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Definition of Privacy

Discuss about this Statement “Privacy does not really exist in today’s society “.

Privacy can be defined as the skill of the person or a group for stopping then information about oneself that can become known to people than those whom they given information to. Technology is such a modern thing in today’s world such a internet and social media (Tan et al., 2012).  Internet has a huge range of the applications which keep on taking a person through one or the other. It consists of the blogs, video sites like You Tube etc. Since internet is such a huge thing, privacy becomes almost impossible to get. Internet has become the part of everyone’s life these days. Many people have used it replace things like the journals have become blogs these days etc.

Information security and privacy of the data is an issue these days. This is given so much importance within organizations which work globally and precisely in the environment which is marked by the computer virus and terrorist attacks, hacks and vital data destruction which owes to the natural disaster. This trend is developing across the whole world of the outsourcing of the processes and the IT services to remote locations, leading to placing of the valuable data and information infrastructure for service providers (Timm & Duven, 2008).

There are many authors who have conceptualized social value of privacy. Out of those authors, one author named Priscilla Regan argued that privacy should be valued by and for the individual and also by the society in general. Privacy is the value which is common for all the individuals and they also value a little degree of privacy always. In the similar way, privacy also is a value of public in which the value not just for any person or public on the whole but to political system on the whole. This is speedily becoming a joint value in technology of the market are creating it even harder for all individuals without people having similar minimum level of privacy (Papacharissi & Fernback, 2005).

There are many such arguments done by the authors in which they focus on the social value of the privacy. Daniel Solove said that with the understanding of the privacy that is being shaped by the norms of the society, people can see better as to why privacy must not be taken solely as the individual right rather than it should protect the person because of the benefits it gives to the society (Roessler & Mokrosinska, 2013) .

Social Value of Privacy

IT is the automated system which stored processes and distributes the information. Generally, it consists of the usage of the computers and networks of communication. The data which is stored in the system always depends on the technology which is used in doing that. Storage of the data is evolving with the space that is created and the internet which is everywhere today. Such rapid changes are increasing the desire for consideration of the efforts. The focus is now developing on the connectivity and interaction. As physical space is going less and becoming less significant, data is omnipresent and the relations in the society are adopted as well (Almeida, 2012).

As privacy is defined with respect to the ethical reasons for striking constraints on right to use or use of personal information, the increased creativity imposed by IT poses many questions. If taken in the descriptive way, the access is increased which normatively needs the considerations of the desire of this type of the development and monitoring of the potential for regulation by the institutions of the technology and law (Matutina, 2014).

As the communication between people due to connectivity, the access of the information also increases which then increase the new sources of the information. When these resources involve the private data the risk of damage increases. There can be inequality, discrimination and loss of autonomy. The clear example of this can be the enemies of certain people or individual have less problem in finding out who the person is etc. However, technology operates on the device level, IT involves a complicated system of socio technological practices and the framework of usage of the makes the base for the discussion of its role in the altering possibilities for the access of the information and hence, impacting privacy (Aïmeur et al., 2013).

Since technology increases day after day, there has been a recent development in the technology again in terms of keeping the data on the cloud. This technology is known as cloud computing. As cloud computing increases, the threat to private data also increases. Earlier when the information would be on web, the data and programs would be saved locally which prevents the program vendors from having access to data and usage (Thierer, 2013). In this technology, both the programs and the data is online i.e. on cloud and it is unclear as to what user created and system generated information are used and for what. In addition to this, as data is placed somewhere else across the world, it is not clear which law is apt and applicable and as to which authorities demands access to the data. The big concern is for the data which is gathered online from the search engines and games etc. In general words, IT services have various privacy obstacles that any of the IT product (Platostanford, 2014).

Impact of IT on Privacy

In September 2017, there were 145 million US citizens who found out that they become the victims of the data breaches which are considered to be the biggest in the history when the credit rating Equifax was hacked. The birth dates, phone numbers etc are easily hacked these days (BBC, 2017).

Though, technology has created a lot of conveniences for the people, but it is unclear as to why these conveniences should come at the cost of the privacy that a person has. There should always be control in the information that people are giving outside.  It is technically and financially easy for organizations and governments to have the collection of the stored records of all the activities, records that never would have existed in the Past. This data comes in the gathered information of the mobile phone numbers, social media etc. And as the technology keeps on growing day after day, it will only increase (Rubinstein, 2013).

Svea Eckert, an investigator reporter for Germany broadcaster decided to make a fake name of the company and set it and create its website. Her goal was to gather the data of the detailed information which shows the web pages visits done by the individual, offers for sale by the companies which gather data about people’s usage of the internet (Romansky, 2014). At the end of the month of work she did, she was able to gather the data of 20 people who were all on high profiles working for elite organization. The other types of data were investigated about those 20 people who had visited that fake company site. The URL’s pointed to the investigation in which there were senior executive’s all sorts of financial record involved, daily websites which were viewed by a judge was there and the history of browsing which were viewed by the politicians also existed. The people whose data was taken out were shocked when they were shown this data. This data was made available as the people used browser plug in their laptops or other systems (Ohm, 2012).

The investigator said that it was not legal to sell the data but there was no action taken against the company selling it. She was also concerned with the fact that the small marketing companies sell this type of data which is sensitive but might not have had the money to save it from the wealthy organizations for the protection of the hackers (Moore, 2008).

Naked on the Net

The head of Privacy International, Gus Hosein says that the process which is occurring from the past one or two years is been that some of the organizations now have taken privacy seriously these days. The below waterline is disappointing though, as what own can see, a few corporations have doubles down or tripled down the extent to which they grab data and do things with that particular data without ever being able to observe. There is a limit to the behavior of the individual when it comes to achieving the privacy online.  Every move on Facebook and Google or any other huge companies have been taking, is a result of the regulatory pressure. Most of the companies which work in technologies in United States have prevented regulations from becoming compulsory. This is done by the lobbyists.

People who carry off the campaigns for privacy worry that people will become desensitized and will become fairly resigned with the truth that yes, the data is gathered and yes, it is not safe and also agree to the fact that any criminal can access any type of data he wants.

Facebook and Google like companies are always supported with the large amount of the data online as they are one of huge companies with millions and millions of users. Many are the companies which uses the personal information of the users as well. This means that the users have very little privacy today. Information is considered to be the currency of the digital age. It is going to get worse only. The fact is confusing that people go away with the personal information voluntarily on most of the occasions (Nissenbaum, 2011).

Social networking sites are being used frequently. This is one of the major factors when it comes to the privacy of the data. People spend time from few minutes to hours on the internet everyday such as Facebook or Google. When it comes to the world which is more connected, data quite easily is available. The number of users will increase and so will the social networking sites will be bound to increase in cycles.

In the government surveillance by Edward Snowden, it was said that many people speculated that the government all over the world keeps a keen eye on t heir citizens. This eye is kept on the reason of security but it becomes tough to draw a line as to how much should it be monitored. Although it is said that it is national security but there is not any secret that it always takes away any hint of privacy for the users.

Future with Less Data

Privacy is being violated when it comes to the big firms and all the individuals who are linked with such firms are also facing the similar issue. Still the usage of the internet is the same. Example: Everyone knows that Google keeps the detailed profiles for each one which is based on the search history. This takes away the privacy of the people but also gives out the results which are personalized. In spite the presence of the privacy, supporting search engines like Duck Duck Go, people yet use Google widely as they get better search results. People let go of the privacy easily if the little bit of the convenience is provided to them (Wildemuth, 2006).

This is hardly a difficult thing to predict. Even today, it’s almost impossible to use the internet and be completely anonymous. Some sort of digital footprint is left on the internet which can be traced back to you. The only way that one can have privacy is to refrain from using the internet at all and stay off the grid. The defense of privacy will be the savior of the future, essentially.


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