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Email to staff, inviting them for success event of Commonwealth Bank

Discuss about the Portfolio of communication materials.

From: Communications Manager

To: All the employees

Date: December 5th, 2018.

Sub: Join us as we celebrate another successful financial year at Commonwealth Bank.

Dear XYZ,

Heartily congratulations to all for successfully completing a financial year with Commonwealth Bank. All have worked with whole hearts and minds to complete the objective of organization and successfully holding an identified position in the market. As a token of gratitude, the company is organizing a party for all the members of the company (Newman, and Newman 2017). Please mark you presence in the event and make it more successful. The event details are mentioned below:

Day and Date: Saturday, December 15th, 2018.

Venue: Westin Hotel, Martin Place, Sydney.

Event Schedule: 7:00 pm: Welcoming of the chief guests.

7:30 pm: Speech of dignitaries

8:00 pm: Award function and cultural programme.

9:00 pm: Appreciation of teams

10 pm: Dinner begins and would be served till 12 pm.

Dress Code: Formal (Blue or Black)

Dignitary of the event is Governor of NSW David Hurley who will be arriving at the venue at sharp 7 pm. Please attend the event to increase its grace.

Hope to see you at the success party of the company.

Kindly mark the date and acknowledge the receipt of this email.

Best Regards,

On behalf of the Commonwealth Bank

Tara Williams

(Communications Manager)

COMMONWEALTH BANK                                                Phone(s):(02)98547632/33

Commonwealth Bank of Australia                                   Email:

ABN: 74 123 231 128

CORPORATE OFFICE                      

GPO BOX 2710

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA                       

From: Communication Manager

(Commonwealth Bank)

Date: 5th November, 2018.

Sub: invitation for ‘success party’ for successfully completing another financial year.

Dear David Hurley,

We cordially invite you to become a part of the ‘Success Party’ of the commonwealth bank for successfully completing one financial year i.e. 2017-2018. Throughout this year we have overcome many challenges and multiplied as well. We want you to become a part of our happy times. The bank has been nominated among top 10 organizations for increasing their customer base by successfully implementing the corporate social responsibilities. We would like to embrace the moment with your precious present in the event.

You would be welcomed by the CEO, CFO, and Public Relation officer of our Commonwealth bank group. You are a personification of success and cheerfulness, thus therefore we would like to hear some motivational words by your end so that we can work ahead by maintain such grace in the environment (Schonert, et. al., 2015). The details of the success party are mentioned below:

Invitation to external special guest

Day and Date: Saturday, December 15th, 2018.

Venue: Westin Hotel, Martin Place, Sydney.

Time: 7 pm

Event: Award function and cultural programme followed by dinner.

Sir, we would feel highly delighted and honored if you could make it up to the event. Your presence would highly motivate the employees and the team. We request you to come and make the event successful.

Waiting for a positive response

With warm regards,

On behalf of Commonwealth Bank,

Tara Williams

(Communications Manager)

Event Details: Commonwealth Bank was awarded among top 10 best companies performing corporate social responsibility effectively in the environment. The company has also effectively implemented its operation in the current financial year of 2017-2018. In order to celebrate the achievement of the company and address the hard work done by the stakeholders, the Commbank has organized a ‘success party’ for all. The event involves award function, cultural programme, appreciation speeches followed by dinner (Yildiz 2017).

  • Communication of the event to the dignitaries, employees and the stakeholders of the organization.
  • Implementation of the theme for the event that is, ‘sustainability at its best’.
  • Allocation of resources that are needed for the successful implementation of the event. Creation of committees for the successful implementation of the event namely, finance committee, operational committee, waste management committee. The finance committee look forward for the budget of the event, manage the financial requirements. The operational committee will organize the award function, cultural programme and dinner. Lastly, the waste management committee will look after the issue of waste management in the organization (Fan, et. al., 2015).
  • Finalization of venue
  • Tasks to complete
  • Confirmation of the people invited in the event
  • Completion of cultural activities that are to be presented in the event
  • Finalization of the caterer and decorator
  • Procurement of optimum amount for the event
  • Preparation of list of clients that are to be invited (Khanna2017).

According to the discussion done with the public relation team, CEO, and CFO; governor of the NSW Mr. David Hurley is invited as the special chief guest of the event on dated 5th November, 2018. Invite sent to the employees and other stakeholders via emails and letters on dated 5th December. Communication to the media partners for the global media coverage of the event.


Almost preparations are done by the teams and committees, work are segregated; the work is likely to get completed by 12th of December, 2018 along with the rehearsal of the event (Certo 2018).

The report includes information about the upcoming success party of the company Commonwealth Bank for successfully complete one financial year of 2017-2018 and becoming a part of the list of top 10 organization that implemented corporate social responsibilities effectively. The event was organized on Saturday eve of 15th December 2018 at Westin Hotel at Martin Place, Sydney.

  • The dignitary of the event was the governor of NSW David Hurley was invited along with the CEO, CFO and Public Relation officer of the team.
  • The event was started at 7 PM with the welcoming of chief guests and it was followed by the award function, cultural programme, appraising speeches and lastly dinner(Ganguly 2017).
  • Awards were distributed to the employees who performed well
  • The event ended with a three course dinner
  • The appraising speech was given by the leaders for the successful performance of their team.


The event was a great success for the company and the presence of chief guests in the whole event was graceful. The ‘success party’ event gave a great start to the upcoming year.

Communication is the way with the help of which, information is shared and received by people. There are many ways to initiate communication in an organization like verbal as well as non-verbal communication. It should be noted that it is important for business process to initiate effective communication at workplace so as to successfully implement activities in the company (Newman 2015).

Progress report to CEO for the on-going preparations of the event

The assessment 2 performed by me helped me in many ways, but most prominently it helped me in understanding the importance of communication and speaking skills in an organization. I also got to know about various speech-making proofs present in the environment namely ethos, logos and pathos. Ethos refers to ethical appeal that means to convince the audience for the credibility of the author. Further pathos refers to an emotional appeal that is initiated by the person against their emotions. This type of speech is initiated in an emotional manner (Hofer 2017). Lastly, logos refer to the type of communication under which the person initiates communication by the way of logic. The people use this type of communication tend to present logics, reasons to convince the audience in the market. Further, I got to know that all three types of communication are very important for y effective growth in an organization (Adair 2011).

During my course of job as a professional, would face many issues where my speeches and opinion would not matter to other people present in the organization, at that time I will effectively make use of this type of communication to convince the people present in the organization. Further, with the course of this assessment I got to know that communication is very important for a person to effectively convince people and make people according to their view. I know I can never initiate effective leadership without using effective communication in the organization. Looking at the overall grades of my assessment, I gained information that I need to work hard in this aspect so as to effectively pass the course (Clinton 2017).

So, now I have made this resolution that anyhow I need to effectively stand up on the expectation of my mentors and create a bright future for myself. Resulting to which, I have worked hard and prepared this assessment under which I am expecting to score good marks. Talking about academic progress, it should be noted that I have learned a lot with this course. These assessments helped me to understand and adopt the most important aspects that are required by a person in their jobs to achieve success. Now I have started believing that communication is the key to success for any person to gain reputation in their professional world (Wang, et. al., 2017).

Although I did not get expected grades from the assessment 2, but that opened my eyes and helped me to understand the problems in my personality that are hampering from moving forward. This unit adequately helped me to change my personality for better outcomes. Now that I have understood the importance of communication, I will effectively use it properly. Communication is not only speaking but it is listening and understanding as well (Cottrell 2015). So, from now before speaking anything in public, firstly I will look, listen, understand and then speak as much as required at that time. With this course I got to know that excessive speaking can never be said that the communication skills are good for a person (Seifert, and Chattaraman 2016). My opinion for different people changed with the learning of this course. With the understanding of the feedback then I understood the things about communication that were misguiding me from initiating effective communication. So, from now I make sure that I communicate my confusions to the peers and the mentors and seek their advice as well. Also, I will start doing things that make me fit for professional environment (Bolden 2016). Earlier the time when I started this course, I do not think that I had any good quality to identify myself in group. But with the ending of this unit, I am sure that I will effectively communicate to people and develop and better understanding for things as well (Taylor 2017).

Final event report

This type of change was important for my personality, so introduction to this course effectively helped me in achieving my personal goals and objective. However, I believe that still there is a great scope of improvement for me. The results of this assessment will define the changes in my understanding towards certain things. Overall, I believe that I have improved well with the help of this course and I can further improve as well I just need to focus with a little bit of direction. Lastly, I believe with the use of this assessment I have learned to write formal letters and mails effectively and this assessment has also increased by understanding towards certain things. This will help me in my professional course of activities.


Adair, J. (2011) Effective Communication (Revised Edition): The Most Important Management Skill of all. Oxford: Pan Books. pp. 7.

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Newman, A. (2015) Business Communication: In Person, In Print, Online. 10th ed. Cengage learning. pp. 4.

Newman, B.M. and Newman, P.R., 2017. Development through life: A psychosocial approach. Cengage Learning.

Schonert-Reichl, K.A., Oberle, E., Lawlor, M.S., Abbott, D., Thomson, K., Oberlander, T.F. and Diamond, A., 2015. Enhancing cognitive and social–emotional development through a simple-to-administer mindfulness-based school program for elementary school children: A randomized controlled trial. Developmental psychology, 51(1), p.52.

Seifert, C. and Chattaraman, V., 2016. Identity Formation and Self-Reflection Strategies in the Development of Apparel Design ePortfolios. Fashion, Industry and Education, 14(2), pp.60-69.

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Yildiz, A.K., 2017. Effective communication skills to manage the library: relations between managers and librarians. Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries, 1(2), pp.141-153.

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