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Performance Objectives

Identify the component activities for an organisation 'ARGOS' then evaluate the performance objectives used by each and critically examine and suggest ways in which the performance could be improved?

With the involvement of people, there are companies like Argos which has been found by the retail groups to manage and sell products under the distinctive way to the different retailing brands. As per the organisational management, one can see there is an opening which is reviewed to analyse the performance benchmarks and trying to award a better responsibility which will upgrade and help in achieving successive accomplishments in the company. Argos has tries to progressively meet the golden bands with a successive and successful investment to the companies which have a better retailing growth. The funds which are raised in the business try to successfully manage and try to gain all the slots which could lead to development in the department. (Lam et al., 2015). Argos organisation try to look forward how the management I being organised so that there is a flourishing flow leading to the management of the cost of labour with a sufficient attempt, according to what they deserve.

In order to improve the performance to work in the organisation, it is important for Argos to take care of some of the basic features:

It is important the product should have a better quality which could be helpful for improving the technology to a great extent. (Liu et al., 2015). For the better service, it becomes important that there are specifications which conform mainly to some of the points:

Argos should focus on how to improve the quality and for this there needs to be certain procurement procedures which will help in analysing the responsibilities and performing a routine program to withhold and support better compliance throughout. The agreement needs to be developed and make it possible for the suppliers and the departments to develop all the solutions which could improvement the QA management system of the company. The conflict that the operations generally are affected because of the better quality is correct mainly as the customers who are consuming them want to have it at its best. For this, Argos should take care that there is a foundations of non-profitable organisation which will help in satisfying the approach and settling down the revenue cost to manage the quality of the product. (Guajardo & Rönnqvist, 2015). The quality generally focuses on how to improve the speed and maintain the cost and cut down all the dependability on alternatives which could be harmful for the consumers.

As per the response of the customers, it is possible to analyse the quality of the product and the services that are being provided to the people.

The company always tries to supply chains to challenge the performance objectives and so it try to improve the speed and saving time. The reduction in the number of the trailers, significantly lead to a reduction in the traffic which is generally noticed at the backdoor of RDC’s. With certain positive and negatives, we come up with certain inflicts:

  • There are external problems when the customer are responded to their issues. Speedy solving of the same with let a downfall to the services and the name so it is important to manage the organisation and try to incorporate all the service charges for delivering that product, properly.

  • The effects in Argos certainly have problem with cost. Some of the areas are inventories as well as risk reduction wherein the manufacturing generally applies to the cost reduction.


For the organisation to manage properly, it is important to work on time and try to help the customers to give assurance that the product will have in-time delivery and they can easily rely on the company if they want to order anything.

  • The external factors generally try to focus on how to increase the chain supply management and trying to improve the dependency of the customers on Argos. With the UPS as a reputed company, the people have started opting for it as they are able to give speedy submission of the product. This shows their efficient management skills which are important for bringing a hike in the supply. (Startdler, 2015).

  • The internal dependency in Argos generally comes when they are able to save enough time by delivering the product to the right customer properly, thereby, maintaining stability. This will surely improve the reliability and the customers will have speedy orders from such organisation. Think before promising any customer rather than just ignoring and looking for orders without knowing that you have enough capability to do it or not. (Kolinski & Sliwczynski, 2015).

With more reliability, there comes a flexibility which is helpful to approach to bring a change in the operations and trying to uphold the volume and the delivery of the product to an extent that Argos is completely able to satisfy his customers.

The company tries to attain flexibility by attaining a better supply chain solution which will be able to validate and receive the best consignment in time. The consolidation with the orders and the delivery system are able to bring in a change as the goods are delivered in time and properly.

The Argos generally try to direct to a wider variety to develop a better product, thereby,, incorporating certain ideas which will be helpful to make the services proper to a better and large extent. (Barratt et al., 2011).The internal matters are mainly which affect the objective of the performance mainly the speed and the response which will have dependability on the various operations.

The cost is generally set as per the structural development of the organisation. (Akkerman et al., 2010). Keeping in mind the cost and the performance, there is a relevance to manage the operations and handling all the above factors in Argos with proper rewards and appreciation for the loyalty of the workers.

Approach has been made leading mainly to decentralisation which will have the organisational management done in a proper manner. The procedure of the development generally tries to improve the product and its delivery services so that there are no disappointing feedbacks for the same. There are certain pay-offs in a hierarchical manner which successively depend on dealing with keeping the chain for maintaining the work of the management and the system properly, with all the attributes intact. (Pienaar & Vogt,2012).

The centralisation for goods which are important generally have an automation which could lead to freeing all the resources, thereby, leading to the efficient operational cost and trying to improve the productivity which will have an overall availability in the product, thereby, trying to emphasise more on how to reach for a better centralisation. Accordingly to the analysis, it has been seen that the management growth has been set-up more on a communicative basis which is able to maintain the hierarchy to manage the communication, thereby, setting up altruistic approach for setting up the company properly. With a proper distribution which generally leads to a proper implementation and management in the real time monitoring scheme. The tracking and the increment in the reliability generally has the major control over the key features which try to evaluate and change the control over the distribution. The e-commerce modelling and retailing has a wider approach to satisfy the customers, thereby, trying to save in the time and the cost which will improve the efficiency and the effectiveness with which the group of the people are involved for a better display.  The feature on phone is easy to operate and could be regulated anywhere and by any group which will be convenient too. (Fry et al., 2015). Analysing what is more important for the areas, there are some training schemes which mainly have a belief that the staffing policies look forward towards a more determined status which could help them achieving skills that would help them in work commitment.


With the contest and every event, there is always a chance to flourish in a better way and try to come up to the public. (Chandes & Paché, 2010). One should aim high to publish catalogues which will help in improvement of the technologies and reduction of wastage of time. There will be more flexibilities and easy real time updation in the production sale channel which is trying to be more efficient. The efficiency to operate and direct put in all the sales is at its best in Argos along with notification for assistance in the stock of the product at the stores. This will certainly help in collaborating and managing all the products and other operations of the business along with a leading growth.

Through the use of internet, one can be sure how to bring collaboration in work along with managing better tactics for the companies to elaborate the productivity plans. Some of the communities are interested in sharing plans which can focus more on how to manage with challenges that come in their way. (Dekker et al., 2012).

For better marketing, Argos generally direct to the Manhattan Management which will have a better system to the organisation. The increment in the efficiency and the reduction in the cost are the best way to improve the company and try to meet the real time approach for better inventory and activities. The gain through which the competition could be incremented always  lead to the efficiency, where the people are involved in the same and look forward to have a lot of scope where they can decide what is best for them. (Nahmias & Ohlsen, 2015).

To improve the quality of work, there are certain people involved to manage the roles in the organisation and bringing it to a success:

  • Customer: The most important person who is responsible for putting in the efforts and trying to highlight that it is the customer who makes all the impact on the people.

  • Suppliers: The operations are generally made to prosper in the organisation when they are effectively able to manage the give and take policy on time. (Urgen & Forslund, 2015).

  • Shareholders: The people who try to take the operations of the goods and services have to take care about their business and make sure that there are able to prosper with a better record and lead to major benefits.

  • Employees: The Company is liable to the changes in the future and it is the responsibility of each and every employee to make better relations with the customers to bring their sales to a better extent. (Jacobs et al., 2010).

  • Society: Argos try to focus on the responsibility laid on with regard to the environmental changes so that there is a better impact on how the operations could behave properly and have a large change to the organisation.


With the advent of different technologies being emerging, one could see that there are times and work which generally tend for misbalance in the organisation and setting up towards a better leading environment. There are some who try to destruct the organisation and so for them it becomes impossible that there is a possibility of growth and knowledge. As per the knowledge schemes, it has been seen that some teams try to come up for working and implementing more on the welfare of the customers. (Sharda & Voß, 2015). Some areas of supervision claim to constitute some ranges which prefer to lay off a better approach and analysing what is better to be put up for implementing the innovative efforts in the company.


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