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You will select one client organisation from  the choices announced in week two. Please note: the organisations were purposefully selected due to their unique attributes and the creative opportunities they present.You are not  permitted to choose a client other than those introduced in week two.

Information is readily available from  the Internet about these organisations and the social context in which operate. Once you  have made your selection, this assessment makes provision for logical assumptions when addressing the criteria.

Product Analysis

The report helps in analysis of the promotional plan of a product which is being sold by the Tsuno Company based in Australia. The situation analysis along with both internal and external factors are required to be analysed effectively which will help in managing the different kinds of activities in an appropriate manner.

The product which is being promoted in Tsuno company is Super Tampons and the duration of the plan of promotional campaign is around twelve months. The geographic scope of Tsuno Company is Burrawang, New South Wales as this will help the company in providing the different kinds of education on menstrual processes. This is one of the promotional opportunity for Tsuno in attracting more customers towards their brand and this will be effective as well.

Tsuno Company sells different kinds of disposable along with sustainable kind of bamboo fibre sanitary pads along with organic cotton tampons. Tsuno Company is one of the social enterprises in which more than 50% profits are being donated to the charities focusing on empowering the women and providing with support for education and menstrual support as well.

Marketing Mix Analysis

Product is one of the elements of marketing mix of Tsuno Company in which the products which are being sold by the company are different sanitary napkins along with tampons which are made of bamboo fibres. New product innovation can be implemented in which there will be scented tampons which are extra-large and thicker in nature (Baker and Saren 2016).

Price is the second element of Tsuno Company in which it has been mentioned that in order to compete with the other competitors in the market, Tsuno tried to expand their range of products to widest horizon. There can be different combo packs such as one pack of tampons and pad will be offered to customers at an affordable rate.

Baker and Saren(2017) has commented that there are numerous researches in which this has been seen that pricing is the effective instrument through which the customers will be attracted towards the respective product. (Cascio et al. (2018) has commented that developing appropriate pricing strategy is complex and there are different factors on which it is dependent. The Ansoff’s matrix help in analysing the different price skimming and penetration pricing techniques.

In case of Tsuno Company, the product Super Tampons is required to be sold at a price skimming technique in which the products will be sold at a higher price to the customers at first and then the prices will be lowered after a span of time.

Price Analysis

Placeis the other element of marketing mix for Tsuno super tampons in which the products are visible to the different customers in the market. The visible stores can be one of the targets in which this will help the customers in gaining awareness regarding the brand effectively. Proper awareness of brand is required and essential in nature for the Tsuno Company as to promote the product effectively (Lidstone and MacLennan 2017).

Promotion is the last element of the marketing mix in which this has been seen that promotional activities are required to be created by Tsuno as to promote the super tampons in the entire competitive market. This has been seen that effective advertisement is one of the essential techniques which can be adopted by indulging celebrities as this will attract the target markets (Kavaratzis,Warnabyand Ashworth 2014).

Furthermore, on the other hand, blogging network can be used by Tsuno Company in which they will post the different advertisements through internet using the official website and blogs. With the help of this, this will help the customers to be aware about the products and this will be a huge promotional campaign for the company which will be effective in nature as well in the market.

Staffing and Resource Issues

There are different employees and the higher authority members who are responsible for the promotional campaign of the super tampons in the entire competitive market. The individuals who were included in the different kinds of activities related to promotional campaign are:

  • Marketing Consultantis the one who will help in consulting with the product manager in designing the product effectively as this will help the company to gain more customers (Keller 2017).
  • Product Manageris the one who will be helping in managing the different kinds of requirements such as usage of bamboo fibres in preparing the tampons and sell it in a positive manner as well (Kavaratzis 2017).
  • Marketing Communication Manager is the one who will be helping for the different control of the public relation and advertising roles. The branding of the product Super Tampons will be done by the communication manager in an effective manner.
  • Marketing Director is the one who will be responsible for the control of all the activities which are inclusive of the different kinds of communication and the branding of the products effectively.

Departments Involved in Promotional Campaign of Super Tampons

There are different departments which are involved in the promotional campaign of the super tampons in the competitive market. The creative and marketing departments are the major ones who are involved in the advertising of the products in the entire competitive market effectively (Kotler 2015). However, there are few loopholes and gap in the skills of the individuals in the respective teams such as the branding team is not being able to perform effectively as there is lack of workforce and this can affect the promotional campaign of the super tampons product in a negative manner. In order to reduce the skill gaps in the company, the external agencies are required as this will help in managing and addressing the issues effectively.

Proper external advertising and creative agencies are required to be utilized effectively by Tsuno as this will help them in making the entire process in a positive manner. Furthermore, this has been seen that the company Tsuno needs to hire the different creative directors along with web designers form external companies as this will help in managing the differences in an effective manner (Panigyrakisand Veloutsou 2015).

Place Analysis

The company Tsuno will include the different kinds of interviews based on the advertisement and different design tests along with animations which will help in selecting the candidates in an effective manner (Kavaratzis, Warnabyand Ashworth 2014).

Customer Analysis

The main target customer or the group of the customers who will be targeted for the super tampons product in the entire market will be consisting of the girls from the age group of 13-40 in the entire market as they will be the ones who will be requiring the same for their monthly usage in an efficient manner (Melewarand Skinner 2018).

There are different competitors in the market of the sanitary napkins in which this has been seen that Kotex and Stayfree are the main competitors of Tsuno and they have huge market share in the market and this is a huge issue for Tsuno as they require to introduce the tampons in such a manner which will be effective in comparison to the other competitors.

Political factor is one of the major factors in which there are no such political influences on the Tsuno company in the market of Australia.

Social factor is the other major factor which it has been seen that there is huge and growing acceptance of the different private labels by the different consumers or the target customers in the market (Piperopoulos 2016).

Economic factor is the other factor which can affect the market of Tsuno in which there is volatility in the movements of the currency and there is strong growth of GDP in emerging markets.

Environmental factor is the other factor in which wherein there should be initiative in which proper reduction in the greenhouse gases will be done effectively (Seyed-Javadin et al. 2014).

Technological factor is the factor in which social technologies are required to be taken into consideration for the collaboration of the customers effectively.

Legal factors are the factor in which this has been seen that there are different strong compliance standards for the different suppliers and the lawsuit faced over the different false claims of the product in an effective manner (Tkotz,Munckand Wald 2018).


The brand presence is good and there is high loyalty of the customers

Hold a substantial market share in the entire competitive market (McDonagh and Prothero 2014)

It is being available in different physical and online stores as well

The Tsuno Company has different and good distribution across the world


There is no such presence of the company in the rural market and promotional campaign is required to be done on the rural areas as well

There is high switching of the brand as there are too many options available for the customers

The advertising team of the company is not effective (McDaniel 2014)


The company can come up with different innovative products

Proper tie ups can be done with different clinics and hospitals

Exploration of the different rural and untapped areas in Australia

The different creative individuals from the other markets can be advantageous for the company


There are different other competitors in the market along with aggressive advertising of the companies are ineffective in nature

Other brands in the market are expanding their presence in rural areas

Market Segmentation


Age- 13- 40

Income- All Income Groups

Marital Status- Everyone

Gender- Female

Geographic Location- Both urban and rural areas


Brand preferences-The customers mainly prefer the higher valued brands in the market as this is a sensitive issue and this requires the brand which are of huge quality

Price Sensitivity – There are different price sensitivity issues which will help them the customers in selecting accordingly. In rural areas the individuals can select the different pads which are less costly yet they are hygienic in nature


Benefits Sought- There are different benefits such as providing the customers with different benefits such as there are different varieties such as super, night tampons and pads

Type of Store Preferences- The female customers prefer to purchase the same from different kinds of clinics or chemist stores (Tomczak, Reinecke and Kuss 2018)

The main target market for the Tsuno Super Tampons are the different individuals from the age group 13-40 years and this will be targeting the different rural areas along with urban areas (Scarborough 2016).

The main target audience of the Tsuno Super Tampons are the female customers who are ranging from 13-40 years of age group.

The positioning statement of Tsuno Company is: “Dry Kind of Protection You Can Touch”

Marketing Objectives

The main marketing objective for the Tsuno Company along with marketing of Tsuno Tampons in the Australian market is:

To provide the female customers in the Australian market with the extra comfort during the night hours and all day along which will attract more customers in the market.

There are different communication objectives which are required to be undertaken by Tsuno Company which will help in managing the different tasks in an effective manner.

  • To create awareness among the females in rural areas by imparting knowledge to them regarding the usage of the pads and the hygiene factor which is involved in it
  • To stimulate the want and the desire of buying tampons for the female customers in the market which will help in making the sales effective
  • To create brand awareness of the Super Tampons among the individuals in rural areas as this will help the company in gaining competitive advantage

The company Tsuno will be planning for the short-term objectives which is essential in nature in the evaluation. The different short-term sales objectives of the company are as follows:

  • To increase and achieve more than 35% of the net profit in the entire competitive market
  • To increase the sale of the super tampons in the rural areas of Australia which will be effective in nature as this will help the company in become more competitive in nature
  • To increase the awareness of the brand Tsuno Super Tampons in the market among the rural areas in Australia which will be effective


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