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Current Business Process and Issues

You have been commissioned by your client to analyze their core business process. This is to be done in two stages. Stage 1 (assignment 1), you should provide a review (aimed at the management and staff of the organisation) of the current process and the prospective problems and issues based on your understanding and knowledge. Do not make any recommendations on how to fix the problems at this stage (stage 1). If management concurs with your report, they intend to hire you to complete stage 2 (assignment 2) which is to make detailed recommendations for improvement.

The description of the process in your case study has been provided to you. You should first nderstand the current process and construct the process models which should include both the main process and sub-process models. To construct models, you are required to use any process modelling tools (such as all examples we provided in the unit- we used Bizagi modeller – a process modelling tool). Bizagi is commonly used in the industry and is specifically for design business processes. It is free software and easy to use. It has a built-in simulation function which can help to check your designed process models if there are deadlock problems. It also has a built-in function to check error connections of the models.
Bizagi is our recommended modelling software. However, as it doesn’t support Mac.
Assignment One

computers yet, you can choose other process modelling software. However, please make sure it allows you to use all BPMN palettes (pool, lane, tasks, events…). The drawing software selected has to be process oriented. We have provided some suggested modelling tools in the unit outline; please check. If you select a different BPMN software, please also check with your tutor. Each diagram should occupy no more than one page, and it should be ‘landscape’ format, not a ‘portrait’ format. For the case provided, to make models readable, you need some subprocesses. However, how many sub-processes you need depends on your model design.

You can have sub-processes in the main process, and also sub-processes inside of sub-processes. It
can be multi-layered. Please check the examples which we provided on the blackboard as your references.Regarding the case, as this is a simulation exercise, the case may miss some details based on
your knowledge. You are allowed to make reasonable assumptions based on your experience and research. All assumptions have to be clearly explained in your report.

Models for the case study should use Level 1 BPMN notation, AS-IS models. Please note that some details may not be able to be represented precisely using the level 1 palette- you can explain the limitation in the report.Each model should be accompanied by a full and detailed commentary which explains what you have drawn, highlighting any features that you were not able to represent precisely on the diagram. For example, for each of the tasks, what are some detailed activities involved; for each of the gateways, what decision it is responsible for. You should use a table to summarize activities and gateways for each model (main and sub-process models). Please read the suggested marking sheet to understand the marking criteria FULLY.

Submission Requirements
Just submit a single MSWord document. Archives with multiple files and/or subfolders will not be accepted.
• A word-processed report of 1500 +/- 10% words which include:
a) Executive Summary (not included in the word count)
b) Table of Contents (not included in the word count)
c) Introduction
d) Any assumptions made
e) Main body:
i) Statement of problems, issues and opportunities of the current process(es); Why need to change? Any limitations? Please note that there are many issues/problems in the current process. As for Assignment 1
is an individual effort, you can list them all, but only need to identify Two (2) which you consider are the most essential and discuss, providing your reasoning (such as: What are the problems/issues?
Why they are the key problems/issues? Why need to consider fixing them? What are some of the opportunities after solving these

ii) BPMN diagrams (NOTE: for each process model you need to provide a brief explanation of the key tasks, gateways and events by using a table format)
iii) List the steps which you will take on to re-design the process (Such as: You can explain where and how you collect information and identify problems and requirements. How you going to prioritize these requirements, as you are not able to change everything due to resource limitations. What are
some of the issues which will influence management decisions for the process re-design and development, do you need to set a change management plan.). Do not make recommendations on how to fix the current process(es) problems at this stage (stage 1) as you will do this in assignment 2.

Current Business Process and Issues

The organization is focused on helping the students in provided assignments. The coaching specialists are known as agent to meet with the customer’s requirements so that they are satisfied with the services. Here, in the organization the major client is selected as student where the organization can look for the individual guide and require mentor for building up aptitude and skills. In order to meet with the customer’s requirements, the organization connects with mentor.

The development of business process helps the organization to handle bookkeeping associated with the students, therefore it will help to build and establish connections with the clients. They can book assignments based on their own demand. There are two main issues which are analyzed into the current business process of organization such as problems related to payment and interview method. Related to payment process issue, the client is not making any such method associated with payment, therefore it leads to huge losses of business. Related to interview method, no such coaches are accessible; therefore the interview method is manual. It leads to customer dissatisfaction.

Issues within the current business process

It is analyzed that current business process results into huge losses and money losses which lead to dissatisfaction of the clients. In this case, it is seen that 30 days are slipped by accountant and invoice is being provided to the customers. No such payment is got such that the clerk can maintain client helps to keep in mind the mode of payment. In such case, 90 payments are come into action, and then the accountant can pay with the clients such that they can know the entire payment structure. Unpaid debt sold is collection of office debt due to which the customers are to be blacklisted. It leads to huge kind of financial losses to the organization.  

Identification and Analysis of issues

a. Issue

b. Best Practice

c. Application Description and/or Solution Explanation

d. Advantages

e. Disadvantages

Huge amount of money loss due to disapproval of clients

BP Operation

The solution for resolving this issue is to automate the entire process flow within the organization. The clients will be able to enroll themselves online and access services of the company. The automation will help to reduce the loss of money and time.

High revenue can be generated by reduction in loss of money.

The automated business process may lead to dissatisfaction of the client as well as coach as it would eventually increase their work of checking update on a regular basis.

Unpaid debt are not cleared as it is slipped by the accountant

BP Operation

The solution against this issue is to implement an accounting management system which will help to keep track of the receipts and invoice generation so that the clients will be able to view their unpaid debts and clear.

Proper clearance of the payments and invoice generation.

The accounting officer may not be able to properly operate the accounting information system resulting into errors.

Finding suitable coach for the clients

BP Operation

The selection and appointing a suitable coach requires approval from client. The time consumed in this process could be reduced by automated notification system which will intimate the clients about availability of suitable coach as per their requirement.

Proper allocation and information passing to the coaches.

The coaches may be dissatisfied due to checking of every information and notification.

Requesting approval from clients and waiting time increases resulting into complexity

BP Operation

The approval from the client requires time as they may not be available every time so an automated system online will reduce the time complexity. The client will be able to access the system as per their own convenience and give approval as per the displayed coach and time.

The waiting time for client approval will be reduced.

The client may not feel like using the automated system as they could not be familiar with such technical systems.

Involvement of verifier requires more than required thus length of the entire business process increases

Activity Elimination

The verifier has to contact both coach and client which makes the process more complex. The verifier waits for confirmation from both parties so that a particular coach can be assigned to the client. This process could be eliminated with the help of automation system as the client and coach both will be able to check the current status.

The activities being carried out by the verifier will not be required after automation of the business process.

The role of verifier will be eliminated and it would lead to unemployment of the person.

Opportunities within existing business process

The current business process is required of some options. Improvement into the business platform is required to deal with the business and customer efficiency to some extent. The main purpose of the organization is to develop online method helpful to assign new coaches into the organization. It leads to reduce response time of organization and serves the customers in effective way.

Limitations of existing processes

The current business process executed by The Coaching Specialists is to fulfill with the basic requirements of the organization. The business processes are being limited by scalability and also support to current business requirements. The manual business process which is used in The Coaching Specialists is consisted of errors as well as it is a time consuming process.

The organization is required of automated process for collecting and processing data and generating important information. All the payments are done manually which leads to client dissatisfaction, manual portion of the coach’s lead to consume important organizational time. The business is based on responses of the project client. The business wastes the time to collect payment and therefore when the payment is not provided then it will cause blacklist of the customers. Therefore, the organization is faced of huge losses into their business functions.  

Identification and Analysis of Issues

Business process redesigning

The business process redesigning is an important tool for the company that is considering to redesign the entire business process for the profit of the organization or increasing the revenue. It can be termed as a complete overhaul that is associated with the key business process of the organization. The business process redesign not only considers the key business aspect it also helps to provide an effective means to increase the business performance measures which include key aspects such as quality of service, cost reduction as well as  return on investment.

However it is important to recognize the areas where improvement can be made with the business process redesign. Without the proper assessment of those areas it is not possible to apply the business process redesign. However there are some areas common to each business where the process can be applied. These areas are manufacturing, production, sales and the customer service which are considered as the critical process of any business.

The company is currently does not have efficient means to deal with the various issues that it is relevant to the organization. Hence the organization does need to consider the business redesign process. It will comprise of internal as well as external analysis. After the analysis is completed, the issues will be documented with proper documentations and those document will be shared to the important stakeholders.

The communication will have an important role to play in this context. As the success of the process need careful considerations, it is important to have proper communication right from the process is started so that all the stakeholders are well aware of the changes in the process for effective and efficient application of the process.

As the process is complex, in order to apply the process with success it is important to have people who have the expertise as it is required for leading the application of the business redesign of the process with proper results. Hence it is important to hire experts. Apart from the hiring the experts it is also recommended that the task is assigned properly to derive better result. As the process goes through several steps, different expertise is necessary for different tasks and hence it is required to assign the task to the right people along with hiring the expert team.

The next important step that needs to be followed for the successful application of the business redesign process is to define the key process indicator. The key process indicator are defined after the team is ready for the work. There are several parameters that are considered depends on the organization as well as the nature of the application. However before designing the key performance indicator it is important to identify the right parameters. Hence some parameters have been defined in this context for the project. These parameters are cycle time, mean time to repair, application development. Along with these three important parameters another parameter that will be considered here is the support ticket closure which is also an important parameter for this project.

Limitations of Existing Processes

Part 3 - Logical Automated Business Processing

BPMN diagram is constructed to describe a business process. BPMN is a set of graphical elements that help in the easy development of the simple diagrams that has been familiar to various business analyst.  There are various elements constituted in the BPMN diagram.  These elements have been discussed below. These elements helps in creating varies situations in order to understand the business model of the company.

The approach taken by the business analyst can be mentioned in the BPMN diagram. These diagrams are helpful in order to connect various modelling capabilities in a proper manner. The use of the business strategies, critical success factors and value drivers can be mentioned in the BPMN diagrams. In order to construct a BPMN diagram certain notations are used. Every notation defines specific meaning and necessary to describe different business process. This shapes are grouped into certain divisions such as activities, events, gateways, connectors, pools and artifacts.


BPMN diagram starts with a round shape which act as a starting point in every diagram. This can be considered as an initiation process. Every BPMN diagram also ends with an event.


Every BPMN diagram also consist of certain activities which describes the business process. For instance, for an online transaction system for a business, user log in. authentication, registration are the activities. Activities are defined on a rectangle.


Gateways split and re-join process flows. They are represented by a diamond shape and may contain icons to indicate the conditions for splitting and re-joining process flows. It act as decision point. And depending on the alternatives different activities are applicable.


There are several type of connectors which needs to identify the flow of the diagram. It assist to understand the direction of the activities as well. Various line textures indicate the distinction between a flow of activities and a flow of messages.

BPMN Event Symbols

There are a set of commonly used BPMN symbols that are used to represent specific details within the involved processes. These event symbols can be combined with the others to produce a meaningful diagram that can help to commute the events leading up to the entire process. Some of the most commonly used BPMN symbols and their explanations are as follows:


Message symbol – This symbol is used to trigger new or intermediate processes. This symbol is also often used to mark the termination of certain processes.


Escalation symbol – This allows the diagram to represent steps in the process that helps to react on an escalation and then traverse to another role within the process. Such events are only used within sub-processes.


Conditional symbol – Certain business conditions which when met will start, continue or terminate related processes accordingly.


Error symbol – This denotes errors that are caught and interrupt the running processes.


Cancel symbol – Cancels sub-processes.


Terminate symbol – This symbol denotes the triggering of the immediate termination of any step within the process.

Importance of Business Process Automation:

Reduced Human Hours: The perfectly or at least properly implemented automation process can reduce the human intervention time required to complete a process. The business process automation can check and validate various aspects of the processes to make the work less time consuming.

Less Error: The human intervention is the main reason behind error in large and complex processes. These errors occur when a person manually input data and validate a process manually. The automated process will accurately check the value of every aspect in a process to make sure that the process is perfectly executed. The system will capture a business document and automatically process all the information stored in the document. As the conditions and validation rules are stored in the system, the system makes no mistake to check the process progress.

Stability in Operation: The daily processes of the organization will be highly stable. This stability prevents the situation when a document is misplaced or some process step is missed. The rigid guidelines that control the progress of each process will ensure that a process is completed with full integrity from start to finish.

Client Consistency: Each of the client will receive the equal standard of response every time they will contact organization. This makes the brand more reputable among the customers. The customers becomes more open about their issues and the organisation can consistent communication with the client.

Logical Model Diagram:

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