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Call-In Develops: The Area Of Usage Of Smartphone Add in library

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Describe about That the Call-In Develops Its Market In The Area of Usage Of Smartphone?




Call-IN is dealing with the production of the smart phone as well as software devices. It is a smart devices brand that will launch a range of technological products. Call-IN will build its reputation in the market with manufacturing of most popular branded mobile devices. It will introduce many mobile devices under the company's brand and their portfolio which includes Smartphone that is being powered by the Android as well as operating systems of Windows Phone (Grossberg, 2014).

The present study focuses on establishing a branding strategy of the "Call-IN". Apart from this, different aspects are also focused such as marketing strategy of the product and positioning of Call-IN against their competitors.

Branding strategy

As the mobile manufacturing companies especially the Smartphone manufacturing companies are facing a lot of challenges in the mobile industry, Call-In will provide Smartphone with high features in low price in terms of increasing the brand value. Call-In will provide the latest Android Operating system (Lolipop 5.1) based phone with 4 GB DDR3 RAM in cheap price. According to the management of the Call-In company, the core competence of the firm will be delivering exceptional customer experience through sales and effective servicing facilities. The slogan for the company will be "Got as you Demand."

Brand extension is well-organized for the company to achieve new consumers as well asenter new markets. Call-IN launching of the Smartphone and the use of image of compactness. Security, as well as software, is the strength of Call-IN in context to intangible assets. This industry has trusted encryption system. As a consequence,Call-IN will surprise its customers in the field of the database system. Apart from this, the company will introduce hybrid cell phone that would help to engage lovers of both CallOS and Android.


Marketing Strategy

The main purpose of marketing strategy is to formulate sure that the products, as well as services, meeting the needs of their customers.

Call-IN have to interpret online as well as the offline marketing strategy in terms of meeting their goals and objectives. For online marketing strategy, Call-IN will involve social media marketing to provide information to their target customers.

It develops a long-term relationship with the customers. The purpose of marketing strategy of Call-IN is to identify the benefits of their business proposes to their targeted market (Jung, 2014). The primary marketing objective of Call-IN is to achieve a sale of 400,000 units, and its financial objectives are to acquire revenue of up to $70 million to maintain the loss less than $10 million. The company generates a growth rate by 50 percent in the US market.

Positioning: Call-IN intends to use the differentiation of the products by positioning its products as a convenient, adaptable as well as value added. For both the purpose of it is used as personal as well professional (de Reuver, Nikou & Bouwman, 2015).

Product Strategy: To build a strong Call-In brand, its logo, as well as a brand, will focus on the product as well as packaging.

Pricing Strategy: Call-IN introduces its new products in the market at a reasonable price. Furthermore, on launching its products, it will be planned to price the products at $170 wholesale per unit.

Distribution Strategy: The distribution strategy uses by Call-IN Smartphone's through their well-known stores as well as retailers in online (McKay‐Nesbitt, DeMoranville & McNally, 2012). They intend to add partners until it becomes popular in the US marketplace as well as in the electronic catalogs.

Factor of Marketing Plan


Unique way of selling proposition

It identifies the qualities of their products as well assets apart from the competitions. The uniqueness of the products comes with the price, quality of service, color as well as the size of their Smartphone devices.

Identify the targeted market

Call-IN satisfies those customers who are at the age from 14 to 25; those customers are interested in buying cell phones.

Distribution of the products

The products are critical to maximizing both the sales volume as well as profits. SWOT analysis is used to determine the direct sales, retailers as well as distributors. The intermediaries are used to monitor the performance and based on it training as well as advice is given

Budget as well as resources

Based on the budget, it is to be decided to spend on the marketing. The marketing manager becomes familiar with the activities related to the product, and as the revenue grows it brings more on these functions.

Positioning strategy

For the customers between the age of 14 to 25, enjoys the features of Smartphone, Call-IN is the retailer of phones that provides instant access to over 1.2 million phones. It also provides a combination of odd expediency, low prices as well as the comprehensive selection. The positioning approaches of the leading Smartphone brands in the Call-IN are that it offers illustrious hardware as well as interface design, and its features are strong (Park, 2014). The company concentrate on building durable as well as high customization phones. The foreign brands mostly target fashion-forward youngsters (Seong-Sin Lee, 2013).

Certain places such as Montana and North Dakota in the US have been found to have the most prospective buyers. Thus to market the Smartphone, Call-IN needs do the initial research to increase customer circle.

Behaviour of the consumer towards the products of Call-IN

Call-IN satisfies those customers who are at the age from 14 to 25; those customers are interested in buying cell phones. The various factors that affect the purchase of Smartphone depend upon the behaviour of the consumer. The consumers are attracted to towards their products depend on the features (Paswan, Guzmán & Blankson, 2012). The internet retailers, as well as technology, websites are the important source of information to the consumer. Mostly, the consumers want to go for different Smartphone brands instead of looking for the same brand. Therefore, the consumers are not brand loyal based on selection of Smartphone.

Brand perception: It is used to describe the way consumers perceive a particular brand. Perception of the brand is seen as the customer's real view based on the promises of the firm.

Advertising: Advertising plays an important role in taking the right decisions to the consumers. It has a strong influence on the choice of the customers (Tomažič & Škrjanc, 2015). Advertising distributes information to agree the customers to take a better selection. It is concluded that it has enlarged information distribution of new products.

The branding strategy consists of a brand name to launch their product. Their new product has the various function as well as different nature as compared with the branding of the product. Call-IN is well known for its Smartphone. Call-IN needs to satisfy those customers who are at the age of 14 to 25 in context to the primary market. Such customers are highly interested in buying cell phones (Zhang & Wu, 2013). Call-IN needs to satisfy the consumers that prefers premium products and that are mostly above the age of 25 about the secondary market. It helps in the growth of the company and gives the positive response from the customers and marketplace.

Mission of the company

To be a known industry within next six years

To become one of the competitors against the leading firms in the upcoming years

To ensure the quality of service to the stakeholders at all time

To deliver uninterrupted communication network to the consumers

Feasibility of product and service

The product can be considered as feasible in terms of marketing. These are used to be reflected in the analysis of different articles and authors. These also meet the requirements of the stakeholders.


From the overall study, it is concluded That Call-In Develops Its Market In The Area Of Usage Of Smartphone. The branding strategy of Call-In depends on their products and services. It develops the brand name and logo. The positioning approaches of the leading Smartphone brands in the Call-IN are that it offers illustrious hardware as well as interface design, and its features are strong. The company concentrate on building durable as well as high customization phones. Call-IN surprised their customers in the field of the database system.


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