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Agreed Objectives of ODP Projects

You are the Business Owner and General Manager for OZMarket. This business provides marketing consultancy for a range of business in Australia. OZMarket is located in Sydney NSW. OZMarket employs approximately 20 permanent staff and casual and part time as required. Robert and Linda have worked as OZMarket for the past four years. They have enjoyed a good working relationship and have socialised occasionally at mainly work functions. They were invited to work on the Organizational Development Plan (ODP) Project named New franchisee opportunity for Belrose (NSW) and they were excited by the challenge it presents and the chance to be integral in the development of the organization. Linda, the business analyst, has worked on the OZMarket’s business strategy project and as such, feels that she has proven her skills and has more experience than Robert. Robert has less experience than Linda but is adept at collaborative problem solving and team development activities, being a HR specialist. You have noticed that there is an increase amount of tension between the two. Milestones in the project are being affected, Senior Management have been notified and you need to address the situation.

Part 1: As the General Manger organize a In house brainstorming session with Linda and Robert regarding ODP project and determine:

1. The agreed objectives of ODP projects.
2. The change management strategies.
3. The Communication strategies.
4. The roles and responsibilities of staff involved in the project. Templates are attached for students to take help from.

Part 2: Organize a formal meeting for Implementation of the organizational development plan and the following agenda items should be discussed in the meeting :

1. Developing the team.
2. Managing conflict in teams.
3. Solving problems. Write a report after the meeting including :
Discuss the approach by which various team members are encouraged to participate in the meeting.

The team development and training activities undertaken to develop the team and problem solving approach.  How groups are facilitated to express their problems and the management approach to conflict resolution in the meeting.  What sort of interventions are in place to avoid conflict and the alternative course of actions available in the organisation development plan.

Part 3: Prepare a survey to gather feedback on ODP and to identify the following:

Any loss of support of ODP and activities.
Evaluate the interventions in the ODP.
Check senior management ongoing support of ODP.
Evaluate the ODP in terms of cost benefits including opportunity cost.

Agreed Objectives of ODP Projects

The agreed objectives of ODP projects

The agreed objectives are in bellow:

· To improve & enhance the amount of trust and cooperation between the organizational members

· To enhance and support the circumstances of arguments on organizational based problems, both among and within groups to destroy the differences between groups and individuals

· To produce and create an environment where designations are assigned to people based on their skills relevant to the organizational needs

· To promote the frankness of communication all in diagonally, vertically and horizontally

· To encourage the individuals and groups for their responsibility in planning and implementation of strategies

· To support and boost the personal satisfaction and enthusiasm at the organizational level

The change management strategies

The change management strategies are in bellow:

· Offer incentives: Considering that employees may have their own self-interests and which is why they may not be ready for the change. In such circumstances, it is advisable to offer incentives to employees to encourage the change. Incentives may work like a motivation to many. However, this is productive only to those who seek for monetary benefits in every change that the company makes. It is rather unproductive to those who have fear to lose their job due to the change. For example, the automation of data entry job with CRM certainly ends up options for those who were doing it manually.  

· Coercive strategy: Giving away the incentives and training to employees for the change is a good strategy in a case when there is no real emergency for it. However, this may not be as helpful for companies which urgently need the change. In the context of OZMarket, incentives distribution and coercive strategy would both be advisable to move with. A coercive strategy will create the sense of importance for the change among the employees.

· Recruiting fresh people to encourage the sense of urgency for change: Change often collides with a high degree of resistance from employees. However, very few of all succeed with the change process as they consider recruiting the fresh people who pass on the sense of urgency for the change in their existing peers.

· Restating the cultural values: Organisations which have created a culture of change with series of change processes in past, possibly land in a much better condition with change than those that are undergoing the change for the first time.  Hence, the culture for change can be breed into organizations by considering the number of changes.

· Shift the burden: In some cases, it is advisable to shift the burdens from upper management to lower level employees. This means that upper management will have no or less pressure. On the other hand, a coercive strategy is used for forcing employees to move to the changed dimensions of work. They are left with no option than to change or quit the job.  

The Communication strategies

· Defining and setting the objectives

· Developing the key messages to communicate and the target audience

· Short-listing the communication channels

· Setting a timeline

· Developing the evaluation plan to evaluate the implemented strategies  

The roles and responsibilities of the project


1. Staffs


· To understand the causes of ODP in the case study business

· To smoothly shift to the alternative option to the existing responsibilities

2. Managers

· To communicate with staffs to explain why ODP project is in the place

·  To maintain a good communication with staffs throughout the process

· To ensure that staffs pay a high attention to their responsibilities throughout the entire process

· To consider and facilitate training for employees at risk of redundancy  

3. Recruiting Manager

· To ensure that HR recruiters are well aligned with their working principles

· To offer a trial period for the newly recruited professionals and also those who are found as struggling with their job

4. Human Resources

· To provide suggestion and support the application of the procedure

· To help managers on legislative requirements of unemployment procedures

· To guide staffs on the redeployment process

· To decide to work in collaboration with the manager on the eligibilities required for redeployment in future vacancies

5. Review Group

· To approach the affected staffs and reduce the chances of redundancy

· Promoting the needs for training to those who are at risk of redundancy

· To consider possible measures to avoid the redundancy

Meeting name:

Date of Meeting:




Minutes Prepared By:

1. Meeting Objective 


· To discuss the ODP project with all the participants of the meeting

· To show the needs for ODP

· To ensure an agreement from the majority of participants on the meeting agenda

2. Attendance at Meeting 







Recruiting Manager

Human Resources

Review Group

3. Agenda and Notes, Decisions, Issues




Managing conflict in teams


Solving problems

Review Group

Developing the team

Recruiting Manager & Human Resources

4. Action Items



Due Date

Managers would try to manage the possible conflicting thoughts for ODP between staffs and top managers


They will take care of staffs who may be at risk of redundancy and would also guide to the redeployment process

Review Group

Would have responsibilities to recruit fresh people as recruitment of such people is required to create an environment for change in the organization

Recruiting Manager & Human Resources

5. Next Meeting (if applicable)






The report covers a post meeting scenario covering a few of points like approach being taken to encourage the participation in the meeting, team development & training activities required and others.


Employees must be prepared for the scheduled meeting. It can be done with emails or circulars notifying the schedule. Moreover, circulars or mails must also include the topic of discussion, so that, employees are better prepared with their questions. Creating a peaceful and supportive environment, so that, employees feel free to speak up. Some of the employees may have shyness to speak in front of the management. Those few employees must be spoken outside the meeting place as such employees may also produce the valuable thoughts. Sharing would also be the key as in this way speaker would be able to monitor their own speech. This can be done by also allowing the staffs and other participants to speak up. Before reaching the meeting place, every single staff must be intimated of contributing to the meeting with their valuable words. This would make the meeting a communicative event. Post meeting feedback session is also very important. Those who have not spoken a single word should be asked about whether they have some different thoughts in them. It is also important to ensure that points that are being raised will be treated at the highest degree of priority.

Team development and training activities

This can be done through the following ways:

  • Needs assessment for the training
  • Team development should be made a part of the organizational culture
  • Identifying the team
  • Working towards common goals
  • Aiming to develop strong team skills
  • Implementing the training process
  • Continuous evaluation of the training to identify the gaps in training and implementation of strategies

Facilitating the expression of problems and management approach for conflict resolution 

In the meeting, managers or the speaker must encourage staffs to express their problems and concerns. A supportive environment must be provided, so that, employees feel free to express their issues. The first approach to conflict management would be to address the issues and ensure that effective actions would be taken if possible and feasible as well. The other stage will be speaking to the human resource department and the review group to reach to the best strategy.

Interventions and alternative course of actions available in the ODP 

Managers assess the case before heading to resolve the conflict. It means they speak to all the parties and then chose the best possible strategy to manage the conflict. The other intervention is giving options to those involved in the conflict. Managers need to try to read the perspectives of each party involved in the conflict. Manner would be the next thing as parties should know that the decision is final. Managers should come with documented papers and an HR professional to add values to the decision.

Change Management Strategies


In summary, the meeting can be understood as an important event in managing the conflicts and resolving the conflicts. This gives a systematic way to approach such challenging organizational based circumstances.   

Strongly Agree




Strongly Disagree

The ODP’s objectives are clear

There are a strong communication strategies followed

The roles and responsibility are justified

The strong team ethics reflected overall project

There is strong service level agreement which prevent all individual conflicts

There is strong service level agreement which prevent all group conflicts

Training requirement for achieve the goals

General feedback: The responses reflect a collective participation of each participant in the meeting.


This report is for analyzing the impact of ODP between the members of the organization. The report is constructed based on the responses of the participants in the survey.

ODP activities 

ODP objectives are more or less clear to employees; however, a strong understanding was apparently missing. It just suggests a loss of support to ODP and the related activities.

Evaluate the interventions in the ODP

The interventions used in the ODP process were assessment, perspective, options, and demeanor. Managers in the case study business do a lot of assessment before making or reaching any conclusion. They assess every possibility to resolve the conflict. This is good indeed as it is important to give equal chances to every party, so that, unbiased decisions are given the preferences. Managers do really give values to others’ perspectives which are also good and helpful to reach to the root causes of conflicts. Managers follow the good demeanors by documenting the final decision and also announcing the decision in the presence of human resource professionals. Such practices are very ethical and are valuable as well for employees.  

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