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Why this topic is important

The objective of the report is to focus on discussing about the importance of leadership for new digital age. Leaders in digital have holds the power to inspire, lead others, engage and to develop better clarity. It can be stated that the need to build better communication is crucial as this helps in bringing better innovation capabilities.  With the help of leadership qualities new digital age can be introduced. It is creating for involvement and contribution from everyone. In this paper the discussion will be on understanding the way leadership can bring better change in introducing digital age.

Why you deem this topic to be of importance.

The topic selected is considered to be important as this helps in understanding the role of leadership in introducing a new digital age. The digital age follows essential leadership styles which allows better way of organizing the operations. Leaders are responsible for building and designing system which helps in creating inclusive future for everyone. It can be stated that the utilization of leadership qualities helps in achieving better performance. Leadership is important for new digital age as this helps in introducing better legacy towards the system. Th leaders are capable of approaching problems with open mind and curiosity towards work (Berghaus and Back 2016). The topic helps in exploring the way leadership can help in managing the operations in digital age. Currently, every organization operates with digital strategies. It becomes very important to understand the way leadership can bring better operational functionality in the digital age. The analysis represents that better cutting edge can be obtained by the leaders with their efforts. With the help of the selected research topic detailed understanding regarding the leadership contribution in the new digital age can be understood.

How this topic has developed?

The current world is stepping into digital age. Digital age requires proper support and contribution from the leaders so that they can achieve their target. The topic is developed after understanding and considering the importance of need for leadership in digital age. The topic aims at gaining insight on the fact that traditional industries are going rapid transformation for managing and enhancing their operations. It has been observed that online marketplaces and digital platforms are introduced with the perspective to improve business operations. It has been observed that the concept of digitization has helped in growing rapidly in the current times. The topic provides with the capability to explore and analyse the different aspects associated with leadership (Della Corte, Del Gaudio and Sepe 2019). The key components associated with leadership for new digital age is also going to be discussed. It is expected that a detailed understanding can be obtained with the help of this topic. Digital business has the opportunity to grow better as compared to traditional businesses. This utilizes innovative approaches for the purpose of introducing new products. It is expected that the digital business can help in achieving better functionality.

Development of the topic

A detailed description of the technology used in this topic and what it is used for?

Digital business utilizes technology for creating new value in business. This offers with the ability to bring better customer experience and internal capabilities for managing core operations. Digital business has focused on bringing cultural shifts which ensures that all necessary digital services are being aligned successfully (Utomo et al. 2020). In this topic, the focus is to understand the importance of leadership in new digital business. Leaders are responsible for creating strategies which can offer better management capabilities. It is expected that the use of technology ensures that better operations within business. For setting up new digital business, technologies such as internet of things, e-commerce and electronic processing is being used (Kane et al. 2019). The leader must hold clear knowledge associated with business so that operations can be enhanced.  The way technology is going to reduce workload must be evaluated by the company. As a responsible leader, it is important to manage and handle digital transformation in creating new business. Leadership helps in making firm decision which can bring better enhancement within the business operations. The need to have a proper idea regarding the digital transformation becomes crucial.

What technological platforms and software are used in the topic e. What type of business and organisation uses the technology?

Digital business idea is introduced with the perspective to bring better efficiency. Digital business utilizes social media marketing tools, SEO tools and conversion optimization tools for managing the operations. It can be stated that the proper implementation of the approaches can help in managing operations efficiently. Business must focus on integrating proper strategies which can provide better opportunities for dealing with digital business strategies. Leadership quality needs to be integrated with the perspective to manage the business operations (de Araujo et al. 2021). While transferring the operations to digital platform, it can be observed that the need to understand important elements are crucial. A digital business needs proper alignment of the business requirements.

What type of business and organisation uses the technology?

Digital business is widely used in almost every organization. By transforming the business into a digital business, it is expected that maximum number of customers can be gained. This offers with the ability to enhance the profit margin as well for business. For example, Amazon, flipkart and Walmart has adapted digital business strategies for enhancing their customer base. The use of IoT technology and social media platform in Amazon and Walmart offers with the ability to manage and organize the business needs (Della Corte, Del Gaudio and Sepe 2019). Every business can transform their business by transforming all the core operations from physical to digital.

Technology used in the topic and its purpose

How is it used as a business tool and is this effective?

Digital business is developed by the implementation of digital infrastructure. The adoption of collaborative tool helps in achieving better efficiency and effectiveness. The way digital business is introduced is through process transformation, domain transformation, business model transformation and organizational transformation (Ismail, Khater and Zaki 2017). The need to understand major elements of digital transformation is very crucial for setting up the new business.

2.1 Relation to this course content and discussion on the nature of the relationship between digital technologies and both old and newly emerging theories on business and management structures and practices?

Leadership is considered to be very important as this helps in managing operations. Leadership qualities in introducing new digital business is considered to be very important as this offers better navigation capability. Digital transformation in the current society is considered to be very crucial. This helps in staying competitive and agile in the market. The need to align the business digital strategy with the general business strategy is important (Berghaus and Back 2016). This cannot be developed without proper recognition from the leaders. The need to manage the leadership qualities is very important for understanding the digital needs. From the analysis, it can be stated that digital business idea helps in changing the way operations are being handled. The benefit ranges from increasing innovation by having a better use of business data. Digital technologies ensures that better way of having customer experience can be obtained (Kane et al. 2019). Digital technology offers a huge growth in terms of business perspective as well. The business productivity can be increased with the help of proper strategy and structures. The different factors associated with the digital transformation, it can be stated that digital technology has the potential to bring new changes and the efficiency within the company’s business model. This also helps in bringing better way of dealing with employees and executives. Digital innovation is a report to the application of digital technology we are over the existing business of problems. The use of digital innovations will allow the business to work on the existing models for having a better innovative approach. It is the responsibility of the leader to understand the areas of concern so that appropriate procedure can be implemented for bringing in a functional (Kreutzer, Neugebauer and Pattloch 2017). Digital technology is very important. It is important for business management structure and operation of technology which offers with the potential to add better advantage towards the business strategy.

Technological platforms and software used

According to Larjovuori, Bordi and Heikkilä-Tammi (2018), digital technologies have a strong relation between old and newly emerging theories on business. This helps in managing structures and practices associated with business. The management theories which are being used within businesses for dealing with the operations are bureaucratic theory, behavioural management theory, scientific management theory and human relations theory. The use of emerging theories can create influence over the business performance. It is expected that the operations need to be managed for the purpose of dealing with business needs. The digital technologies need to have both old and newly emerging technologies for practicing the operations.

The management theories which help in offering business operations are discussed below:

  • Scientific management theory: scientific management theory is introduced with the perspective to focus on achieving maximum work efficiency by identifying optimal way to carry out the task.
  • Human relations theory: the theory focuses on designing and productivity which is it the foundation for human relations movement (Neubauer, Tarling and Wade 2017).
  • System management theory: The theory focuses on asserting the business Which consists of four multiple components that needs to work together.
  • Contingency management theory:The theory is developed to meet the focus of manager approach which works for every organisation.

 Popular Management

Source: (Neubauer, Tarling and Wade 2017)

It can be stated that the responsibility of leaders is to ensure that all necessary features are being incorporated within the digital business. The introduction of new digital business must be aligned with the emerging theories of business and management (Utomo et al. 2020). The relation which lies between the digital technologies and business management practices is the fact that the changes due to digital technology will completely influence the way business management is being carried out. The introduction of digital platform within business operations and allows a better way of interacting with customers. These also provides opportunity to transform the internal processes. Digital and evaluation really helps in managing research on the basis of a digital business perspective. These utilises different opportunities for handling the related terms so that digital business can be introduced successfully (B?e?u and Bejinaru 2020). The need to focus on managing business operation in a proper manner is crucial. The 4c’s of leadership styles plays a very crucial role in digital age. It is important for every organization to understand the most suitable leadership styles. These will help in developing the operations in a much more efficient manner. It is expected that businesses will be capable of Transforming into digital businesses structure (Sainger 2018). The 4c’s of leadership are commander, collaborator, cocreator and communicator. It is important to utilise the leadership strategies so that it can help in offering better changes within internal and external imperatives of business.


Source: (Wasono and Furinto 2018)

According to the analysis, leadership qualities have the potential to bring better innovation in the times of a digital transformation. It is very important for a leader to manage operations efficiently so that they can achieve a better working structure (Wasono and Furinto 2018). The utilisation of proper digital transformation and leadership qualities helps in announcing efficiency and productivity, helps in enabling cost saving capabilities, offers opportunity to meet the need of customer expectation and also helps in staying ahead of the competition. It is observed that with the proper implementation of strategies and business theories create better transformation of business operation. The digital innovation theories which help in bringing a difference include digital technology and application towards improving the existing business processes for achieving better efficiency (Kane et al. 2015). The digital transformation theories which are introducing within business is for bringing better operational functionality and cultural theory, managerial theory, development theory and procedural changes in the organisation perspective and operation completely.

Businesses and organizations using digital technology


The researcher aims at discussing the importance of leadership for new digital business. Digital business and the way technologies will offer better way of managing operations and attracting. After successful execution of the paper, it can be stated that transformation of business into digital technology is one of the most significant components. With better opportunity and business operations, new digital business can be developed efficiently. Leadership qualities are considered to be very important as this helps in developing the business operations efficiently. The way digital business has been supporting digital business is being discussed in the report. It can be stated that without proper implementation of leadership qualities, digital operations can be managed.


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