupons to the customers so that customers can order the coffee by the online media tools. Along with this, in the outlets company is providing Wi-Fi facility to the customers. By this facility, consumers are able to use the web and can do their work with enjoying coffee. This is an additional value for Scooters coffee. The company is also providing facility for the mobile payments to the customers (Cravens & Piercy, 2013).

There are various business practices used by Scooters coffee which are focused towards environment. Company has to deal with the issues while holding the trust of the customers. There are some environmental factors which impact the business of Scooters coffee. Those factors include various environmental tragedies in the countries, rules and regulations while producing coffee beans, threats of global warming and many other ecological concerns at the global level (Cadogan, 2012).

Scooters coffee ensures that laws and regulations must not be affected by the company in the market from where the company buys the raw material. The introduction of caffeine production and policies and regulations related to consumption are focused by Scooters Coffee in the various countries. There are some strict customs and licensing regulations which affect the business of Scooters Coffee (Roger, 2013).

The strength of Scooters coffee is its mission, values, business practices, competitive strategy, marketing message which is the open of door of the success in the company. Further, cop any has strong brand name among the customers. Along with this, employees are the key strengths of the company as they are focused on the innovation of the new products. All the discussed points are the key strengths of Scooters coffee (De Mooij, 2013).

Despite of having strengths, there are some weaknesses of Scooters coffee. The main weakness of Chipotle is its supply chain management of the company. Because of standard of quality of food products, numbers of suppliers in the company are low as compared to other competitors in the food industry. So, the company is facing the shortage of supply in its operations. Large component of value proposition and the brand is the key factor of the success but there is the lack of control between the suppliers. That is the reason, the company has to face problem in building brand quality among the customers.

In the beverage industry, Scooters Coffee can get opportunity to expand the business in more global markets. Company can expand the business in many different countries. Along with this, Scooters Coffee has limited outlets in the countries so, opening more outlets can be the best opportunity for Scooters Coffee. Scooters Coffee can provide better menu along with coffee which can be better opportunity for the company. By this, Scooters Coffee can be able to increase sales of the coffee products (Cadogan, 2012).

In case of Scooters Coffee, there are some threats which can be faced by the company in the operating market. There is the strong competition in the beverage industry which main treats for the company. To differentiate the products, company uses price premium based strategy. There are strong competitions in the market like Starbucks which has similar products. Further, change in the labor cost, wages and commodity prices also impact the business of Scooters Coffee.

SWOT Analysis

In current time, there is the trend of digital marketing. Customers are available on the social media marketing and it is important to enhance the brand value among the customers in the operating market. Scooters Coffee wants to improve the customer base and footfall in its outlets. The marketing objective for Scooters Coffee is described based on the SMART objective:

The objective of Scooters Coffee is to enhance the customers’ base to promote the coffee products and other drinks on its outlets. The objective of the company is to improve the brand image of the company by improving the awareness of coffee products with the high quality services.

The impact of the marketing plan or overall objective will be measured by the behavior or responses of the customers.

Scooters Coffee will focus on the social media marketing like Twitter and FaceBook. There are number of customers who are active on the social media. So they will tweet on the Twitter page of the company to understand about the innovation and new products of Scooters Coffee. So, key objective of Scooters Coffee is to improve the sales and enhance the brand image among the customers (Alam, 2014).

The objective of company will be effective and helpful for the company for the future perspectives. This will also increase the sales of the coffee products in the operating market.

The overall marketing objective will be achieved till the end of the year of 2018.

The marketing strategy and segmentation includes the market of the customers for Scooters Coffee based on various criteria’s. By segmenting overall market, Scooters Coffee is able to define its primary target market effectively. 


                                                                        Figure 1: Segmentation of Scooters Coffee 

                                                                            (Source: Baines, Fill & Page, 2011)

Based on the above described segmentation, primary target market for Scooters Coffee are young people who are fond for coffee. In case of Scooters Coffee, the involvement of customers depends upon various factors. Scooters Coffee is the brand which focuses on targeting the customers based on their needs. By the described strategies, Scooters Coffee will be able to attract the customers effectively (Hooley, Piercy & Nicoulaud, 2012).

  • The sight of different types of coffee and relevant information i.e. country of origin, strengths and characteristics which make the customers empowered to choose the Scooters Coffee,
  • The facility of the coffee such as preparation of coffee along with the services for the customers in Scooters Coffee,
  • Atmosphere of the outlets to tell other people about the varieties and choices for the coffee which they desire,
  • Ambience of outlets like wall hangings, fireplaces, chairs, tables, point of purchases and various experiences to satisfy them. All the discussed things are effective to empower the customers to engage with the Scooters Coffee and make them to look forward to come back in the outlets.
  • At last, continuous innovations i.e. new sales items, new flavors, and new supporting elements are important to enhance high level of involvement of the customers for Scooters Coffee (Bose, 2012).

Scooters Coffee will focus on the young customers, active families and college students as they want to try new flavors. In the target market, customers can be both male as well as female with the age of 18 to 35. It is observed that Scooters Coffee keeps the prices high of the drinks and coffee products as compared to its competitors. So, target customers will be high income level and high class society.

In terms of product strategy of Scooters Coffee, the offerings should be such that it would offer expresso coffee including wide range of coffee products like cold coffee, hot coffee, various flavors including chocolaty, fruit, sweet etc. along with this, company can also provide variants in the coffee such as brood coffee, cappuccino, expresso and other drinks to attract the customers. Company would attach premium class label to effectively target the customers and gain high market share. The product strategy of Scooters Coffee would satisfy the needs of the customers in proper manner.

In case of pricing strategy of the products, Scooters Coffee will keep the prices high. The price of the products for Scooters Coffee will be quite high as compared to the competitors. The reason of high prices is the inflation. On the other hand, in the new country, company will adopt penetration strategy to attract the customers. Company adopts cost based price strategy by keep the products different from the competitors (Baines, Fill & Page, 2011).

Place can be described as the activities of the company to make the product available for the customers. If the products are not available for the customers properly, there is no use of attractive pricing, high quality products, and the promotional activities for the products. For the distribution of the coffee products, company will use online media platforms and social networking tools such as FaceBook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Email and SEO to attract the customers. Along with this, stores and outlets will also be used to provide the products to the customers (O'Guinn, Allen & Semenik, 2011).

Scooters Coffee will use social media tools to communicate with the customers in the operating market. So, based on the marketing goals and objectives, Scooters Coffee will focus on communicating with the customers. For this manner, Email marketing will be used to communicate with the potential customers. By the email marketing, effective message will be sent directly to the target customers to enhance the brand awareness. Further, effective tweets, advertisements and posts will also be used to grasp the attention of the customers towards coffee products (Luttrell, 2016).

In the implementation plan of Scooters Coffee, the company will adopt some marketing tactics like implementation of marketing tactics to improve the brand image and attract the customers. The communication and action plan of the company would be useful for Scooters Coffee to attain the marketing goals and objectives. In the marketing mix services, company would focus on providing excellent quality of coffee based on the preferences of the customers. Further, company would focus would charge little high prices for the quality coffee and this would be effective for the business expansion. In the advertisements, Scooters Coffee will use logo of the company so that many of the customers can see it (Gupta, Sahi & Chahal, 2013).  

Specific Tactical activities

Responsible department

Required budget

Completion date


Production departments




Pricing and sales department




Marketing department




marketing and customer service department



For the success of the marketing plan of Scooters Coffee, tight evaluation and controls will be imposed to monitor the marketing actions by the marketing mangers. By gathering the feedback the customers with the help of two-way communication, managers will be able to analyze the satisfaction level of the customers. The marketing team of Scooters Coffee will always keep an eye on the progress of marketing tactics based on the monthly sales of the products. Along with this, company will analyze the trends, culture and storage point to enhance the brand personality for the future. Company will take ideas from the customers to do innovation in the products to stay competitive in the market. This marketing plan will be helpful for Scooters Coffee to operate at the global level and focus on the short as well as long term objectives (Dibb, Simkin Pride & Ferrell, 2012).


This report is the marketing plan of a famous company Scooters Coffee. This report provides a brief analysis of the marketing objectives and strategies to make the company successful in the operating market. Based on the above discussion, it is observed that to sustain the competitive advantage in the market, Scooters Coffee will adopt some innovative strategies for future operations. There can be some threats for the Scooters Coffee such as stricter customs and trade regulations in various countries, consumer preferences, changing work patterns, and changing family patterns in countries. But the company will focus on the preferences of the customers and will provide quality coffee to relax them. Tight management and controls will also be implemented to analyze the progress of the marketing tactics and plan in the operating market.


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