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Importance of Noble Values in the Society

Describe about the Moral Education for The Growth and Development.

Noble values are important aspects of the growth and development of an individual (Suhaidi, 2010). According to Suhaidi (2010) in any contemporary society, man is defined by his ability to correlate with others. The enhancement of the coexistence of humanity is thus measured by the values and virtues incorporated within the individual (Ferguson, 2016). They, therefore, give meaning to the acceptance of life, as well as the peaceful correlation between personages. It is from this perspective that the paper seeks to analyze the importance of the application of liberal values in the society. The attributes that influence the implementation of noble values are also subject to analysis. An insight into the role of animation films with respect to BoBoiBoy, Pada Zaman Dahulu, and Upin dan Ipin in the promotion of values are also evaluated. Finally, the impact of BoBoiBoy on nobility and promotion of morality on the contemporary society is subject to the provision.

Importance of Noble Values in the Society

Malaysian citizens believe in the enhancement of excellent values and practice of virtues that promote peace within the nation. These individuals believe that the importance of these virtues in a society begin with a single entity. Suhaidi (2010) implores that the above means that the integration of the Malaysian society into the practicing of liberal values will begin with an individual, then progressively other people will find it among themselves to practice morality. The integration of these values in one region of jurisdiction with respect to Malaysia also leads to the coherent application of the above virtues in other parts of the world (Suhaidi, 2010). As such, the importance of the values includes the belief in a supreme being in which the Malaysian citizens describe as Rukunegara (Suhaidi, 2010). The faith in religion and existence of a supreme being is the first step into the practicing of noble values.

One of the fundamentals of the practicing of noble values with respect to a society and Malaysia is the enhancement of loyalty and especially to the nation. According to Shapiro & Stefkovich (2016), the upholding of morality with respect to liberal values creates a citizen who is loyal to the ruling authority as well as enhancement of patriotism within an individual. Such a citizen will defend the ruling power in the society with respect to either the King or the President (Suhaidi, 2010; Fisher, 2016). A dedicated individual will defend the nation against possible attacks from other states or individuals with malicious intentions. According to Suhaidi (2010), these people may include terrorists, armed individuals, burglars, serial killers, or any other individual who may cause harm to the state and the society.

Attributes that Influence the Practicing of Noble Values

The other significance of the upholding of morality and noble values is that it aids the individuals in respect of the constitution and established statutes (McCormick, 1999). Any rational people ought to ensure that they uphold the law with respect to following the established laws and respect for others. Epstein & Walk (2012) state that the sovereignty to the constitution means that it is not subject to interference by any individual as it is the guiding principle that holds all personalities in check. Therefore, a noble individual will defend the constitution. It is imperative to note that discriminatory activities are not condoned by the Constitution, and hence equality is maintained.

According to Khan, Liew, & Ghazali (2014) the practicing of good behavior associated with the eastern values impacts of morality and noble values with respect to the Malaysian citizens. For instance, courtesy is one of the core objectives of the eastern values depicted by the majority of the Malaysian citizens. The same virtues are equally applied to other individuals around the world hence creating a society characterized by the practicing of noble virtues. The above therefore leads to the cohesion of individuals in society regardless of their religious beliefs, race, or economic status in the society (Rippy, & Newman, 2006; Suhaidi, 2010).

Khan, Liew, & Ghazali (2014) implore that the application of noble values aids in the actualization of vision 2020 with respect to Malaysia. One of the core objectives of the Malaysian state is the formulation of a society that is balanced in all aspects of growth and development. It means that individuals must be emotionally, physically, and mentally established. The above ensures that the citizens with respect to the elite individuals do not practice values that lead to the destruction of the society. As such, the actualization of vision, 2020 will be subject to accomplishment in that there will be a society that is both elite and practices noble virtues (Khan, Liew, & Ghazali, 2014). Hence, these people will lead to the spur of the Malaysian economy.

The importance of the practicing of morality associated with noble values is that it leads to the proper exercising of the rights of an individual within the society (Douglas Hodgson, 2003). The protection and upholding of the rights of an individual lead to the maintenance of peace in the society. Chaos is minimized, as there is the rule of law and individuals tasked with the responsibility of ensuring of fairness in the administration of justice. Douglas Hodgson (2003) review that property, family and the individual well-being of a person are subject to maintenance through the practicing of liberal values and its association to the exercising of rights and freedoms of people as established in the constitution.

Role of Animation Films in the Promotion of Noble Values

Suhaidi (2010) states that the other significance of the application of virtues is that it allow the citizens in the society to understand their role in the development of the nation. As such, values such as empathy, tolerance for one another as well as mutual respect concerning one another are the core factors that lead to the propagation of the existence of a rational society (Kaufmann, 2016).

The other impact of the practice of noble values is that it leads to the setting of a global example for other individuals to follow. Morality aids in the establishment of excellent individuals as an icon which other societies in any era are subject to reference.  According to (Kaufmann, 2016), an example of such individuals include the late Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela whose legacy is felt up to date.

There are crucial entities that govern the practicing of liberal values. These principles and entities give a guideline into the differentiation of what is considered as being morally right or wrong. They enable an individual to understand the difference between right and what is subject to consideration as being wrong (Suhaidi, 2010).

Suhaidi (2010) implores that the first attribute is the relevance of responsibility in an individual. The exertion of duties is dependent on the duty tasked upon the citizen. For instance, the number of individuals who depend on upon the citizen is subject to consideration. The number of people depending on a certain personality may either be the family members, the members of staff or the community depending upon their leader to fulfill certain promises and responsibilities. The actualization of the above phenomenon concerning the dependability of an individual in the practicing of moral values is dependent on the fulfilling of the following; the integration of freedom of a person and the practicing of justice. The other entity with respect to dependability and responsibility is the integration of the above to wisdom and the ability to make choices (Erhard, Jensen, & Zaffron, 2016). These choices act as the guiding principles in the actualization of an action that is considered by the dependents as morally correct.

The second attribute is with respect to the exertion of complete command. The above has a great significance in the influencing of practicing of moral actions. It means that for the actualization of the attribute, there must be no exemption to either the situation influencing the practice of the morality (Suhaidi, 2010). It is composed of independent variables such as; the situation must be acceptable by the society in existence, it must be considerate and respect all individuals in a society and finally the person conducting the above attribute ought to be empathetic. Suhaidi (2010) implores that these three independent aspects lead to the practicing of noble values.

Impact of BoBoiBoy on Nobility and Morality in Contemporary Society

The third attribute is associated to existentialism (Suhaidi, 2010). These are factors that govern the general existence of an individual in society. It is composed factors associated with either the belief in a supreme being or believing in the nonexistence of such an entity (House, 2006). According to Kaufmann (2016), man is born without a set of principles or virtues, and that the environment in which he exists has no significant influence on the making of his decisions. However, the behavior of the individual acts as the guiding principle behind his actions, which is directly correlated, to his belief or disbelief in the existence of God.

The forth attribute which influences the practice of excellent values is the human aspect of being good (House, 2006). A newborn child is considered as being good due to his/ her innocence. However, according to Suhaidi (2010), during the growth and development of the child the society has significance in the influencing of the innocence. Hence, an innocent child may be considered as immoral due to the lack of upholding of moral principles, or moral due to the practicing of noble virtues and values. Hence, education acts as the guiding principle in the molding of the child into practicing of morality (Suhaidi, 2010).

The fifth attribute that aids in the practicing of morality and noble values is the rational that all human beings are born as being bad (Suhaidi, 2010). The above arises as a result of the belief that humanity is evil following his disobedience of the Supreme Being and consumption of the forbidden fruit. As a result of his mistakes, the generation following his disobedience is considered as incapable of practicing noble values. Hence, children and young adults are expected to follow the principles and guidelines established by the authority. The above assumption results in the belief that children ought to be corrected by the use of punishments, hence the reason behind the practicing of moral virtues.

The other attribute is associated with evolution with respect to human beings. The above attribute implores that the evolution of humankind and the evolution developments ion the environmental factors influences the ability to make noble decisions (Zipf, 2016). The reasons for the practicing of these virtues are to aid in the survival of humanity pertinent to the evolutionary practices. However, Suhaidi (2010), states that such arguments are misplaced as the above attribute compares humanity to plants with respect to evolution and the absence of values and virtues but rather the intention of surviving in harsh environmental circumstances.


Suhaidi (2010) implores that other attributes that govern the application of excellent values by mankind include the ambition in an individual, the trust placed on a person, the leadership qualities in an individual as well as the ability to exercise patience. The integration of these attributes in an individual leads to the enhancement of the growth of a person concerning influencing their decision-making capabilities as well as their abilities to practice morality and good values.

The contemporary society today is characterized by the presence of animation films that are subject to appreciation by children and adults. These movies and the characters in them lead to the molding of the audience with respect to influencing their behaviors (Monica, 2016). Some of the animation films are more action oriented and do not promote the enhancement of virtues among the children but instead lead to the promotion of violence and other harmful vices. These clamps later inhibit the practicing of great values leading to a society that is morally weak and does not appreciate the existence of each other (Suhaidi, 2010). The absence of cohesion among mankind caused by the integration of vices in animation films leads to the increment of social evils. According to Lambert (2011), these social evils include violence oriented activities such engaging in burglary, random killing of individuals, and the causing of car accidents as well as engagement in corrupt activities.

These activities are real in the modern society and their root cause ought to be addressed.  For instance, the impact of animation films on cartoons on a young generation to their growth process is subject to evaluation to prevent the increase in the trajectory of the deterioration of the practice of morality (Lambert, 2011). The above calls for the evaluation of the moral reasons for the formulation of animation films and the lessons learned from watching a film with respect to additional reasons, which exclude entertainment. However, some of the films are subject to accreditation due to their positive impact on the society. These films include BoBoiBoy, Pada Zaman Dahulu and Upin dan Ipin. The above animation movies promote the propagation of both cultural and religious aspects of life. They also encourage the practicing of moral virtues and values, which lead to the overall growth and development of an individual.

According to the IMDb Website, the animation BoBoiBoy is a Malaysian film which is subject to production by the Animonsta studio. The animation movie is composed of a character with abilities or superpowers that enable him to divide himself into three individuals physically. The character BoBoiBoy propagates morality and the virtues through his concern for his friends (Khalili, 2016). These people include Ying, Yaya, Gopal and Fang. Teamwork is the main virtue exhibited by the BoBoiBoy animation film (Khalili, 2016). The other virtue propagated by these characters on the audience is the need for responsibility and cohesion as well as loyalty to one’s planet and country. For instance, according to IMDb website, BoBoiBoy and his pals go to great lengths in fighting aliens whose aim is conquering the earth in the search for cocoa beans.

These aliens are considered as enemies of the planet earth and as such it becomes the objective of BoBoiBoy to vanquish these intruders with malicious intention as shown by the IMDb Website. The application of the above in real life is that people in a society ought to take it as their responsibility to protect their environment and location from individuals with cruel intentions (Suhaidi, 2010). The animation film also manifests the utilization of an individual’s strength.

The powers of the characters in the animation film can be applied in the contemporary world, in that people have a different set of skills and job descriptions whose integration lead to the existence of a peaceful society. For instance in community policing it is the role of the members of a community, to liaise with the enforcement officers in the apprehension of individuals with malicious intentions (Stewart, Baumer, Brunson, & Simons, 2009). Unity of purpose is also another of the themes established in the animation movie (Khalili, 2016). The characters Ying, Yaya, Gopal and Fang work together and apply their different set of skills in the promotion of safety in planet earth. The actualization of virtues based on decision making is also exhibited when BoBoiBoy and his friends decide to save their friend Ochobot who had been kidnaped by foreigners to aid them in the hunt for treasure (Khalili, 2016). The decision to find their friend is a virtue by itself and promotes the practice of noble values by the audience.

In the animation film Pada Zaman Dahulu, the role of ethics with respect to the application of noble values in the contemporary society is also exhibited. According to the Lescopaque Website, the main characters in the animation movie are Aris and Ara. These are siblings whose entire life was in the city but due to circumstances are coursed into changing their environment and live in the village. The Lescopaque Website shows that the circumstances leading to the change of environment were due to their parents had to leave the country. According to the Lescopaque Website, the first moral lesson from the animation movie is obedience and resilience. Aris and Ara obeyed their parents by accepting to live in the village. Their respect for their grandparents Aki and Wan is also illustrated when they listen to Aki as he gave tales of the great Sang Kancil. Virtues of honesty, dependability, and team work, are illustrated in the animation especially through the stories about Sang Kancil as shown by the Lescopaque Website.

 In the animation film Upin dan Ipin, the value of acceptance of culture and the following of religious principles is greatly enhanced (Monica, 2016). The culture of Malaysian people as well as values to be exhibited by the Islamic faith is also subject to illustration. The impact of the animation film, with respect to Upin dan Ipin are subject to appreciation due to their attraction of both local and global viewers in all over Asia in nations such as Singapore and Indonesia (Monica, 2016).

Unity, responsibility and the respect for others as well as determination and courage are among the core values exhibited by the film. According to Monica (2016), it is because Upin and Ipin have managed to have a peaceful coexistence with their friends who are not from the same ethnic backgrounds hence showing that racial backgrounds of people ought not to be a factor that causes division.

The main protagonist of the film BoBoiBoy is BoBoiBoy (Khalili, 2016).  The character demonstrates moral value through his initial intention to help other individuals with respect to his role in aiding Tok Aba as illustrated by the IMDb Website. The moral value exhibited which influences the audience is that human beings with respect to the young adults are that they ought to learn from BoBoiBoy in helping their elder siblings and friends at their jobs. In the above, he portrays his skills in the mastering of his superpowers in which he controls the earth, the winds as well as Lightning (Khalili, 2016). Such mastery of the entities that make up the earth can be under direct application in the contemporary society. It is because the character BoBoiBoy has learned to control his abilities through constant trial and error hence sharpening his skills.

Mankind, therefore, ought to sharpen their skills and talents extensively without giving up or giving in to failure. His mastery of the elements and using his abilities for a positive cause is a lesson to be learned by the individuals tasked with the responsibility of governing others or protecting humanity (Khalili, 2016). The leaders in the society are supposed to utilize their designated positions for the well-being and not for selfish reasons, which may lead to the detriment of humanity.

The other application of the film and the character BoBoiBoy to the real world is that the law enforcement officers are tasked with the protection of the citizens and their adherence to the law with respect to the constitution (Stewart, et al. 2009). They ought to ensure that their firearms are not used discriminatively, in the murdering of personages due to religion or skin color, which relates to the proper utilization of BoBoiBoy’s superpowers (Asad, 2009). The IMDb shows that the fight between BoBoiBoy and his nemesis Adu Du is an illustration of the responsibility of the character in the elimination of evil. The aim of the adversary associated with Adu Du is conquering of cocoa, as it is the earth's leading resource (Khalili, 2016).

The above is coherent to modern day application of noble values. It is because it is the role of individuals to protect our resources. Our environment is the main resource as associated to cocoa. The protection and conservation of the environment ought to be a virtue subject to integration into modern day livelihood (Suhaidi, 2010).


The integration of moral values ought to be the core objective of all and sundry. These virtues are perpetuated by the ability to make sound decisions and not to compromise on standards. The provision of education is another factor that contributes to the promotion of the application of ethics in society. The role of the media with respect to films and animation films ought to inculcate the practicing of moral values thus leading to the growth of a society that is subject to the appreciation of the application of virtues.


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