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Components of Two Post Above Ground Lift

Discuss about the Optimal Allocation of Distributed Generation.

The two post that is above ground lift is designed to raise cars in this case the passenger car is used instead, to make it easy to get into the underside of the vehicle and also the assemblies of the wheels. The two post above ground lift is under normal circumstances attached to the surface which is made of concrete that existed before. The minimum depth of the concrete that is needed by the two post above the ground level is approximately four inches although a concrete which is more thicker is also needed for the post lifts that surpasses the normal capacity, (Ackermann & etzler,C, 2014).

This lift is made up of two columns which are all upright, the two hydraulic cylinders, the four adjustable arms which are mounted to the carriage assembly, a hydraulic power unit and various hoses, cables and pulleys also employs the use of an extruded nut which its configurations are powered by the electric motor.

According to (Akorede & Hizan, 2011),The two post above the ground level was created for the facilities that are moving  and they were not able to be installed in the in-ground lifts. This is the reason as to why so many centers for automotive services are normally constructed on the hard rock where excavation can to be practical or possible. They are sometimes developed on the buildings which are located on the facilities that has its water table high above the ground. Additionally, two post above the ground lifts is always a perfect decision which is to replace the in-ground lift which is inoperable hence cutting down the down time and also eliminates the mess that comes about during installation that is developed with the in ground lifts.

Most of the two post above ground lifts are powered by the hydraulic power unit. This unit is the assembly of the main components which is as follows:

The dump valve handle permits the hydraulic fluid flowing into reservoir direct from hydraulic system.

The hydraulic pump that is attached below the motor assembly having the preset valve pressure limit

The plastic reservoir which is used for hydraulic fluid

The Electric motor which is normally 220 Volt on a single phase 60 HZ. The most widely needed electric motor must give out uppermost torque , on the other hand making the drawing of the least amount of amperage. The horse power motor that is so high is never the best compared to the horse power that is the lowest in giving out the same torque.

Designing is the process of converting an idea from that which a product can be developed. The whole processes of designing needs making good decisions on the material that the can develop the product and all of the processes that constitutes making of the product. Design dictates the material chosen or vice versa.

Allowance Stress

At first, all materials must be put into consideration, but as the processes of designing becomes more comprehensive, the criteria of selection also takes its shape, this reduces the number of materials that are needed for the process.

At the final stages, exact information  for analysis  is required  in order to be used. The data needed is for very few materials. This particular process must recognize the first richness of the choice. Narrowing the process to a very small subset is also needed and provision of the detail on which final design calculations are based

The logic that operates behind the machine is as follows; at the moment a power button of an electric motor is put into action by pressing it, hydraulic or electric power unit gives out pressurized hydraulic fluid that comes through the hoses. The pressure comes to the two cylinders of which the cylinders are located in opposing columns. The hydraulic fluid pressure is through regulated by the use of the factory preset pump valve.

Although the atlas lift has the capabilities of lifting a mass which is much more than the stipulated capacity, they are also constrained to their capacity which they are rated using the pressure valve that is always located inside the hydraulic or the electric power unit. The pressure valve is always installed from the factory, it is also adjusted accordingly in order to prevent the user of the machine from loading the weight that is more than the rated weight of the lift. As we know that the pressure valve is fitted from the company that manufactures the lift, its not therefore allowed to adjust the valve in any way.

Most of the two post lifts are made up of the automatic safety arm locks which in this case are architectured in order to protect the lift arm, and the point the pads which are in the arm are positioned properly under the vehicle, the arm lock which are automatic engages at the time the vehicle is then lifted approximately 2 inches from the ground level, and also it automatically disengages immediately the vehicle is lowered down to ground.

This is the maximum stress which can be allowed on a material

Allowable stress therefore Fα=Fy/F.S 

When the Fy =10’ and F.S =(10*4)/7=5.7

Fα=10/5.7 =1.75

 (This is the Maximum stress that can be applied on the material where incase of any exceeds, the material breaks)

Safety Measures for Operating a Two Post Above Ground Lift

where Fy is the yield stress and  F.S is the factor of safety

The lifting machine is very technical to operate, and in order to operate the machine, there must be a technical training that should me made to any person operating the lifting machine.

It order to operate the two post above ground lift, the following are the step by step guide that is very crucial and worthy knowing before operation of the machine.

Get to know and understand the maximum weight limit of the load of the adaptors and the lift. It is not advisable to overload past the standard that the manufacturer of the machine indicated.

Place the vehicle in a position that the centre of the gravity may be balanced on top of the lift in accordance with the recommendation that are given by the manufacturer of the two post above ground.

It is advisable to check the  clearances of the overhead before the lifting is done, check the antennas of the vehicle, its signs and attachments too.

Ensure that inside the car, there is no one , shut the door , trunk and the hood before raising the car.

While raising the car, make sure that people are at least 2m away from the car that is being lifted by the two post above ground lift.

Make sure that a daily check of safety is done to all components that the lift has before using the lift.

Make sure that  a personal protective equipment which in this case can be called PPE is worn. This is when working on a raised vehicle

The above drawing is the drawing of the two post above the ground in a 2D form using the auto CAD drawing software . All the details of the garage are placed in a 2D from the 3D picture.

In order to perfectly lift the vehicle to the respected position , the following are the procedure which must be followed:

First , the transmission is placed in a central position and the ignition put off, the door of the car should be closed and make sure that any other overhead distractions are not there, this distractions might include the aerials of the radio or any other distractions.

The pads are then supposed to be placed in a proper location which is under the contact point which is recommended

Before lifting the vehicle, make sure that the automatic chock device which is on the drive on lifts are well placed and also should be made sure that the permanent block they are enough to stop the vehicle.

Procedure for Lifting a Vehicle on a Two Post Above Ground Lift

Lift up the vehicle until its wheels are all up from the floor, this should be about 30 cm to one feet.

Recheck that the contact pads are accurately placed and that the mass is never positioned and put on the vehicle parts that could end up damaging the vehicle body.

Pull down the vehicle, make sure that the vehicle is well placed on a lift, this is done before any further lifting is done. In case the vehicle is not well positioned or maybe the vehicle looks like it might slide when raised.

The lift should not be lifted very fast to the uppermost position or being banged, this is not allowed but instead, lift up the vehicle very slowly especially for the last like 30cm or around 1.6 fts. When the lift is banged, this will make the seal bolts get stretched and can allow the leakage of the oil.

After that, lock the lift using the locking device which is mechanical in nature or rather the proposed jack stand can be used to lock up the lift.

For this, you should make sure that you understands all the situations that might resulting to changing in the centre of gravity of the vehicle and might cause the falling down of the vehicle. That is, removing the cargo which is in the vehicle if the cargo can shift without expectations. You are also expected to follow in latter the recommendations which are made by the manufacturer in regard the removal of the heavy materials and loads like the engine and any other material which is very heavy and can cause the change in the CoG. It should also be noted that the installation and the removal of the parts of the vehicle might result to change in the centre of gravity hence making the vehicle to become very much unstable.

When need to lower down the vehicle, the following is the procedure of doing the same:

First, make sure that there is no jacks, tool or equipment or any other objection that might be present under the lift.

Ensure that everybody that was there during the process is there and standing in a clear location just before lowering down the lift.

Then lower the vehicle smoothly and slowly and also make sure that the lift has gone in its lowest position possible, (Brooks, 1934).Adjust the arm and supports of the lift , make sure that you remove the chocks as required. This will make sure that the vehicle is moved with no getting into the parts of the lift especially when the vehicle is driven away.

Ensure that the vehicle is lowered to the ground  before entering are again.


From the above , the auto CAD is used to draw the 2D of a 3D picture. For the above garage, it was therefore possible to construct a 2D drawing that recaptures the whole two post above the ground in the garage. Being also great to learn on how to make the drawing, it become also good to know how the processes in the garage take s place.

The two post above the ground has to be operated by experts who have the knowhow on how to go about the precautions of the machine. The procedure have to be followed strictly in accordance with the companies recommendations and also according to the conditions of operation that are laid down. The lifting machine lifts vehicles above the ground in order for all operation that are supposed to be taken under the vehicle should take place without any problems and obstructions. This machine is very much of help to mechanical engineers and also automobile engineers as it helps them get into focus with the underneath of the vehicles comfortably. The garages are supposed to be developed in a location that is not near the waters and on the ground that is above the water table of the ground that is rocky.

Ackermann, B., & etzler,C. (2014). Distributed generation : a definition 1. Electric power system research.

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Hobbs, B., & Anderson, G. (2010). Strategic gaming analysis for electric power system. MPEC publishers.

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