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Analysis of the Famous Speech

Critically analyse a famous Speech and Structurally Compare it with a statement by the head of a Company.

The assignment deals with the analysis of the speech given by the first Prime Minister of India prior to the independence of the country. The assignment also deals with the brief analysis of statements that are given by the Chief Executive Officer of Wal-Mart which is one of the leading retail stores in the world. Further, the illustration of the comparison of the speech of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Indian Prime Minister and the statements of Mr Doug McMillion who is the current Chief Executive Officer is elaborated (Alnasser, Shaban& Al-Zubi, 2016).

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru  starts his  speech  with the presentation to the tryst with destiny  which was planned  way back  in the prior years, which gives the reference to the continuous freedom struggle against the rule of the  British which had captured the entire country as its colony.  He refers to the time then when the country had achieved independence and the official declaration was about to be conducted. In his first statement only, he refers to the  complete independence   of the country which was still not regarded  as  full independence as a  part of India  was getting separated from its map  as a separate country to be called as Pakistan. 

Hence, the speech of the former prime minister addresses the independence of the nation to be not wholly or in complete measure but in a substantial way (Ateljevic, Morgan & Pritchard, 2013).  He refers to the significance of moment of dawn that would represent the awakening of India into its freedom and independence. Pandit Nehru very significantly represents the vital moment with beautiful use of works such as for stepping into the old times into the new age would occur with the new dawn. The new dawn, in his speech is also compared to the awakening of the souls of the country which was shut down and suppressed to a very long time and finally the nation would start to utter its words of independence.  He also refers to that specific moment to be a memorable one every generation in future. 

He asks the entire country to take pledge of dedication for the service of the country along with the citizens of the country.  He also thinks about every individual to be dedicated to serving the human community as a whole with the freedom as a part of the responsibility which is accompanied with independence (Chabrak& Craig, 2013).  He remarks the several dawns that passed by the timeline of the county which witnessed never ending struggles to achieve the independence that the country got and compared the dawn  which  was about to witness the declaration of independence of the entire country (Fruhen&Flin, 2016).  He stated that the future centuries will appreciate and feel proud to have such grandeur of success which came after many years of strive and failures.  He did not miss any point to state that the country did not lose hope and kept on insisting on the continuous hope and strength of and for achieving freedom and independence inspite of having high failure rates and struggles. He focuses on the responsibility that power and freedom brings with it. 

Analysis of Statement by the Company President/Chairperson/CEO/Managing Director

He states that the accountability of the country is in the assembly which is a sovereign body of the country.  He admires the creation of freedom   through the pains of labor and struggles and memorizes the sorrow of every struggle (Haupt, Kapucu& Hu, 2017).  He focuses on the struggle for having a bright future which would also not be an easy one. He states that for obtaining the bright future for the country, he addresses the citizens to take and fulfilling the pledges.  He focuses on the end of ignorance, poverty, disease and the inequality for obtaining opportunities in all walks of life.

He focuses on the need for having awakened ambitions, hard work and dreams for having a bright future for the entire country.  He refers to the obtainment of peace among all so that the world does not get spilt and isolated into fragments.  He instills confidence and faith in the future endeavors of the country and getting rid of all the negative aspects that would prove to be hindrances in the way of achieving bright future.  He also encourages and celebrates the freedom which has its base in the sorrow and difficult times.

In the case of Wal-Mart, the Chief Executive Officer, Mr Doug McMillion has focused on the customer proposition of the company through which it can enhance its service to the customers.  He states that the company has increased in its stores, e-commerce capabilities and associates.  He further passes the facts to the mass regarding the 260 million customers to be visiting its stores and the expansion of the Retail Company to be in 27 countries. 

He focuses on the enterprise strategy guides for meeting the expectations and delivery on the proposition of the customer (Hodge, 2017).  He states that the growth of the company has been installed in its effective execution both in stores and e-commerce.  He takes pride in the fiscal report of Wal-Mart of 2015 which states that the financial status of the company grew by more than $ 9 billion.  His statements are basically focused on the having great stores, e-commerce and clubs due to which it is able to provide satisfactory service to its customers. He appears to be very pleased with the increase in net sales which refers to the improved sales and operating trends of income of the company with each consecutive quarter.

He shows his pleased feelings with the positive performance of the company in the foreign markets. Through his statements, he also presents the unsatisfaction and unsettlement of the company in the way of achieving greater success rates. He also states that the Sam’s Club has been strengthening the digital integration with various clubs which is also assisting the increased business performance (Hunter, 2014). He focuses on the investment in the relevance of the customers by establishing higher customer expectation. He also happens to focus on the high engagement and motivation of the employees. He also stresses on the significance of talent and commitment to the success of Wal-Mart.

Structural Comparison of Speech and Statement

It is necessary to understand the underlying objective of the speech and the statement released by the company are different in nature and focus on different objectives altogether. But this specific structural comparison has been carried out in order to compare the two different pieces to understand how well each of them was able to succeed in their stated objectives of communicating the respective messages through to the intended target audiences (KASHANINIA, Hosseini&Yusliani, 2015).

Speech by Jawaharlal Nehru: The speech made by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on August 14th 1947 very correctly focuses on the fact that with freedom and power of the nation there comes an added responsibility which rests on the assembly that represents the people of the nation. His speech highlighted the need to work together in order to put an end on the poverty, ignorance, inequality in a number of aspects (McKenzie & Lee, 2016).

The passion to convert India into a prosperous and progressive nation could be very well identified in the tone of the speech which focused on the need to provide equal opportunities, obligations and privileges to all its citizens.

The speech by the first Indian Prime Minister was very inspiring since it focused on a number of aspects of the nation that needed to be changed so that the conditions of the people could be changed for the better and the overall state of the nation could be improved. But the structural comparison of the speech shows that even after 70 years of independence, the content of the speech is far from reality since even today a majority section of the population are below the poverty line and they do not even have the access to basic needs of life such as food, education, sanitation, shelter, etc.

The nation is progressing but the rate at which the progression is taking place is very slow because of a number of factors like corruption, bribery, terrorism from outside nations and internal terrorism, etc (Newman, Patterson & Clark, 2015).

The freedom that India has achieved has come along with a series of challenges and responsibilities that need to be tackled in an effective manner so that the common good is achieved. But most of the people that have been elected and have power try to take advantage of the situation and think of their personal benefits before thinking of the nation. Due to this there is significant contrast between the India that Nehru was talking about in the speech and the actual India of today (O’Brien, 2015).

Wal-Mart statement: The communication that has been made by CEO of Wal-Mart stores Mr Doug McMillion, highlights the changes that have taken place in the retail industry in the past years. The stress has been on the fact that even thought there are a number of differenced in the global market such as language and culture, but the ultimate expectations of a customer from a retailer is still same – saving of financial resources and saving of time.

The objective of the business concern is to work on its international presence so that it can strengthen its e-commerce capabilities and establish greater number of stores by focusing on the needs and expectations of its customers in the market. As per the CEO, the entire business model of Wal-Mart revolves around the objective to serve the customers in a better manner so that its sales expansion and profitability can match (Zori, 2016).

The statement that was released by the CEO laid stress on its customers and their overall experience while interacting in the retail environment. The statement revealed the fact that the business intends to design its work model on its customers’ preferences so that their ultimate needs and requirements can be fulfilled by the retailer. It has also modeled its financial performance in such a manner so that its stores, e-commerce presence can bring about a positive change in the retail scenario for the customers and enrich their overall experience (Pherson&Pherson, 2016). It can be said that the business has brought about important changes in its business strategy and it is still taking important steps to make the world a better place.

Mr Doug has himself been in the concern for a long time and he has stated that talent gets due recognition in the business undertaking and the business takes necessary steps in form of increasing the training opportunities and strengthening the compensation structure for the business associates so that they can adapt to the changing working conditions and react in a faster manner to the different needs of the customers (Wesselink, et al., 2015).

It can be said that the business has achieved some part of its objective but still it has a long way to go and further improve its delivery performance. A number of external elements like intense competition in retail sector, uncertain demand pattern of the customers, etc pose new kinds of challenges in front of the retail business but its determined focus has allowed it to deliver a good performance in the industry (Rawwas, Arjoon&Sidani, 2013).

The model that has been used for the critical thinking process is “Kipling’s Six Questions” since the it focuses on various aspects including the existing problem, the cause for it, solution to fix the same, fixing strategy, effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the solution, and the next step. This model has been used to highlight the performance scenario of Wal-mart so that its business model can be understood and the reasons for its growth can be analyzed. The same critical thinking model has been used to understand the speech given by Mr Nehru to understand the current standing of India. The objective is to understand whether India is progressing at the pace it was expected in progress during independence or not. The tool shows that Wal-mart is doing a steady business due to its focused business strategy but India is facing numerous challenges to succeed in its national objectives due to obstacles in form of corruption, terrorism, abuse of power, etc. Thus it is necessary for the nation to remove social evil from the core to progress.


The different topics that have been covered involving the Prime Minister speech and Wal-Mart CEO Statement reflect the fact that in order to achieve a particular objective it is vital for a business concern or a nation to design proper strategies and implement the same from all directions so that the necessary changes can be observed within a specific timeframe. It is also important that all the parties must join hands together to bring about the required change otherwise it becomes pretty challenging.

The Wal-Mart scenario reveals that the businesses focused attitude and strategic approach at an organizational level has allowed it to focus on the needs of the customers and perform the operational activities in a sustainable manner. The speech given by Jawaharlal Nehru in the past shows that he wished for India to be corruption free, economically strong and flourishing after gaining its independence from the British but due to various challenging elements that operate in the environment, the momentum of growth has declined but still a few leaders are making an attempt to help the citizens to rise above existing challenges.


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