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1. Undertaking only minimal research, record your responses to the following hypothetical scenarios: 
(a) In a campaign for a Mercedes S-Class Saloon, targeting 60-70-year-old males, what media (traditional and new) would you suggest being used to communicate with this target audience?
(b) How would you suggest television best be integrated for a Mazda 2 hatchback campaign, with a target audience of 18-23-year-old females? 
2. Discuss the changes to the Australian media landscape that the national broadband network (NBN) will bring. 
3. Read
(a) Discuss the impact that the product placement of alcohol brands may have on younger consumers. 
(b) Identify examples of TV shows where you have noticed product placement of various brands (of any product type). Did the product placement have an impact on your eventual purchase decisions?

(a) Outline the continued importance of radio for Australian consumers. 
(b) Give reasons for and against the involvement of the ABC in the Australian media landscape.
5. (a) Why are newspaper circulations declining? 
(b) Newspapers are often criticised for blurring the boundaries between genuine news and paid content (advertising). Why are advertiser influences on news content a concern for newspapers?
6. Read
(a) What does ad-context congruity mean?
(b) Does congruity between an ad and its context improve ad memory?
7. (a) Why is out-of-home advertising expenditure growing? 
(b) Why is transit advertising an important part of out-of-home advertising? Give examples 
of transit advertising that you have noticed from your travels.
8. find two cinema advertisements and explain why you believe this medium was chosen for each campaign in question.

Targeting 60-70-year-old males: Campaign for Mercedes S-Class Saloon

Answer 1a

Mercedes should use television ads, ads on the radio, newspapers, social media ads and personal marketing to target the 60 to 70 years old males who are more exposed to television and radio ads. Mercedes have always used newspaper as a medium for giving ads to make customers aware about their products. The automobile giant can resort to car branding and bus branding so that it attracts the attention of the target audience.

Answer 1b

Television can be very integrated with the other media for a successful ad campaign of Mazda 2 hatchback campaign targeting the young female audience. Some of the ads in the television can display the details of a campaign about how they will be available on the other media like social sites and newspapers. Ads can be given before any sports tournament, any tele-films or any program meant for the young women.

Answer 2

There can be further developments in the Australian media landscape which the national broadband network will bring about in the future.  There can be new criminal prohibitions in relation to the competing superfast networks.

Answer 3a

Product placement of alcohol brands can have huge adverse effects on the young generation as they are very prone to alcohol (Noguti and Russell, 2014). Most of the ads of alcohol are given on the television either during sports tournament or any youth programs. 

Answer 3b

Two TV shows where I have noticed that product placements occur for various brands are The Gates of Hell and Picnic at Hanging Rock.

Yes, indeed, the product placements have an impact on my purchasing behavior and purchasing decisions.

Answer 4a

The consumers of Australia are influenced to a greater extent by the advertisements on the radio as it provides relaxation to them according to a survey once conducted (Johnson, 2016). Radio is still regarded as a significant medium of advertisement in Australia. The more the customers feel relaxed, the more they engage themselves to the programming content. The consumer relationship with the consumer is still strong in the country and the radio fans are very loyal to some of the radio stations they hear on a regular basis. One of the radio audience measurement provider made a report that stated that most of the Australian consumers discuss with their friends, family and other acquaintances about what they hear in the radio. The popularity of radio in the country have prompted many companies to give ads on the radio to attract consumers (Greene and Yao, 2016).  

Answer 4b

ABC has been associated with the Australian media landscape as it has become a household name in Australia and made a space in the life of the Australians. A common cultural experience is very hard to find these days and ABC has been very successful in doing so by making an association with the Australian media.

On the other hand, ABC was unable to compete with the commercial television, as the programs were very costly like the sports events. ABC was also not having any license fee and it depend fully on the Government of Australia. So it remain associated with the Australian media landscape.

Targeting 18-23-year-old females: Campaign for Mazda 2 hatchback

Answer 5a

Newspaper circulations have fallen at a remarkable rate than any other advertising media. Newspapers have lagged behind the local news channels in the television, radio, online and websites. People have become much more dependent on digital media and they do not have so much time to read newspapers. Most of the users are using smart phones these days and usage of various apps have made it easier for them to get news at once (Moreno-Munoz, et al., 2016). The circulations of newspapers have fallen due to the declining of sales.

Answer 5b

Media is highly dependent on the advertisers and they have high influences on the contents of the newspapers. This has been a concern for the media industry. The editors, writers and the correspondents have huge pressure from the advertisers. The commercial pressures on the editors have become quite obvious and this is very threatening for the media persons. Newspaper is losing its importance as a media and so the advertisers have a high control on the news content as they have multiple options in their hand. So the news are getting manipulated to a larger extent. 

Answer 6a

Ad-context congruity refers to the harmony that an ad must be having with the needs of the customers and what the marketers want to convey to the customers about their product.

Answer 6b

Ad-context congruity enhances the ad recognition of the users searching information about any product or service. Customers after seeing an ad, try to recall the context that had been shown earlier. The harmony between the ad and its context helps a customer to make a purchase after the need has been successfully conveyed to the target audience.

Answer  7a

Out-of-home advertising consists of various outdoor advertising like billboard ads, printe ads including leaflets (Kruja and Kekezi, 2013). Brochure distribution, commuter rail display, compark advertising, lamppost banner advertising and also posters are part of the out-of-home advertising. All these require a lot of expenditure because of the materials and labor. On the other hand, digital marketing is very fast  and cost effective because it is of less labor intensive and raw material is not so much needed.

Answer  7b

Transit marketing is a significant part of out-of-home marketing as it provides high visibility for any product of a company on a regular basis for the customers (Hiam, 2014). It becomes hard for a commuter travelling on a train or a bus to avoid a commercial. Transit advertising has become very popular over the traditional forms of marketing. This type of marketing takes into considerations various forms of marketing like ads on LCD screens and interactive advertisements. It takes into account the demographic aspect very well by covering not only the users who don’t have cars on their own but others also.   

Answer  8

The ad “Life.Be In It” ad in the television encouraged the Australians to set out of their house and do their exercise for a long period of 30 years. They targeted this ad for those who were spending long hours in front of computers and after returning they will be able to see the ad when they watch television.

The other ad was of Commonwealth Bank: Can. The word “can’t” randomly appeared in the outdoor and print media all across Australia. So Commonwealth Bank mysteriously launched this ad campaign and it started with a TV spot starring actress Toni Collette. The ad started rolling over the next few months to convey a message of positivity to the people. Commonwealth Bank resorted to television ad as it reached to a huge number of viewers in a very short time.


Greene, H. and Yao, D.A., 2016. Navigating Natural Monopolies: Market Strategy and Nonmarket Challenges in Radio and Television Audience Measurement Markets. In Strategy Beyond Markets (pp. 367-411). Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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Johnson, L., 2016. The unseen voice: A cultural study of early Australian radio. Routledge.

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Moreno-Munoz, A., Bellido-Outeirino, F.J., Siano, P. and Gomez-Nieto, M.A., 2016. Mobile social media for smart grids customer engagement: Emerging trends and challenges. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 53, pp.1611-1616.

Noguti, V. and Russell, C.A., 2014. Normative influences on product placement effects: Alcohol brands in television series and the influence of presumed influence. Journal of Advertising, 43(1), pp.46-62.

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