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Job Description


Describe about the resume and cover letter?

Wanted a fresher or experienced junior legal secretary with excellent office management and client attorney handling skills with a working knowledge of basic legal terminologies, general law, legal proceedings and completed or continuing studies in social and legal disputes.

Applications for junior legal secretary

Name of the company

Allen and Overy


Junior legal secretary

Number of vacancies


Job description

· Responsible for assisting the secretaries and lawyers in group with basics of law

· File maintenance and administrative tasks completion

· Fast typing of legal documents

· Front desk interaction and fixing of meetings with clients

· Management of client databases

· Be able to produce documents like legal memos, deeds, motions, briefs and charges

Educational qualification required

Diploma or graduation in secretarial qualification (Legal secretary certificate or associate degree)

Minimum qualification in legal writing, legal research, business communication

0-1 year experience in a legal or front office job is preferable.

Required a typing speed of 40-50 wpm

Good and working knowledge of Microsoft office (Word, excel, power point and access)

Additional requirements

Excellent communication skills

Excellent client handling skills

Positive attitude and keenness to learn new concepts

Comfortable and professional phone manner

Reliable, sharp and trustworthy


$ 20000 -$30000 (Further negotiable as per the experience and standards of the candidate)

Job location

Sydney and Perth, Australia

Full name

Lim Wei Tan (Kelly)



Current location

Melbourne, Victoria

Date of Birth

06th June 1992




22 yeras

Marital status


Current position

Bachelor student

Contact details

+6 011-33658990 / +614 666 31374

Email details

[email protected] / [email protected]

Expected salary

RM500 (negotiable) Depend on area and country


Availed Australian Visa and Working permit


Immediately or 2 week notice

Mailing address

709, 330 lygon st, Brunswick East 3057, Victoria.

Residential address

k.s114, Kuala Sungai Baru 78200, Melaka, Malaysia.

I would like to start my career with the challenging job of legal secretary as assisting the law firms will give an opportunity to handle complex real life situations. Moreover I being a self motivated professional would like to demonstrate my legal abilities and critical thinking within the complex social and political situations. Management of core legal deals and experience gained form the handling of the client- attorney relationships will help me to expand my legal career in future as senior legal executives in International organizations. I am a person with high degree of organizing skills and can effectively plan, manage and maintain the confidentiality of the legal proceedings.

Name of the degree

Name of school/ college/ university

Year of passing

Grade or marks obtained

Relevant coursework

High School Graduate degree

Notre Dame in Melaka, Malaysia


Passed with first division grades

·         English

·         Mathematics

·         Science

SPM- Certificate of education is a national examination for fifth-year secondary school student in Malaysia

Certificate of English language

Chisholm Tafe in Melbourne, Australia  

2010 - 2011

Secured first division grades

·         Learn about basic English skills like public speaking, listening, grammar, spelling, reading and writing

Diploma in Business administration

3.         Chisholm Tafe in Melbourne, Australia  


Secured 65%  marks

·         Finance

·         Environment

·         Teamwork

·         Training

·         Marketing (Sales, advertising, price etc)

·         Management of business

Bachelor of social science and legal and dispute studies

RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia

2013 – 2016

·         Family, society and law

·         Deviant, control and conflict

·         Foundation of law

·         Alternative dispute resolution

·         Intercultural communiation

Company Name: Arrow Game in Melaka

Industry type: Entertainment industry (Business of archery for young people with first time experience)

Job position: Waitress

Job span: October 2004- December 2004 (Three months)


  • Cleaning and making the premises tidy and presentable
  • Making and serving of drinks to the customers
  • Providing all kinds of customer services
  • Preparing of archery equipments for clients

Company name: Tims Style in Melaka, Malaysia

Industry type: Fashion Industry

Job position: Sales assistant

Time Span: November 2008 – June 2010


  • catering to the customer service needs like visiting the prospective clients
  • Sale the company’s product and meeting of monthly targets
  • Management of the cash inventory of the store as a cashier position at times
  • Keeping a valuation of the closing stock of the store

Company name:  Seri Hair & Beauty Salon in Melbourne, Australia

Industry Type: Fashion industry

Job position: Hairdressing Apprentice

Time span: May 2011 – December 2012  (One and half year)


  • Engaged in Coloring of the customers hair
  • Perform effective blow drying of both male and female customers
  • Engaged in functions of hair treatment
  • Providing basic customer care services
  • Sales the beauty products of the salon

Industry type: Administrative industry

Job position: Human Resource manager

Time span: October 2012- March 2013 continued again from October 2013 – March 2014

Reason for time gap: Working on holiday period on a part time basis


  • Recruitment and hiring process of new employees
  • Dealing and fixing the problems and complaints of the employees
  • Maintaining effective communication with external as well as internal stakeholders
  • Providing legal advice in relation to facts like visa policy, social policy, company contracts, employee contracts and registration terms to the employees

Language proficiency

High school graduate level certificate in English Language in 2008 for high skilled English delivery in debates, public speaking, essay writing and extempore

Technical proficiency and computer knowledge

  • Beginners certificate in computer language program covering MS office, DMBS applications, DOA and Windows applications
  • Advanced certificate in computer language program covering Humming bird document management, Financial tools including Tally 9.1
  • Technical certificate on DAKCS database system helpful for the purposes of recording account histories, case sensitive documentation for attorneys.
  • Good and effective communication skills with accuracy in grammar and spelling
  • Organizing and planning skills with ability to work to deadlines
  • Multitasking and ability to manage several tasks at a time
  • Excellent secretarial skills
  • Discreet and trustworthy in maintaining confidentiality of data
  • Highly accurate and attentive to every minute details
  • knowledge and experience of the law and legal
  • Decision making and judgmental skills
  • ability to interact easily with customers and make a positive fist impression
  • Ability to remain patient to the needs and requirements of the customers and team members
  • Ability to maintain good working relationship with the colleagues and facilitates sharing of information and ideas
  • Reading academic and business journals
  • Listening to live music albums
  • Interested in viewing comedy films
  • Volunteering for charity activities and community services
  • Beekeeping
  • Cooking
  • Member of a debate society in the higher graduate school level and participated in structured public debates
  • Member of a law group and participate in international relation, social environment and legal conferences
  • Participated in mooting during the paralegal degree and acted in mock legal hearing cases and also participated in witness examination, client interviewing and negotiation cases
  • Member of environmental clubs and chess club in the bachelor degree college
  • Member of RMIT Asian Association and participated increasing fun and engaging atmosphere and a good social life for the Asian students of RMIT
  • Member of RMIT HSKA wwhich is a Hong Kong students association in RMIT University of Melbourne

Name: Ms. Nicky

  • Position: manager
  • Company: Kian Hoong Plant SDN BHD
  • Contact address: No. 29-1 Jalan TTC 26B,Taman Teknologi Cheng, 75260,Melaka, Malaysia

Name: Ms Jinni Park

  • Position: Manager of Hair dresser
  • Company: Seri Hair and beauty Salon
  • Contact address: Melbourne Central Dome, 154/211 La Trobe Street, Melbourne

Dear Sir/ Madam,

In response to your advertisement for Application for junior legal secretary I am enclosing my resume with the appropriate required details and proofs of my academic qualification certificates and job experience certificates. I shall be greatly obliged if you would consider my application for the current mentioned post in your organization.

By applying for the vacant position of legal secretary in your company I would be able to capitalize on my education and prior legal work experience. Availing this job opportunity will help me to progress in my career and advance within the legal and social sector.

I have completed degree in Bachelor of Science in Paralegal studies and is currently pursuing an additional degree in Bachelor of social science and legal studies hence I can assure you of having concrete theoretical knowledge of law. During my current course I have gained knowledge relating to critical societal debates and how society responds to social issues including criminality, imprisonment and abuse. Your organization being a legal expert in criminal matters will help me to apply the theoretical knowledge practically. Hence forth I am eager to put the theoretical knowledge into practice within your organizational context.

Educational Qualifications Required

My resume reflects that I have also acquired legal as well as administrative practical experience in small and medium organizations. While working as an administrative assistant and front office executive I have gained experience in customer handling techniques and have also developed skills in effective database management. Moreover I would like to highlight the fact that my present job position of legal assistant has helped me to learn about practical legal terms and also made me capable of drafting legal letters, court case proceeds and effective use of DAKCS technology.

I would like to confirm that I am suitable for the vacant position in your organization since I have already worked in a legal firm and hence I have discreet qualities of maintaining confidentiality. My non legal experience has also helped me to increase my potentials in completion of projects under stringent deadlines. At every educational level I had a clear goal of achieving first division in spite of simultaneously engaging myself in various part time jobs.

Apart from my professional and educational experiences I have been working as a volunteer to serve the community against legal abuses and I believe my leadership skills and hardworking commitment nature will be helpful for the post in your organization. I also belive that my passion and undying spirit and capability to conduct through research for any given piece of work will be helpful for the legal research work conducted by your firm.

I believe that I am a suitable candidate in view of my knowledge, legal exposure and long term commitment within the legal field however I would be grateful if you would give an opportunity to further discuss about my qualifications and arrange an interview at your end. Thanking you in advance for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely

Lim Wei Tan (Kelly)

The following statement will guide you about my achievements and will help you to analyze the selection criteria of the post. The following skills, abilities, knowledge and qualifications will help you to identify my potential in respect to the desired job position in your company. The different selection criteria are listed below along with the instance which proves the presence of the criteria within my works. I have focused on the use of the simple STAR model for the structuring of the selection criteria. The model helps to identify the situation, outlines the task performed in the situation, describes the action taken by me in the situation and explains the result or the impact of the action.

Situation:  In my high school while pursuing the graduate degree I was involved in a research project for conducting primary research on a new product launch. The research project was divided into two parts. The first part involved collection of data from the consumers about their perceptions of the new product and the second part involved compilation of the data and using of various statistical tools in order to  analyze the data and prepare a hand written report of the same.

Additional Requirements

Task: The co coordinator of the project had divided the class into different teams and the teams were assigned various parts of the project. This was done in order to facilitate quick completion of the project work. My team was assigned to complete the final stage work of preparation of the hand written project report.

Action: The team discussed the process of doing the report in a meeting where it was decided that the report will be divided section wise in between various team members. My role was to co ordinate the works of the other team members. I was supposed to collect the report portions from the various team members and combine them together and report for the overall progress of the same. We agreed upon a schedule for the same and all reports were forwarded to me within the stipulated timeline. Finally I assembled and combined all the arts of the report efficiently and prepared the final project. However after the preparation of the final project I forwarded the same report to all the other team members for their consent or any further suggestions. Finally with the consent of all members I was able to deliver the final project.

Result: The result was positive as we secured a high distinction and the project was completed on time and our work was appreciated by the teachers and other team members.

Situation: I was appointed as a waitress in Arrow Game in Melaka, Malaysia

Task: My task was to manage a group of foreign delegates along with my team members

Action: Many of my team members lacked appropriate communication skills hence I spoke to my team members and trained them to understand non verbal communicative signs in order to cater to the basic needs of the delegates (Southwood, 2012).

Result: The final result was positive and the delegates were impressed with our services and we were given a token of appreciation by the manager of the hotel.

Situation: While working as a sales assistant in Tims Style Melaka, Malaysia I faced a grave situation where my junior had sold a wrong item to the customer and the customer companied to the company executive about the same.

Task: The major problem was that my junior had sold a wrong item to the customers. This created a job issue for my junior and also an accountability issue for me.

Action: I was given the responsibility to take a decision in this matter. I was supposed to inform the senior level management about whether it was the fault of the junior assistant or it was a fault within the clause. My decision would make a negative impact on the career of the junior assistant who was new in the company and was not highly knowledgeable about products.

Result: The decision I took was beneficial for both the parties. I informed the senior managers that the junior was not totally knowledgeable about the products and the lack of guidance by any higher authority made me make this mistake. Further I spoke with the client and assured him that product had certain other benefits which the client can avail and using my good convincing skills I convinced the customer.


Situation: While working in Arrow game I was faced with a situation of customer service interaction with one of the customers who visited the hotel. The customer was very rude and complaining in nature and since I was in charge of serving drinks to the customers hence I had to encounter her negative behavior within the company premises.

Task: In this situation a customer complained about an insect in her drink and she was very upset about the situation. On enquiry it was found that there was no evidence of any inset in the drink. However the customer was aggressive and was not ready to accept any views of the hotel staffs.

Action: Being the front office executive I had to console the customer and also sooth the customer in order to maintain the goodwill of the hotel in the eyes of the other customers present there. Hence I took her to a different room personally spoke with her for minutes and understood the fact that she was out of money and hence created the drama so that the cost of the drink could be foregone. Empathizing with her situation I offered her a complementary drink and she also apologized to the hotel staffs about the accusation and the rude behavior she expressed.

Result: The problem was solved effectively and she was pleased at the customer services provided in the hotel. Moreover she visited the hotel again with her friends and paid an extra amount for the previous days drink confirming that she likes paying visits to this hotel.

Situation:  While pursuing my legal course in the field of social science and legal issues I participated in a legal mooting event. A legal moot is a one act legal play which is conducted by the legal students. The mooting is a form of legal court case where a court case role play is conducted in order to give the law students a practical experience in the following field.

Task: I was given the part of the lawyer and was bestowed upon by a case which was a very complex social case on a rising social issue. However I was not given any case references or any previous case links in this matter. Hence I had to conduct my own research over the case issues and form a draft which I would have to execute in the moot court case event. Since this was a part of my semester activity hence I had to be very careful in conducting the case in a relevant manner so that my semester marks would not be hampered.

Action: I made a thorough research of the academic journals and the relevant case laws in order to gain suggestions about the case.  For further investigations I explored the relevant cases or the moot cases which are similar to my case study. I gained references from academic journals and academic law books in order get knowledge about the whole case study. I also contacted my seniors in order to acquire their advice on how to conduct the moot case study and what relevant points should I include in order to make my case stronger.

Job Location

Result: Finally on the day of the moot court case, I was able to make my case stronger in comparison to the opposition lawyer. The facts collected by me helped me to defend my case at every turning point of the case. The judge and the concerned professors were impressed by my through research on the case topic and my production of the relevant laws, sections and subsections. I won my case due to my excess efforts and highly developed analytical skills. I was able to establish the fact that I have very good research skills. These highly effective research skills helped me to secure a high grade in the semester examinations.

Situation: I was given the job to revive lost data base from the DBMS system in the computer while working as a HR. The data was every important and relevant because they were the customer and client information which were stored within the system without any manual backup.

Task: The breakdown of the technology had resulted in the loss of client case data in the DBMS system. The company had given me the responsibility to revive or create new data overnight for all the clients in order to facilitate the progress or the cases (Brandon, 2013). 

Action: Since the time of my joining I had kept e record of the client data in my own personal computer. Hence I had the opportunity of accessing the lost data. However it was a challenging to convert the data and record the whole data within the DBMS overnight.  Nevertheless, I took the opportunity to revive the data which I had recorded by taking the data out from my own personal computer and creating the data list in the DBMS overnight. I used my fast typing speed and high technical and computer knowledge in order to record the data in a super speedy manner.

Result: This made a positive and a good experience about my technical skills in my office. I was able to create a new data base overnight and everyone in the office appreciated about my hard work, dedication, typing speed and moreover my effective computer and technical knowledge.

Situation: While pursuing diploma in business administration, I was required to participate in a business fair for the social welfare purposes. This fair was organized for the contribution of fund for social causes. The plan of the fair was to establish various stalls with usable products and food products to the customers and the fund collected from the same would be forwarded to the social child care organizations.

Task: My task was to organize the marketing and promotional activities directed towards the promotion of the products for sell. The major part of my task was to organize the whole event and plan for the appropriate marketing strategies for the promotion of the products so as to increase the sale of the products and fetch a good revenue amount in order to forward a huge amount to the social organizations.

Action: I set up a strategic plan for the same. I prepared a marketing proposal including the promotional strategies and the appropriate financial fund and expenses that the marketing strategies and promotional strategies are expected to incur. Then I showed my proposal to the working committee of the college who was in charge of the whole event. The committee considered my proposal and we decided to implement the marketing campaign program. Finally I contacted different sponsors who would be able to sponsor the whole event and the different stalls. I also contacted the different concerned persons like the people who are dealing in designing hoardings, online promotions and also the print shops for the printing of the pamphlets. I arranged and made a blueprint for the construction of the different sores within the campus. The stores were allocated to the different students and I selected the tem leaders from among the various team members in each stall. Finally the event started and it continued for around 3days.

Result: The end result was a huge success of the event. Majority of the products were sold and huge amount of fund was collected for the funding purpose of the social organizations. The committee informed me that as a result of my marketing campaign I was able to attract more that the expected number of customers.

Reference list

Brandon, M. (2013). How to write the perfect CV. Lexington, Kentucky: publisher not identified.

Southwood, S. (2012). Fast facts for job hunters. Leicester: NIACE.

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