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Discuss about the Process Payroll for Compensation and organizational.


To record constant data of pay roll


Five parts documents

Ø  Check payroll data

Organizational staffs intend to check the payroll data in order to verify the accuracy of data that has been put in the payroll.

Ø  Clarify discrepancies

If the organizational employees consider any obscurity in the pay roll data, they have complete right to raise a question.

Ø  Employee payroll detail

An employee has every right to view the details of the salary sleep within the current pay period. In order to view the details of the pay roll, employees need to log in the system for entering into ‘my portal’ and to select salary details.

Ø  Calculate payment due to the individual employees

The payment has been generally calculated as per the days of work of an individual employee.

Ø  Standard pay and variation in terms of employee source of data

Sometimes employees intend to put addition effort towards the organizational services Al-(Zoubi 2012). Business organizations like to collect the employee data based on which they like to provide a standard pay that is based on employee variation.


To make a payroll within a stipulated time period


Organization background/ deadline of workplace in respect to the payroll preparation

            The Iconic is a retail business organization occupying a popular place in the realm of retail sector. More than 10 thousand employees are associated with this company. This particular organization likes to pay the remuneration to every individual on the first day of every month (Carr 2014).  Therefore, the business organization likes to prepare the payroll every at the last day of month.

Important information needed for making payroll

            Before making a payroll, the business authority needs to know some of the major factors that include:

·         The days of work of employees

·         Number of scheduled leaves

·         Number of unscheduled leaves

Case study based on employees’ data

            From an effective case study of The Iconic, it has been observed that one individual employee had to take two unscheduled leaves due to an emergency case (Cryder and Loewenstein 2012). Therefore, while making the payroll, business authority has counted those two leaves in the category of NPL (non-paid leave). Therefore, the salary would be deducted of this individual employee (Elson et al. 2012). If the employee is not interested to deduct the salary, this individual should information this to human resource managers. If it is considerable to human resource managers, they can adjust those two unscheduled leaves with casual leaves of next month (Gomez-Mejia, Berrone and Franco-Santos 2014). In that case, the salary is not deducted of that individual employee.


To reconcile wages for the period of pay


Research the way

Company reconcile wages

            The Iconic tends to maintain a fix salary. Every employee in every month has to meet a fix target. At least 70% targets have to be fulfilled by every employee. If an individual employee is unable to meet the monthly target, not even up to 70%, the authority decides to deduct the salary. In addition, employees are allowed to take two casual leave every month (Hodson and Jensen 2013). If they want more than two CL, they have to compromise their salary.

Corrects the irregulation

            Every employee as well as employer has to follow some of the major regulations such as data protection act, health and safety act, anti-discrimination act, right to information act and so on (Jeong 2012). Both the employer and the employee can take an immediate action if those regulations have not been followed within the organization properly.

The designated person to solve the issue

            Human resource managers and the accounts department have to take a major role in order to maintain the entire procedure of payroll (John, Loewenstein and Rick 2014). The human resource managers have to play the major role of making the employees’ pay slip. Based on the pay sleep, the accounts department plays the responsibility of calculating the salary of every individual employee one-by-one (Kumar and Pandya 2012).

Arrangement for payment

            Before making the pay slip, the human resource managers intend to think on some of the major factors that include

·         The total days of work of an individual employee

·         The number of NPL taken in one single month

·         The number of urgent leave taken in that month

·         The number of casual leave

·         Whether this individual employees is able to meet the monthly target or not

·         If not, then how much target the employee has reached for that month

·         Based on the ability to reach the target, the employees have to calculate how much deduction would be taken of that individual employee.


To obtain payroll authorization as well as individual pay advice


Why is gaining the authorization important?

            Authorization provides long-term security to the employees. Before, involving with the business process, the employees tend to collect an in-depth knowledge about the organization (Lee and Won 2014). If the organization is not possessed with authorization, the employees tend to show their reluctance to join in such an insecure place. An authorized company always provides a job security to the employees (Leung et al. 2013). Employees do not have to spend their day in scares whether they would be able to survive or not.

            Authorization on the other hand helps to maintain the image of an organization (Meals 2014). If an employee is associated with a company, which is possessed with proper authority, they can get an assurance of surviving in the industry for a long time.  

 How does the organization assure that the authorization is perfect?

            The structure of payroll and the trade license are the two major tools based on which the organization can demand themselves as an authorized one (Nayak, Sequeira and Senapati 2012). Firstly, if the company has a proper authority, the salary structure would be completely different from the mere organization (Park 2015). The employees would get the facilities of PF, ESI, medical insurance, yearly bonus, performance appraisal. Without being an authorized company, the employees would never be able to get those facilities and benefits. In addition, authorized companies always receive a government approval for maintaining their business in the industry. Based on that approval, the employees receive PF facilities (Quarter 2014).

            The Iconic is out-a-out an authorized company. The employees of The Iconic receive PF and ESI facilities. In every year, the employers intend to provide employee bonus in order to motivate them towards business and services. In addition, based on the two appraisal procedures, the employees get increments at the end of year. Increments are based on the performance of employees (Sanghavi 2014).


To produce, check and store the payroll activity


What are the most important information that pay roll can include

            The most important information that payroll can include are as follows:

·         Name of the employees

·         Employees’ ID that has been provided by the authority

·         Salary structure

·         Company registration number

·         Employee’s date of joining

·         Employee code and so many

Using the data of an employee, list the information that include in the payroll record

            The information that include in the payroll record are as follows:

·         Total days of work of an individual employee

·         The number of CL that the employee has taken for this particular month

·         The number of NPL that an individual had to take for this month (if any)

·         Total amount of salary

·         The amount of salary deduction (if any)

How will you like to store the information in terms of company procedure

            In order to store the employee information, the human resource managers tends to take a constant record or database within them. the Iconic being an online business shop believes in advanced technology (Satpathy 2012). With the help of advancement of technology, the human resource managers like to keep individual record of the employees (Scannell 2012). Human resource managers of The Iconic primarily concentrates on some of the major information that are as follows:

·         Employee name and permanent address

·         Employee contact number

·         Employee e-mail ID

·         An emergency number except the employee

·         The address proof of employees


To follow security procedure for processing and maintaining payroll records


The information that have been short listed

Record kept

Reason for keeping the record

·         The permanent address of the employees

·         The designation based on which the employee is holding the chair

·         The salary structure of the employee

·         The productivity of that particular employee provided for the organizational services

·         The number of appraisal that the employee has received from the organization

·         The remuneration structure of the organization

·         The additional benefits that business organizations tend to provide to the employees for the good performance

·         Employees’ feedback about their satisfaction or dissatisfaction regarding the payroll policy provided by the company

·         Human resource managers intend to collect the permanent address of every individual employee due to several reasons. If the employees need to call for any urgent case, the company can reach the residence of that individual employee. In addition, permanent address reflects the source of authenticity. By knowing the address, the HR managers can get a clear knowledge about the origin and source of that individual.

·         Besides the name of every individual employee the HR managers tend to keep the record of designation in order to identify the person easily. In a professional field, personal relation or communication do not make any sense until the person is possessed with a proper designation at the workplace.

·         Salary structure is highly important for recognizing the position of every individual employee. Based on the salary structure, the HR manager can distinguish the position of employees individually (Seto 2014). In a business organization, the employees who are holding a high position receive better salary structure than a normal employee. For an example, the salary structure of a financial manager is better than supervisor (Smith 2013).

·         At the end of the month the business managers tend to keep a record of the productivity of the employees. Based on the productivity the performance levels of employees are judged. Therefore, keeping the records of productivity is must.

·         The number of appraisal implies the overall performance of an individual employee (Strikalenko 2013). While working with an organization employee needs to perform well for getting promoted for a higher position. Therefore, appraisal is one of the most effective ways based on which the managers tend to review the employee performance (Swecker 2012).

·         Remuneration structure is always been kept in a record in order to give the applicant a clear overview about the salary structure (Tanning and Tanning 2012). Before involving with a business organization, the employees need to know the salary structure that the company intends to provide them.

·         Additional benefits are always kept on record in order to motivate the employees for further progress. The human resource managers like to highlight the previous records to the employees on how their organization has accepted and appreciated the efforts of their previous employees (Tanning and Tanning 2013). After listening this record, the new employees get motivated to perform well for the success of business (Trehan and Kushwaha 2012).

·         After making an appraisal or any other session, the feedback of employees are kept recorded. As per the feedback received from the employees, the business organization likes to change their company strategy and policy. In order to render the success of a business organization, the performance of every individual employee is highly needed.


To respond with the payroll enquires as per the organizational and legislation needs


Record an enquiry that has been dealt with

Is this enquires are dealing via mail, telephone and fax machine

            Enquires are sent in several ways that include via mail, fax or telephone. The Iconic believes in ecommerce business process (Verrest 2013). Therefore, this particular organization is completely dependent on electronic communication. Mail is one of the most effective ways with the help of which both the employees and the managers tend to send or receive their various enquires.

How the organizational legislation is influenced in response to this enquire

            The Iconic likes to maintain Zero tolerance policy with the organization effectively. With the help of this particular legislation, the employees cannot use any kind of abusive words while making any kind of enquiry to the upper position. On the other hand, business managers as well are bound to maintain zero tolerance policy (Wagner 2012). They do not have the right to make any personal attack or any abusive word to their junior employee both verbally or non-verbally.

What is the procedures of making correspondence records and why?

            The primary procedure of making correspondence record is guiding the staffs regarding the external incoming and internal outgoing. The employees need to know the actual rule on how they should enter and how they should go outside the office (Xu and Zia 2012). In case of any emergence, the employee needs to follow some of the major rules and regulations followed by the company. After fulfilling those rules, this individual employee can go out before the time of departure.  

Was the information that has been provided helpful?

            In certain point of view, the information that has been provided is definitely helpful for both the company as well as for the organization. Employees need to know the company rules and regulations at the time of their performance at the workplace. On the other hand, in order to keep a constant control over the entire process of business, the organizational managers should collect each information that is relevant to the company.


To ensure the enquires outside the area of responsibility


As per Australian privacy principles

Who would be referred the enquire to if it was outside the area of responsibility?

            For the general business organization, human resource managers play the major role of controlling thee enquires received from the employees. However, apart from the area of responsibility, the person whom can be involved for maintaining all the enquires include business consultant. Every organization tends to follow the advice of a business consultant who is not linked with the organization directly. If the business consultants were suggested to handle those enquires, this individual would be able to provide a sound solution to the employees. Apart from a business consultant, the organization should never hand over this kind of responsibility to those persons who are outside the area of responsibility.

How to make sure that the person dealing with the enquiry knew what they had to resolve

            The human resource managers of the organization like The Iconic tend to take this particular responsibility due to a valid reason. HR managers are primarily responsible for recruiting the employees. Therefore, HR managers are more comfortable to interact with those persons. On the other hand, employees feel comfortable to share their problem regarding the job profile at the workplace with the HR managers (Xu and Zia 2012). Therefore, the interpersonal bonding is itself very close that helps the managers for resolving the issue more casually.  


To demonstrate the knowledge of foundation and skills and knowledge evidence and performance evidence


1. Answer 1:

Payroll calculation

Name of the employee: Kathleen Mansfield

Employee code: 3d0098

Date of joining: 09/01/2016

Total amount of salary


No. of CL


No. of NPL


Salary deducted


Total salary


2. Three major types of payroll system include

·         Online payroll system:

With the help of online payroll service the company is able to provide the payroll detail within 24 hours from a secured browser. The pay roll maker can update the payroll by tracking the days of employee vacation. Online payroll process is more convenient than other systems now a day.

·         In-house payroll system

In case of small business organization, in-house payroll policy is primarily been followed. Managers do not have to use any updated software equipments in this case. Employees who are responsible for payroll tend to stay up to the date, changes payroll tax laws for accurate paying. In this kind of system, employees have to face lower security risks.    

·         Payroll service

Payroll service likes to provide an expert who have an in-depth knowledge on the payroll tax and regulatory requirements.

            The Iconic primarily tends to follow online payroll system. Employees as well feel very much secured by getting their remuneration from online payroll system. As the money is transferred from a secured web browser, the employees do not have to be worried for leaking their data.


To demonstrate the knowledge of entire unite


1. In my own organization, our human resource managers take the responsibility of maintaining the payroll database. We the employees have to provide our detail information including our address, bank account, IFTC code, the branch of bank and so on. The HR managers keep a record clearly. After that, they tend to make the salary slip as per my days of work and performance. The salary slip is then provided to the account section attached with the accounts details.

2. A particular situation had been raised when I did not get my complete salary at the end of the month. I had to take two urgent leaves for this particular month and the human resource managers have counted those days as non-paid. At the end of month, when my salary entered into my account I founded that they have deducted the amount of three days. I sent a formal mail addressing to the operational manager and human resource manager of my organization. They had taken an immediate step in this regard. They assured me to return rest of my salary within one week. I have to acknowledge that those people were able to return my salary within seven days.

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