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Job Analysis (Job Description And Job Specification)

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1.Introduction of Chosen Company, Nature of its Business and its general Plans in Singapore.

2.Job Analysis that include(job description and job specification) of a Chosen Department or a Position in the Company.

3.Job design of the chosen Department or a position in the company based on design for Efficiency, Motivation, Safety & Health(ergonomics) and Mental Capacity.

4.Providing 5 recruitment strategies and its Implementation for the chosen department or a position in the Company, each recruitment Strategies provide example.

5.Selection Strategies and its Implementation for the chosen Department or a position in the Company.

6.Conclusion including how the Company can benefit and add value based on the analyses and Strategies Presented.



This assignment is about personal management. In order to conduct this assignment ANTlabs Pte Ltd has been selected. ANTlabs is one of the leading network technology based organization in Singapore. The organization was founded on October 15, 1999 (ANTlabs, 2017). The company has specialization is providing network access management solution to various areas like ISP, Telco, hospitality and Large Venue network. Major products and solutions provided by the company are such as IG 4, IG 3100, SG 4, SSG (Service Selection Gateway). These products are majorly used in visitor-based networks such as those in internet service providers, hotels, airports, stadiums, convention centers and campuses. Presently the company is trying to hire a qualified person for the post of operation manager (ANTlabs, 2017). Hence, in this assignment it has been mentioned which kind of job description, job design, recruitment and selection strategies need to implemented for the post of operation manager.     

2.Job analysis (job description and job specification)

In this section, two major aspects related with the job of operation management have been discussed. They are such as job description and job specification.  They are mentioned below in the table:

Operational Manager

Overview of job description

The primary function of operation managers in Telecom is to provide strategic and operational direction to the team of telecommunication technicians and to the team of installation and maintenance (Saifalislam et al. 2014).


Shackleton (2015) stated that, Telecom operation manager is a significant part of the administrative services for maintenance and installation team of ANTlabs. The  major tasks of operation managers are such as:

ü  Directing the development and planning of telecommunication network and system design.

ü  Developing policies and standards related with operation, growth and connectivity (Archambault et al., 2014).

ü  Helping agencies to determine the appropriate requirement of voice, video and data transmission.

ü  Preparing report to evaluate the traffic load.

ü  Identification of the future need of software and hardware.

ü  Developing budget for every operating unit.  


·         Operational manager is responsible for the supervision of administrative staffs and technical specialists (Pashayan et al., 2016).

·         Operational manager is also responsible for development and planning of policies and procedure that can help to improve performance of a specific department and the organization as well.    

·         Operational managers also have responsibility in various areas of a company such as configuration management, change management, physical planning, technical standards, and inventory control and product and procedure evaluation (Siew-Chen & Vinayan, 2016).  

·         Analyze and implement new products, features and systems.


The position of operation manager requires a bachelor degree in telecommunication, computer science.


More than 3 years of experience is required in this field. In addition, appropriate vocational or technical training is required as the substitute of relevant experience required for this job.  

Skills and abilities

ü  Proficient in written and spoken English

ü  Appropriate technical skills

Other characteristics

·         Good listener and interaction with clients

·         Handle rejection from client

·         Positive mindset

·         Presentable dressing sense

·         Appropriate self-discipline  

3.Job design

In order to design the job of operation manager for the telecom company of ANTlabs, it is required to take care of aspects such as safety, health, motivation and efficiency. Saar et al. (2014) stated that job design has significant impact on job satisfaction, employee motivation, organizational commitment and on turnover rate.



Motivation is significant as it helps employees to take opportunities to get their job done. Mügge (2016) stated that motivation provides employees the willingness to perform efficiently. It can also improve the productivity level of employees. It can increase revenue and output and increase the level of customer satisfaction.   In accordance to Maslow’s need of Hierarchy of needs, motivation of an employee can be improved by fulfilling five basic needs. They are such as physiological needs, safety, self-actualization and esteem and actualization. Operational managers have to fulfill all the factors in order to motivate all employees in the telecommunication sector. I will also help to improve the performance level of employees.


Efficiency indicates the level of performance that can generate best output by using lowest amount of input. As a technical expert, the operation manager has to implement technology to enhance the business product. Siew-Chen and Vinayan (2016) stated that the major benefit of implementing business software is that it can enhance productivity and enhance project completion rate. Operation managers have to develop an open environment of communication, so that information can transfer swiftly from higher authority to lower authority and vice versa. In addition, Saar et al. (2014) stated that operation managers have to connect every team, virtually with the whole organization.  In addition, operation managers also have to review employee performance and welfare.  They must have the advanced business analysis and reporting capability to improve business performance, market trends and consumers preferences. Humburg and Van der Velden (2015) stated that, operation managers to access performance of employees and develop analytical reports. Depending on these factors, the operation manager has to redesign the business strategy.     


Job delegation

lusarczyk and Golnik (2014) stated that job delegation is another major role that operation manageress must have to fulfill. There are five major reasons for which operation managers have too Delegate Role and Responsibilities. They are such as:

1.Motivate Employees to take roles and Responsibilities

2.Encourage Employees to take new challenges and help them to meet Challenges.

3.Improve relationship with Employees and gain their trust

4.Mügge (2016) stated that as an Operation Manager has to take care of many issues, it is better share task and Responsibilities with Efficient Employees

5.It helps to provide Empowerment to Employees and foster a Collaborative Environment within the Company.      

4.Recruitment Strategies

Online Portal

ANTlabs can use online portal as an effective recruitment strategy. Siew-Chen and Vinayan (2016) stated that online job portals can provide benefit to both employers and employees. It can also help to increase the speed of employee recruitment process. For example, management of ANTlabs can provide job advertisement for the post of operation managers in portals such as,, Randstad Singapore and Recruit express. They have to motion that only applicants with more than 3 years of experience should apply for this job. It will allow the employers of ANTlabs to get access to qualified and experienced candidates at shorter period of time.       

Recruitment Agency

Saar et al. (2014) stated that recruitment agency is the strategy that most of the organizations implement to hire talented and skilled employees. For example, The Company can make agreement with different recruitment agencies such as Garner international and Aegis recruitment. It can work as a good investment for saving time. They select mass of applicants from which, the employers can hand pick candidates, who meet all the educational and qualification requirements. They also help to schedule interview for the selected candidates.

This method can be implemented by ANTlabs as it can provide leverage on their time. It will also help to develop better time management strategy to review other improvement issues like client meeting and work plan scheduling. However, in order to implement this strategy, the company has to provide charges to the recruitment agencies.            

Referral Program

The company can also implement referral programs as well. ?lusarczyk and Golnik (2014) stated that, in referral program, employees and ex-employees refer their qualified friends and colleagues. It can be an excellent and efficient method of recruitment that ANTlabs can use. The company is one of the leading telecommunication organizations of Singapore with a good brand image. Through this method, the company can use its own telecommunication network to recruit efficient employees. In addition, this strategy can be used to develop a bigger client network.      


Press Ads

The company can also provide advertisements in newspapers and magazines to gain the attention of individual customers.  For example, the company ANTlabs provides advertisements in various newspapers such as Berita Harian, Lainhe Wanbao and Shin Min Daily news. In addition, the company also can provide advertisements in various magazines like SPH magazines, CLEO Singapore and Allscripts Magazines. From these newspapers and magazines, individual employees can apply directly for the post. From them, the company can select qualified employees for the post of operation manager. It can be an effective way to recruit experienced and skilled employees to be hired in efficient way.          

Educational Institutions

The company can also arrange campus to recruit fresh and talented employees for this post. As they do not have the required job experience, the management will consider vocational and technical training as substitution. Khan (2014) stated that, the advantage of recruiting fresh employees is that, a company can hire them at lower wage compare to experienced employees.        

5.Selection Strategies

?lusarczyk and Golnik (2014) stated that, there are various selection strategies that a company can use. Human resource department can select different type of selection strategies suitable for the screening of candidates and allow employees to select the best people for the every job. The strategies used by ANTlabs, has been mentioned below: 

Job Application Forum

Saar et al. (2014) stated that job application is the official form whereby employer asks the applicants to fill up the application for a specific post. According to Hunt and Jones (2015), the job application can provide legal defense to applicants for their employment, educational background, references and qualifications. In this case, ANTlabs can call applicants to its nearby office and fill the application form too make sure that the information that they are providing are true and free from discrepancies.      

Initial Interview 

The management team of ANTlabs can conduct a face-to-face interview to analyze the personally assess the technical skill and personality of applicants. Khan (2014) stated that, face-to-face interview with employers can help applicants to understand more of their job scope that they are applying for. In addition, it can also help applicants to become familiar with the higher authority of the organization.  It also can help the applicants to understand and communicate more about applicant data. In the stage of interview, the owners will then convince the job applicant to join their company. There are various other options that applicants can use such as AXA, AIA and Prudential.     


Personality Tests

The company can conduct an online personality test to assess their personality. In this test, an applicant has to answer 60 fundamental questions related with personality and basic knowledge. It will help employers to see if the applicants are suitable for the job or not.   

Final Selection and Making Offer

After the owner and the applicants come to the decision to join the organization, documentation procedure starts. The applicants have to submit all their documents and certificates to the company for checking. In order to work in ANTlabs, all applicants require MAS approval. It proves that all the selected employees are free from any criminal activity (Archambault et al. 2014). It also proves that they are not blacklisted for money laundering cases or bankruptcy.        

6.Scheduling and Budgeting

Duration of activities


Cost Budget










Job advertisement  (Internal)

·         Poster in offices and shops

·         Social media sites

·         Internal headhunt









Job advertisement  (Internal)



·         Randstad Singapore

·         Recruit express









Recruitment agency filter applicants









Evaluation of applicants through recruitment agency 









Selected applicants are contacted 










Personality test is conducted










Technical interview is conducted  










Final selection










Offering job (contract signing)











Total Budget

$ 6, 000


In conclusion, implementation of these strategies can massively enhance the performance of different departments and employees. They can even help the company ANTlabs to grab new customer segments and expand business at much lesser cost. It has been analyzed from this assignment that motivation is the driving factor in telecommunication industry. An operation manager has to motivate employees and encourage them to achieve greater goals in the industry.  They have to improve their work not only for monetary benefits but also for self-development and growth. There is various recruitment and selection strategies discussed in this assignment, that ANTlabs can implement to recruit the most efficient applicant for the post of operation manager.



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