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For your major project, you will be required to produce a Public & Media relations plan for a real life organisation of your choice and present the plan to the class (role playing of a PR consultant, presenting your PR Plan ideas to the management team of your client).

You may choose any organisation you like business or non-business (not-for-profit), local or overseas. But it MUST be a real organisation. If you choose a large organisation, it may be sensible to focus on one aspect or division of its operations.

Your key aim should be to show what public relations can do for the organisation and to make some practical recommendations for action. Imagine you are a PR consultant and this document is your first written submission for a new client

Research & Development

Boost juice bars in Australia is a worldwide retail chain outlets that excels in serving fruit juice and smoothies to the consumers. It was established in the year 2000 and their first store was situated in Adelaide of South Australia. With the passage of time the company has become internationally famous with their outlets spread all around the world such as South Africa, Europe, Asia and the United Kingdom by franchise (Menzies & Orr, 2014). 

This company had flourished a lot within 4 years when it was operating both in Australia and New Zealand with 175 stores. This company has also taken care of the sustainability in order to reduce the cost and making it an eco- friendly brand. They have used Styrofoam cups initially which was later changed to paper cups as it turned to be more environment friendly. They have also made a promise to plant 10000 trees every year. With the faint idea of the company’s history this plan will look forward to the work done by the R&D wing of Boost Juice (Rahmawaty et al., 2014). 

Research and development of a company looks into the business activities conducted with the aim of improving the current products and procedures in order to produce the same in a new form for the future. For the given company, the mission of Boost Juice is to become one of the world’s most famous and loved brands. They have always been popular for selling the most lip- smacking juices and smoothies. In addition to that they also satisfy the customers by providing them with a variety of hale and hearty snacks such as   muesli bars, soups, wraps and fresh yoghurt (Eelen & Seiler, 2016).

In order to continue flourishing in the competitive market they offer all the members of the company a free smoothie on their birthdays. Apart from that there s availability of special offers and discount based reward system in order to remain strong in the competition. The marketing team of the company roams about in the stores to instigate the partners to participate in the theme days for attaining promotions. They intend to be the best by continually developing their products by proving training programs, initiatives and resources (Matt Freeman, 2015).

The situational analysis of boost juice in the form of SWOT is given below.


·innovative in terms of products offered

· strong brand recognition

· capability to engage with customers


· high marketing cost due to stress on promotional activities

· requires establishment in the international market

· sales drop in winter


·       Asian market can be targeted

·       marketing more in all the media

·       no direct and strong competitors


·reduction in market share due to extreme competition

·increase in the price of raw materials

· fluctuations in the government norms and foreign currencies

The goals and objectives of the boost juice company is given below-

  • To continue making fresh and nutritious juices and smoothies which are absolutely tasty
  • To use the best ingredients
  • To avoid using anything artificial
  • To seek out new ways for making it easy to be healthy
  • To deliver an absolutely friendly service
  • To create healthy and yummy drinks
  • To give the customers a reason to smile
  • To provide yummy-ness for people
  • To make certain a yummy ful-filling smoothie for the consumers (Kim et al., 2016)

Situational Analysis

The three marketing objectives of boost juice are given below-

  • Juxtaposed- in everything that they do
  • Assimilation- combining the ideas with the boost customers for improvement and innovation in the products
  • Make a mark in promotion and competition

The company boost juice targets such a market place which is young and youthful and also the people who are proactive and lead a lifestyle in motion. A vibrant and energetic market is targeted by luring them with claims and reminding them about the advantages of the drinks. The drinks are christened in such a way that it attracts the attention of the customers immediately.  Mango Tango is one such delicious drink that is served by seeing the eye of a person who seems to be a very classy dancer (Armstrong et al., 2015). The target market set for this group is irrespective of the gender and the names are suggested as per that. For instance, the drinks specifically for the male consumers are named as ‘Gym Junkie’ or ‘Energy Lift’ and for the females the names are ‘Raspberry Relief.’

The key competitors of boost juice are those companies which sell similar kind of products such as McDonalds, Wendy’s or supermarkets such as Coles, Woolworths and Aldi. In order to convince the customers to select their products over others, boost has to consider the most suitable target market by making something unique such as healthier and that nourishes the body.       

The implication for marketing strategy of boost juice can be described as given below-

  • Brand personality- healthy, energetic, fun and fresh
  • Price- incentives and benefits added through special giveaway and reward
  • Retail strategy- crowded place, colorful and visually attractive, superior quality customer service (Verhoef, Kannan & Inman, 2015)
  • Promotion- informative mail about promotion, advertisements showing young, healthy and energetic women, uses the slogan ‘the way you feel’

The pricing strategy used by the company is based on bundled pricing or BOGO. It refers to the selling of two juices at a reduced price; introducing a snack deal or meal; introducing a widely acclaimed pricing strategy BOGO to encourage the customers to consume the product. With the use of smart phone applications the company can appeal to the target market. They should introduce an app so that the customers can save their precious time by ordering juice or snacks online. They need to target those people who are active in social media by using technology among the consumers. It will be a great idea to develop relationship with such organization that have similar kinds of target groups and that is why the pitch is being made in front of the ‘well-played sports ltd.’       

For the boost juice company there are certain tactics that can be used for making it more appealing to the consumers (Lusch, Serpkenci & Orvis, 2015).

  • Be creative because people always search for something out- of- the- box. The company needs to make something special which is not done by any other company in the market.
  • It is important not only to meet the customers’ expectations but also to cope up with their demands.
  • The boost juice company has the primary intention to satisfy the customers always with their products and services.
  • Never before offer and pre-booking discounts will be very much attractive to the customers.
  • PR activities and promotion of the brand with the help of multimedia channels to reach to a global market (Kunczik, 2016).

28th January 2018

Boost Juice comes up with healthy-licious munching to cut flab

Goals and objectives

Get ready to welcome the hot and sultry summer. Boost Juice, one of the most popular companies in Australia which excels in serving healthy but tasty snacks and drinks to the customers will be available in a new and delicious form. The blending of mock tails with smoothies and will give a new spark to the taste buds along with munching the finger chips. There will be a whole set of foreign snacks free of cost with the summer special drinks. It is an unbelievable offer because the eatables will be available at an extremely pocket friendly price.

Huge quantity

Best Quality

Price of a candy

First time in the market

Healthy and tasty

Following is the probable timeline given for the new product of the company as per the public relations plan and its promotion in the market. 


Time period

Think of the new products

3 days

Get the products approved

2 days

Start planning

1 week

Set up the budget

3 days

Get the budget approved

2 days

Start working

3 weeks

Final implementation

1 week

Reach out to the public through various media

3 weeks

Follow up on the promotion

2 weeks

Collect feedback

1 week

Penetrate the market

1 month

Given below is the approximate budget that will be required to implement the PR plan. With an effective use of the public relations tools the company will be able to reach out to a bigger target audience (Stacks, 2016). With the unique introduction of the products they will be able to win over the competitive advantage over other companies in the market.  


Cost (Au$)

Buy the raw materials


Get new employees


Training the employees


Purchasing the equipments


Promotional activities


Labor charge






The PR plan for the boost juice company will be followed by the evaluation methods such as collecting feedback from survey, using visitors’ book in the stores, collecting online feedback from the social networking websites. The promotion in the multimedia channels will be given a follow up so that the customers keep flashing those in their mind. There will be handouts given to the customers in the stores which will be in the form of questionnaire and they can fill those while waiting for their order. In this way, the company will be able to get an idea of their products and services (Parsons, 2016). 


Thus, it can be concluded from this plan that with effective promotion the product will be able to appeal to the target audience and spread quickly all over the eateries. 


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