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Describe two verbal communication techniques and two non-verbal communication techniques to apply when engaging with children.

Describe three rights that form part of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Explain how the National Quality Framework applies to children’s services.

Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Techniques for Engaging with Children

Mermaid Hotels & Resorts can implement different IMC options for promoting its new resort property in its target countries, i.e. Malaysia and Singapore. These integrated marketing communications options will include utilizing different marketing strategies to improve the communication of its message and ideas about the services of hotels to its external and internal stakeholders (Andrews and Shimp, 2017). This part will include the advantages and disadvantages of implementing different kinds of advertising media and pros and cons of other promotional strategies.

Types of Advertising Media

Name of IMC tool



Broadcast Media

Print Media

7.1.1 Television

7.1.2 Radio

Mermaid Hotels & Resorts can use television source for communicating its advertising message, as most of the population is actively engaged in watching TV (Belch, Belch, Kerr & Powell, 2014). It is advantageous for the company as it can reach to a large audience through television. Organization may have more creativity opportunity among all the advertising media.

In Singapore and Malaysia, the organization can also use radio, as this source has more targeting capabilities. It will be cheaper than other traditional media sources. This hotel can sponsor the events, which are conducted by their radio channels (Fehrnstorm & Rich, 2009).

Advertisement by television will cause higher costs for Mermaid Hotels & Resorts. The share of audiences is decreasing as they are fragmented.

It is disadvantageous for the hotels, as they can’t give visual presentation of their rooms and ambience (Daoud, 2016). They need to purchase more than one radio station to attract the customers. The ads on radio are transient.

7.1.3 Newspaper

7.1.4 Magazine

In addition to broadcast media, Mermaid Hotels and resorts can use print media for promotion and communication.

Newspaper is read by most of the population, so hotel can spread the information easily. It can give the advertisement and information in the newspaper of different languages in Malaysia and Singapore.

By using magazines, Mermaid Hotels and Resorts can appeal its specific target customers. It has longer life span than newspapers. The organization can give advertising message in the magazine as the image and page quality look more attractive and visual presentation can be good (Luttrell, 2016). 

One of the major disadvantages of newspaper mode is that competitor of Mermaid Hotels can see the prices of its rooms and resorts and they can imitate or set the competitive pricing. Young generation is more active on internet, radio and television; they avoid reading newspaper (Freeman, 2010). Lower quality of production and poor image print can change the perception of customers towards its services.

For hotels, this source is more expensive than newspaper. Advertisement cost is very high than newspaper. The major disadvantage o this is that the magazines are published in a specific time gap, like; weekly, monthly.

Other Sources

7.1.5 Out Door Transportation

One of the major advantages of this source is geographic flexibility and hotels can target different areas. This mode is a great source for creating awareness about sits hospitality services, as advertising media vehicles can connect to different locations.

There will be lack of focus on its specific target market. It has small space for advertising message. The company may have the disadvantage that out-door advertising can be overlooked by the people.


Direct marketing is a promotional technique, which includes presenting the advertising message about the company’s products and services to the target customers without using any middleman. Mermaid Hotels and Resorts can make the direct marketing using different modes, like; brochures, newsletters, catalog, e-mails, phone calls, text messages, online display ads etc. It will assist the hotel organization in making brand loyalty among customers (Luxton, Reid, and Mavondo, 2015). There are some strengths and weaknesses of direct marketing technique, which are stated below;



· It can assist the hospitality organization in tracking the response of target customers quickly.

· Marketing via e-mails can be very cost effective for the Mermaid Hotels.

· It will be able to provide detailed information about the company and its services.  

· It can assist the organization in testing the response of customers towards its services.

· Print media is one of the modes under direct marketing, which is less beneficial as people are becoming more aware on social media.

· It may have negative impact on the environment due to heavy paper usage, which will eventually affect the brand image of hotels (Mihart, 2012).

· More expensive than social media sources

Personal selling is the promotional technique, in which the organizations use people to sell its products and services by meeting the customer face to face. Mermaid Hotels and Resorts can promote its hospitality services via their appearance, attitude and knowledge about services. At this hotel, personal selling can assist in encouraging the customers towards its services. The strengths and weaknesses of this technique are given below;



· Through this promotional technique, the organization can provide additional information about the products and services

· This is an important technique for the luxurious services at Mermaid Hotels and Resorts.

· It can assist the organization in reducing the wastages, like; paper and other things.  

· The major weakness of this promotional technique is that customer approach is limited, as it needs more time to create awareness about its hospitality services (Pavlou, & Stewart, 2015).

· It will be very expensive for the hotel, as it has to appoint sales people and pay the salaries, bonus, commission and cost of travelling. Thus, it can be expensive than other modes.

In today’s modern environment, social and digital media is most used source among the population in both the countries, Singapore and Malaysia. Social media may enable the companies to enhance the communication with its target customers. In this case, Mermaid Hotels and Resorts can communicate their advertising message by the use of social and digital media sources. Social media has changed the way of communication between organization and customers. It can post its ads on different social media networking sites, like; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. The strengths and weaknesses of this method are given below;



Nowadays, people are actively engaged on social and digital media. It is very cheap to advertise the services and easier to approach most of the population. Mermaid Hotels and Resorts will use different networking sites to enhance its presence (Šeri?, & Šeri?, 2017). It will create the page on social media sites, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as most of the people are using social media sites.

It can post the pictures of rooms and hotel ambience on social media pages and attract the people towards its hotel and hospitality services.

The weaknesses of this promotional method are that it needs more time and efforts to maintain the pages and website of hotels. They need to be very attentive on these sites, like; there will be need of replying the questions from customers on time.

Another weakness under this method is that competitors can see the information and copy that, which will affect the business of Mermaid Hotels. Negative comments on the page or pictures can change the perception of people towards the services of hotel.


Public relation is a promotional method, which develops beneficial relationship between public and organizations. It is the major practice for managing communication between people and company. By using this technique, Mermaid Hotels and Resorts can enhance its business profile and enhance brand image among the population of Malaysia and Singapore. It can be very cost effective of the hotel, if organization implements it effectively.



The major strengths of the public relation are that it is the most cost effective method, which can have a large impact on audiences to trust the messages of hotels. For Mermaid hotels, it can be proven a most persuasive and credible forms of promotion and advertising. Implementing public relation method will assist the organization in developing an effective and strong brand image of hotel and the people will believe that this business expansion will carry the organization forward. The organization will conduct community events and assist the charity, so that it can have the better views for the business.

If Mermaid Hotels and Resorts implement this promotional method, the company will not be able to predict the customer responses towards its hospitality and guest services. Under this method, people will not create link with this and they attract towards other sources of advertising and promotion (Šeric, Gil-Saura, & Ozreti?-Došen. 2015).


Using an effective Integrated Management Communication Plan is essential for the organization, when it introduce its products and services among people. There are various promotional and advertising methods, which can be recommended for Mermaid Hotels & Resorts in Singapore and Malaysia. For the first year, the organization will create an IMC plan and establish an IMC budget according to the mode of media. It is hereby recommended that this hotel should use different media for communicating its advertising message, such as; social media, print media, broadcast media etc. The marketing department at Mermaid Hotels and Resorts should emphasize on its marketing strategies and marketing mix for promoting its services to the customer base. AT Mermaid Hotels, the organization will create marketing team, which will implement different marketing practices for enhancing its brand image. It can use different modes of social media, like; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube for advertising its hospitality services among people (Zhechev, 2016). It will be cheaper than other advertisement media and it is easy to approach the people using this mode. By using this, Mermaid Hotels & Resorts will be to enhance brand image and reputation among a large population of both the countries. It should post the pictures and videos of hotel rooms and interior on social media pages, so that people can see their services. For this, the company will create a budget, which includes all the expenses and costs for advertising the hospitality services. The budget given by the company is of $2.1 million that is divided in accordance to the expenses and costs. All the modes of advertising are given along with the rank. The IMC budget is stated below;

IMC Budget

Media Tools


% of the Total Budget

  (in $)

  (In %)

Rank 1: Social/Digital Media Marketing

1. Facebook


2. Twitter


3. Youtube


Total Social Media


E-mail Marketing


Google Ads


Other Online promotional Campaigns


Total Budget for Online Media



Rank 2: Print Media

1. Newspaper


2. Magazine


Total Print Media



Rank 3: Broadcasting Media

1. TV Channels


2. Hoardings





Rank 4: Other Sources (Out Door Transportation)



Rank 5: Public relations



Rank 6: Events and sponsorships



Total Required Budget for Promotion


Rights of the Child According to the United Nations Convention

The above-given graph shows different advertising methods, which can be used by Mermaid Hotels to promote its services. The graph shows that percentage and ranks, which are given to the advertising and promotional techniques. The highest percentage, i.e. 38.50% is given to the social media as most of the population is actively engaged in using the social media networking sites, like; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. Second rank is given to the print media as it is the best way to approach the people and it is very cost effective in comparison to social media and broadcasting media (Šeric, Gil-Saura, & Ozreti?-Došen. 2015). The company has the total budget of $2.1 million for the advertising and promotional expenses, which is divided in different modes of advertising according to their significance and expansiveness.

In addition to this, it should use broadcast media, like; Television, so that it can give visual presentation of its services through commercial ads. Broadcasting media will come on the 3rd rank, because it is more expensive than other methods of advertising. Apart from this, the organization will spend its budget on other sources, public relations and events, for which the budget is allocated accordingly in the above table and chart. 

In the first year of operations, the organization can give significant discount to the people on their first booking, like; 5 to 10% according to their room booking (Luttrell, 2016). For their regular customers, it should have different offers and reward points, so that they will revisit the hotels. By doing this, company will be able to attain its marketing objectives, like; it will be generating the estimated bookings in the operations of first year and creating the high level of brand reputation and awareness among people.


Andrews, J.C. and Shimp, T.A. (2017). Advertising, promotion, and other aspects of integrated marketing communications. Nelson Education.

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