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Future Business Description

Discuss About The Personal Planning And Social Media Profile?

In simple terms, marketing is the process of recognizing what customers want and supplying it at a profit or a gain. Increased profits lead to the need for developing and availing various products to attract customers.

Section 1: Future Business Description

Poultry layering as an investment would best suit me due to the necessity by customers based on the following facts;

  • Poultry consumption does not in any way offend any religion.
  • It is eaten as a central part of a meal.
  • Can be invariably be prepared and taken together with other dishes such as vegetables.
  • It is a basic food commodity as well as supplies proteins and other nutrients to the humans.
  • Can be sold as whole or in parts and each part priced differently.
  • Customers need the product to be available continuously and not changing with the season.
  • Not forgetting the booming need for eggs to be used in preparing other dishes and snacks.

To begin the investment, I would need to choose whether to hatch and sell day-old chicks to even bigger producers meaning I would be involved at the first stage of production. The second option is to purchase day-old chicks, take care of them and later on sell them as fully-grown chicken. The third alternative is to get myself involved in the entire process of hatching the chicks, growing them, and selling the eggs as well as the fully-grown chicken, and this would be my number one priority that I get fully involved in the entire process whatsoever.

Most investments require substantial capital to start up, and a typical business may take such a long time before you can make returns on your investment (Khedher, 2014, pp 29). As a beginner, small scale poultry layering would require me to spend low startup cost, and I would have made 100% returns on my investment within six months. It takes chicks 21 days to hatch. This means that within a time range of three weeks after starting, I would start to generate income. Argumentatively, I would not propose another investment that would make such a quick turnaround.

To begin with, an incubator would be needed as I would be selling day-old chicks which will provide me with the fastest means of generating income as I would be supplying chicks on a weekly basis. The profit margin would be as great as I would not be feeding the chicks since they are off my hands when they are a day old.

In growing the chicks, I would take into consideration feeds supply, medicine and facilities required. Getting in touch with private Veterinary who would be guiding all through my business to ensure that proper diet, health is maintained would be of much priority to the success of my business as customers always look for quality on any product delivered to them.

I am one person who can tolerate risks as sometimes one can get disappointed by own investment but taking risk is crucial for any investment to be successful.

Investment Strategy

I got that inner drive of curiosity or let us say innovation that makes me want to try something new. The self-discipline, motivation all this would do make me be able to cope with stress.

Most people may argue out that money drives entrepreneurs (Shaker, and Hafiz, 2014, pp 10). To me, wanting to be an entrepreneur is fueled by my passion and the opportunity to solve a problem, making life better and even cheaper.

I am tolerant, and this would help me withstand the fear of uncertainty and possibility of failure. Success requires taking risks. Ability to control fear is my best trait of all others (O'Brien, 2017). In entrepreneurship, the battle field is always the mind. You can shy away and quit or push through your fears.

I am in a position to manage money effectively since if I cannot be able to handle money, then I would not be in a position to handle business. I can live less of what I earn meaning managing a business budget would not be an issue to me.

I can relieve myself of stress. Allowing myself to be frustrated and upset by setbacks would make me struggle as an entrepreneur.

The ability to identify my strengths and weaknesses makes me successful as this would influence every business decision I make, my partners and even my employees.

I am a fun of social media and able to connect effectively via social networking. In investment, social media is crucial for marketing strategy (Espíritu-Olmos, and Sastre-Castillo, 2015, pp 1597). Hence, this helps me make my brands be noticed on each of the social medias to attract my customers and giving information about my entrepreneurship, hence, attracting prospective investors and partners.

Section 2: Self-Analysis

This involves marketing myself or my business where I manage an online presence, which produces a positive impression that comes across my name or name of my business (Johnson, 2017, pp 10). My profile would be more appealing depending on interesting tweets, blog spots or comments in the name of my business.

I am confident that my online profile would attract future partners and investors due to the following reasons:

I am authentic when it comes to my profile. This means that regardless of the fact that I am branding myself to attract interested parties, I still have to be me. I present myself and my personal beliefs and showcase my unique personality in the making of my business. This means that I would attract more partners and investors as they will start to see me in context and have a strong impression on me.

Social Media Marketing

In my profile, I make sure that I am professional by posting professional information may it be on Twitter, LinkedIn, and by cleaning up my Facebook profiles to make sure that I remain in the line of professionalism and be industry specific. This gives me an opportunity to think like an investor or a partner and see what would be impressed to read.

Across both profiles and with what social media profiles say about me, I am consistent. Regardless of the social media site you use, you will get a clear and full picture of my complete and coherent presence hence making my brand stand out.

I am motivated to succeed and that makes me a profound risk taker. I take challenges the way they come my way. This strength would impact positively on my business as I would to see it grow day by day out thus being able to take a step ahead would see it succeed.

I am business focused and aims at making profits. This favors me as I would be in a position to brand all my products in different ways to attract more customers and partners.

I am a creative thinker and can think past my boundaries and generate new ideas on how to come up with brands and products that would be pleasing.

I am a poor sales person hence this would have an adverse impact on my business. At first, making such a huge sale all at once would see me put an extra gear to achieve this. Hiring a sales person, however, would reduce my burden.

As an entrepreneur, I would come up with my food labels of my products, focusing on creating “healthy” foods and giving this information on packaging such as “organic” or even “minimally processed” and ensure that quality is of standard so that they taste great.

Creating perception in customers so that they get to try your products is important (Wallace, Lings, Cameron, and Sheldon, 2014). Appealing regarding appearance, color and the way I package my meat and eggs to indicate their freshness (Tsimonis, and Dimitriadis, 2014, pp 340). I would do this by making my packaging is colorful enough with natural products on its appearance to appeal the eyes.

I would use the latest technology such as hurdle technologies which would make my poultry products to be safe and taste better. New packaging technologies would make my product look better.


The four major social media platforms include:
LinkedIn-it is the most popular social media site for professional networking (Chaffey, 2016, pp 20). It is favorable for relaying business based information and statistics as well as networking with local professionals.

Facebook- it is the largest networking social media on the internet regarding a total number of users as well as the name recognition (Lanza, and Passarelli, 2014, pp 440). More than one million small and medium-sized businesses use it to advertise their businesses.

Twitter- businesses use it to interact with likely clients or even use targeted ads with particular audiences.

BizSugar- is a social networking platform that provides resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

I choose the following two social media platforms for my branding:

It offers a variety of content to develop career cards, specialty pages, and even business description. Its publishing platform offers businesses benefits whereby a business can self-publish material which is later promoted to prospective customers and partners (Dessart, Veloutsou, and Morgan-Thomas, 2015, pp 35). It has a search engine meaning that materials you publish can assist in brand awareness. It allows the creation of groups whereby customers, partners, and brand employees engage each other directly.

It has a feature for privacy setting. When branding your company, you require many people to view your content and hence would be wise to allow some content be accessible to the public (Hajli, 2014, pp 390). Also, it allows the anti-tagging option to protect you from spam.

I would recommend that any person seeking employment or to start his business brands himself in a manner that makes him appear unique above all other if he would want to capture the attention of employers or other investors.


In today’s business environment, branding is becoming as important as in personal level (Kumar, and Bhaskar, 2014, pp 68). A business cannot work on its own hence it requires to work with other businesses and its people collaborating with other people, and that makes business relationship valuable. To choose the people or business that would see your business prosper, you need to create a personal branding to show why you are unique and you would impact on growth of your partners’ businesses too.


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