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Vision statement


Discuss about the Mission of Corporation Is To Deliver and Operate Essential?

StratSynth Group is a nonprofit organization intended to provide rapid aid delivery and meet future requirements in flood and disease stricken areas along with areas that have been disadvantaged by economic denial and warfare. Corporation is established for not making any profit and seeks to make rapid delivery of support items such as spider Light strike vehicle, Pouncer Drone and two wheel drive motorcycle. StratSynth Corporation would be focusing on long-term recovery establishment and stricken nations rehabilitation. The services of Corporation will primarily address the Drought crisis of East Africa and meeting future requirement of flood and disease stricken areas.

Corporation has been established by way of Chan and Gates in stabilizing developing regions and advancing such regions by distributing knowledge using Project loon. Such projects are designed to provide internet coverage to remote areas. One of such project that attracted Chan and gates is the equipment required for rapid aid delivery. Development of Corporation has the primary objective of addressing Drought Crisis in East Africa. Worst drought is being experienced by East Africa and there are numerous projects providing initial aid focusing to people. In addition to this, areas of disease and flood stricken are also required provide aid by establishment of such corporation (Akingbola 2013).

Vision statement- Stratsynth would be operating as non-profit making organization and it intends to provide aid in emergency by providing lifesaving items. To empower the people affected by natural calamities and experience the life to the fullest.

Mission statement- The mission of corporation is to acquire, deliver and operate essential life support items.

Political factor- East Africa has remained unaffected by turmoil happening in emerging market. It has a stable and peaceful transition to democracy. The governing party has shown talented leadership potential (Barney and Hesterly 2015). Therefore, StartSynth needs to analyze the political situation that would help in addressing the corporation primary objective.

Economic factor- The economic condition of East Africa is very harsh and funding is the major obstacle of non-profit organization such as StratSynth.

Social factor- There have been rise in civil society organizations and operation of nonprofit organizations are being influenced by requirement of organization that is represented in face of states of growing economy and market size.

Technological factor- The main factors that hampers the activities of organization is poor technology and bureaucracy of government. However, African countries are influenced by new technologies. There have been an improvement in technological system and this will assist the development of StratSynth in aiding flood and drought areas using project loon (Peteraf et al. 2014).

Legal factor- Legal factors are mentioned in context of regional and national context. There is English common law. Nonprofit organizations such as StratSynth can be established as Community based organization, company limited by guarantee, society partnership trust and non-governmental organization (Camisón and Villar-López 2014).

Environmental factor- Human made and natural disaster and there are underlying factors that revolving around emerging crisis in Africa. Considering this, it is required by StratSynth to make investment in long-term self-sustainable.

Political factor

Suppliers bargaining power- Supplier power of StratSynth is low as the activities of Non-profit organization such as StratSynth is service rather than product. Corporate funders and donors are considered as supplier in such organization. Stratsynth will essentially purchasing the Rokon two wheel drive motorcycle, Pouncer drone and Spider Light strike vehicle. Firms producing and supplying such equipment are not much in number and the primary interest of Corporation is in providing aid service using such equipment (Vogel and Güttel 2013). Therefore, suppliers bargaining power is considered high in this case.

Buyer’s bargaining power- Since buyers of such services are people affected with natural calamities and economic warfare, therefore bargaining power of byers are considered to be zero in this case.

Intensity of competitive rivalry- The translation to cut throat vistas is not necessarily painted by corporate rivalry due to changing environmental mood and increasing resource scarcity. Since Stratsynth is making employment of Pouncer drone and Spider Light strike vehicle as making rapid aid delivery, it is not likely that equally attractive products and services will be offered by other nonprofit organizations. Therefore, Stratsynth will have more power in this situation.

Threat of new entrants- barriers of organizations or corporation in non-profit sector are extremely low. However, if Stratsynth has few scale of economies and have little protection to their technologies such as project loon, then such organization position can be weaken and other organization can enter.

Threat of substitute- In this regard, competing funding requirement is regarded as threat to substitute. If the products used and services provided by Stratsynth cannot be substituted by any way possible, then power of Corporation is strengthened (Zhao et al. 2017).

Resource and capacity development plan needs to be implemented by government agencies. There should be training on establishment of national disaster command system. Emergence correspondence activities needs to be enabled by development of program that comprise of distributing equipment for rescue for rescue with financial support from government as well as pledge. Stratsynth will have to form a campaign for directing resources and wealth from wealthy people for dedicating a portion of their wealth to philanthropy (Omar et al. 2014).

A fundraising plan needs to be developed that is a competitive, sophisticated and complex procedure. An effective board needs to be build and this comprise of human resources. For continued growth of Stratsynth, it is required for corporation to get free technical assistance that is regarded as critical resource. For the development of Corporation at optimal level, three needs to be assurance of low to no cost high level (Rothaermel 2015). Mission of organization will be built by contribution to skills for that team needs to have connection with mission.

List of organizations having resource and capabilities that Stratsynth may engage their corporate level strategies are as follows:

  • Africa technologies Kinetics Limited
  • Windhorse organization- It is an organization producing pouncer drone and that helps in dropping aid to disaster areas (Business Insider 2017).
  • ST Kinetics
  • Xylo Technologies
  • Drone developer

The headquarter of Stratsynth group would comprise of six person and the functional areas include programs, governance and administration. All these areas are subdivided into depending upon purpose and goal of non-profit organization.  Board of Corporation comprise of well-respected expert volunteers in variety of disciplines that supports the vision and mission of Corporation (Felício et al. 2016).

Economic factor

Melinda Gates- Melinda Gates is an executive director of StratSynth and he has the responsibility of liaising with the board for carrying out the instruction provided by board of Directors and overseeing other staff members running the nonprofit programs (Frynas and Mellahi 2015).

Priscilla Chan- Priscilla Chan is chief executive officer of Stratsynth group and he will be playing an active role in assisting board with their basic activity. Ability of CEO of group is most closely connected with competence, leadership and job definition factors. He is often concerned with information needs, meeting and agendas. Chan is responsible for responding according to information requirement of Corporation. Agendas involve minutes approval, adjournment and committee report.

John Macro- John macro is managing director of Stratsynth. Various program structured in the organization is the responsibility of managing director.

David Belanglo- David Belanglo is the assistant director of the group and their role is to undertake grant writing, fundraising, public policy and volunteer programs. He is also an in charge of ensuring that ethical requirement are met by organization and is liaising with the community.

Leslie Wright- He is playing the role of program director in Stratsynth. The typical program on non-profit organization comprise of operations, development, raising of funds, marketing, volunteer coordinator, planning and publicity. The program heads will be reporting to chief executive of Corporation.

Michael Armstrong- He is a community and engagement advisor of Stratsynth and will be responsible for operation, corporate contribution and relationship management. He will be providing demonstrated experience in successfully facilitating large groups of unaffected people. Development of planning and delivering community with required needs and their arrangement is the responsibility of engagement advisor (David and David 2015). Stratsynth group will be responsible for providing affected community with aiding service.

This section provides business level strategic recommendation for the given case.

Alliances that allow non-profit organizations to share resources are considered most beneficial. This is so because it will help in lowering cost employees cost and other personnel involved in organization of various campaign and program. Usually, non-profit organizations has to work with small budgets and operating fraught with difficulties. Alliancing of the activities and servicing procedures are considered as ways to reduce costs, and share programs, resources and equipment that helps in supporting the development of both the parties concerned. It will also help in fulfilling  the purpose of objectives of the parties involved. Nonprofit organizations will receive benefits from strategic alliance with companies manufacturing and producing two drive motor vehicle, pouncer drone and Spider Light strike vehicle.

Stratsynth Group can operate the business by implementing the non-equity strategic alliance. Non-equity alliance is a formal relationship between two or more parties that carries out their activities by setting agreed goals and they remain independent while performing their activities. Stratsynth group are recommended to implement non-equity strategic alliance because it will help in sharing fixed cost of newly developed product. In the given case, interest of Stratsynth Corporation lies in providing rapid aid delivery services through equipment such as Pouncer drone and Spider Light strike vehicle. Installation of such equipment in the corporation will help them to share costs in some proportion with the help of non-equity alliance. There will be incorporation of complementary skills into the activities. It will assist the Corporation in gaining capabilities and it provides the organization to achieve their objectives by directing resources in right directions.

Social factor

Moreover, such alliance will help in lowering financial risk of Corporation. It is considered very essential for non-profit organization as they carry out their activities with no intention of making profits. There is a need to reduce the financial risk and such alliance will provide greatest potential that each parties concerned stand to lose half of cost of total project.

When considering the development of corporate strategic relationship, it is recommended to Stratsynth Corporation to incorporate and involve the firms producing Spider Light strike vehicle and pouncer drone. This is so because the primary interest of Corporation lies in providing rapid aid delivery services that is possible using such equipment. It will assist Corporation in making efficient utilization of drones in conditions of disaster that are unsafe, unstable and costly. However, sometimes organization faces difficulty in using drones in humanitarian relief is dealing with regulations that are non-consistent between developing countries. Spider light strike vehicle has super rapid advanced mortar system and this will help in overcoming challenges faced by disaster management teams involved in providing rapid aid to disaster-affected regions.


From the above analysis and discussion, it is concluded that establishment of StratSynth Corporation will help in addressing the needs of people suffering from natural disasters and calamities. Communities disadvantaged by economic denial and warfare, disease and flood stricken areas. It would be feasible for Corporation to establish and implement using non-equity alliance. In addition to this, it is also required by organization to develop strategic corporative relationship with organization producing drones. Since, Corporation is required to primarily address Drought Crisis in East Africa in public manner; it is required to align its activities with legislative requirement so that services are provided without any obstacle. StratSynth would be focusing on establishment of long-term recovery and rehabilitate the stricken areas. It is considered as the necessary step and rehabilitation process are interdependent on every stage of operations.


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