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Once student select their project, they need to do in-depth analysis for the project to complete SRS document and then develop MS Access prototype relate with your selected project. Students need approval from lecture / tutor for their project.
Description: Students have to submit:

1. The SRS Document (Templates are available on MOODLE):
a) Project introduction
b) Functional and non-functional requirements
c) An appropriate diagrams e.g. storyboards, mock-ups etc.
d) Project goals, objectives, target audience etc.
e) Technical assumptions and constraints.

Students should also pursue the following steps to complete SRS Document: 
a. Required diagrams e.g. Context Diagram, ERD, DFD-L0 etc. (First Version)
b. Proper References.
c. Well written, properly formatted, correct grammar, no spelling mistakes etc. document.
d. Length of the document between eight to ten A4 pages.
e. Also, document presentation suitable for an external client.

2. The Access prototype should include (Reference, week 01 LAB DB File and available on
a) The prototype will have a splash page at the start.
b) All the tables and attributes properly documented and structured.
c) Enough functionality to see the prototype working.
d) The corresponding reading and writing forms for the tables. 


 WareSphere is an online shopping platform specifically designed to sell computers, computer parts and computer accessories. This Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document describes this platform, the requirements it is supposed to meet, its goals and objectives and finally the target audience. To get the requirement needed, the problem to be solved is described in detail. Under introduction we will discuss the following subtopics: purpose, scope, references and overview.

  1. Purpose

This SRS document describes in detail the WareSphere the consumer requirements that are being satisfied by the project. WareSphere is a global online shopping platform, this means as we define the consumer requirements we must consider it at a global level. This means that despite where you purchase your computer product from, WareSphere should be able to deliver. In this document, we will also try to predict requirements that may arise in future. The document also defines features that consumers expect to see when they visit the platform. In simpler terms these documents describe the software products of the online platform, the required parameters and the goals it is set to achieve.

  1. Scope

Scope can be viewed as the extent to which the software required to run the online shopping platform is effective. The scope mainly looks at the features being offered in the online shopping platform. For this to be done, the organisation WareSphere, its stakeholders who include the consumers and the applications to run the platform must be put under consideration. This allows for one to have a better view of the online sales expected to take place, how the sales will be distributed and how marketing of the computer products will be done. This SRS document will help decide which software products to choose to help meet the scope.

  1. Overview

In general, this document will describe the functional requirements of the software product that is the product features and the work they do and non-functional requirements, that is the software properties and description of how the product works and its characteristics. The document also details the product objectives and goals. Finally, the SRS document describes the target audience of the online shopping platform, that is the users who will be using the software product required.

  1. Functional Requirements

WareSphere is an online shopping platform, this means that its functional requirements will be tailored to that. Functional requirements state what users of the platform expect the software product to do. The following are functional requirements that this online platform is expected to meet:

  1. Buy and order section or feature. The software product is meant for a shopping platform. This means one of the most important things it should be able to do is allow the user to select the product they want to buy and then place an order on it. Since the platform is expected to do delivery and shipping, the ordering system should allow the buyer to specify and also pay for whichever choice that is applicable to them.
  2. Product categorization. Though WareSphere deals with computer products only it does not mean that there is no categorisation. For example, the products could be categorised under desktop computers and laptops, computer spare parts and finally computer accessories.
  3. Search feature. Users of the online shopping platform cannot go through all the products that WareSphere deals with while looking for only one item. To make their work easier a search feature is required. This helps the users access the item they require faster and more efficiently. The software product should also allow for users to navigate between search results.
  4. Comprehensive product details. Users of the platform require a software product that enables for each product being sold to have all the important details to be displayed. This allows the consumers to go through the various products while looking for one that meets their specifications.
  5. Customer account and profile. Since in most cases a customer does not buy products only once and then leave and are never seen again, we need a software product that allows for users to create their own personal accounts from which they can buy and order products. These accounts should be able to store all the information detailing all the transactions a user has undertaken since they created an account. These user accounts should have an authentication feature that the users shall use to access their accounts. Users should also be allowed to update their profile information if need arises.
  6. Customer support feature. Sometimes users may require help as they do not know how to carry out a particular function being offered by the online shopping platform. Also, they may need help when there is an error in the transaction process. All this means that the software product needs a customer support system that a user can use to contact the company and be able to receive the required assistance.
  7. Shipment tracking. As users wait for their ordered shipments to arrive, they need constant reassurance that their order is still underway. This means that the software product for the online shopping platform should provide a way that the consumer can keep track of their shipment.
  8. Shopping cart feature. While making purchases, the system should provide a feature that allows you to select different products and add them to your list of the things you are buying. This involves a shopping cart feature that allows you to do the actions mentioned above.
  9. Customer invoice facilitation. Every time a consumer makes a purchase, an invoice is generated. The system or software product should allow for consumers to access this and have a printing option in case a consumer requires to print the invoice.
  10. Email notification. The online shopping system should have an email notification feature such that every time a consumer’s account is used to make a purchase they are notified. Also, the consumer should receive notification once the shipment of the product they ordered starts and also receive another notification once the product reaches its destination.
  11. Tax calculation. This is a very important feature to have as for each product shipped, taxes are incurred. It is therefore important to have a tax calculation feature that tells the consumer how much tax they are going to incur before they start the shipment process. Also, it is important as we require the business to be on the right side of the law.
  12. Feature that allows for modification or cancellation of an order. Consumers may make an order and later wish to change it or cancel it if they realize that they made a mistake or due to some unavoidable circumstances. This means that the system requires a feature handling this.
  13. Multiple payment methods facilitation. Different consumers will use different methods to pay for the products. This means that the software product should be able to support this
  14. Product review and rating. The system should support a feature that allows for consumers to write their own reviews and rate them especially after purchase. This feature should also be supported when it comes to the transaction process followed, It allows the consumer to rate the services they receive.
  15. Non-functional requirements

These are the properties that the software product must have. These properties make the software product more appealing or attractive to the user. The following are non-functional requirements for the WareSphere online shopping platform:

  1. Usability and accessibility. The software product should provide a system that is easy to use and one is easy to understand. Since the platform is global, the language used should be one that is common all around the world. But despite these it should have a multi-language support system.
  2. Reliability and availability. Sometimes due to a variety of reasons the system may fail. This means that we require a backup system containing all the database information found in the first one. This facilitates continuous use of the system despite the failure of the main system. This backup system makes the software product reliable and available whenever needed.
  3. It is an online platform hence the web server used should be fast in terms of performance and should not take too long to load web pages. The web servers should also be connected to strong internet connection. Also the software product should be cross platform as different consumers will use different hardware and software to access the online shopping platform.
  4. The online shopping platform of course has information that needs to be secured at all times. This includes consumer account authentication details and financial information. This information should be secure despite whether it is being transferred. To ensure this, secure sockets are used when user information is being transferred. Also, to ensure others do not access a consumer’s account, consumers will be logged out after a period of inactivity. As for the back-end servers they should be well encrypted to prevent unauthorised access.
  5. The software product used in the system will require regular maintenance to ensure no bugs are present and that it is working efficiently. Also as maintenance is being done, upgrades are also done. This means that the software product used should be able to support these upgrades.
  6. User interface. The user interface provided should work across a huge range of browsers if not in all. This can be implemented using tools like Java Applet.
  7. Licensing, copyright and legal requirements. For the online shopping platform to operate, all this need to be put in order. If it is the copyright to the software product used, it should be approved by the various government agencies.
  8. Project Goals and Objectives

This project has several goals it is expected to meet. They include:

  • The first and most important goal of WareSphere is to provide a platform where different computers, computer parts and accessories can be bought and delivered within the shortest time possible.
  • The next goal is to come up with a customer service system that is well designed to cater for the needs of the consumers accessing the shopping platform.
  • The other goal is to facilitate in the growth of the technology industry by facilitating a platform where consumers can go to buy all the latest devices available in the industry.
  • The final goal is to provide a global computer support community where you can access new computer parts to replace old faulty ones.
  1. Target Audience

The WareSphere online shopping has a couple of target audiences in mind. The first target audience is those who are in the market to acquire a new desktop computer or laptop. The next target audience is those who are in the market to buy computer parts for their spoilt parts. The final target audience is those buying computer accessories such as speakers to improve on their computers.

  1. Technical Assumption
  • The first technical assumption is that all users of the system will have knowledge of the English Language.
  • The next technical assumption is that anyone who visits that platform intends to buy. this means that it is hard to see pricing of products including taxes without adding to cart.
  • Another technical assumption is that consumers who access the platform will be regular customers hence the requirement for creating an account. This is not always the case as the consumer may require only one product.
  1. Technical Constraints
  • To access the online shopping platform a good internet connection which might not be possible in some third world countries.
  • As much as it is a global institution, shipping to some countries is not possible due to various reasons.


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