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Discuss About The Ten Principles Of Good Business Process Management.

Implementation of Mobile Business Solution

In the recent times, there has been a huge rise of connectivity of the mobile devices. Various kinds of mobility based solutions has become a major form of concern in the recent times. The use of mobile devices within the various kinds of enterprises and business would be helpful in providing an end-to-end solution as per the various kinds of requirements of the business. Mobile based technology have helped in transforming the way of communication and collaboration with different types of business processes. In the recent times, there have been transformation within the sector of mobile based businesses and hence the dependency on mobile devices have increased. In different kinds of organizations, various employees are being provided with mobile devices, which are used to communicate and thus help in improving the productivity of work within the sector (Aijaz, Aghvami and Amani 2013).

This report focuses on the various kinds of aspects related to the working operations of the businesses with the help of mobile devices. The use of mobile devices would be helpful in improving the productivity within the workplace with the consideration of the cost factors. The report also focuses on the various kinds of perspectives and supported arguments in relation to the mobile based business solutions. 

With the huge rise in the number of interconnected devices based on mobile based solutions, businesses have understood the need of the implementation of mobile applications and devices within their sector. This would majorly be helpful for improving the productivity within the workplace and thus would be able to leverage useful applications. The development of a proper kind of business based solution based on mobiles would be implemented with the help of a proper and high form of strategy. They should consider various kinds of aspects such as the aspects of security and complexity of the implementation of the processes within the businesses (Verkooij and Spruit 2013).

In the recent age of technology, mobility has become an innovative form of practice for the businesses. This form of implementation of mobile based solutions would be considered as a major form of success factors by various kinds of organizations. The mobile solutions have become a major form of platform for the purpose of encountering different kinds of challenges. The different kinds of businesses mainly depend on mobile applications for incorporating various services to their customers. Businesses are helped in gaining several kinds of advantages based on several terms such as engagement of newer customers, promotion of services, gaining of revenues. There are various kinds of scopes within the improvement of the business processes. Mobile based technology have helped in transforming the way of communication and collaboration with different types of business processes (Aijaz, Aghvami and Amani 2013). The business models are designed in order to adapt to the various kinds of advantages that are provided with the mobile based technologies. Implementation of the mobile based technologies would be helpful for addressing the different kinds of technological challenges, which would be encountered during the implementation of mobile devices within projects base within businesses (Horakova and Skalska 2013).  

Technologies used for Mobile Business Solution

Different kinds of mobile based solutions are being provided by various kinds of businesses in order to ease the different forms of operations within businesses. The mobility based services are not only limited to providing solutions within the enterprise but they are also able to provide enriched form of solutions in the particular domain. These kinds of businesses are able to communicate with the help of various kinds of mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. These mobile devices make use of several kinds of technologies such as IoT, Augmentation, Cloud Computing solutions and many others. There are also various forms of connected mobile based solutions that are accessible to small and large scale businesses. With the rise of mobile devices that are integrated within the businesses, they make use of tools for data analysis, which would be helpful for collecting vital data based on sales, finance, operation management system and the customers who are typically involved with the communication within the businesses (Eggers and Macmillan 2013).

Cloud based solutions offer various kinds of productivity tools that are extremely vital for the offering of newer forms of business solutions based on economics, security, capabilities and convenience. With the implementation of the cloud based platform, business are able to store their data within the cloud in order to secure their data that are related to various sectors. These business also utilize the various kinds of web based applications that are run on the web server. These web applications are able to run on the desktop systems are being developed with some widely used programming languages such as Java and SQL (Sharma and Trivedi 2014).    

Different kinds of businesses make use of tablets and smartphones for the purpose of accessing various forms of corporate data. The use of Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAP) would be able to offer the businesses with the control of the IT services that would be needed in order to control the requirements of the business processes by providing them with several kinds of useful tools and access to a wide form of data. The MEAP mainly serves as a vast form of platform for performing an environment for development and a tool for management for the various kinds of applications within the business (Hurbean and Fotache 2013). Many of the solutions provided by MEAP overlap with the several features of management based on the platforms based on mobile device management.

Platforms for Mobile Business Solution

The platforms based on MEAP precede the smartphones whose roots are based on personal digital assistants (PDAs). The core elements of a MEAP solution consists of two major form of components. The solutions based on MEAP would be helpful for offering an environment based on the development of applications and various forms of backend services, which would be helpful for managing the mobile applications and thus link them with the various forms of applications based on the enterprises and databases. The centralized form of management system would be helpful for different business administrators for controlling the access for different users (Abolfazli et al. 2014).

Before a proper form of implementation of MEAP, the business organization should be able to determine whether they would need the platform. Some of the vendors of enterprise applications would offer mobile versions based on their products (Verburg, Bosch-Sijtsema and Vartiainen 2013).  

There are various kinds of success factors based on the specific forms of applications meant for the business processes. These forms of business applications are mainly targeted towards the use for general audience and different customers based within a particular business application. The success factors for different kinds of mobile applications have the same kinds of behavior for similar categories of application. Some of the success factors of different kinds of applications are:

Ease of the usage of the application – The easy usage of the application would be helpful for the users to for easy navigation and fulfilling the varied forms of purposes (Nikou and Mezei 2013).

Friendly Mobile Experience – The mobile users based within several business are mainly classified as professionals and new individuals. Hence the developers of the mobile applications are solely responsible for designing uncomplicated and smoother form of services. Hence the applications should be developed with the main focus to provide an interface for building an easy interface that would be easy to understand for every user.

Performance – The developers of the various mobile applications meant for businesses should ensure that every application should work flawlessly before releasing them in the market. These applications should have a powerful functionality and should be able to stand out within the international market.

Agility – The application should perform fast processing of several functionalities. The application should be able to provide seamless forms of transitions between several pages of the application. There should not be any form of impractical accompaniments between the several forms of pages that would lead to unnecessary forms of memory occupancy within the mobile device (Verburg, Bosch-Sijtsema and Vartiainen 2013).   

Success Factors for Mobile Business Solution

Some of the major enabling factors that would lead to a successful implementation within the solution of mobile based business are:

Security of Data – The technology of cloud and mobile computing have been a changing factor for the implementation of mobile technology within businesses. The data within the organizations should flow seamlessly and should be highly secured (Chang 2016).

Collection of Data – In the technology based on mobile based usage for businesses, the data should be collected from several kinds of systems and should be performed in a presentable manner. Hence the businesses should make use of enterprise integration and synced form of software for linking different kinds of systems (Falk and Leist 2014).

Transactional form of Mobile Applications – The mobile applications should be connected with high form of data systems. The business applications should look into various kinds of mobile platforms for various forms of middleware services in order to connect with the data in a secure manner with the various kinds of applications and other form of cloud services (Vom Brocke 2014).

The different cost factors of the implementation of mobile solutions within business are:

Complexity – There are different kinds of cost factors within the features and various kinds of functionality that would be needed during the development of the application. Hence the development of the application should initiate with a discovery phase. The features and functionalities within an application would play a major role in the overall cost of implementation (Fernando, Loke and Rahayu 2013).

Devices and Platforms – Budgeting is an important aspect for the development of a mobile interface for a business solution. The different kinds of devices and platforms that are needed for the development of the mobile interface would have the highest form of impact on the incurred costs of the mobile application (Shiraz et al. 2013).  

The key components of a mobile business solution are:

Security – Proper form of security measures is very much crucial for the implementation within the business operations. Different business have their needs to protect the data that are extremely important for them. Hence, the aspects of encryption standards, monitoring, user access control and compliance are extremely vital for the business processes.

Productivity – With the implementation of mobile based business solutions, it is extremely vital for businesses to increase the level of productivity within the workforce. Hence the mobile enabled tools would be very much helpful for providing the ability to work faster and efficiently (Demirkan and Delen 2013).  

User Experience – The implementation of the mobile based business solutions would be able to provide better forms of user experience that would be helpful for satisfying the varied needs of the customers (Österle 2013).


Based on the above discussion from the report, it could be concluded that the use of mobile based technologies would be very much helpful for boosting the growth of the businesses. These forms of mobile based solutions for businesses would help in several ways such as allowing improved forms of communications between the clients as well as the businesses. These forms of solutions also enable the increased form of efficiency within the overall operations of the businesses. The use of mobile devices within the use of business operations would be helpful for involving everyone within their various forms of transactions. These solutions also allow for the integration of various forms of data and information into a single place. This would help in saving time for the business organization. This report covers the major perspectives that would be taking place within the implementation of mobile solutions within businesses. The different factors of success based on the implementation of mobile solutions is also discussed that should be a higher matter of consideration for the growth of the organization.


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