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Market Entry Options

Discuss about the Targeting Newspapers and Efficiency.

A market entry is a strategy which has been planned by organization regarding delivering services or goods in target market. It is an element to enter in a new market or manage contracts. Segmentation, targeting and positioning is considered as strategic approach in modern marketing. The model of STP is useful when building marketing communications plans since it facilitates to market developers to get engaged with audience and deliver products and services to them. The DV8 Leather Company is the Australia Company. It deals with supplying and manufacturing leather. It is the company which has been provided its services outline. It is the company that launching its products to the market of Australia and along with that it tries to penetrate the world’s international market. It is the new technology for selling of leather vests, therefore it is necessary for DV8 Company to make plan before entering into new market.

There are number of ways in which company can enter in foreign market to do business. There are number of market entry options such as licensing, joint venturing, franchising, outsourcing, acquisition, direct exporting, global partnering, piggybacking, turnkey projects or buying a company. These options are regarding market entry options. It is important for the leather company to analyze the market options in a perfect manner before applying any marketing strategy option (Mooij, 2013). It has been evaluated that among market entry options, direct exporting will be effective for DV8 Leather Company. It is not possible for company to enter in new market applying same theory or strategy. Direct exporting may be the most appropriate option or strategy for in single market while in another DV8 leather company need to focus on joint venture and in another company may choose different options of marketing entry options. There will be various factors which may affect the options of marketing strategy such as tariff rates, cost of marketing and transportation and the level of adaption of product required.  These factors can enhance the cost to be expected the increase in sales will balance these costs effectively (Winchester & Lees, 2016).

Directing exporting is the approach to sell directly products and services in to the market without getting help from any person. It is the approach which would be implemented after planning sales program of the company. Company established sales program and turns to distributor for the purpose to represent them ahead in the market. Agents and distributors are selected by organization to promote the business ahead and that is why they became familiar with the organization and represented interests of the company. DV8 Leather Company can prefer this market entry options to enter in the international country. To follow this approach, DV8 Leather Company needs to accept certain procedures. Sue to direct exporting DV8 would be able to recognize that who is the customers of it.

Direct Exporting as Entry Strategy

Joint ventures are an individual term of partnership that includes the creation of a third managed company which is independently. It is the process which is known by 1+1=3. It enhances the interest of the company to involve in it, two companies concur to work together in a market, it can be geographic or product, and build a third company to undertake this. In this market entry strategy, partner are equal liable towards profit or loss (French, 2017). DV8 Leather Company can choose this option by involving company as a partner. Sony/Ericsson Cell Phone is the worth example of joint venture market strategy.

Partnering is important while entering in to foreign markets and it has been analyzed that in some part of the country it is considered as mandatory. Partnering is not limited; it can be form from easy co-operating marketing arrangements to a sophisticated strategic alliance. It is very useful strategy in those markets where partners of company are belonging to different culture; it will be helpful to bring the knowledge of local market (Moroko & Uncles, 2010).

Directing exports will be suitable marketing entry options for DV8 Leather Company.  It is the option which allows company to know that the customers of this company are. It has so many advantageous forms such as the belief of customers will enhance when they get to know the direct dealer of tier products. Customers will be able to direct approach without getting any barrier and provide the feedback about the services of the DV8 Company. Company gets slightly effective preventions of trademark, copyrights and patents. DV8 Leather Company will be able to get engaged in the process of export. All transactions can be controlled easily and the possible chances of disloyalty will be decreased (Foedermayr & Diamantopoulos, 2010). As the business of DV8 Leather Company will reach at international level through directing exports, it will bring great flexibility to enhance or redirect the efforts of marketing. DV8 leather company can easily expands it business by hire an export sales manager, establish a separate department of export, setup a sales subsidiary of exports and form a foreign sales branch. Hiring of Export sales manager is a simplest form to expand its business through directing exports, export sales manager leads all activities regarding all export activities. If company establishes a separate department of export, is widely self contained and operates without any restriction of the operations of domestic. Export sales subsidiary will separate DV8 Company from the rest of the organization. A foreign sales branch is not a legal organization. It is a branch which is able to handle the sales, promotional efforts and distribution with the help of geographic area and sells to a target customer of an organization (Tansel, 2015).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Exporting

Every coin has two aspects; one is positive and another is negative. The disadvantages of DV8 Leather Company are that company need to be financially more strong. It is the approach which takes a lot of time to implement. It is important in this approach to build a cultivate customer base. At every level company needs to take all responsibility at its behalf. It can be implemented by hiring export sales manager, but it is required for DV8 Company to get updated of all activities which is not possible every time. In the term of expanding business or bringing flexibility in the business, this approach will not be suitable.  The most disadvantage form of direct exporting is that company need to more logistic in the term of handling all the transactions. Apart from that the disadvantages of direct exporting larger material from DV8 Leather Company can be greater initial outlay, larger risks, difficultly in maintenance of stocks, higher cost of distributions, dependency on distributors and greater managerial ability (Surdu, Mellahi & Glaister, 2015).

Market segmentation is the process in which broader range of groups is classified as per their interest and demand. In this element existing and potential customers are involved in to subgroups of customers which are based on some type of characteristics. The potential market segments for DV8 Leather Company can be psychographic segment, demographic segment, use based segment, benefit segment and behavioral segments. DV8 Leather Company will be chosen direct exporting option of marketing entry option. The products can be bought by youth because it provides the leather product which is able to become a great attraction in the view of youth.

Geographic: potential customers of DV8 Leather Company are in a local state or a national marketplace segment. Geographic segment is crucial for Leather Company as it tries to enter in international market by direct exporting. Business need to recognize the specific boundaries within which it will do business (Laufs & Schwens, 2014).

Demographic: potential customers of DV8 Leather Company are recognized by criteria such as religion, gender, race, marital status, occupation, income level and educational level. A target market of DV8 Leather Company would include certain factors such as number of employees, varieties in products, customer size and annual review.

Psychographic: it has been analyzed that number of business offers products on the basis of attitudes and beliefs of target customers. It can be distinguished as per consumer market and business market. In the term of consumer market, life style, trendy, status, hobby, fun seeking and social responsible covers consumer market. Business market involves innovative, employee relation, conservatives and industry leader. 

Potential Market Segments

Behaviorist: products and services are consumer for a variety of reasons. It is important for DV8 Leather Company to determine what those reasons are. It can be loyalty, cost and brand. It is the approach which involves number of questions in it such as reason for purpose, amount of service or products purchased, taken time to make a decision to purchase and number of times of purchasing (Wang, Bronevetsky, Beaumont, Stadler, Bao, Smith & Chapman, 2017). 

The strategic approach is a process of planning to achieve a goal of an organization by elaborating its strategy, directions and making decisions. DV8 Leather Company should be specific about the strategic approach. Strategic approaches are being used by DV8 Leather Company are internally driven organization, customer driven organization and market driven organization (Baker, 2014).

DV8 Leather Company are internally driven, which shows that their strategy is driven by what they have done in the past. It has the weak point as well that the in-house employees are not anticipating amendments that are happening in the market place (Schlegelmilch, 2016).

Customer driven organization is the organization which main focus has on issues of customers and they try to close the issues by listening them carefully.  The weakness of this approach is that this approach finishes up trying to be all rules and things to all people.

It is last approach of strategic approaches which demonstrates the targeted market in which they will serve their services and how they will add value. It will help to understand the growth of an organization (Fund, Shahsavari, Panwar, Erkip & Rangan, 2016).

DV8 Leather Company deals with aviators’ bags, caps, belts, customer leather, leather belts and wrist braids. It has been analyzed that the population of youth in Australia is good enough. The target market of DV8 Leather Company should be focused on custom leather because it specializes in custom leather. Buffalo leather waist, cow hide bikers waist coat, oil keep bikers vest, kangaroo whip laced biker vest and custom made bike seats are some products of DV8 Leather Company. Company should focus on youth of the Australia. This is the generation which is most interested in sports adventure and trendy things. Psychographic segmentation is mainly observed in this report in the term of DV8 Leather Company. It is the target segment of DV8 Leather Company because it distinguishes the market according to the lifestyle of customers. Customer gets high quality of leather material with reasonable rate in the variety. It considers the variance of potential effects of buying behavior such as attitude, interest, activities and expectation of customers.

Positioning refers the communication of essential benefits to the potential customers. DV8 Leather Company needs to make specific group for every products because it is not possible to available everything for everyone. For instance, athletic equipment makers make equipments for beginners and advanced player. DV8 Leather Company should manufacture leather products from child to old one by specifying groups. It should follow low price strategy along with high price strategy (Wirtz & Lovelock, 2017). It should position itself as affordable options through selling low priced goods. It will be benefited to the company to make a high sales volume (Bernstein, 2014). High price strategy should be followed by company only in the condition of creating a perceived value. The distribution of its products should be done in high quality places. It will be encouraged positioning of the brand in the market because people will start to believe that these products are the top of the lines models and desire them more. As it discussed that DV8 leather company will choose direct exporting marketing entry option so it is required to maintain its positioning for being loyal for target market.


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