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Analyze the New UiA Strategy 2016-2020.



University of Agder (UiA) wants to be an open and inclusive university which has elements of cooperation culture, and knowledge in this university is created by cooperation when all the members of this community that is staff and students challenge each other. UiA wants to develop the level of education and research up to international standards. Development of knowledge in this field takes place when both staff and student cooperates and reduce their differences. UiA with the help of larger community try to develop new methods for internal and external cooperation. Regional, national and global cooperation try to set up new concepts and solutions for the future generation of the society and UiA is working as force which aims to develop society, culture, and industry and commerce.

In this paper first we state the brief about the strategy, then area on which university is focusing, and also process of the strategy. After analyzing these facts we state whether this strategy is good or innovative and also state the suggestions for better working of strategy if necessary. Subsequently, this paper is concluded with brief conclusion.

The Strategy & Social Mission of University:

University of Adger is situated on the southern tip of Norway and its two campuses are located in the Kristiansand and Grimstad. Almost 11000 students are enrolled with the university, and they have staff of 1100 members. In Norway this university is the youngest university but its history relates to 1839 when the first teacher training institution was established in the region, and it is a public university (UiA, n.d.).


In this strategy UiA offer education and wide knowledge and also carry out development work related to research and artistic knowledge at a high international level. The Vision of this strategy is creation of knowledge by cooperation, and priority areas of this university not only clarify the role of university but also provide different ways through which university can practice their social mission. University widens the scope of their knowledge with the help of new methods of cooperation with large community. Generally, universities include three areas in their priority areas, and these areas are defined below:

Learning and education: this priority area shows that university have very high ambitions for their students which includes learning related to future working life and personal development of the students, and university have similar ambitions for their staff members also which includes high level of teaching and research based solutions.

Global mindset: this area not only strengthens the position of university as cooperative attractive partner but also encourage international profile of this university. UiA involve those issues in their learning program and research which are entertained at global level, and university encourage cooperation, dialogue and mutual cultural development.

Community Involvement and Innovation: this area provides direction to the university through which university finds solutions for the complex challenges of the future. By adopting this strategy university contributes in the development of the society by promoting innovation related to culture, active participation of university in public debate and develop new models for creation of knowledge by cooperation.

In case of research, scholar, and artistic work university develop this work with the help of students, large community and international partners. A culture for excellence in research includes culture related to learning, openness and critical evaluation. High quality of work and international research is the basis of these all three priority areas, but it is also necessary to develop this basis by implementing effective strategy. The main aim of this strategy is long term research goals, management which is of high quality and also solid research groups (UiA, 2016).

On the other hand, further development related to research includes long term concepts which are not covered in this framed time period. Therefore university needs further plan for research and scholarly and artistic development work which includes the priority areas of this strategy, but this strategy go forward toll 2025.

Process of Strategy:

This strategy influences the future development of the university. Large community that is students, staff members, and cooperation partners of university gets invitation for participating in open strategy process in which the main aim is to develop a common vision, common goals, and priorities for next four years. This process also tries to maintain connection between the strategies framed by university and the aims of the faculties. The main condition for making this program successful is that all the members of university as well as other partners of university shows their involvement by participating in meetings and contributing to the work. University defined the time frame of this strategy and working process in the general meeting of the organization (UiA, 2016).


Whether this Strategy is Good or Innovative:

UiA is a university which has excellent facilities for teaching and studies, and this university has high ambitions for the learning process of their students and commitment of staff towards teachings. University developed their learning programs by involving various concepts such as uniqueness of the subjects, the challenges faced by society and changes in working life. University follows this concept because it is necessary that students have accurate knowledge of labor market, so that they can use their knowledge in that market and make new changes. A dynamic learning environment will result in personal and competence development of students.

After analyzing all the facts and three priority areas of this strategy it is clear student learning programs include research and development work, and artistic development work. Through these programs university provided future-oriented, varied, and different methods of learning which will result in good learning conditions and also create base for life-long learning and community involvement. This university mainly focuses on the needs of regions and society at large and also put its efforts in continuous education development. Following are some benefits of this program

Creation of knowledge by cooperation was the main essence of this strategy and university does not rely on theoretical concepts of books only they also introduce research and artistic development work in their education programs. Their programs and teachings are based on high level of scholars, and students get practical knowledge through research activities at early stage which helps them in find new ways in labor market and other working markets. The result of these activities is beneficial because it develop personal competence in the students, and also contributes great person to community in future. Therefore, introduction of research and artistic work in studied programs is really a good initiative (UWA, n.d.).

Through this program university focus on clear education program and this enhance the quality of education program. There strategic and systematic work for the purpose of developing program portfolio is really good and they also focus on continuing education. This university established joint management program at every level of education, and these programs ensure unity and cooperation which is beneficial not only for students but for teaching facilities also because they learn new methods for teaching the students, and able to facilitate variation in teaching methods (ERIC, n.d.; CAFCE, n.d.).


This new program helps the scientific employees of university in increasing their teaching competency. UiA committed high quality teaching, and also ensure best learning conditions from its students. By framing this strategy university further ensures development of the competence of the scientific employees by various methods such as teaching, supervision, and the use of digital tools through a binding and general program for increasing the competence. Introduction of a pedagogical merits system which will result in strengthen the career path of Associate Professor (Edutopia, 2008).

For the purpose of developing the strong international profile university is trying to develop their networks in all areas, and academic environments help them in increasing their participation and visibility in the discourse of international research. They try to increase their participation in global areas and also in various in international projects and research programs. They will try to keep talented researchers, and they will develop more research groups through various methods such as recruitment, infrastructure and facilitation which present them more gracefully at international level.

Their strategy formation of culture which involves cross border culture and this will facilitate through various methods such as by meeting between peoples and share culture information with each other. This concept not only helps in creating better working environment but also beneficial for research, study programs and strengthens their role as an institution for self-formation. It is possible because guests from other countries and regions met with openness from the members of university and show active participation in this program. Therefore, it is necessary that university choose such meeting places which helps in developing this event (University of Tasmania, n.d.).

Benefits for Society:

This strategy not only focuses on students and staff members but it also contributes towards society. This university introduced many differences for students, staff members, and community. In close cooperation with the region university tries to meet the challenges imposed by community in future. University through its strategy improves its relevance by challenging, supporting and make improvements in the society. They will develop research and artistic development work which help in increasing knowledge of the students based on research for the future development of the society. UiA play important role in facilitates and contributes for encouraging innovation in community culture and enterprises and also increase innovation which is based on research in the region and beyond. This is happen because of close cooperation and co-creation with local public and private enterprises (Mitra, n.d.).

Various methods are used to contribute towards society such as members of the university that is staff and students take active participation in the public debate, and university ensure that public debate must be free, critical and open debate so that it can done better analyses of the culture, trade, industry and life of general public in future. Members of university take active participation in the public debates, and this will help university to challenge various participations with new questions and problems faced by society. Therefore it is clear from above facts that new ideas and innovation are most important factors which contribute in the development of the region, and include both competitiveness, new cultural life, and also ensure solutions which are future-oriented and result in effective compliance with other public services (Wilson, 2014).

University play clear role of facilitator and contributor for the purpose of achieving both innovations Which Is based on research experience. Furthermore, UiA offer those teachings which will help the students during their complete life and fulfilling their future-oriented needs. This university actively participates in the new development of ideas, knowledge, and increases its efforts in commercialization of research-based business ideas.


After analyzing all the facts we can state that strategy 2016-2020 introduced by UiA is beneficial and innovative in nature. It is the idea which not only provides benefits to members and students but also to the large number of community by providing them better future in the field of education.

Suggestions related to Strategy:

This strategy is really new but there are some suggestions which help the university in achieving their goals in better way:

It is not possible to achieve all goals in set time frame, and it is better if university extend their time frame for achieving the targets set by strategy 2016-2020.

Develop their networks in new areas and try to cover all possible areas because it will help in increase in knowledge and students get more techniques and ways to solve their problems in future (Fisher & Berger, 2013).


At last we conclude that strategy 2016-2020 is the good and innovative strategy which is introduced and adopted by University of Adger. The main aim of this strategy is to create knowledge by cooperation and get support from international organization. University does not rely on theoretical concepts of books only and they also introduce research and artistic development work in their education programs. Their programs and teachings are based on high level of scholars, and students get practical knowledge through research activities at early stage which helps them in find new ways and solve their problems.



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