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Who Are The Project Stake Holders?

Global warming, Climate change, and pollution are major concerns facing the global community today. Urban dwellers are the most affected due to them living in confined and densely populated surroundings but only a few residents actually consider addressing the concern on a practical scale? Studies show that urban city residents tend to also be among the most corporative and law-abiding citizens and many do follow guidelines when provided. This project plan would target fighting Global warming, Climate change, and pollution by setting up and managing rooftop and balcony gardens to help reduce each citizen’s carbon footprint and deliver a more pleasant living environment at affordable rates. The plan would focus on targeting apartment block owners, societies and organisation with the objective of converting their rooftops from cement jungles to lush green canopy covered rooftops which would improve the localities appearance, help reduce summer temperatures naturally and deliver a natural and friendly surrounding apartment residents can retreat to and enjoy. With research showing city dwellers being corporative toward promoting environmental concerns, it is highly likely they will fully support promoting these projects and contribute towards the project securing high rates of success in a short period of time (Hobbs, 2009).

To implement the project and achieved success in the shortest possible time from stakeholders from different sectors would be involved (Jepsen & Eskerod, 2013).  The business would require to the apartment with marketing professionals, gardeners, and nurseries who will supply the labour and plants. The business will also require partnering with gardening supply stores across the city that can be approached regarding the supply of materials that would be required to transform the concrete rooftops to the lush green oasis.

I would assume the role of project manager whereby I would be responsible for coordinating all operations and stakeholders linked to the project. I would also be responsible for conducting further research in the field which would allow the organization to deliver innovative ideas to the consumer at all times. It’s also important to consider rivals and competitors who may show interest in the field thus making it important to implement and expand the proposed business rapidly to capitalize on the market before new entrepreneurs consider venturing into the business (Ochieng et al., 2017). Brand name plays a major role in business today thus it’s important to build a positive customer reputation in the market so as to win and retain consumer confidence. These are all roles which I would be responsible for as the founder and project manager and coordinator.

Every project must have final benefits to the organization so as to be considered and approved. The projects also require being unique and having a low or no competitors which will allow the business to register success and high profits shortly after establishment. With a myriad of experience, knowledge and a keen interest towards constantly performing research, I would be able to collect accurate data linked to the proposed project and help the organization achieve a high rate of success without needing to invest on additional professionals to manage specific skills and who may have a particular experience (Harrison & Lock, 2004). Being a jack of many trades I would be a valuable asset for the organization and one capable of researching, monitoring and managing multiple operations.

What Your Role Will Be In Planning and Delivering the Project

The main sources required for the implementation of the project marketing professionals, landscapers, hardware suppliers and plant and flower nurseries. The operation would be heavily dependent on smart digital technologies which would be used by the marketing and landscaping and maintained teams to monitors and track the operations (Binder, 2016). It is critical to developing a fully functions website where clients can register as well as suppliers and personal thus allowing the business manage operations smoothly. Finances and capital would be requiring establishing the business, registration, licensing and investment on the initial supplies but the proposed project would depend on suppliers and skilled professionals on a contractual basis. This would allow the business to manage its operational costs most effectively and also involve more stakeholders towards promoting the brand.

Work break down structure refers to the structure an organization or project is broken down so as to ensure smooth flow. This is important requirement for every organization or project as it ensures each stake holders is assigned a responsibility which they would have to monitor and report on. For this project the work break down structure shall be make-up of the project general manager, assistant managers, surveyors, landscapers, gardeners and a maintenance team. Suppliers will also be associated to the project but they shall be independent contracted stake holders which would reduce the management burden on the organization. Gradually as the project expands, the work break down structure will also enlarge thus allowing the organization reach out to a larger number of clients.

The work break down structure will follow a hierarchy matrix in which each staff and department head will need to report to the higher management. There would also be direct lines of communication between the different levels which would allow for the lower ranked staff to raise queries and concerns which may be not addressed by senior staff thus allowing for smoother flow or operations.

Every project is heavily dependent on teamwork due to their being multiple operations that need to be managers and performed making each team member a valuable asset towards the project’s success. Each team member is a valued contributor towards the projects as they will have accumulated considerable knowledge which can be used to improve performance (Cobb, 2011). This makes it important to always involve the team and all involved stakeholders to the process as they are likely to contribute important information, data and inside towards the projects past and current operations which can be used to improve future operations.

How Will You Enhance the Project to Meets Organization Objectives

Every successful idea is bound to attract external investor interest but in most situation investors would sit on the sidelines watching the projects progress and success rate and only begin investing in similar projects after 24 months. This makes it important to focus on marketing and winning consumer confidence as well as building clientele within the first 6 to 12 months after which the business must then turn its attention to quality (Rose, 2014). Quality management requires for strict guidelines and policies to be developed by the organization and distributed to all suppliers. It’s also important to hire a quality manager that is focused and practices high ethics and who will retain a follow a strict line of control related to quality management. In addition to this the, I was the project coordinator and manager would also conduct spot and random checks on all products, services and customer feedback to ensure the highest quality is being delivered at all times.

Every project would be planed using computers and smart technologies which would be able to deliver an accurate timeline each project is expected to be completed. The different process would be documented and a Gantt chart developed highlighting each processes start and competition date. This data would be shared with all stakeholders before starting the project (Brady, 2005). The progress of every project would be monitored on a weekly basis with each stakeholder needing to report their achievement compared to the targets thus helping determine if the project has is meeting the set timelines.

The use of time management tools like the Gantt chart is critical towards ensuring the projects need their deadline. Each project will be unique thus each will have a unique Gantt chart making it important for the management to developed a project timeline immediately after survey so as to determine the approximant duration the project will take to complete. It’s important to add so flexibility to the time line which will allow for the business to completer the project within specified deadline as well as address any issues which may develop between the projects undertaking.

Addition services such as after delivery services and maintenance would fall under a different contract thus attracting a new set of regulations and guidelines between the client and organisation. Defining time lines using gnat charts s an important time management requirement for any project thus is critical to learn to use the time line tools to help make work more efficient.

What Sources Will You Need and How Will You Source Them

Every project consists of a team of professionals and skilled employees who come together with the objective of driving the organization towards success. But this also requires for the project managers and coordinators to put in place and used project management tools to improve project performance. Some important project management tools which would contribute immensely towards the proposed rooftop garden project include Strategic Planning, Customer Relationship Management, and Employee Engagement Survey, project Benchmarking and Balanced Scorecard tools (Carstens et al., 2016). Each of these tools contributes immensely towards the management the performance of the project making it important to infuse them to the project so as to maximize the project’s success rate.

Project risk assessment is a critical requirement to be performed on every project as it helps categorize the different risks a project is likely to encounter as well as the severity of the identified risks. This is an important risk management tools as it helps determine a wide verity of risks as well as helps determine their severity which can then be used to help develop counter measures to help avert or areas the risks before they occur. Once again each project will have a unique rips matrix which includes input from all stake holders thus helping terming all risks the project may encounter as well as their level of severity. Risk matrix outlines can be developed by the senior management but must involve all project stake holders as they have direct information and insight linked to the project processes and outcomes thus making them an important part of developing the risk matrix.

Risk Matrix

Probability Rating

5 - Very High






4 - High






3 - Moderate






2 - Low






1 - Very Low











Very Low




Very High

Impact Rating

The risk matrix will in help categorize the risk based on their severity and likelihood to affect the project thus allowing the project management to focus on areas of risks which are likely to pose a higher risk threat as opposed to risks which are present but posed a lower threat.

Delegation is critical towards promoting the projects independent management thus making it important for senior managers to retain close control over the project initially and gradually hand over responsibilities to junior members of staff.  To achieve this I would initiate my role as being a manager but also act as a mentor towards teams and junior staff members. This would allow me to share my knowledge and experience thus helping speed up their understanding after which I would begin selecting the most responsive members to begin taking up team lead and project management roles. Gradually over time, I would glowingly withdraw from needing to visit projects sites and clients meeting every time and pass the responsibility to the junior member (Newell & Grashina, 2004). I would remain at close hand to offer assistance but placing some distance will allow the junior members build their confidence and understand to take up the responsibility freeing me to develop and manage other tasks and new projects with the goal of building the overall origination market position.

Work-Breakdown Structure (WBS)

The risk is part of every business and understanding the risks facing a project helps the project develop countermeasures to protect from the risk. This makes risk management and contingency plans and important requirement which must be addressed at the initial stakes of any projects developed with the first sighting and discussion being addressed at the project proposal stage itself. This will prevent the project from encountering a major unexpected risk or concern which could result in disrupting the projects performance and mentation (Kendrick, 2015). Risk management and a major concern every project manager must address and it’s also critical to involve all stakeholders towards risk identification, management, and contingency planning so as to minimize the threat of any risk a business may face. 

Roles, responsibilities, and lines of control would the clarified by following a hierarchy approach management structure in which staff members would be ranked as per their experience, work knowledge and contributions to the process .the roles would then be distributed to the staff accordingly and a team lead placed in charge of monitoring and reporting their performance. Staff would also be held responsible for their performance and meeting deadlines as they would be responsible for managing their individual workstations and lines of authority (Harrison & Lock, 2014).

Budgets are important towards monitoring businesses, teams or individual’s performance thus it’s important to translate each individual’s performance effects on the budget. Financial gains such as incentives and bonuses are important tools which can be used to communicate the relationship of the budget to the individual employee’s performance (Mayne, 2017).

Due to this being a pilot project, it would be heavily dependent on self-financing and funding thus making it important to involve partners who will provide funding for the initial project. To help reduce the overhead costs incurred during the projects start up the maximum number of staff and experts shall be hired on contractual and freelance basis which would help the project managers manage the expenses incurred by the projects. Only the senior management, marketing and sales teams shall be hired on a permanent basis as these departments constitute to the core of the projects exposure and success thus require full dedication from the staff. All profits shall be reinvested towards the projects expansion for a 6 month period which will help develop more stability and allow the organisation to begin hiring more in-house staff as the work flow and number of secured projects stabilizes. This will help reduce the costs incurred by contract hiring thus allowing the project secure more profits and expand at a faster pace.

How and Why Should You Consult Your Team in the Planning Stage of the Project?

Grant Program Budget Matrix

Principal Investigator:          [Name]                                    Grant Project Title:              [Project Title]







Indirect Costs


Data collection recording keeping and reporting are important aspects of every businesses development and growth. Each employee would be therefore expected to report on their workstations performance and areas which can be improved (gudda, 2011). All importation must be communicated via format communication such as emails and connected to management, team leads and other team members thus helping demonstrate each employee’s contribution towards building the organization and projects database.

The legislation is a critical requirement of every project as it helps protect the project as well as all stakeholders’ interests. This makes it important that the legislation is application right from the start of the establishment of the project and gradually be improved and increased to cover a wider variety of concerns thus helping protect both the organization and all its stakeholders. In addition to internal policies, the organization and project must also abide by government legislation and guidelines thus which must form the base of the internal organization's legislation (Barclay & Osei-Bryson, 2015).

The projects deliverable would be to focus on concerting the concrete jungle seen on most city rooftops today into a lush green oasis. This would deliver a friendlier living area for people in the cities, help address environmental concerns and help purify the air in many major cities. In addition to this, the project would also assist many top floor flat owners to fight the summer heat by creating a canopy on their roof tops. The proposed project would deliver financial gains and profits for the investor who would be one of kind and a service provider many property owners having to wait to consult for a long time (Miller, 2008).

Project implementation and management is a basic necessity for every project but performing reviewing and reporting on the project's processes and outcomes are also important. This is due to it helping the business owners and managers secure important statistical information related to the performance of the project thus allowing them to determine if the projects are meeting its growth targets or have failed to meet the target (Wanna, 2007). This is critical towards determining oval projects performance after which steps can be taken to determine areas which may have caused the lapse or failure to achieve the targets goals and proposed improvements of the concern.


Successful Project planning requires for entrepreneurs and project managers to first are able to identify unique and high demand projects and services by the public. Once this information or ideas has been identified the project manager can then develop an effective project management plan covering the above points. Project planning and implementation also required for constant follow up to be made with regard to the performance of the project thus helping report on progress and development which can be used to further make an improvement to the project. 


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