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Background of the Organization and Industry

Your team is required to write a marketing communications plan for a fast-moving consumer good (consumer packaged good) of your choice for the Singapore market for a six-month campaign. The assignment should specify both the brand as well as the specific product (e.g. MILO ready-to-drink carton packs). The assignment has two parts: (A) Oral Presentation; and (B) Written Proposal.

The marketing communications proposal should include at least these SIX components:

1. Background of organization and industry: Provide a brief profile of the company to explain the nature and scope of the business. Briefly outline key factors in the industry that may be pertinent to your proposal.

2. Communication Objectives: This section should begin with the statement of Marketing objectives. Communication objectives, drawn from the marketing objectives, are subsequently defined. Objectives should be SMART (i.e. specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-framed).

Your recommendations will be measured against their likely effectiveness to accomplish these.

3. Target audience profile: Offer a succinct description of the target audience (in terms of behaviourgraphic, demographic, psychographic, and/or geodemographic characteristics). It is imperative that the recommendation on your marketing communication mix be directed at this group. (Since this is an ad campaign, the focus is on target audience and not target market, the latter of which may be a broader segment or a combination of segments.)

4. Positioning: Provide a benefit-centred positioning statement and positioning map.

5. IMC Program: Recommendations on Message & Media represent the most important component.

Message: This section identifies the most differentiating and motivating message about the brand-and-product that can be delivered to the target audience. Focus on:

Brand benefit(s)

The Big Idea”/Creative idea that promotes the key benefit

Creative execution

One sample of creative execution (e.g. storyboard, webisode, print ad)

Executional consistency

Media: Selection of media channels and media vehicles, with a report of the following.

Media objectives: reach, frequency, weight, GRPs/TRPs, timing

Behavioural sequence modelling or Communication effects modelling

Media calendar

6. Budget & Evaluation: Suggest budget allocation by media or other approach. Indicate when and how campaign will be evaluated for effectiveness and/or efficiency.

Application of the integrated marketing communication plan is hitherto been considered as one of the most intrinsic approaches of business development. Peñaloza and Venkatesh (2010) seems to have strategically mentioned that the main target of this type of communication attribute is not only to promote the product or to promote the organizational ethics, at the same time this helps in developing of the market orientation for an organization. The market communication planning is basically a concept of oriental management. This specific research work is focusing on the genuine factors of market development and communication plan. In this research work the researcher is going to focus on the marketing strategy taken by Unicharm Corporation in order to market Sofy Night Pad in Malaysia.

Sofy Night Pad is one of the integrated products of Unicharm Corporation, hails from Japan which is basically a chemical company has been specialized in producing of diapers both for the babies and adults. In 2001 the organization had been checked to producing the most hygienic products by UN (Möller and Saren, 2009). It topped in 2011 among the other diaper manufacturers of Japan. In 2013 the company has acquired around ¥43.12 billion by selling their products over different Asian countries. The organization seems to have recorded of having around 10,300 employees in different manufacturing and marketing departments working across the world. Among the other brands of Unicharm save Sofy are Lifree, MamyPoko. Blattberg et al. (2009) has identified the company of developing different pet foods, nappies and toiletries as well. It is sure that the organization has developed all through these years which have paved ways for gathering marketing aspects for the organization (Brodie et al. 2008). The social value of the organization is also literally effective which helps the organization to have developed and attaining the customers’ attention. Application of the different marketing strategy is really essential to attain the market orientation for the organization.

Communication Objectives

Pels et al. (2008) specifies that as the organizational ethics are potentially managed in the coming days to cop up with the demand of the market place, the organization can attain the market benefits. It is to be mentioned that the organizational ethics are the most corporate logistics that needs to be fulfilled by Unicharm Corporation. The conditional approaches of the organization are helpful which needs to be managed and attained. The most potential approaches of the organizational ethic of Unicharm Corporation are to let the customers feel great even in the most disturbing situations. The ethical approach to maintain a healthier prospect, the products of Unicharm Corporation is literally ahead of other consistent available products of the market place.

Unicharm Corporation has aimed of conducting a ix month campaign across Malaysia to let the product and the organization to be familiar by the common people. The basic approach of marketing objectives for Unicharm Corporation is to maintain a unique communication with the other companies as well. The organization targets in entertaining the market orientation. For this approach the organization targets at SMART objectives which comprises of specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time framed approaches of the organization (Pelsmacker et al. 2009).

Specific: The company has to be specific in their approaches about the product. As Unicharm Corporation wants to launch Sofy Night Pad in Malaysian market place, the focus is needed to be centered on the product’s genuineness and has to fulfill the demand of the customers of the market place. As the product is normally manufactured for the women, the target has to be specifically determined and needed to be brushed properly.

Measurable: The approach of the company and its prospect is needed to be measurable. The total target of financial benefit is needed to be measurable and sophisticated. How much the market can be sophistically managed is also a matter of significant attribute.

Achievable: The targeted market approach needs to be managed properly which has to be managed properly. Unicharm Corporation has to target for the long term achievements which are needed to be uniquely achievable (Peñaloza and Venkatesh, 2010).

Realistic: The realistic market approach of acquiring the Malaysian market management is not so much identical. Therefore, Unicharm Corporation has to be realistic in its approaches so that it can manage the organizational and marketing ethos.

Time Frame: As it has already been mentioned earlier that the campaign will be run for 6 months in different parts of Malaysia, it is expected that it will bring a high result for making a significant market penetration for the organization.

The targeted audience for this campaign is the women who generally need to go out for professional works. Although the company with this product targets a specific group of customers o the market later it is aimed to include all women of the Malaysian society. For this purpose application of the behaviourial approach is literally important. The behaviourial segment of the market place helps in managing the organizational ethos.

Target Audience Profile

Berry and Yadav (2008) seem to have mentioned that application of the communication mix in this approach is really essential. Unicharm Corporation may prefer digital and handy advertisements to let more people to be attracted to the products. Attention of the public relation is really helpful which helps in managing more conditional approaches of business for Sofy in Malaysian market place. Unicharm Corporation may also focus on expanding on the sales promotions as well. On the other hand, personal selling is also an option to be managed for making the market (Peñaloza and Venkatesh, 2010).

The communication approach of the organizational ethics is very much essential that helps in managing the ethical approaches. Although the broader sense of markeing approaches is helpful in the developing of the organizational and marketing ethos of the organizational benefits.

Biraghi and Gambetti (2013) presumed that positioning is an essential part as well as the effective for launching the new product in a particular region. Therefore, the company Sofy tries to positioning their new products Sofy Night Pad into the market of Singapore. In order to position the new product, Sofy has to provide information through several questions to their target audiences such as what do you do? Therefore, the management or the advertise department of the company has to play important role in order to position the products on consumer mind (Danaher and Rossiter, 2011). However, in terms of positioning the new products of Sofy in the Singapore market, organisation has to maintain the following fundamentals –

  • Understand the single greatest influence about the customer’s buying behaviour
  • Evaluate the product according to the mental map of customers such as use of incredible tagline like feel free wherever you go

  • Apart from that, for positioning the product Sofy has to demonstrate the relevance of products such as usability benefits among others, credibility, supportability, factual terms, etc.

Therefore, Davidson (2013) argued that positioning statement is also another aspect that affect the brand value on the consumers, mind. There are several aspect of positioning statement that clearly identifies the credibility as well as volubility of new product (O'Donnell and Rice, 2012). Following positioning statement will be the effective method that compelling and important for Sofy Night Pad in Singapore market especially to the target audiences –

  • The new Sofy Nught Pad innovative and has extra dry sheet that make comfortable to the user

  • The extra dry sheet especially design for liquid absorption quickly into the napkin

  • The new Sofy Night Pad is design with top sheet that minimizes the contact of skin from moisture. It make the spot dry and feel comfortable.

Figure 1: Positioning Map

(Source: Nieddu et al., 2010, pp- 2358)

Message: In order to launch the new product, the company Sofy developed string message format. The company provides printed advertise poster from small to large. For small ad poster, company used 11” * 17” for medium 18” x 24” and for large 24” x 36”. In order to make the ad, the communicator design a impressive headline “use Sofy Night Pad and feel comfortable (Filipovic, 2013). Therefore, in terms of designing the message, the communicator used very attractive colour such as green, red, pink, violet, etc. Apart from that, Sofy involved Maria Sarapova in order to advertise their product through TV channel. The visualization and quality also clearly mentioned by the communicator during advertise (Fuchs, Ricci and Cantoni, 2012).

Media: In order to promote as well as position the product, communicator such as Sofy used non personal communication channels including media (Morrison and Conaway, 2012). Following table shows the media that consists Sofy Night Pad ads in the market of Singapore –

Media Name


Print Media

Magazines, direct mail, news paper, press released, Press kit etc (Kerr and Drennan, 2010).

Electronic Media

Video Tapes, Web Page, Social Media, Audio Tapes, etc, Google add word, podcast, blog and RSS feed (Mackert, 2012).

Broadcast Media

Television, Radio, Satellites

Event and Trade Shows

Event Sponsorship, travel and accommodation, signage and collateral, client or prospect entertainment, trade promos (Moore, 2012).



Public Relations


Press Releases


Press Kits

 $ 450.00




 $ 450.00


Mobile, Online and Web Marketing


Online Advertising Design

 $ 5,400.00

Google AdWords Program

 $ 31,600.00

Website Development, Hosting, Updates

 $ 5,500.00

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Organic

 $ 4,150.00

Social Media Management - Facebook/Twitter/Youtube

 $ 5,850.00


 $ 900.00


 $ 1,370.00

Blog and RSS Feed

 $  2,550.00


 $ 57,320.00



Advertising Design

 $ 4,800.00

Print Advertising Placements

 $ 3,050.00

Radio, TV, Outdoor Adverts

 $ 500.00

Point of Purchase





 $ 8,350.00

Events and Tradeshows


Event Sponsorships

 $ 7,500.00

Travel & Accomodations

 $ 19,000.00

Signage & Collateral

 $ 3,700.00

Audio/Vidieo Equipment

 $ 6,000.00

Client/Prospect Entertainment

 $ 5,000.00

Trade Promos (USB Pens, Hats, etc)

 $ 6,000.00


 $ 47,200.00

Direct Marketing


Graphic Design

 $ 14,600.00

Direct Mail Program

 $ 22,000.00

Email Marketing System (Hosted i.e. Constant Contact

 $ 6,000.00

Email Marketing List Purchases

 $ 10,000.00

Customer Surveys

 $ 600.00


 $ 53,200.00



Public Relations

 $ 450.00

Mobile, Online and Web Marketing

 $  57,320.00


 $  8,350.00

Events and Tradeshows

 $ 47,200.00

Direct Marketing

 $ 53,200.00


 $ 1,66,520.00

% of TOTAL


Table 1: Summary of the detail budget for the first Year

Total cost

Percentage of cost


 $ 36,950.00

22.2 %


 $ 25,470.00

15.3 %


 $ 23,200.00

13.9 %


 $ 21,100.00

12.7 %


 $ 7,950.00

4.8 %


 $ 8,400.00

5.0 %


 $ 8,400.00

5.0 %


 $ 9,950.00

6.0 %


 $ 3,700.00

2.2 %


 $ 7,250.00

4.4 %


 $ 7,150.00

4.3 %


 $ 7,000.00

4.2 %


Table 2: Monthly composition of expenses for first year

Figure 1: Monthly composition of expenses for first year

From the above diagram, it has been seen that, the company has to invest more in the first four month after starting or launching the products in Singapore market. After four months, the investment of the company will low. It indicates that the company will start to make profit after four month. Details of the budget for this marketing communication plan for Sofy Night Pad in Singapore market has been mentioned clearly in the appendix.


This study explained the marketing communication plan for Sofy Night Pad in the Singapore Market. The company Sofy has already established their business in the First Moving Consumer Goods industry. Therefore, now they wanted to launch new product and target market is Singapore. SMART objectives has been analysed that clearly demonstrate the marketing communication objectives for Sofy Night Pad. Analyst represent the positioning map for the product from the point of view of Singapore Market. Integrated Marketing Communication has been discussed also in this study. Non-personal communication channels are used for communication or promoting the brand of Sofy. 

Reference List

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