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Person Specification For The Role Of HR Administrator

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Describe about the Job Description and Person Specification for the role of HR administrator?



As a line manager, I have to look through certain approaches while recruiting the staffs for my organization. The organization mainly looks after the operation part of London Underground Project. Under this project the organization mainly looks after the running of the trains, keeping the tube secure and safe, controlling the centers and stations and collecting and keeping the fare revenues safe. So a line manager of this company I need to recruit few staffs in the organization because there are three vacancies in the organization i.e. in the project section and in the human resource section. The post which is vacant in the project section is for the post of the driver in a tube and the other two vacancies is for the admin post in the human resource section (Foss and Rodgers, 2011).

For recruiting the staffs certain job description and person specification need to be done for these specified posts-

For the position of the tube driver the required job description and person specification needed is

The role of the tube driver will be to operate the tube and making the passengers reach to their destinations safely and also on right time. For this role there is no specification of academic qualification. The person has to follow few important responsibilities that are-

  1. He has to communicate with the passengers clearly and directly through wireless media.
  2. If any incident occurs he has assist there.
  3. Have to provide outstanding care to the customers.
  4. Need to adopt flexible work time.
  5. Have to deal with any situations.
  6. Need to carry tool kits for solving basic faults.

The person needs to have great communication skills both written and verbal besides great interpersonal skills. All the time he needs to be focused on the customers and also need to be capable of working individually and also in a team. Under pressure he should not panic and loose his focus and can also change rules at any point of time whenever needed (Savaneviciene and Stankeviciute, 2012).

Few important things the person need to possess a valid full ongoing driving license of UK and he possesses that from the last three years with maximum three penalty points. The person should not have any case of drink and drug addiction (Kuvaas, Dysvik and Buch, 2014).

All employees should have a relation of honesty and friendliness among each other and they are easily available when there is necessary of dealing with the public or passengers. The driver needs to report daily to the driver manger (Scott-Lennon and Hannaway, 2010).


Job Description and Person Specification for the role of HR administrator-

Working in railway as an HR administrator is a tough job. The person has to fully ensure that smooth working is going on in all sectors of the organizations. The person has be fully responsible about providing a good HR service at every step. His duty will mainly include that he is keeping a track on the vacancy system though their system of web recruitment and also managing the recruitment and selection area till they are issuing the contract papers to the new employees. As a HR admin they also have to ensure that the employees are maintaining the standards of the organization and providing a good work to the organization (Gollan, 2012).

As a HR admin the main duty will be to provide full support from the time of recruitment and selection till the employees are joining. There work includes from advertising the vacancies then selecting the potential applicants. As an administrator his role will also to go through the pay roll section. He will also have to ensure about the safety of their staff and also about the policy and guidelines of the organization (De Winne et al., 2013). When an applicant is applying for a job, then the admin has to response him/her that whether they are for the job role or not. If they are fit then at what time there will be recruitment in the organization and will also have to inform that when there will be any vacancy according to his profile then he will be informed. As an administrator he should keep an eye that all the policies and guidelines and being followed by the employees or not. If not then certain action will be taken against that person. When a recruitment and selection process is going on than the admin has to ensure that a best candidate is going through the recruitment and selection process which will help the organization. After selection of the candidate then he is offered with the offer letter and contract papers if that person is been outsourced (Townsend and Russell, 2013). The HR admin should provide with all support and news whenever it is required and will benefit the organization. The admin should ensure that there is a smooth relation between the employee and the organization. The admin should update the social sites with the information related to the organization and also keep the social media updated with the marketing ideas of the organization. The HR need to be deal with memos, letters and routines daily. The databases are maintained and updated daily or not this information also have to be with the admin. As an HR, he/she should keep all the confidential news related to the organization. If any mishap happens then the HR team sits with the legal team along with the higher authorities for the solution. The HR admin need to report daily to the HR manger of the organization (Gupta, n.d.)


Stages of Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment is done by identifying the need of employee for an organization for which applications has already started arriving.

Selection is done by choosing the right candidate for that specific job.

At first an advertisement will be published and it will be posted everywhere like social sites, newspaper, notice boards etc. After seeing the advertisement when people will be applying for the post with their CV. Seeing those CVs the potential applicants will be chosen with the help of Human Resource team the potential applicants will be informed by calling them up and also informing them through their email-id that those people has been chosen for the first selection and recruitment procedure (Ericsson and Augustinsson, 2015).

The potential applicants for the post of tube driver will be asked to come on such and such date with their important documents. The applicants need to bring their qualification certificates, driving license details and also his medical details (Hassan et al., 2015).

Job Analysis

For the post of HR admin the applicants should be at least a holder of MBA degree. So the person needs to bring all the documents of his academic qualification along with other testimonials (Sparrow, 2013).

The role of a line manager is to work with work group till the higher position of the management. A line manager has to supervise the work of a new employee or a team. The line manager has to directly report to the higher management about the performance and safety of the employees.

Involvement as a Line Manager to the selection process

As a line manager my contribution for the selection and recruitment process should be by selecting the best candidate for the organization. I have to look whether the candidate, who is applying for the posts of both driver and HR administrator, is fit for the job or not. They will be able to serve for the company or not (Gilbert, De Winne and Sels, 2011).

As a line manager in the section of Human Resource in this locomotive industry, I have to look after all the details taking place in the organization  starting from recruiting the employee till the operating of the tube whether they are working on time or not and making the passengers reach to their destinations safely on time or not. The main work in the HR section is the recruitment and selection, so the line manager has to look through that also. For recruiting the employees for the job then as a line manger I have sit as one of the panel members for the interview and have to select a best candidate for the required vacancy. As a line manager I have to supervise the work of the new employees and also supervise the teams who are working under me. I have to directly report the higher authority about the working process of both the new employees and also about the old employees who are working under me. I have to make sure that there is no conflict between the new employees and the old employees and they all are working as a team member and providing the organization with their good work and best results. As a line manager I also have to make sure that there is conflict between the new employees and the organization. As the working procedure of a HR line manager and the HR manager is almost same so it had to be kept in mind for both the parties are not conflicting with each other about whose idea is the best. As a manger we have to keep in mind that we are proving the company with best results for better output (Teague and Roche, 2011).


Legal and Ethical Issues

For the post of tube driver the legal, ethical and regulatory rules are accepted are-

  • The person should have a three years daily running driving license.
  • The person should not have any legal case against him.
  • He should not have case of killing people while driving..
  • He should not have any case of drink and drive.
  • There should not have any case of drug addiction.
  • Should have a valid address proof.

For the post of HR administrator the legal, ethical and regulatory rules are accepted are-

  • The person should not have any case in the police station.
  • He/she should have a valid address proof so that is case of emergency the family members of that person can be contacted.
  • Should not have any major illness which may affect his work as well as the organization.

These legal and ethical issues are applied for these posts because the organization does not want any employees who have any illegal past. For the post of the driver they are applying so many rules and regulations because the organization does not want their passengers to be any unsafe hand. As this is a locomotive industry so the main priority of this industry is the safety of the passengers. So if any driver has any criminal record of drinking and driving or any drug addiction then while driving the tube he may be drunk or his addiction an arise then during that time there will be question about the safety of the passengers. About the valid address proof if there is any emergency and the person is on holiday then he can be informed if his phone is off or there can be also the case of any emergency with the particular person then the family members of the concerned person can be informed immediately(Kuvaas, Dysvik and Buch, 2014).

The rules for the HR admin because none of the company will want an employee who has a criminal record and working in a reputed organization because no one will be eager to work with a firm whose employee has a criminal background (Javaherdashti, 2003).


Stages and Purpose of Performance Management

Figure 1- Performance Management Cycle

In the performance management lifecycle the performance of a employee is calculated that how well the employee is performing in his job whether there is a gap or not. If there is a gap in the performance then by what ways the employee can overcome those gaps? The performance gap can overcome by planning like how to increase the performance level then the review will be done that whether progress is happening or not and then evaluating is done on the performance to see that whether the gap has been overcome or not.

Benchmarking HR Performance

Figure-2 - Benchmarking HR Performance

As the performances of the employees are measured through the performance cycle like that the performance of the HR is also measured. The HR performance is benchmarked by their high performance level and low performance level. In high performance level it is seen that what the HR has achieved and in low performance level it is seen that where they are lacking and how they can improve their performance.

360 Degree Feedback

Figure 3- 360 Degree Feedback

An employee can calculate his performance level by himself also. The employee can overcome their performance level by taking feedbacks from his peer group, subordinates and managers. By taking suggestions from them an employee can increase their performance level.


In a nutshell it can be said that as a line manager of an organization in the HR section has to keep our eye open so that the work is done properly and also in a smooth way without any conflict. While recruiting a new employee many things have to be kept in mind because the organization has many expectations from that new employee. As a line manager of HR, I have to look after each and every detail from recruiting to operations of the tube that they are working on time or not. Line manager has a huge duty of supervising the works of the employees and also have to keep all the details of the organization. Line manager is link between the lower level employees and the higher level management authorities (Ryu and Kim, 2013).



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