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Research Topic

Describe about the Business Research Report Proposal for Dependent Retail Business.

The growth factor of a retail business is dependent on the relationship between the company and their customers. It has proved to be a difficult task to hold the customer in this competitive market structure. There are many internal factors that affect the growth rate of fast food chains like KFC, McDonald and other restaurants and cafes. In order to capture large number of customers, these companies keep changing their services quality and invest a reasonable amount in the innovation of the process and products (Manning, 2015). In this scenario, KFC has introduced a new secret recipe called sander which is a combination of eleven different herbs and spices. Also, the fried chicken bucket of KFC had received a huge popularity among the global customers. A large supply chain and several distribution units make KFC as a strong competitor among the fast food industry. Irrespective of this fact, there are several religious and cultural factors that are affecting the consumption of KFC products.

The research topic is to understand the impact of the diversification in the customer’s choice on the consumption of the KFC products. Additionally, various aspects related to the research topic will be analysed and evaluated in this study.

According to the research topic, the concerned researcher will examine the aspects related to the competitive issue, struggles of the KFC in order to sustain in the fast food industry. There are certain objectives of this research study that the researcher needs to be addressed (Paulsen, Rognså & Hersleth, 2015).

To determine the rate of change of the customer’s choice in the fast food industry

Consumption and demand of the fast food product in the global market scenario

Diversification in the choice of the fast food with respect to KFS’s product

To evaluate the major key challenges in the brand position of KFC in foreign market

Impact of cultural and religious factors on the management and marketing techniques of the KFC

There are certain imperative questions related to the research study that the researcher will able to answer based on the analysis and research work perform in this study  (Paulsen, Rognså & Hersleth, 2015).

What are the major impacts of the culture and religion of the customer on the consumption of the KFC’s products?

What are the significant implications in the change of the customer’s choice on the management and marketing practices of KFC?

Research Aim and Objective

What are the pivotal factors that would affect the sale ratio of KFC products?

What are the essential ways in order to make a brand position in the foreign market intake of KFC products?

There are various tools and methods that must be used by the concerned researcher in order to conduct a significant and effective research study. The research methodology provides a brief structural framework in order to make research more systematic and precise (Flick, 2015). There are several issues on the part of customers that create sizable impacts on the intake of the KFC products in the Muslim countries. 

Selection of a suitable research design is considered as an essential parameter in any research study. An appropriate research design provides a detail description and relevant aspects for the research stud which are required to complete the research study. There are three major research designs, which are selected by researchers for conduct ting he research study (Hillier, 2006).

Research Design

Descriptive research design explains the necessary information and data needed for research study. Also, it includes the collection of data rather than assumption and predictions.

Exploratory research design provides the basis structure of the research based on the hypothecs and theoretical perspectives. A significant insight is obtained on the research topic.

Explanatory research design used various ideas and facts from various sources in regards to conclude the research.

The researcher will use the descriptive research design since it is more appropriate in terms of collecting the significant information and data and perceptive view of the research topic (Eriksson & Kovalainen, 2015).

Researcher will use both the methods of collecting the data from different sources.

Primary data

Secondary data

Primary data will be collected by the researcher using direct survey and interviews. While, the secondary data will be collected from several sources like literature, articles, books, websites and journals etc. The secondary data set includes the impact of behaviour and choice of the customer on the fast food with respect to KFC products.

A brief explanation will be obtained by the concerned researcher with the help of secondary data set. This would help the researcher for the in –depth understanding about the critical issues of the research topic.

Additionally, the researcher will adopt both the techniques to analyse the data and evaluate the optimum research outcomes (Mackey & Gass, 2015).

Quantitative method

Qualitative method

There will be a survey for a targeted population which includes the respondent of various age grope. The researcher will chose a sample based on the age and religion distribution.

Research Questions

The population within the age range of 18- 45 years

Respondents of different religion

It includes seven steps which will be adopted by the research for complete the research cycle process (Hillier, 2006).

This step is essential to determine the exact issue or problem statement on which the concern researcher will conduct the research study.

It includes the past review and research procedure to frame the research problems and objectives. Literature review also provides the report on the consumers of KFC product globally and their expectations and perceptions about the product range of KFC.

It involves the selection of a suitable method and technique for the research study. The selection of the correct method or procedure will be helpful to express the issue in the mathematical or statistical model.

This step is considered imperative, because it will provide an estimate for the expenditure (time, cost, efforts) that will be incurred in the respective research study.

Both primary and secondary data will be collected as has been discussed above.

The collected data and information will be analysed with the help of different statistical tools and techniques like SPSS, MS excel and other statistical methods. The analysed data will be expressed in terms of charts, tables, graphs etc (Hastie, Tibshirani &  Friedman,2001).

This includes the final research report based on the obtained result. This step involved the determination of the actual issue or opportunity related to the research topic. This step is important to examine the problem more specifically.

In order to implement any particular research design, it is essential to obtain sufficient and relevant data and information from scientific resources.  Relevancy and accurate data will help the researcher to obtain accurate outcome from the research study.  As discussed earlier, both primary and secondary data method will be adopted by the researcher to obtain sufficient data set (Taylor,Bogdan & DeVault, 2015).  In this research study, the secondary data and information will provide a theoretical and cultural view about the pattern and strategies of KFC. For the collection of the primary data, a targeted population is selected for the sample which is the consumer of the age range between 18 to 45 of different religion and culture. The researcher will receive different set of responses from different people, which will help the researcher to select number of variables for the further research analysis (Hillier, 2006).

Researcher has selected Dandenong’s KFC due to its central position in the Melbourne city in Australia. Researcher has specifically chosen this location for sampling, because it is situated in the centre of the Melbourne and most of the people are going in Dandenong’s KFC for lunch and dinner, it was also found that the population of this area is of different religion and culture and various age. Direct interviews session will be organised with the targeted people of Dandenong’s KFC.  This activity will be performed under the qualitative analysis method and the selection of the specified area, people will be examined under quantitative method of data analysis. Also, various managerial level employees of KFC from distinctive area will also be interviewed for collecting the data. A brief discussion will also be conducted with the managers of the KFC of various locations in Melbourne in order to determine the challenges, expectations of the different customer and an interview will also conduct to examine the action and response in some critical issue. These responses and data will be analysed with the help of MS excel or SPSS statistics tool to express the final outcome of the research.

The basic outcome of the research study will provide better knowledge about the various factors to be considered by the American Company KFC while examining the various aspects, expectation of the customer of different age group and religion. It will also help to explain the critical issues about the lesser sale of KFC products in the market and the major steps that are needed to be taken by the management of the KFC in order to become a  preferred joint for different cultures. This research study will evaluate the significant trends and expectation of the customer and major impact of culture in the customer’s preference in the product range of KFC, which direct affects the growth rate of KFC in this competitive market. 


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Taylor, SJ, Bogdan, R & DeVault, M 2015, Introduction to qualitative research methods: A guidebook and resource. John Wiley & Sons, New York

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