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Describe about An introduction to metallurgy?



The healthier device or machine is measure according to low cost maintains as well as depending on the low cost manufacturing. The barbecue is made by the help of the Stainless steel, because it is low operational cost as well as the economic rate of the material is also low and better respect of the other engineering materials (Cottrell, 1995). The construction of the barbecue is also depends some valuable factors, which are shown in below.

Accessibility of the material(should be readily available or easily creatable

Cost or Prize of the material used and (Cheaper as possible and also durable at the same time)

Stability of the material in the operational situation or environment.(Should be able to bear large amounts of thermal stress)

Often ferrite materials are used for the making of barbeque grills. The main The Stainless Steel is used for the making of the Barbecue ‘plate’. Also the materials used must be weather resistant and can be used in both extreme heat and extreme cold temperatures. The surface finishes made to the body should also be fine and smooth so that the grills mounted on top should fit perfectly. Also the presence of any unevenness can result in uneven heat distribution and lead to damage of the entire product. The material is water proof and also works on the high temperature. In most cases the temperatures used is about 230-250 degree Fahrenheit about (121 degree Celsius). The highest temperature used is about 1700 degree Fahrenheit which is about 927 degree Celsius. The melting point of the engineering material or Stainless Steel is 1500 degree Celsius, which helps to improve the basic construction of the barbecue model, hence it is a perfect choice for the body.


The computer chassis or computer case is the main part that holds the parts inside the central processing unit together. Hence it must be lightweight and durable at the same time. Most of the Computer and Laptop manufacturer are used for making the laptop and computer always by the help of the metals or plastic engineering materials.Often SECC (or steel electro galvanized, cold rolled coil)is used for the manufacture of the chassis (Smallman and Bishop, 1999). Plastic engineering materials are in very light weighted and it is also very easy to make a form or shape cy the help of moulding procedure. The thickness of the plastic determines the durability and also the price of the case. The metals are used for some basic purposes because the cost of the metals are very high as well as weight respect of the other engineering materials for making the computer and laptop. Due to the issues of cost and effectiveness only four materials can be considered:

Aluminium- Aluminium is durable. Another important property of aluminium is that it is greatly ductile; hence it is quite easily beaten into sheets. It is highly corrosion resistant.

Thermoplastic polymer- The dictionary defines thermoplastic polymer as soft solid that changes its form irreversibly when exposed to 200 Celsius and through a suitable (Kerrod, 2002). Due to this property they can be easily set into moulds to form their required shape.

Mild steel- It also has durability and malleability and is also cheaper than that of aluminium. But still aluminium wins the race because aluminium is more malleable than steel. Another disadvantage is that is often quite heavy due to its high density.

Titanium-This is the most expensive one of the lot as it is the one that provides the maximum amount of strength and durability and it is also difficult to beat it into sheets because of its huge strength.It also has the highest corrosion resistance and not easily prone to cracks. Often the cases made with titanium are used in military equipment.


The best engineering material for making the computer and laptop is the alloy of the Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene or ABS plastic and Polycarbonate or PC (Fiell and Fiell, 2009). The mixture of the ABS and PC is the best materials for the computer and laptopbecause the cost of construction is quite low. The combination of the two gives a more lightweight solution on the construction because the addition of the polycarbonate to ABS reduces its density. Another important point to mention is that the strength required to break ABS is around 30-65 Mpa while that of ABS+PC is 60Mpa. This tells us that ABS has more of a fluctuating value of the yielding stress (the greater the thickness the greater is the yielding strength).

For this section, we selecting the above case study or Task 1 (a). In this section the barbecue is consist by the help of the Stainless Steel respect of the other engineering materials. For a material to be used as an engineering material, it must have a few qualities like cheap construction, strength and durability in terms of heat produced (i.e. it should be able to withstand large changes in temperature and also not get deformed under the process) and also on the maintenance costs incurred on the grill itself (Dasgupta, 2012). In other words, the installation cost of the used material is low respect of the others engineering materials. The construction of the barbecue by the help of engineering material is also depending on some common factors, which are already discussed in above section of the paper.

The selecting engineering material or Stainless Steel is mouldedand also form a barbecue, which is used in outside of the home for that reason the selecting material is so useful because Stainless Steel is water proof (and also weather proof). The Stainless Steel is also helpful for the above mention case study because the constructed barbecue is operated or burns by the help of the LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Charcoal. The burning temperature of the charcoal is in range of 7000 degree Celsius or 900 degree Celsius and flaming temperature of LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas is depends on the compressed gas (Kerrod, 2002). The flaming temperature of the LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas is different in range according to the nature of the compressed gas such as, normal house hold LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (mixture of Propane Butane) is 1970 degree Celsius when it’s burning with air or normal condition. And respect of the combustion of the charcoal and LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas, the melting point of selecting engineering material or Stainless Steel is 1500 degree Celsius, which is quite good respect of Mild Steel and Aluminium. TheSelecting engineering material or Stainless Steel is containing low carbon and large amount of chromium contents. For that reason the burning of fuel (LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas) or charcoal are having low capitulate strength and also having great amount of elongation authorizes, which is successfully outward appearance of composite size or shape.

In the barbecue cooking gates or grids are for grill the food or meat, which is in the surface of the barbecue (Moniz, 1994). It is also this part that is directly in contact with the flames at all times and hence the most common partto get damaged quite easily.Also the thickness of the grills is also under debate. The thicker they are the lesser amount of heat iscoming in contact with the meat that is cooked. Hence in other words, thinner grills mean better cooked food and thicker ones means that the food is lesser cooked. The materials used for the cooking surface or more specifically the grills have to be-

(a)Strong and resilient to thermal stresses,

(b) It should be able to transfer heat quickly and efficiently,

(c) It should be durable,

(d) It should keep the food from sticking to each other.

Hence the materials considered for this process are the cast iron, porcelain coated cast iron, stainless steel, and porcelain coated steel. Now we often prefer cast iron grills because they are resistant to high temperatures. Hence they can cook the food quite quickly and easily. But it not free from all troubles. The cast iron ones tend to emit a lot of heat. They should be taken care of by proper oiling and greasing. But due to the high amount of heat emittedby them, they can burn off all the grease applied (Smallman and Bishop, 1999). Hence they need to be checked regularly for rusting by keeping them clean. A good quality cast iron grills can last for years if taken care of properly. Next we come to porcelain cast iron grills. They are quite cheap and come with various qualities. These ones are good but they come with their share of troubles. The cheap ones often tend to chip away due to wear and tear and expose the metal beneath. Now due to the constant presence of moisture and tend to rust the metals beneath the coating. Also once you use the porcelain ones we have to keep in mind of not scrubbing and hence removing the upper cover of porcelain and exposing the metal beneath.Now we come to stainless steel grates. Their advantage is in the fact they are quite easy to maintain and clean. They can never be rusted and are completely immune to any sort of corrosion.They are also cheaper than cast iron grills. The grill marks on the food come out to be very good. They are very durable and can last decades with proper care. But all is not roses with Stainless steel grills.They have a disadvantage of not being able to have the same amount of heat retentive capacities of cast iron (cast iron can hold more amount of heat). They can develop black colour due to the oxidation of the alloy at the contact with the food being cooked.Lastly we come to the porcelain coated stainless steel ones (Doré and Others, 2010). They also like their steel counterparts do not to rust. But due to the porcelain coating care has to be taken while cleaning them. No excess force should with hard substances as it can scrape of the porcelain coating.By the help of the cooking gates or grids the foods are easily grill but if we use iron gates or iron grids respect of Stainless Steel grids or gates then food are making with healthy because when iron grids or iron gates are used in barbecue then foods are containing more acidity respect of the Stainless Steel gates or grids. Hence taking into consideration all the pros and cons about the materials available we can safely take Stainless steel to be the best of the lot.



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