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About Pacific International Lines

Question :

Explain the SWOT Analysis Of Pasific International Lines Comapany.

Pacific International Lines Company is a privately held organization consolidated in Singapore. It has extensive variety of organizations from shipping to container manufacturing and different logistics related administrations with the center of our business in container shipping. It has been incorporated following 1967. It is into one of the biggest ship-owners in Southeast Asia. As of now it has 18,000 employees  around the world. PIL as of now works in Europe, Canada, and the Indian sub-mainland. It has differentiated into distinctive exercises identified with logistics. PIL has contributed 11 container shipping offices in China. They are into production network administration, solidification/dispersion offices, warehousing, multi-modal administrations, holder station/terminal operations and also having enthusiasm for boat orgs around the world. It likewise claims 18 logistics focuses and its China system incorporates 22 completely authorized extensions (PIL, 2015). They got the award as “Highly commended carriers at 19th Australian Shipping and Maritime Industry Awards in 2014”. They even pledged to promote and support clean and green environment while shipping. This organization by help of technology contributes to sustainable community to maximize efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

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Pacific International lines

Parent Company

Pacific International Lines


Shipping Company


Transportation/ shipping and Logistics

Tagline/ Slogan

Our Promise, Your Satisfaction


To be a leader in the maritime industry by providing high quality and reliable shipping and related services.


Business which requires logistics and transportation services

Target Group

Businesses which requires shipping services


PIL is ranked 16th amongst the top containership operators in the world


·         Highly commended carriers at 19th Australian Shipping and Maritime Industry Awards in 2014

·         Tax Contribution Award in Shanghai, Hong Kou District in 2014(PIL, 2015)

·         Long Beach Green Flag Environment Award in 2012

·         Singapore International Maritime Award in 2011

·         Business China Awards
in 2011



1.      Good Management and Leadership

2.      Well-deserved reputation and abundant capital

3.      Integrated packages service technological innovation

4.      Company believes in core values

5.      Network in 100 countries

6.      3000 active users in IT

7.      Offering services in more than 500 locations

8.      Focus on middle east and Asia-Africa

9.      Sustainable community for to maximize efficiency and minimize fuel consumption.


1.      TEU in service still have developing space

2.      The family owned group faces has the problem of talent


·         Proactive developments for making ships environmental friendly

·         Growing business in other sectors

·         Implementing MLC at work for quality work(PIL, 2015)


·         Oversupply

·         International shipping remains turbulent and complex

·         Cyber threats

·         Offseason market

·         Economy slowdown 

Strategies choice

·         Strengthen and Beef up its feeder service to capture the market and protect its long term projects and contracts with new and existing clients

·         Strategies its position towards diversification but not deviate too far from core business.

Strength: The first pillar of the SWOT analysis is the strength of the company. It focuses on the qualities of the company which make it different from others. The Strength of Pacific International Lines are--

1. Good Management and Leadership—The leadership and management of Pacific International Lines is the main strength of company. Leadership is an art of influencing the people.The management of Pacific international lines is well defined and leaders of the company are so influencing and friendly. The management by effective planning and controlling the people and processes are the key skill of the leaders of company. The leaders or managers are responsible, and provide a positive and professional environment. This approach of managers generates positive attitudes in their teams. This engagement of employees is a powerful weapon in growing a business (Valentin, 2001).

2. Well-deserved reputation and abundant capital—The Pacific International Lines are a well-deserved reputation in the shipping industry which results in an abundant turnover of the company. The company holds the 16th position amongst the top containership operators in the world and received list of awards for their contribution in the shipping and transportation industry. The Pacific International Lines offer container liner services and multi-purpose services over in 500 locations in around 100 countries worldwide. There are around 18, 000 employees working in PIL company worldwide (Christopher, 1992).

3. Integrated packages service technological innovation—The Pacific International Lines are committed to step ahead in all areas of the operations that are demonstrated in the growth of the company’s liner services. It also build up and renewal of the container shipping fleet of PIL. The vessels of the Pacific International Lines are deployed into liner services with an extensive global reach that ensures the customer’s projects run, on target on time. The Build-Own-Operate approach of the company dictates the entire fleet of container boxes and the special equipment manufactured by the sister companies of PIL (Bowersox, Closs & Stank, 1999).

Services and Products Offered

Weakness:The weakness of the company is the second important aspect of SWOT analysis. The weaknesses of a company are the fields in which company need to work on. The weaknesses of Pacific International lines are-

1. TEU in service still has developing space– Although the vessels of PIL are of good quality but still the TEU has a developing space. It is also known as a shipping terminal's cargo handling capacity. The capacity of PIL service has still required improving the capacity of the cargo or the handling capacity of vessels. The capacity of PIL general purpose containers is General Purpose 20' x 8' x 8'6''. It should be improve to improve the services provided by Pacific International Lines (Kumar, 2005).

2. The family owned group faces has the problem of talent— The Pacific International is a family owned business and therefore it may face the lack of new talent from outside. As family businesses expand from the entrepreneurial beginnings, they have to face unique performance or governance challenges. The generations of the founders may insist on running the family company even when they are not suited for the job. So it is should not be ignored (Kumar, 2005).

3. The East- West shipping— PIL provides only the East- West shipping which is not beneficial during the off season. If the company provides shipping in all directions, it will help to improve the turnover of the company and also affect the ranking of the company (Kumar, 2005).

Opportunity: Pacific International Lines a Singaporean shipping company has announced that it will revise the services of its CTP. The CTP services will in upcoming time make calls in Los Angeles in the US and Manila in Philippines. The 1st vessel to export between two ports will be the Kota Wangi which has departed Manila on 20th June 2013(Hay & Castilla, 2006).

The small city state of Singapore belies its stature in global shipping sector. The facility offered by PIL is one of major global transshipment hubs. PIL plays important role in East-West and massive expansion contracts are planned and ensuring the company that the facility will be able to keep pace with developments (Hay & Castilla, 2006).

This company committed to moving forward in all demonstrated and operations in the growth of liner services and build up new container shipping fleet.

MLC 2006 provides comprehensive protection and rights for seafarers at work. The MLC aims to get the decent working conditions for workers and to protect economic interests in fine competition for quality shipping owners (Christopher, 1992).

And PIL has started implementing the MLC compliance at work and on board of company vessels so that the company to provide quality shipping services. MLC has designed by ILO to be a global instrument and best international shipping country.

PIL is certified with MLC under the approved classification society of LR (Lloyd's Register) which clarifying that the all vessels has been checked and complies with full requirements of MLC (Maritime Labour Convention). Due to new MLC of ILO the shipping companies will grow. PIL is talking advantages of MLC to grow the company revenue and market across East.

Strengths of Pacific International Lines

Threats: According to IMB (International Maritime Bureau), worldwide shipping is facing growing risk in off season for those shipping companies which are offering shipping services from east to west. And PIL is one of top and biggest shipping provider in East-West so during offseason PIL faces threats such as: 

  • Economic slowdown
  • Offseason Market slowdown
  • Intense competition to gain market share
  • Changes in regulations of various countries

As online shopping and online market is increasing, cyber threats are increasing. Including over shipping and complex and turbulent international shipping, cyber threat is one of present danger. And economic slowdown and changes in regulation and rules in countries are also challenges for the company (Bowersox, Closs & Stank, 1999).

With the growing of online market and business, companies are facing cyber-attacks and to be secure from cyber-attacks a big challenge for the company. Company is providing international shipping so security and safety of equipments is a big problem. Threats affect the company repo in the market. Although the company is committed to grow the business worldwide by overcoming all there threats with its talented employees and strengths and best management strategies(Christopher, 1992). 


International Shipping companies faces problem in the international market because of economic slowdown and new regulations of international countries. By taking advantages of strengths and its wide network available in worldwide, the company may increasing its revenue. As the company is increasing the services in IT sector also. PIL also plays role as corporate citizen.

PIL has most of its market in east-west. The company may increase the market in other countries to be secure form off season threats. With the growing business in other sectors like IT, Software, manufacturing the products company will become strong in international market.


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