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Overall Project Responsibility

Discuss about the Impact On Auditor Judgments In Fraud Risk.

The Victorian Government mandates the regional health facility alliance and a centralized ICT provision service system.  Under the guidance of unified team members this project can be eventually implemented.  All the public acute hospitals and their health services are collectively coordinated. The Alliance covers the entire area.

SWARH is responsible to create a private cloud which will operate the servers, storages and the workstations together. The role of SWARH is to deliver more than 300 applications and over 20 critical applications together.

The responsibility for this project lies with the requirements of the RFP process in terms of professional competence, commercial needs, financial requirements and solution needs also. In order to implement the Barwon Health project successfully it is necessary for the project manager to breakdown the workload among the project team members based on their skills and knowledge.

As the entire project is ICT based project thus, the project team members should have proper technical knowledge accordingly. The roles and responsibilities of the project team members are elaborated below:




Project manager


Responsible to control and monitor the entire project progress and other necessary components

Finance manager


The responsibility of the fiance manager is to make a feasibility study to create the total budget of the project. The feasibility will help the finance manager to understand that whether the project is beneficial or not. 



To invest requested amount of capital for successful implementation of the project

Hardware and software suppliers


In order to develop the ICT based health recordkeeping system proper contract is needed with the hardware supplier. In order to run the application accurate software licence are also needed. 

System developers


In order to develop the ICT system proper design, supply and new HCI environment should be done to successfully implement the new HCI environment.

The governance arrangements for this project consist of the followings:

  • Adoption of disciplined project life cycles governance which include approval gates at which viability can be reviewed and approved accordingly
  • Recording and communicating based on the approval gates
  • The responsibility acceptance by the organizational management
  • Must ensure that the P3 management can add-on values
  • Fostering a culture of improvement and PM3 information disclosure
  • Establishing coherent relationship between the ICT project management methodologies and business strategies

In order to implement the project and for its long-term sustainability it is necessary for the project manager to consider all necessary project governance agreements. It helps the project manager and team members to make effective decisions for the success of the project.

The Relationship to the Portfolio for this project is very essential for the ultimate success of the project.

Project portfolio is comprises of both the programs and projects and it is managed accordingly by the portfolio managers. From the strategic business plan the portfolio can be drawn successfully. It is necessary for the portfolio managers to integrate all the activities together so that it can reach the project objectives easily.

The authorisation points for this project can manage all activities together and helps the Barwon Health project tenders to take effective decisions. The authorization details that are to be considered are as follows:

  • Roles based upon the access control
  • Based on the access control proper attributes
  • Application Programming gateway interface
  • Implementation of single scope to protect the system services
  • Password and strong system authentication to allow only the authenticated users

The delegation arrangements for this project are mentioned below:

  • Preparation
  • Assigning
  • Understandings bare confirmed
  • Commitment confirmation
  • Reverse delegating avoidance
  • Accountability assurance

Delegating is referred to as the greatest way that provides ideas about the task so that it can be completed within a lesser time and budget. The capacities of the team members become stronger with this. However, in most of the cases it has been found that the project manager fails to pay proper attention on these. Thus, enough attention must be given by the project managers to gain effective benefits.  In order to get outstanding results from the project delegating demands following proper formulas should be considered. It has been expected that id all these approaches are accordingly followed then the project will be able to reach the desire expectation.

Roles, Responsibilities and Performance Criteria

The manner in which information validity for this project is assured are as follows:

  • Project initiation
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring and control
  • Closure

Not only for this project but also regardless of the complexity and size of any project the project managers should consider all of these phases properly so that the project manager can meet the objectives. Each phase considered for the project generates certain outcomes.  In order to examine that, whether the outcomes are valid or not proper validation testing should also be done by the project head authorities.

The scrutiny arrangements for this project include the following:

  • Legislation and other requirements exploration
  • Defining project profits and obtaining support from the top management team
  • Cyber security approaches are to be incorporated
  • Framework selection for implementing the cyber security within the project
  • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Training and awareness program implementation

Security is another important aspect that should be considered for keeping the credentials secured from the external attackers, Necessary security approaches in terms of encryption, firewall, and password protection are necessary to be incorporated by the project managers of the Barwon Health project, to avoid unwanted data hijack.        

The status reporting arrangements for this project are as follows:

  • Improvement in the communication approaches followed by the project managers and the project team members
  • Simplification of the communication approach
  • Informing the project stakeholders
  • Key massage delivery to the intended target audience
  • Improvement in organizational support
  • Establishment of matrices for system consistency and verification
  • To keep the project manager and the project team members informed about the current status
  • The due diligence should be done accordingly by the project head to make sure that the project is meeting the requirements.

The improvement arrangements for this project are as follows:

  • Development of the ICT project platform
  • Evaluation of feasibility and the acceptability of the ICT platform
  • Effects of evaluation
  • Web interface development

The stakeholder engagement arrangements for this project are

 Reward program arrangement: The project development company should arrange reward program based on the contribution and ability of the stakeholders for the successful completion of the project. As the rewards will be given to the stakeholders thus it will keep them engaged to their job roles.

Training and development program: Professional training and development program should be arranged for the stakeholders so that they can increase their skills and knowledge accordingly.

Incentives and promotion of designation: Based on the contribution of the project team members and other stakeholder’s incentives structure should be designed and they should be promoted to higher position.


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