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Nunan principles for professional development of teachers

Discuss about the Professional Development Of The Teachers.

The report discusses the approaches to professional development of the teachers with the help of Numan principles approach. It further describes the implementation of the principles in the professional development of the teachers. The relevance of the principles is also supported with some examples. In the next part of the report details about the school goals and student needs and its meaning are mentioned. The relevance of the school goals and students needs and there relation with the professional development of the teachers are also explained with the help of some examples followed by conclusion.

These principles are related with the professional development of the teachers on the basis of several aspects, so that to improve professionalism and quality of education dissemination towards the learners.

Principle 1:

This is a very important concept which indicates that the learning approach and methods of learning in the children’s and the adults are different so it is required that the teachers are required to realize that the responsibility they are having in their minds so that they provide better learning to the students (Alsagoff, et al., 2012). It is often seen that the teachers having realization about the responsibilities are having better learning methods and explanations for the students so that students learn in better way. It is also suggested that they are having more professional behavior rather than others.  

Principle 2:

It focuses towards learning through experiences and continuous practice. There are lots to learn from failure of someone, so it is needed to use the experiences present with the teachers to improve teaching methods and knowledge.

Principle 3:

It is required to plan the work so that it is being implemented in a better way so that more improved ways to be suggested by teachers from their experiences over long period of time to improve learning materials and approach to study.

Principle 4:

In this part of the principle it is focused to develop steps so that learning is portioned in such a manner that the knowledge of the professionals is clearly shown in the learning materials and programmes.

Principle 5:

This principle focuses on the realization to the teachers about the knowledge they are having and its evaluation so that they feel encouraged improving the lacking areas or those having lack of awareness towards their knowledge will motivate towards analysis of the knowledge.

Application of the principles

Principle 6:

At last is required that the teachers implement the learning’s in to practice from the rest of the principles to form a leaning model. It is also important to practice these practices in daily routine to improve professional character and learning workshops.

There is difference in the learning’s of the children’s and the adults so it is required that the learning style that is to be used for the high level learners should be different. So it is important that the teachers also evolve practices as per the changing needs of the learning, it is not a good way to learn as the child learns in the classroom teaching. There is need to have more practical and application based learning so that the learners have development of the analytical skills and needs to plan work. It can be implemented with very first step that is self direction it is needed that the teachers are aware about the responsibilities (McCulloch and Noonan, 2013). They should use the experience they have to develop a learning material which consists of theoretical as well as practical implication so that to enhance learning. It is also needed to provide time management and relevance of the study so that it can be developed in more proper way. Teachers must practice these skills personally to achieve perfection (Watts, 2015). It is also important that teachers are motivated and aware about the importance of the learning in their professional and personal life towards high learning. They are also need to move towards technology learning so that they can collaborate with the scholars to develop better education materials.

It is mandatorily required to verify the usefulness of the professional developed projects, so it is verified with the help of the combined training programs for the teachers. It will help to encourage the teachers to develop themselves as their colleagues. Suppose there are three teachers in a university teaching marketing, first one is focusing on theory based learning, second is only focused on practical learning focused on survey, questionnaire and study of products and third is focused on both methods for study (Calderhead, 2012). So the learning’s from all three will be different for the students but in case they meet together and exchange some ideas and knowledge than it will be far better to develop a learning material which will having theoretical knowledge to understand the concepts practical surveys and testing. It will motivate the others towards learning this skill. So creating competition among the teachers will help to develop more professional development (McCulloch and Noonan, 2013). It is important to access the capabilities this can be done with the help of survey having different questions relating to the personal experiences and learning’s during teaching the scholars, this will help them to know the lacking areas and strengths which they can utilize to develop the learning materials for the students for professional development of themselves.

Relevance of principles

School goals are established for the enhanced learning of the students it includes the thoughts and values that are to be inculcated in the students studying in an institution. It focuses on the overall development of the scholars such as learning’s about various fields, sports and cultural activities. It also focused on the development of the students with the help of evaluation on the various criteria’s and competitions so that they will develop in the mental and physical aspects (Parkay, et al., 2014). It also helps to inculcate maturity and experiences for the students helping them in the decision making in future. It is also important to access the student’s needs as per the current changing environment. Accessing the needs of the student’s helps to plan and develop the learning materials in such a manner so that it covers all the aspects of study which improves the student’s knowledge (Brookhart, 2011). So school goals are important for the development of the students but it can be improved to meet the goals with the help of accessing the student’s needs.

Professional’s development of the teachers is next step in the learning of the teachers; learning is a lifelong process which is needed to be continuing for the development of a person. It is necessary to develop professional’s character in the teachers as it will result to ascertain the current scenario in the industry.  This is also a continuous process which also helps the teachers to generate a view towards the whole studies of the students rather than the narrow approach of just teaching in the class room and learn some concepts Mizell,(2010). Professional development leads to develop school goals and to know about the material to be included in the learning materials followed by the practical projects related to the students learning so that it will helpful in the overall development of the scholars. 

The primary goal of the schools is to provide good education to all the students taken admission in the institution. Development of professional learning will help to build confidence among the teacher to plan studies at the class room so that all the students are covered in the teaching. It may be activity based teaching or allotting projects in groups so that to improve education standards. It is also seen that quality of teaching is very important for the learning of the scholars professional development will help in improving the teaching quality and teaching methods used for transformation (Reading First, 2005). It is required to plan for training of the teachers at the beginning of the session so that they plan for the whole year activities to be organized for the student learning. It is also required to aware students about the scope of the study so that they take more interest in the learning. It also helps to transform the knowledge of the teacher in to the limited time which is very important for every professional so that the audience will interact and understand the concept.

School goals and assessment of students need

School goals and students needs are the criteria for the professional development of the teachers, based on the goals teacher have to plan the activity and learning calendar achieve the students need. Likewise it is also possible that schools provide professional training so that teachers analyze and evaluate internally to change in the learning methods or course material to improve it (Zepeda, 2012). Testing and evaluation of the students on the basis of pen and paper method is also overcome with the help of teacher development. Professional development helps to improve the personality of the teachers so that the approach towards the various activities is changed (Reece and Walker, 2016). It also result to a planned schedule of work, proper time management and including more learning methods in the lectures it also improves the internal awareness of the teachers to improve them as better education provider to brighten the way of the students.

Professional development helps the teachers to boost confidence and systematic planning for the activities. In the absence of this most of the teachers fails to plan and even there is absence of planning which result to failure of school goals (Baran and Correia, 2014). Suppose there is no training is provided to the teachers in a school then there will be problems in completing the course either the study material will be completed in just few months or it may delay within the time. Whereas professional development will aware the teacher towards planning in this case teacher will plan according to the available no of working days in the education calendar and sub-divide the whole syllabus to be covered according to this period. Professional development also helps to plan for new activities to enhance learning and revision of the studies.


It is concluded that professional development with the help of the Numan’s principles will definitely help the teachers to develop as better professionals. External evaluation is easy process which is given by the colleagues and friends but professional development will help to analyze internally results to bring change in the personality and teaching as a revolutionary change. The awareness about the actions to perform helps to implement them in better way with confidence.  Professional development is needed to balance the school goals and students needs in the education sector which is also explained with some concepts and example to enlighten need of professional development of teachers.


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