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HRP has a great impact on the organization and its productivity. • planning should cover all aspects of HR from identification of needs, additions,

Transfer, selection, recruitment, training and development. • Good planning is not enough to ensure the best achievement There is an urgent need to measure performance & compliance with regulations throughout some metrics & KPI’s.

Zamil co. has been analyzed in two subjects: HRP & budgeting and Hiring &selection procedures after intervening some staff and mangers to gather the data.

The company has been deeply analyzed and it found out that some practices have been wrong and proposals for corrective action have been submitted.

About Al-Zamil Co

Al-Zamil. Co was established in the year 1985 in Riyadh, KSA. The company is a manufacturing concern which is dealing in the water tanks, pumps etc. in GCC. The organisation is considered to be one of the biggest manufacturing units driving the polythene tanks of water. The entity is operating its business in areas of Saudi Arabia with a vision of turning into a pioneer in the market. The aim is to be the biggest of all the market and offer the total solution for the housing. The turnover is found to be 350MM SAR annually with 25 MM SAR Net profit. The company is having the total capacity to hold around 500MM liters per annum. In addition to the above, there is a large base of the employees and customer too. The company is constituted with large divisions and a number of sub-departments, which is operated by their heads (Zamil Group, 2018a).

Al Zamil. Co has found matrix structure as their organizational structure. The HR division of the company consists of the three subdivisions. The first division is for the employee's affairs. The said department is further subdivided into the other subsections. This section engages in the computation of the salaries and analysis of the allowances and other expenses. The section is further responsible for making the adjustments to the salaries for the additional allowances, which include the medical insurance and social insurance (Schumacher, Grigsby and Vesey, 2015).

Second subdivision is assigned for the Governmental agencies which majorly deals in the three affairs.  These affairs include residence license renewal for expats, a ministry of labors and other governmental agencies like HRDF and SIDF- Ministry of trade. The last section of the HR department deals with the overall management and handling of the operations. In this section the proper training is given to the employees so that they can perform at their best level and organization is able to achieve its desired goal. This subdivision has four functions which include the training, hiring, planning and policies and circulars (Zamil Group, 2018b).

The planning department of the Al Zamil Co. is partitioned in such a way, to the point that there are three further divisions which are managing in the controlling the monetary allowance, planning the affairs and day to day activities and Analysis of ERB data. All these departments are aims to provide the best planning and operations in the organization so that the systematic work can be done in the organization. The company ensures that this system work should be followed at all the levels in the organization (Goldhaber, Grout and Klein, 2015).

Another section found in the Al Zamil Co. is the hiring section head. This section deals with the controlling the headcount, analyzing the job roles and coordinating with each and every department who are in need of the employees. The focus of this section is to implement the continuous functioning and hiring of personnel. The hiring section in the organization is made for controlling the affairs and analyse the job requirement for the each and every position. This analysis will bring specialization in choosing the staff for the company (Chiang and Suen, 2015).

HR Division of Al-Zamil Co

Planning can be defined as the activity in which the decision is made on the basis of what work has to be done, how it has to be done and who will be going to do the work. In other words, it can be said that it bridges the gap between where the company is standing today, and where a company wants to reach in near future. The planning in the human resource department is done to analyse the number of personnel to fulfill the vacant seats in the organization. The process of hiring and selecting the personnel in an organization is found to be lengthy due to the policies and procedures of the company (Caplow, 2017). The planning process of Human Resource includes:

Objectives of the Human Resource Planning

The objective behind planning the human resource in Zamil Company is that of finding the best employee who can perform to their best ability in the organization. By recruiting the best employees in the organization, a company can achieve its ultimate organizational goal.

Current manpower Inventory

Before doing the manpower planning by the HR department in Zamil, existing manpower has been calculated by the department to analyze the demand of the employees in the organization. By analyzing the current manpower in the organization, the need for the organization of manpower can be measured (Stoughton, Thompson and Meade, 2015).   

Forecasting Demand and Supply

In this step, the prediction and forecasting can be done by the human resource department that how much manpower is required in the organization. This forecasting is done based on the existing manpower and future needs of an organization to make their activities and operations run smoothly (Truxillo et al., 2006).

Manpower Gaps

Manpower gaps are nothing but the difference between the manpower requirements on the organization and the manpower present in the organization.

Employee Plan

In this planning of employee policies, rules and regulation have been made. These plans and policies are made for the employees. This plans and policies include the decision related to the training- payroll, vacations allowed, bonuses and others. This will reflect the benefits that employee will enjoy in the organization (Boxman and Flap, 2017).

Training and Development

In this progression, the correct preparing and improvement are given to the worker with the goal that they can perform as indicated by the desires for the organization. The exceptional division for preparing and advancement has been set up in the Zamil co. as it enhances the execution and effectiveness of the representatives. Preparing gives the best approach to play out a specific undertaking in the way the association needs.

Appraisal of Manpower Planning

In this step, the appraisal is given according to the performance of the employees. In this step, the performances of the employees are evaluated on the basis of the standards set for them. If the performance is according the sets standards then the planning done by the human resource department will be right and get an appraisal. On the other hands, if the employees are not performed according to the direction and standards are given to them then the correction will be done in the human resource planning to achieve the desired results. This step will work as the feedback for the human resource planning as they can able to identify the gaps in the performance and planning. By analyzing this gaps and differences, a corrective measure can be taken to enhance the planning and corrective decision will be taken (Zamil Group, 2018f).

Planning Department at Al-Zamil Co

Manpower Planning and Budgeting

Manpower planning and budgeting are considered to be one of the essential tools to know the effectiveness of the planning done by the human resource department. Planning the budget and manpower is essential for the company like Zamil to know the expenses and their results. This planning is done to evaluate the performance and effectiveness that will bring through the use of planning.

Current practice opt by the Zamil Company

Consequences for employees and the organization

Measures to select and reject

· The existence of the manual for Human Resources planning procedures and policies

· For doing the manpower planning and budgeting, Zamil is found with some current practice which includes the commitment towards the HR policies

· The consequence of human resource planning and policies will provide the job satisfaction to the employees working in the organization. As there is no basis for discrimination among all the employees. All the employees will be treated as it on each basis irrespective of their authorities and power were given to them (Zamil Group, 2018c).

The measures taken by the Zamil Company in making the policies and plans in advance is found to be the corrective measures to be used in the organization.

The other suggestions which company can use in the organization to make the changes and amendments to the plans and policies

These changes will be implemented by the boards of directors and not by the chief executive of the company. Decision made by the directors will be mutual and not biased which will give maximum satisfaction to the employees (Bosak and Sczesny, 2011).

· Manually Planning the human resource is very high in Zamil company

· Making the plans and procedures to be implemented in the organization will give the transparency and credibility in working. This will motivate the employees to work at their best level due to the treatment is given to them are equal and all the information are also shared with them (Kahari, Gathongo and Wanyoike, 2015).

· This measure is selected for the future course of use.

· Exceeding the budgeted overtime with the exception approval from CEO.

· This current practice used by the Zamil Company will give rise to the dissatisfaction feel among the employees as the budgets are not made according to the requirements of the company. This will make the wastage of resources.

· Another consequence that will bring from this practice is that it gives the feeling that the regulations are incorrect and is find risky for the organization.

· This policy used in the organization needs to be corrected as it will be a risk as well as a loss to the organization.

· The lack of KPI’s on HRM. Only the KPI’s are available in the productivity head of the Zamil Company.

· The total of all the head are counted and trend analysis will be done by the Zamil Company.

· This policy used by the company will give rise to the dissatisfaction in the company.

· This will do not bring the improvement in the quality of the work of employees due to the lack of measuring unit.

· Lack of KPI in Zamil Company will bring the less productivity and performance from the employees, which will be the biggest loss for the company.

· Another consequence that the company will have to suffer is the loss of feedback that will help to improve the performance of Zamil (Zamil Group, 2018d).

Zamil needs to correct this policy by implementing the new department for analyzing the KPI’s of the organization. This will bring the evaluation of the performance of each and every department working in the organization (Dobbins and Khachatryan, 2015).

The KPI must be developed in order to bring the specialization in the working and from this company can get the feedback too.

Set of KPI’s should be adopted in planning the human resource which includes:

Personnel expenses vs. budget

• Net sales / FTE - $.

• Personnel expenses / FTE $

• Employee absenteeism: hours and %

• Total voluntary leavers %

• New hire %

• how many newly recruited have participated in different internal training programs

• The satisfaction surveys.

· Postponement of the vacations by the decision of the directors in the company

· This policy will have an adverse effect on the performance of the employees.

· The employees get dissatisfied with the company and can leave the company too.

· The negative effect on the company because of the job rotation will reveal the wrong practices by the personnel (Karikari, Boateng and Ocansey, 2015).

· This measure needs to be changed to bring the satisfaction among the employees.

The selection process in Zamil Company is found to be unique in nature due to the Human resource planning department. This department makes the selection difficult as they are specific about their needs and wants in the individuals (Bloomberg, 2018). The process of human resource planning is optimal in Zamil Company. The selection processes in Zamil are as follows:

Employment planning and forecast

Firstly the company Human Resource planning department makes the prediction and forecasting that how many employees are needed in the organization. This measurement is done by seeing the vacant job positions in the organization. According to this, an analysis has been made in the Zamil. After this, the planning is done that the individuals should possess the qualification, experience, and knowledge according to the profile. For this, the analysis has been done known as the workforce and workload analysis to know the vacant job positions in the organization (McCarthy et al., 2017).


Next step is recruiting the personnel in the organization. It is a well-known fact that the selection is the negative process as the selected employees are very less as compared to the number of applicants came for the interview. In this step, the applicants are called for the interview to complete their details and other information.

After this step, selection tools are used by the Zamil Company to evaluate the applicant capabilities and capacity. In this step, the knowledge test of the candidate will be done in order to evaluate their skills. From this company can analyze whether the personnel is suitable for the job or not. By using this skill test, most applicants are selected and send for the next round (Perera et al., 2010).

At the end of the selection process, interviews are conducted to evaluate the candidate’s choices and preferences. Knowing the choice and preferences of the candidates is useful to know whether they are matching with the organizational goals or not. If the final choice of both the organization and candidates are the same then the candidate will be selected in the organization. The right person for the right job position has been chosen and the job offer will be provided to the candidate. For the period of three months, the employee will be taken on the probation period to analyse and understand its work profile (Zamil Group, 2018e).

The hiring and selection of the employees in the company are done by using the following practices which are as follows:

Current Practice opt by Zamil company

Impact on employees and company

Measures to improve in current practice

· The existence of manual hiring and selection policies and procedures

Manual hiring will give the employee’s the feel of equality and fair treatment to all the personnel.

Optimally selecting the employees will give the maximum positive results in the organization (Verstina et al., 2015).

This measure will provide the satisfaction to the employees and there is no need to amend this policy in the Zamil Company.

· The degree of commitment to human resource policies and manual hiring and selection is high in Zamil.

Commitment towards the policies and procedures will give the transparent and clear view of the company policies. This will able to reduce the cost of recruitment and reduce the cost of the vacant position.

These measures will also find suitable for the organization. But the amendment needs to be done in this current policy is that all the decision will be done by the boards of directors and not by the chief executive of the company.

· Direct employment of certain individuals without the approval from the CEO

This policy will impact the performance and feelings of another individual in the organization. The feeling of dissatisfaction will arise from this act of the company (Linkdin, 2018).

This decision should not be there in the organization as it gives the feeling that the regulations are incorrect and risky too.

· Lack of KPI’s in hiring and selecting

Lack of KPI will not improve the quality of employee performance and productivity job satisfaction

It leads to the loss of feedback that helps to improve the performance of the organization

A set of KPI's that help in human resources planning must be adopted

? Group metrics for Individual Performance likewise

 • Performance on Position Objectives.

• Time to Minimum Productivity.

• Error Rate.

• Performance Appraisal Scores

? Retention Rates

? Managers & Employs Satisfaction.

? Cost of Hire


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that the Al- Zamil Company is considered to be the biggest in supplying the tanks, pumps, and others in Saudi Arabia. Company Human resource department is found to be the reason for the success of the business. Planning done by the human resource department has the great impact on the organization and its productivity. The planning of the HR department in Zamil includes the hiring, recruiting, selection transfer, training, and development. From the report, it has been analyzed that the company is focused on the two aspects, which include the HRP, Budgeting, hiring, and selection procedures after intervening with some staff and managers to gather the data. Not only this, Zamil is planning to introduce the new KPIs in the organization to evaluate and measure the performance of all departments separately. At present, the company is using the KPI only in the production department but can implement this in the whole organization to get the best results. After analyzing, all current policies and practices used by the company, some practices are right and some are wrong. For this corrective measures have been suggested and actions would have been taken in the organization to get the better results.


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