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History of British Telecom

Task 1

• Briefly describe your PSO

Task 2

• Research the PSO and conduct an environmental scanning analysis (PEST)

Task 3
• Using a SWOT analysis identify what opportunities should they maximise and what threats should be minimised.

Task 4

• From your SWOT and PEST analysis make recommendations as to what directions the PSO should take over the coming 5 years
So my PSO is British Telecom(BT)

BT telecom is a multinational telecommunications service providing company who is responsible for connecting the people globally by satisfying the common people needs and also providing opportunities employment to large section. Their operations are spread to approximate 180 countries .this Company is divided into two main division (a) BT global services divisions that fulfil the needs of common British people as well as people of other countries. (b) BT consumer divisions that is responsible providing television as well as telephony services.

Brief history related to BT telecommunications are -

It is the oldest telecommunications organisation establish in the year 1846. In the earlier year the company was amalgamated and collapsed, then this this company was started to control under the state control of Post office. In the early period the British telecommunication

System was provided by the national telephonic company (NTC) which is a private the year 1896, the GPO (general post office) took the control from them.

In the year 1912, the GPO extended its business after becoming a monopoly and controlled the whole private sector of the UK.

this system goes on till in the year 1932 , an idea is generated to convert post office into a nationalised industry .but  the proposal to convert the post office into nationalised was rejected but in the year 1965 , the postmaster General of that time ,Anthony Wedgewood ask the prime minister for this conversion into national industry. after a long deliberations and long discussion the business of telecommunications was divided into 5 parts (Post, telecommunications ,Giro, National Data Processing Services, Savings).at that time it was also decided to divide the Post, telecommunications and some new laws were generated to implement some laws and in the year 1969 ,post office laws were made which results privatising of this company .In the year 1972 the main the telecommunications  was separate in two main services and in two individuals corporations. Since the year 1981 the responsibility for telecommunications services was transfer from the post office to private sector unit. The shares of about 52% were share to the private company and about48 % of shares were sold to the public and till date this organisation running under the private sector with day by day enhancing its ability to satisfies the needs of the people. In the year 1986 ,there was a new telecommunications organisation come into existence named “mercury telecommunications “.after it establishment the growth rate of this organisations starts declining .now there is tough competition running between them till date to provide the services to the people of UK and also the people of the other countries

  1. exchange business lines
  2. calls package
  3. lines packages
  4. value added analyses
  1. centre of cloud contact
  2. contact of recording and analysis
  3. Inbound services
  4. onsite contract
  5. self-service and queue management
  1. field force automations
  2. flexible working services
  3. managed mobility services
  1. access choice
  2. application performance management
  3. dedicated services
  4. internet services
  1. identify and access management
  2. security intelligence
  1. air logistic
  2. assess tracking
  3. end to end- visibility

Products and Services of British Telecom

(Ref(history of British telecommunication n,d))

There are different factors on which British telecommunications system depends –

Political factors- some of the services of the British telecommunications system like BT Global that are at vulnerable to all the global issues of politics. There are some in regions in the world like Afghan and Iraq where the expansions of this business is low. There are certain other places like Israel and Pakistan where business expansion is low due to terrorist activities. Some times this company get highlighted due to expulsion of some the good employer which force the government to am bedded certain new laws to protect the interest of the people also. The European Union doesn’t more affect the business on BT    

Economic factors - It has been found that due to the economics crises in US is very high and that’s result in affecting the growth revenue of this company and there is decrease in the financial revenue of this organisation more than 4.5%.Now a days the British telecommunication system implementing a new method for reducing its losses .This organisation now working to build new super-fast network, driving the broad band and also checking the cash flow very carefully. they also started to enhance more and more new research activities to clarify the requirement and  understand the need of users in the given specific time .this company also start to implement E- business on a large scale which enables the customer of the SME  sector to save the operation coasts and also some other expensive costs also.

Social factors- the British Telecommunications provide a transparent impact on the social factors .it has been found that there are various festival like Olympics game and some other games Is responsible for building new brand in the SME sectors .during the time of economic crises a large number of people were helped and also employment opportunity is created on distinct level.

Technological factors – day by day the technology is developing fast, which results in network growth on wide range. due to the new technology ,BT is creating new and  better Set –Top boxes to to entertain the user network which is going to end if not implemented .



The local and national government are working to provide wide range of essential services to the local residence as well as the residence if UK on other countries with essential services.

there is a large amount of pressure on the local government due to reducing the price and improving the quality of services

There are some factors that are responsible for less growing of this organisation due to some political issues like less development of networking system in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan Etc. .

Decreasing in the revenue every year up to 6% which results in decreasing opportunities of employment in this organisation, it also results in suspendingsome number of employees every year.

This company is building super -fast network for linking the UK with other countries on a large scale.

this organisation facing tough competition due to the creation of new organisation like Mercury telecommunication



some festival like Olympics is creating boom to this organisation because the technology used in this festival is provided by provided by this organisation

During the time of peak season these organisation provide a large number of employment ad also helping the people to link with the other countries.

Due to the development of technology firstly, the network system of this organisation is also strengthened.

New better set up box is created for the user for entertain which is going to end.

SWOT refers to (strength, weakness, opportunities and threat)


BT is the oldest telecommunication company who provide 21 million of business and more than 30 million of exchange lines that was utilised by the residential customers and the people living throughout the world
This British communication organisation has excellent reputation in all the other leading telecommunication that provides the services. Ex- these companies have the market that is extended globally over 55% of multinational 500 company and over 60% of FTSE 89 companies which are the part of BT customer database.
BT is only one of the UK telecom operators that have universal service obligation (USO).

PEST Analysis of British Telecom

the base of this organisation is strong due to continuityof long term customer makes this organisation very strong that was happened by its innovative and flexibility, this helps this organisation to gain the momentum of success inflexible is the main weakness of BT
Since BT is a large organisation, the work that is done in this organisation is step by step as a result of which quickly change in operation is not possible.
The Reputation of this organisation is going down day by day because the internet service of this organisation is crashed after a long time used and they require a large amount of time for reconnection.
BT home hub WI-FI security is easy to crack with the help of certain keys like WEP (wired equivalent privacy) and WPA (WI-FI protected access) that are default keys.
The BT’s success rate is so slow that they are not recruiting much workers and trainer staff quickly.

The Experts and the great businessman predicts that’s the company has very high potential of growth in 5 years
Now a days due to high current recessions people are more specifically as the customer and businesses are mostly cost- conscious.
There are a more chances of its growth because the new company have lots of threat which provide an opportunity to spread is telecommunications system even bigger than internationally as well as nationally.
BT is very much famous in Europe which results in spreading its business all over the world
Day by day, new product is developed by this organisation, which lets him to increase is business on larger extent.ex- it is quite helpful in increasing the cell phone by the use of internet

Since the competition is increasing day by day, the share of this company is decreasing day by day .so it is getting quite difficult for this organisation to make large amount of money. Earlier till the mercury communications is not come into existence in the year 1981, there was no competition for this organisation and got boom increase before 1981.
Due to the tough competition, BT has to improve their products to keep its old customer in their hand and they also need some of the customer from the mercury communications which is quite higher.
Now a day, the customers of this organisation is started to decrease due to the excess use mobiles phones and decreasing the rate of use of landlines.
Some of the new launched company like Virgin which affects very much in its expansion because this companies maximize the uses of mobile phone that is responsible for decreasing the use of landlines. Ref ((British telecommunication information proposal system)n.d)

From the Swot analyses and the pert analyses it is seen that the company’s growth will increased after 5 years only when

The companies has to be work hard for remaining in the market because day by day the competition is increased which will create harsh condition for this organisation.
New products are required to be launched with improved features so that they can sustain in the market.
The cost of the product and services launched in the market should be minimised so that the common people can also takes the advantages of facilities provided by this organisation
The client and service provider should have to be working together and spread the business to remains in the market after 5 years.
The employment opportunity should be increased so that the fresh energetic mind can perform the research work and create new ideas for the better development of this organisation .this organisation work efficiently to keep their old customer in hand and satisfied the demands of new customer at low rate which enhance its productivity.


In this report the organisation with brief history is described clearly. The pest analysis and swot analysis is done clearly with complete evidence of the organisation. The recommendation is made clearly showing the things that is required to enhance and certain work is needed to minimise so that the company will protect its share and its organisation after 5 years.

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