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Market Segmentation

Discuss about the Personal Selling and Sales Management.

Understanding the present market situation is a significant part to extend the business. Though, with the assistance of legitimate market analysis, an organization can examine the present market situation. Besides that, the strategies of opponent organizations can be determined through compelling marketing plan. On the other hand, the principle motivation behind this marketing plan is to conduct an appropriate planning for Bakers Delight, which is a well-known restaurant in Melbourne. Concluded a convincing marketing plan, an organization picks up the present market needs and client's requirement. Apart from that, the marketing plan includes some notable elements such as market segmentation, product description, competitor analysis, distribution process, SWOT Analysis and Marketing 4P's model which will be explained in this paper.

As per the recent market research, there are many existing organizations as of now have a decent customer base. Also, numerous issues and difficulties exist in the market, for instance, the nature of the items and the management quality which for the most part centered on the clients. Though, the requirements of clients’ needs to be meet by the Bakers Delight to give required food items. On the other hand, this restaurant is settled in Glenferrie Road, which a bustling road and the nearby individuals typically favor snacks things. This geographic segment is one of the vital factors of market segmentation. Aside from that, the clients value delicate, so the cost of items is a critical element for the organization. In other words, the customers belong from psychographic and behavioral segments of market analysis. In any case, the Bakers Delight has development and experience for the present market situation. Moreover, the demographic segmentation includes age, family lifecycle, income, occupation, and education (The market for dairy products, 2005).

Bakers Delight is a renowned bread galley chain with colossal quantities of branches in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. On the other hand, this organization was built up in 1980 as a solitary pastry shop on Glenferrie Road in Melbourne. Though, it has more than 700 bread bakeries internationally. Bakers Delight went into an agreement with Chia Company in 2010 and arrival of Chia Bread, which is a bread stacked with Chia seeds ("Special issue of Management Accounting Research: Risk management, corporate governance and management accounting", 2006).

Discussing the products of the Bakers Delight, which chiefly is Bread. Moreover, there are different kinds of bread has been created by the Association. Bread as well as other top notch snacks items additionally have been delivered by the Bakers Delight. Moreover, the real thought process of the organization is to give fabulous items at a sensible cost to the clients. Apart from that, the main product of the Bakers Delight is bread which mentioned in above section, but they also produce some snacks and noodles in order to improve quality services. Moreover, the customers who have rush and no time to eat, those customers visit frequently to their place (Foussier, 2006). 

The principle contenders of Bakers Delight are Woolworths, Coles, Brumby's and also Banjos. Woolworths is the biggest basic supply retailer which is known for its best decrease of costs. Bakers Delight says that they can contend with the Woolworths in regards to the cutting of cost. In the last couple of years, Bakers Delight has clutched the vast majority of its share of the bread market. The competitors act as dangers for the organization seems they can draw the attention of the existing customers. On the other hand, the management of Bakers Delight needs to identify the strategies of their rival companies in order to run their business smoothly(Porter, 2003).    

Organization Background

As early described, Bakers Delight includes different stores all over the Australia, and it has many subordinate supports to deliver its bread items. The supply chain management of Bakers Delight is the main fundamental aspects which control the whole distribution process. On the other hand, this distribution process includes various types of the contribution of stakeholders of the organization(Carter, Price, & Emmett, 2005). Besides that, the suppliers who provide the essential raw materials which use to prepare bread-related items. Besides that, the management of Bakers Delight also focuses on the delivery process which must be a hygienic process because any infection can cause a serious disease that can damage the reputation of the organization.     

The SWOT analysis is divided into two remarkable segments, for instance, internal components, and external components. Besides that, the strengths and weakness are associated with the internal section, and the external components are spread into opportunities and threats (Plesnic?ar & Zaletel-Kragelj, 2011). 

The internal components

The internal components of the association associate the focal points, extensive and qualities inside the business area. On the other hand, the internal components or variables can be controlled by the management of the association since they can redesign by workability and unmistakable sorts of advantages, for example, building, money related position and another physical base.

The strengths expand positive outcomes and humble focal points of each association. Along these lines, the quality joins physical resources, for example, dedicated clients, commend, gear, riches, frameworks of methodology, data, licenses and existing channels of scrambling and others tremendous assets("Measurement of the Workability of Concrete", 2007). Apart from that, the strengths overview every element, for representation, creation, propelling, store and offer assistance. With the help of the genuine goal and positive properties of the operational components, management of the Bakers Delight can build strengths. In terms of the strengths of Bakers Delight, the representatives are moreover wearing down bank events and closures of the week and the staffs work 8 hours for five days in a week, and they give additional time as 1.5% to their delegates(Williams, 2005).

Weakness is a sort of term which express the tainted estimation of the things or any recognized inconvenience and opponent associations in the business portion. There are assorted sorts of weakness masterminded in the association. However, the potential opponent association's exercises are an extreme weakness that has an effect on hierarchical execution. In terms of weakness of Bakers Delight, they do not have enough customer’s base and a variety of other products instead of bread(Williams, 2005). 

External components

The massive external elements are opportunities and weakness which combines frill, specialist organizations, and competitors. On the other hand, the external areas are tolerating a critical part in each association in light of the way that the management can't control those external components.

New techniques for the arrangement and strapped improvement may be accepted as opportunities and different shots which happen and may show up from a place structure client way of life changes, current financial situation(Ostring, 2004). Apart from that, it is clearly notified that the need of clients can make an exceptional open portal for the association which can bolster the idea of estimations. Talking about the opportunities of Bakers Delight which are capturing new demand of the customers, introducing new snacks items to attract more customers.

The most important and significant part of the SWOT analysis is threats which are trying to defeat by the association. On the other hand, the basic risk is the present adversary associations which make gainful things for the clients. Though, Bakers Delight ought to utilize knowledge and execute practical systems to oppose with different eateries areas. Moreover, the association stressed over the potential threats which influence the structure of the association. In other sense, the current restaurants and Woolworth market are significant threats of Bakers Delight in the Australia(Ostring, 2004).

Product Description

The goals and targets discussed here are based on the goals for market share, profit and sales volume. The goals and objectives of an organization are to make a profit in future. But Bakers Delight has something different. Bakers Delight seeks to promote scenes within the organizational stores. The organization also seeks to encourage re-purchase and trial of the new scone variants. Moreover, the company is more engaged in increasing the subsequent sales and count of the customers. Bakers Delight also establishes the restaurant as an innovative specialty bakery (Noddings, 2007). It means that Bakers Delight aimed to make such products which are unique in Melbourne and all over the Australia. The particular restaurant also aims to use the dead-space potential as well as benefit from the opportunities that exists in-store and at the point of sale. Apart from these, the restaurant also aims to devise effective mediums that can be easily installed by the staff themselves.

The essential objectives of Bakers Delight are also based on financial, sales and marketing, customer service and human resource matters. The business manager of the restaurant must set a clear financial goal for emphasizing the financial targets of the restaurant (Wiszniewska, Nowakowska-?wirta, Pa?czy?ski, & Walusiak-Skorupa, 2011). The marketing and sales objectives of the organization aim to measure the position of Bakers Delight against the competitors of the industry. On the other hand, these goals tend to focus on the methods; Bakers Delight can outstrip the competition in market share, brand identification as well as quality of the product. The customers of Bakers Delight are very satisfied by consuming their products. The restaurant aims to deliver finest bakery products and services to their clients to make them happy.

Sales Volume

The restaurant aims to increase their sales volume. Consequently, the number of customers will increase leading to the growth of profits and spread of brand names all over the world. It is good for them. The primary objectives of sales volume are to increase the total number of sales in each period. The time varies from week to month ("Index to Volume 33 of Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management", 2013). It also aims to record the number of customers served on a daily basis. Here, the sales manager views the detailed reports of displaying the trends in daily sales volume. As a result, it motivates salesperson to push themselves harder to beat their records in personal sales.


Bakers Delight comes with a strategy to increase profit. It goes with the prominent risk that the restaurant may be so settled in the unique approach proposed to grow its profits that it loses everything if the market takes a sudden turn. Moreover, for each one of its interferences, profit help passes on the vastly favored outlook of making a salary (OLDANI, 2013). Precisely when intensifying profit is the primary thought, activities, reinvestments and expansions are ordinarily tabled. Besides that, Bakers Delight primarily oversees on what it has. The company aims to make a more cost-efficient environment. In the interim, the profits keep building, conveying a sound primary concern and extending the affiliation's measure of open cash.

Competitor Analysis

Market Share

Like most of the organizations, Bakers Delight also utilizes market share as a managerial objective. It means the organization might try to gain a specified proportion of the market at a particular time. The restaurant considers market share as a useful target because it forces small business owners to pay attention to the overall market and the actions of the competitors. Sometimes it is also easier to measure that other corporate objectives and aims (Miniter, 2002). Market share goals help to maximize profits in future. Besides that, there are potential pitfalls connected with setting an organizational objective of improving the market share.


Bakers Delight also comes with a marketing mix strategy to increase their business growth in future. Based on the marketing mix of Bakers Delight, the essential, unique parts cover the possibility of promotion, product, place, and price. Besides, by another name, it is known as the 4 Ps of marketing. The 4 Ps of marketing help the marketing manager with advancing viable a procedure in perspective of promotion and organizations to customers (Srivastava, 2016). Also, the executions that are utilized to market the organizations to customers helps them to remember them from their challengers in the enormous market. The four 4P's are depicted underneath:


The product of Bakers Delight consolidates over a hundred distinctive arrangements of baked products. The variety of products allows their stores to have the most widespread enthusiasm to clients for the length of the day when appeared differently about other conventional bread shop competitors who target sweets and another food junky both. Moreover, these products vary with different taste and have health values. The full extent of baked products helps the relationship for encouraging the customers to find their most friends and family (Shapiro, 2014). On the other hand, numerous people around the world have not yet tasted the particular cake shop product of Bakers Delight, and they are unaware of it. Their product passes on such taste by which people will recall the viewpoint until their next time visit to their stores. Bakers Delight has an open, impressive and sharp framework to each of stores of Bakers Delight. The restaurant is highlighting the way of cakes and baked products in the change and expressive format of its stores. At whatever point a customer eats up bakery products of this dinner, he or she will give a positive contribution to the restaurant.


Bakers Delight divides up the price strategy for different sorts of bakery products. The method is made for the customer who needs to bring home their product (Van der Westhuyzen & Van der Merwe, 2013). Also, the restaurant engages their price of bakery products and cakes where there is a high competition against their opponents, for instance, Coles and Woolworths. The pricing strategy of Bakers Delight depends upon the basis of product lines. For example, quiches, bread, occasion-cakes, small-pastries and so on. The price also depends on the labor time and ingredients for baking the bread or pastries.

Distribution Process


Bakers Delight utilizes various promotional strategies for raising the consideration regarding their picture. Most prominently else, they make unique offering where test products are appeared to the customers and sold. Additionally, the workers of Bakers Delight are passionate as well as educated about their products and can make orientation to someone scanning for an innovative baked product. However, the experience of this specialist is not the same as the representatives of various competitors, for instance, Coles and Woolworths (Engel, 2015). Besides, they make promoting. For the most part, they cover wherever all through the Australia. Bakers Delight also progresses themselves by putting an enormous amount of hugeness on gift cards. The restaurant has a couple of articles created by which they flourish their market all through the world. The restaurant understands that they have reliable and energetic customers. Like this, they do for them.


The restaurants of this company are situated in different parts of Australia. They retail their products in Floreat WA, Australia which is their present zone. The restaurants are also located in Murray Bridge SA and Eltham VIC in Australia (Richter, 2009). These territories are picked in light of the way that these places have a high masses, and the enthusiasm for baked and cake products is profound. In these goals, the restaurant gets a remuneration for marketing their products and takes a contribution from them. Appropriately, Bakers Delight gets an opportunity to raise the perception of their picture. 


Each and every segment which are discussed in this paper clearly measure the performance of Bakers Delight. Moreover, through market segments, SWOT analysis and marketing 4P’s, the management of Bakers Delight can attract more customer to increase profitability.


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