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Discuss the Case Study of  Casual Togs Company. 

Management Issues

 There are many problems that are faced by the organization and just because of this the direct impact is analyzed on the overall activities. The problems are related to communication and management (Barney and Hesterly, 2006).  Also, the problem is related at the time of adopting change that is implemented by the organization. Flexibility should also be there in the organization so that changes can be taken into consideration in a proper manner. It is analyzed that it is important for the organization to be flexible so that changes can be adopted effectively. If flexibility is not there in the organization then it can be difficult to survive in the competitive environment (Al-Haddad and Kotnour, 2015).

This paper will focus on the case related to Casual Togs which is one of the famous companies selling women appraisal. In this, the focus will be given on the issues that are analyzed and also on the solutions that should be taken into consideration so that problems can be solved.

By taking into consideration the case study related to casual Togs it is evaluated that there are various problems that should be managed.  The issue that is analyzed in the case is that the products are returned by the customers because of the poor quality that is given to the customers. It is essential for the organizations to maintain proper quality so that growth can be attained by the organization (Anderson, 2016).

Casual Togs is not able to achieve profits just because of the products that are given back by the customers.  The company faces difficulty at the time of attracting customers towards the products that are offered for sale in the market. Casual Togs has to face a huge loss in the total revenue of the organization and its brand position is also affected. It is seen that in this case there is a high level of competition in apparels sector and also there are new products that are offered to the customers.

One of the issues is also concerned with Human resource department of the organization. It is not possible for the organization to attract more candidates towards the job opening (Lerner, 2015). It is evaluated that the halt in the overall distribution channel is just because of the less efficiency of the supervisors over the project of construction. Two designers of the company have resigned just due to this reason. It has given an adverse effect on the productivity of all the nine centers of the company (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014).

Quality Management

The budget manager of the company is Andy Johnson and market analyst is sol green who is not able to communicate with each other properly.  There is a communication gap between the employees of the organization. There are various issues that are seen in this case in which the executives of the company are disappointed (Caligiuri, 2014). For example: There are many changes that are objected by the vice president, Judy as it is stated that it is a costly process. Next problem is also related to the activities as it is seen that competitiveness is not considered and the workers of the company not accepted the changes implemented in the organization (Lazzarini, 2015).  

The next problem is when Andy does not accept the changes that are given Bill Smith who is the assistant. The suggestions are concerned with the new approaches that assist to evaluate the sales printouts so that sales can be enhanced. It is important to enhance the overall sale of the organization (Cameron and Green, 2015).. 

The problem about the organization is that the old consumers are not purchasing the products and also the customers are returning the products just due to the poor quality of the products. Next problem that is concerned with casual togs is human resource management. By evaluating the case it is analyzed that the opportunities that are available are not equal for the workers to grow (Elshaer and Augustyn, 2016).

 It is also analyzed that impact is seen on the organizational commitment of the workers that affect the productivity level. The level of commitment is essential to be managed so that good results can be seen in the overall productivity of the organization. The issue of disappointment to adopt the changes should be managed by the company. It is evaluated that the president of the organization should give freedom to all the managers to take correct decisions for the company (Easterby-Smith et al., 2015).  It is also analyzed that top management of the organization should take into consideration the decisions so that activities can be conducted smoothly. These all the aspects that affect the overall productivity of the organization and also the changes are necessary to be considered by the organization. It also reflects that organization requires flexibility in each department so that target market can be managed. If the organization adopts flexibility in the activities then it can be easy to conduct the activities smoothly.

Human Resource Management

By emphasizing on the issues that have been analyzed, there are many concepts that should be considered at the time of implementing the changes in the present scenario of the company.  It is evaluated that quality issues are also seen that has given negative impact on the sales and performance of the company (Boxall et al., 2016). It is essential for the organization to emphasize on the designers so that quality issues can be minimized in the company. By evaluating the case study, it is important to evaluate the market so that overall sales can be improved. It is important to manage the overall process of quality management so that consumers who are returning the products can be reduced (Jiménez-Jiménez et al., 2015). By focusing on the case study, it is essential to take into consideration the latest trends so that satisfaction level of the customers can be enhanced.

Human resources are important assets of the organization as it assists in achieving the large market share. It is essential for the companies to enhance the level of motivation so that performance can be enhanced with efficiency. Also, the major issue is that employees belong to a different nationality (Barrick et al., 2015).   By focusing on the case study it is analyzed that president of the company should evaluate the policy of equality so that equal opportunities can be offered to every employee of the company. This will enhance the overall satisfaction level of the employees so that operations can be conducted smoothly. In the organization, there were informal meetings that are conducted by the management and the employees (Grant, 2016).

In the meetings, the views and opinions are shared so that proper organizational structure can be followed. This shows that it is not possible to analyze the authority at the time of organizing the meetings. It is evaluated that if proper meetings are organized then the positive impact can be analyzed on the activities of the organization. To manage the situation in a proper manner it is essential for the president to implement the overall changes so that meetings can be conducted in a formal manner.  This will help to enhance the overall profits of the organization. In the current situation, it is evaluated that the managers of the company should interfere in various departments. It is important for an individual to evaluate the operations of various departments so that communication can take place in a proper manner (Mir and Pinnington, 2014). 

Communication Gap

It is essential for the company to take into consideration every need of the employees. Suggestions that are concerned with the changes are:

Management Practice 

There are many changes that should be considered in the management practices of the company. The problem is raised by the vice president, Judy. She is considered as one of the important shareholders in the organization. She has aggression towards the employees. Judy wants to attend the management meetings so that approach to management can be enhanced in a proper manner. It is important for her to change the behavior and become more democratic in the process of communication.

 In democratic management, the employees should be allowed to suggest innovative ideas in the decision-making process so that proper votes can be given.  The approach concerned with CY's is easy for the top management of the organization. This has given direct impact on the suppliers and also on the tenders as they offer products at high cost. It also assists the top management to make correct decisions so that meeting can take place in a proper manner in the organization.  It helps the companies to achieve goals and objectives in an effective manner (Wong, et al., 2014).

Structural change 

At the time of giving suggestions on the changes that are implemented, it is important to consider organizational structure of the company as analyzed in the given case.   Formal meetings should be conducted between the different departments and president of the organization so that decisions can be taken correctly. It is seen that clear hierarchy of authority in the organization is important so that organizational structure can be maintained. Adhocratic structure of the company helps to encourage the creativity and innovation between the employees and also help to implement the changes in the market (Chowhan, 2016). 

There are many demerits like it is difficult to solve the problems that take place on regular basis and also high exposure so that organization can take a risk. By evaluating the case study, it is seen that vice president Judy has many authorities than the president of the company.

In the present scenario, the organization takes into consideration various changes in its structure to be more formal. It is seen that bureaucratic structure hinders the innovation and creativity of the company.  It is important to take proper decisions so that risks can be reduced.  It is analyzed that this structure helps to reduce the informal meeting scenario so that suggestions can be taken from every employee. If there is no proper management in the organization then it can be difficult to accomplish overall goals and objectives.  It is also important that productivity should be enough in the organization as it helps the company to enhance its market share. So, Casual Togs should consider bureaucratic structure so that activities can be completed in a right direction.

Leadership and Management Practices

Responding to changes in the competitive environment

It is important for Casual Togs to be elastic as it is analyzed there is a high level of competition in the current scenario. Proper strategies are important to be maintained so that target market can be achieved and managed effectively. Feedbacks are important to be taken from the customers so that quality can be maintained.  If proper research of market is done then it can be easy for the organization to adopt latest trends prevailing in the market.  Market research helps to analyze the needs and wants of the customers prevailing in the market. Through market research, it can be easy for the organization to compete with the competitors in the market (Veth e al., 2017).

It is important to maintain effective competitive advantage so that human resource management of the company can be maintained. It is essential for Casual Togs to appoint the employees who have innovative skills and can target segments in a proper manner. Innovative ideas can also be gathered if the employees of the organization are encouraged by offering attractive rewards (Foss et al., 2015).  It is important to adopt the change so that changes that are implemented can be considered by the employees of the organization in a proper manner. Implementation of the changes can be done by taking into consideration latest technologies so that sales can be enhanced effectively. The direct impact is also seen in the overall productivity of the company. 


By evaluating the paper it is concluded that demand for the products is reduced just because of the low quality offered to the customers. Due to poor quality, the impact is also seen in the overall image of the company.  Another problem is related to the failure to retain the workers and to increase the commitment level.

It is essential for every company to attain large market share so that product line can be increased effectively. The company should also try to launch the products related to men and children clothing. By introducing skirts and pants the company can easily attain competitive advantage in a proper manner. The high cost of production is also done by casual Togs so it is important to focus on reducing the cost so that company can achieve success in the market.  Human resource management is also one of the important aspects that should be considered by the organization to achieve growth in the competitive market.  If there is proper human resource management in the organization then it can be easy for the company to manage the overall activities that are conducted in the organization on regular basis (Leiblein et al., 2017).  There are many approaches related to enhancing the motivation level of the employees that should be considered by the company so that employees can work with efficiency and dedication towards the activities. Satisfaction level is also important for the employees so that overall productivity can be enhanced effectively. 



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