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Discusss about the Systems Analysis and Design. The information system has the capability of connecting all the aspects of an organization such as the departments and customers.

System Environment

The information systems is the collection of technical devices, communication medium and human resources that is implemented organization wide. The information system has the capability of connecting all the aspects of an organization such as the departments and customers. The usage of the cloud environment has been increased in the last few years due to increase in remote access demand. The cloud solutions are more agile and scalable also provide better access to the system. The usage of the big data with the cloud environment is the current trend in the retails industry. This approach not only assist in handling large amount of data but also allow better data processing.

The assignment is consisting of architectural design of best&less clothing organization. The organization’s system will be deployed in the cloud environment and the description of the environment is present in the study. It also have the detailed information on interface designing best-practices along with four interfaces for the application.

The system will be implemented in cloud environment. The cloud computing is capable of proposing a shit in the information technology operations in the best&less. The cloud environment can be considered as monthly paid service that is calculated based on the consumption. The environment allows total freedom to the organization to concrete on the core business process as the whole responsibility of the system lies on the shoulder of the cloud host. The organization does not require to worry about the software, hardware and updates. Best&Less would not have to purchase anything for deploying the system. The biggest advantage of the environment in which the system of Best&Less will be installed is remote access to system from anywhere.

The environment can be considered same as hosted services. Instead of installing servers in the office compound, the organization would install the whole system in a highly resilient and secure data centres. The system can accessed using the internet connection and supported browsers. The environment will provide the benefit of all the IT advancements and operations without bothering the organization’s management about IT challenges and issues. This is possible because the environment stability and operations are managed by highly skilled and experienced personnel who are handling the cloud applications.

The best&less will host almost everything in the cloud. The email, application software, data backup, sales, marketing data and all the other data will be up in the cloud. The organization system environment needs to be most agile and must provide easy access to every data. As the resources are very scalable and amount changes every month, the organization would pay the host every month.

The Best&Less system environment will be very effective in collecting the customer data. The organization wants to track every single information of the customer, possible. The system will collect the location, buying patterns, most viewed products, searching style and more. This kind of the data cannot be implemented in a relational database. The Big Data is the only solution for Best&Less environment. There are various options that can be used for implementing the big data but hive big SQL can be the answer. It is a data warehouse application that can be implemented in the Best&Less environment for introducing data query and evaluation. The databases and file system that will hold the organization and customer data will be integrated with the Hadoop. The architecture of the system environment that comprehends big data handling within the clouds must be combined with the sub-systems like accumulation, judgement and evaluation. The environment will handle massive amount of read and write requests. The cloud host will put almost thousand servers for storing the data in order to properly distributing the read-write load. This will ensure the environment can support the system needs all the time.

User Interface Design

The Best Practices for the designing of interface are as following.

Consistency: The users of the system should not be confused by the interface of the system. The words and design of the system should be consistent throughout the system. The user must be able to understand what the page is about and relate to link or menu clicked for accessing the page.

Informative Feedback or System Status Visibility: The system should always convey the purpose and progress of the action that are taken by the user. The system should provide proper feedback in suitable time so that user do not get confused of action. The feedback should be relevant to the action.

Relation between the System and the Real World: The system must covey the ideas form the real world. This way the system can allow the user to guess less and do the tasks better. The system must group a set of actions so that user can easily understand the action purpose.

Control Freed to the User: The system errors are natural and often users do not understand and do working actions. For making the experience better the system must allow the user to roll back the action. The system will not interfere with the work flow. The system will try to provide as much freedom possible to user.

Error Prevention: Users make errors unintentionally. The system must guide the user throughout the system. Taken as an example, if the user put two mismatched passwords during registration, then the system will show the exact error. This will allow the user to understand and correct the error efficiently. The system will focus on preventing the error rather than correcting it. The interface will be illustrating hints on the screen so that user can him/herself correct the mistake.

Short Term Memory Load Reduction: The user must recognize the buttons, links and many other objects in the interface while accessing the system. It is not possible for the user to remember all the things. For this reason, the interface will follow the conventional design protocols that are used in all applications. For implementing this, the application interface will have a clear structure, visual aids and implicit help option.

Simple Design: The design of the interface should be simple. The colour combination must be very effective and light. The users do not like to use applications that have very contrasting colour combination.  

The panning phase consists of the process of identifying the scope of the system. Based on the determined scope, the system deliverables are set. Later the project objectives are aims are set. The system project management will be executed based on the information provided in the Gantt chart or scheduling. The Gantt chart is consisting of the activities to be done in the project and time line for each of the activities. The project manager many want to add the resources required for the system implementation. Along with this, the cost estimation and cost-benefit analysis is the part of the project planning. The planning is mainly done and monitored by the project manager. The system analyst and business analyst also take part in the planning. They will communicate with the staff and customers of Best&Less and collect various information like user requirements, business rules and many more. They will use three information gathering techniques named interview, questionnaire and document evaluation. These three techniques are capable of filling the gaps of each other. The organization will appoint an assistant to the analysts so that analysts can easily understand the business perspective and objectives.

Solution Deployment

The implementation management will be done by the system engineer and project manager. The designers will create the designs of the system based on the developed requirements. The developers will be creating the actual system based on those designs. Different type of developers will be employed in the project.

The testing that will be done on the developed cloud system are as following.

Execution Testing: This is utilized to measure response time and separate issues determined with specific progresses or procedures while the system is used for improving the load from several regions and multi-client functions.

Load Testing: The cloud system ability is a big concern for the organization as hundreds of users will be acceding the system at the same time.

Stress Testing: One of the interesting characteristic of the cloud is dynamic usage of resources. The cloud system issues are identified and eliminated with highest priority through testing.

Limit Testing: Being facilitated in a cloud situation it is judicious to decide most extreme limit with respect to present or future equipment, data transfer capacity or different needs and in addition to approve introduced equipment and system for expected utilization situations

Fail over Testing: This collection of testing approaches are done under probable load along with the failure of the entity (simulated) throughout a test. Taken as an example, in a internet Web field, flop over testing figures out what will happen when numerous web servers are being utilized under pinnacle foreseen load, and one of them out of the blue passes on.

Application security testing: It is done to anchor system programming, which is being produced or running on within the cloud. The testing process incorporates evaluation whether it is proper for relocating or plan the system for keeping the system running within the cloud. Moreover, the testing approach provided that this is true, what kind of cloud stage is generally suitable. The way that most applications have conditions on different frameworks ought to be thought about.

GRC or Governance Risk Compliance testing: Its fundamental center is to list dangers, vulnerabilities and risks that are related to each of the three sections of Cloud Computing – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) and propose controls which have been acclimatized from the accepted procedures winning in the Industry.

Latency Testing: This Cloud testing approach is utilized for measuring the potential among the procedure and the comparing response for any program subsequent to sending it within the cloud environment.

Browser testing: Having a browser is not mandatory in the cloud applications whether the thin–client software is utilized. For most of the situations, the cloud applications are accessed through the popular browsers such as chrome, Mozilla, safari and more. The testing team must make a list of most popular browsers that are used globally. They must make sure that testing the cloud application within these browsers are incorporated in the testing plan.

The deployment will be in the hand of the cloud host. The organization will only chose the type of cloud environment is required for the system. Both, organization and host will sign the SLA or service level agreement. This agreement will be the legal paper that will state what responsibilities each of them have to fulfil.


From the above study it can be concluded that the cloud based system can be a great advantage for Best&Less business structure. In the retail industry, the access of data is the real key to success. The customers of the organization are from different geographical location. The cloud environment can allow the organization to reach those distant located customer. The Big Data will allow the organization to collect enormous amount of data and evaluate the data while identifying business patterns. The application of the Big Data can allows organization to get better hold on the market comparison with the competitors. The system will allow the user to connect to it from remote location.

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