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Importance of a Good Manager in an Organization


Discuss about the Roles And Responsibility Of Manager.

It is essential in an organization, managers should follow the proper schedule (Avineri, 2017). The job expectations, coaching, counselling, planning, monitoring, appraising the result of jobs, maintaining the disciplining of employees and productivity, set the policies and goals, and checking the work procedure of employee.

Working style of manager should be collaborative

Honest and Trust worthy manager

Manager pays attentions to the accuracy and costing

Manager understand the quality system and profitability

Manger work well under pressure

Manager has good written verbal communication skills

Team work is greatest power of manager. A good collaborative leader always encourage their team and allows everyone to represent their ideas and thoughts, always take the team approach to the problem solving (Bargiela and Nickerson, 2014). A good leader give everyone a platform where they can give their ideas and thoughts it helps to bring a unique sight. Manager believes in team work, a team can easily solve a big problem easily with helping each other. A collaborative team manager are always encourage their employee to work together. Information, knowledge and time are shared. A good manager always listen their employee issues carefully and try to help them always (Bridges and Molitoris 2014).  A collaborative environment always approach to manager to give the feedback, praise and constructive criticism as well, they always share their knowledge among their employee and always coach their team members.

A trust worthy and good managers most valued in the organization. Trustworthiness and openness is the most important characteristics of manager. The expectations of employee of managers has changed dramatically in past years (Christopher, 2015). Researcher says that to improve the productivity and performance of any organization managers should always keep openness in their workplace. Also managers should win the trust of employee so that they will be feel free to share their issues and problems to the manager.

The relationship between profitability and amount of input and output are called productivity of product. In management, words productivity is the amount of outcome product from the raw material and the amount of manpower used this ratio are known as productivity (Kadushin and Harkness, 2014). If the amount of raw material and manpower are used less then productivity will be high, so in simple words we can say that productivity is the reciprocal of amount of raw material and manpower used. Profitability is known the revenue after paying all the bills and taxes of the company (Karodia and David, 2016). Profitability is affected by the quality and productivity. Managers also pay the attention towards the costing and the accuracy of result (Ly and Fernandez, 2015).


In an organization there are more work pressure on the mangers head. Managers are unable to cope up with their work, they always struggle hard to achieve the goals. They live in stress they can’t take their proper rest even. According to report the causes of stress the constant disturbances, deadlines and pressure of work, less support from subordinates, poor management, politics in offices, the handling changes and always keeping up with emails. To avoid all these challenges managers change their identified issues and a major source of stress. Manager should be always flexible for the working hours and his team too so that they can work without any stress and give commitment towards his work completion.

The position of manager requires a good communication skills in written, verbal etc. Manager must communicate to their employee, suppliers, subordinates and their team members, financiers regarding every issues. Manager should be open up to everyone in a company. Manger plays the role a bridge between the employee or team member and organization (Macalalad et al., 2016.). He is the only chain in organization which connect team members to the company directors, CEO, and the other head of the company. The leadership of managers consist many sub skills which is:

  • Manager have ability to set out the target and achieve on the time.
  • The ability to create plan of action and tells everyone about it among the team, and describe the strategies to achieve the goals.
  • The ability to communicate with team members that who will do the next task.
  • Managers have the ability to raise and appreciate the people for their good job.
  • Managers can give the feedback to their team members whether it is positive or negative, so that it can help them to know where they need to improve (Mariner, 2015).
  • Managers work as the chain between the organization and their team members so that he will be capable to communicate the team and employee if there is any instant changes are in company.
  • Mangers is the only person who always motivate his team to achieve the goal on given time.
  • Condition
  • Priority of Task
  • Roles of Conservative
  • Roles of Creative
  • behavior of Market
  • Strategic Roles
  • Company Roles
  • Full filling the supervising roles
  • Personal Roles
  • Information Roles
  • Conclusion Roles

(Source: Simpson, 2014)

According to criteria it is divide into subparts:

Priority of task: Priority of task are divided in to roles of conservation and roles of creative. Priority of task involve the day to day problems of team members faces by the managers, avoid the conflicts in company, development of aspiration and self- realizations. In roles of creative includes mangers self-realizations, expansion of company, which make the dynamic environment of company (Simpson, 2014).

Behavior of Market: This element include the three sub-parts which strategic roles, Company roles, Personal Roles. Strategic roles of manager identified the realization of company and fulfillment of its targets. Company roles of mangers accurate the organization functioning according the expectations. Personal roles of manager, he is equals to company symbol. Manager represent the internal and external formalities, matters to the organization.

Supervising Roles: Supervising roles are divided into two subparts which is Information roles and conclusion roles. In information roles is the information which is concerned with activity of organization searched by managers   are necessary for decision making. Information roles also includes the monitor role and disseminator roles as well (Meñez, 2014). In conclusion role all the decision made by the company head the role of manager is to tell about decision and instant changes , roles, responsibilities and new policies to the team members.


  • Project management: It is the vital role of a manager to accept the proposals which will take the organization to achieve all the task. All the projects are taken in budget and completed on time as well the report of cost are properly maintained, also maintain the production within given guideline, profitability, rework of product, maintain the relationship with the team and communicate with them on time to know the progress of work and projects, if required conduct meetings with team members to motivate the team for completion the project on time, also provide the feedback to team for their work and appreciate them also for good work.
  • Scheduling of operations: Always organize the team, and have general oversight on the staff activities, oversee the management of organization, planning and maintain the daily work activities of employee, conducting the meeting of other department of organization as such technical and sales to discuss the on-going project, resources, tools and vehicles etc, check the progress of project with the technical team check the installation and commissioning with client, provide reports on monthly basis of overall activities in the monthly meeting of organization.
  • Technical support team: Responsibilities of manager is provide support to every department of organization and give suitable advice and knowledge to them for the projects, also assist the teams with costing spread sheets give some guidance to them, take feedback from clients for the projects, coordinates with administration to answer the many question as such the equipment failure, business opportunities, sales slip inquires.
  • Strategic Planning: Strategic planning is the main factor of any organization (Simpson, 2014). Manager contribute the planning, strategy and policies of the company among the team members whether it is short term planning or long term planning, maintain the integrity of the place and provide the reviews, provide the future planning and projects to the director and discuss about the growth and creativity of organization, authencity of the accounting system, regularity of employee. Manager are familiar with the all healthy and safety requirements. All the implementation of the projects should be done in proper way.

The general manager is the in charge of all external and internal activity of organization. The regular activities performance checking is the main role of manager, manager also check that account details are up to date or not, represent the organization and act according to the situation and be judgmental whether the case is related to labor, clients, municipal, political or abroad, attend the board of director session or company and always speaks about the rights and represent and discuss the issues of employee in front of them, after discussing the business plan execute it after the approval of board members, prepare and execution of projects on time, issue the certificates to the clients regarding the GSM, prepare annual action plan, designed, maintain the expenses plans of company, overseeing the account plans, legal regulations. Report on time about the plan execution to the board of directors. Perform all the formalities and arrangements for the execution of plan, undersign all the agreements, documents related to the company and employee, and perform all the financial and banking procedure on time. Transferring money, renewal, approval, pledge, cancel and perform any task, assigning a task to the employee are performed by the manager. Represent the company in public and private sector of market. The role of the manager is to utilize the all technical and production efficiency to meet business goals. The manger hold the position a senior member and experienced member in team.


Manager is the important element of an organization he works as the bridge between the employee and the organization. The whole responsibilities regarding the accounts, finance, agreements, plan execution are check by the manager. Manager represent their company in front clients, or in market. Manager is the most senior or experienced person in the team.


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