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Task 1
Using the four functions of management approach, describe how you manage the day to day operations of your business activities. How can you ensure your staff continue to deliver on business goals with absolute commitment to quality.
Task 2
Suggest a possible structure for your business and highlight the benefits and relevance to the achievement of your business goals.
Task 3
Several models have been proposed explaining organisational culture. Charles Handy (1999) describes four types of culture. From the scenario above, suggest the possible culture of your business based on Handy's model and explain the importance of culture to achieving business performance.
Communication plays a key role in business. Discuss 4 ways/strategies you have adopted to ensure effective communication of information in your business and avoid conflict.


Four Functions of Management 

The four function of the management approach that helps in managing the day to day operations of the business is given below.  

Planning- Planning involves the setting of objective and determining the course of action for achieving the objective. To continue with the day to day operation there is need of planning the strategies (Norman, 2018). The managers of the business are required to identify the challenges that can affect the cleaning services and after identification of the requirements the manager can easily predict the business and economic conditions. Manager form the strategies and planning helps in allocating resources and reducing the waste.

Organizing- The responsibility of the manager is to bring together the resources that are required for the cleaning services such as human, finance and physical to accomplish the objectives. The manager assigns the work task or activities to groups or individuals and coordinates with them.

Leading- This function of management helps the manager in motivating the employees to achieve the goals and objective of the company and to maintain the quality of the cleaning services that company offers to its customers. The leader of the company communicates with the employees so effective that they can change the perspective of the employees (Klingner, Nalbandian and Llorens, 2015).

Controlling- This function is one of the important function that includes the measuring achievement related to the objective and goals of Cleaning services company. In this the manager of company establishes performance standards, comparing the actual performance with standard performance and taking corrective actions when required.

How can you ensure your staffs continues to deliver on business goals with an absolute commitment to quality

The managers of the company can analyse the level of involvement and engagement of the employees in accomplishing the goal of a company. Moreover, the manager can check the staff continuity in delivering service quality as per their commitments towards the business (Kant, 2017). The prior objective of the company is maintaining the quality of services in order to satisfy the needs of customers. Further, the manager can check the improvement in the performance of the employees which comes when they show their commitments towards the goals of the company. If there is any problem due to which the employees are not able to deliver quality in their work then the manager of the business should try to resolve the problems. Therefore, the employees of the company can contribute in the achievement of the goals.

Organisational structure 


Companies operate organization structure to generate their business hierarchies. Every company identifies the staffing to operate them efficiently and for this structure plays a vital role in determination. Different companies have different organizational structure. There are mainly 3 types of organizational structure that is Functional, divisional and matrix organizational structure. Considering the scenario, the suggested structure for the company is a Functional organizational structure in relation to size and the purpose of the company. Cleaning Service Company came into existence 10 years ago (Santos, Pache and Birkholz, 2015). Therefore, considering the size of business the company might have functional structure. Moreover, this organisational structure suits to the working of company that is to provide the cleaning service for homes, offices and commercial businesses with quality. The purpose of the company is to deliver best services at the affordable cost.

The functional organizational structure is beneficial for the company and some of the benefits are discussed below. Moreover, these benefits help the company to achieve the business goals.

  • In the Functional structure, the specialist person who has the skills and abilities guides the employees to perform the work. This helps the employees in understanding the work effectively that ultimately contribute to the accomplishment of the goals (Management Square, 2016).
  • The team members can work together in a functional structure which allows the sharing of different opinions and thoughts to help the team to learn new skills. These views and thoughts can give an advantage to the company as they can get the new idea for their business (Samiksha, 2018).
  • People enterprise is one of the major advantages of this structure as workers who has specialised skills can perform their assign work quickly, efficiently and with confidence. This will helps the employees to achieve the growth in the company. Moreover, the employee’s get motivate and retain in the company which ultimately fulfill the requirement the goals (Rothaermel, 2015).
Organisational culture 

Charles Handy (1999) presented the organizational culture and classifies into 4 major types which include power culture, task culture, person culture and the role culture.

  • Power culture- Higher authority in some organisations keeps all the powers in their hands for the all the decisions related to the business. Moreover, the higher authority further delegates the responsibility to the employees so that they can follow the directions given by the superior (Management Study Guide, 2018).
  • Task culture- In this culture, the organizations creates the team to achieve the targets and to solve the problems. Every team member contributes equally to accomplish the task assigned to them in an innovative way.
  • Person culture- Person culture is the culture where some organizations value their employees and the employees can feel their importance. In the personal culture, the people are concern about their own betterment and are not a concern for their organizations.
  • Role culture- Role culture is a culture where every employee is delegated with some responsibilities and roles considering their abilities, skills, specialization, and qualifications. Moreover, every individual employee is accountable for the work that they perform for accomplishing the goals of the company (Glisson, 2015).

The possible culture of the cleaning service business is the ‘Role culture’ considering the Handy’s model of organizational culture. Role culture is the possible structure because there are different activities that are conducted by the company in the process of cleaning services and each process is performed by the group of the team. These roles are divided considering the skills and abilities of the team. This is the effective way through which the company is able to achieve the task with quality services.

Importance of culture for business performance 

Culture plays a vital role in enhancing the performance of the business. This is the fact that the culture of the business attracts new talent. Talents Candidates will get attracted towards the well-established company culture which will become the competitive advantage for the company. Moreover, the culture of the company plays a vital role in retaining the employees within the organization. The employee retention and company culture have a direct relationship which means the strong culture encourages the people to work together which helps in improving the performance. The culture contributes in creating the loyal employees within the organization (DeMers, 2015). Moreover, the company will be able to create a unique identity in the market with the help of culture that contributes to the goodwill of the company.

Effective Communication 

Communication plays a crucial role in the business and there are different strategies and ways through which the company can ensure effective communication of information in business and can avoid conflicts.

  • Develop a communication strategy- Communication strategy will help the business in ensuring the effective communication. The company should develop an effective strategy which decides the way in which the information is going to be communicated from one person to another. This is the only way through which the company can minimize the conflicts and miscommunication that takes place at the time of communication (Cornelissen and Cornelissen, 2017).
  • Listen to the information- The manager of the business should ensure that information which they are communicating is audible to every employee. This will prevent the conflict and miscommunication in the team considering the information that was communicated to the manager.
  • Avoid jargon- Cleaning Service Company’s manager should avoid using the jargon while communicating information related to the department or operations of the company. The jargon will be understandable for those employees who know about the work very well. The new employees in the company might not be able to understand the jargon due to which they won’t be able to decode the information properly. This strategy will help the manager for effective communication (Turner, 2016).
  • Keep the message simple- The manager of Cleaning Service Company should keep the message simple with the deeper meaning in it. The simple and inspiring message will help the employees to relate and understand the information clearly. Generally, the long message takes time to understand and might also lead to the conflict among the team members (Everse, 2011). This strategy not only motivates the employees but also effectively communicate the information which helps the cleaning service company in avoiding the conflicts.
  • Getting feedback or Acknowledgement- This strategy is one of the effective strategies for effective communication in the company. Getting acknowledgment or feedback shows that the information has been communicated in an effective way to the employees. Moreover, if the employees will be bounded to reply or acknowledge they will listen to the information properly and will raise questions while the communication.


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