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Part 1;(Essay question) In order to understand people experiences of health and wellbeing, mental health, and ageing and later life, it is important to combine an understanding of the value of using academic theories and models with an understanding of individuals and their experiences. Discuss the benefits of combining these two sorts of understanding.

Part 2;(Non-essay question) This question asks you to show that you can use the PROMPT criteria to evaluate the quality of the information on a website and provide evidence to support your analysis. In order to do this you should select a topic that is included in K118. You then need to locate a website that claims to provide information that is relevant to your chosen topic. Use the PROMPT criteria as the basis of an analysis of the information on the website. This analysis should include a conclusion which summarises your judgement of the value of the information on the website. Your answer should be supported by screenshots of different parts of the website you discuss

Definitions and Importance of Health, Well-being, Mental Health, Ageing, and Later Life

To understand what is peoples experience in relation with health and well being and mental health and ageing and later life we need to have brief introduction of these terms. Health is the state of a person’s self condition including physical and mental (Seligman and Csikszentmihalyi 2014). Health is condition which includes parameters like physical condition like free from disease and mental condition like mental disorder (Biringer et al. 2015). If a person is free from disease and mental illness he is said to have good health (Andrews, Chen and Myers 2014). Well being is found in two dimensions subjective and objective. It includes a person’s experience in life and the comparison of life conditions with social norms and values. Both physical and mental health influences the well being of a person. Health influences well being but effect of well being on health is variable. Mental health is a type of psychological well being. It is the health of mind in which a person is able to control his emotions and behavior (Blank,  Finlay and Prior 2016). Any imbalances can cause mental illness and disorders. Ageing is a time and condition in a person’s life when he starts growing old and his body structure changes and experience of all sorts of physical disorders occur.

After life is the life when a person gets old and the life he experiences till he dies. If the person is having good health and mental health then the life expectancy increases (Lowsky et al. 2013).  These terms health and wellbeing, mental health ageing and later life all are included in people’s experiences and need to be studied in order to gain knowledge about its effect in person’s life. Personal experiences of people in case of health and well being includes the way a person is maintaining his health, if he is free from disease  and whether the person’s well being is all good in case of physical, economical and social terms (Huppert and So 2013). The person who is not having good mental health will suffer from depression anxiety and other disorders which will give him a bad experience and tough life challenges. Ageing is a normal process in person’s life and its experience may include health related issues or economic or other problems (Cox 2015). Ageing can slow down a person and even though if a person wants to experience the life of young he will not be able to do it. The later life experience of people includes those experiences which they enjoy after ageing. If a person takes proper care of health and makes proper planning of their health social contacts community housing and money for his later life then they can enjoy the life or else spending the later life will be difficult in some cases (Jivraj et al. 2014). The study of these experiences will help in a complete understanding of the situation which arrives in every people’s life and how they deal with it. It will give us a insight of the changes what needs to be done and to learn the positives which can be implemented on others (Csikszentmihalyi  2014).

Theoretical Understanding of People's Experience in Health, Well-being, Mental Health, Ageing, and Later Life

To understand people’s experience in health and well being, mental health and ageing and later life requires theoretical study of academic preferences and models related to it. The academic theories and models can be useful in deep research of the experiences. The models help in better understanding of it (Steptoe, Deaton and Stone 2015). Academic theories and models and frameworks include those researchers’ publications that have done research and gave a theory with proper methods results which prove some authenticity. The books and journals related to it will provide the knowledge for the required topic. In academic theories first the knowledge regarding the condition and its effects is studied then it is applied by the researcher by using some samples of population or community for the research to be applied on then some methods and models are used for understanding the aim. Then the results are noted down and a conclusion made based on the research. Thus the study of academic theories gives a valid theoretical view of any topic and then it is applied practically to get the desired result. We get theoretically that well being of a person shows in the physical activity which he does but to prove it and get the experiences of people some practical implications should be done. For example to understand the experiences of well being one researcher used wearable trackers to measure activity. They wanted to check the health condition by using the tracker which counts steps taken by the people. The steps of people if increases on daily basis show signs of good health but in some cases decreases which may be concern of health. These activity trackers can be used as tools and also change behavior and if included in daily life will provide social experiences and new ways of increasing self esteem. This research helps to understand the peoples experience in health and well being. Now in case of experience of people in successful ageing includes the facts that the person is enjoying higher life expectancy and or physical and mental health and social networks. For this to understand academic theories states that ageing is the process in which a person gets old, their cells get old and their immune system gets weak and the health system gets disoriented. The people may experience weakness and difficulty in activities and also their social contact gets disrupted (Kastenbaum 2015). But some cases the ageing life is also enjoyed by people if health is good and proper planning is done. To understand it better some models are used using social, psychological and medical sciences. A literature review using Pub med and Socio File for ageing are used and almost 170 papers were studied to find out the experience of people in ageing. Longitudinal and sectional surveys were included and a study was created. This research will help in understanding the theories related to ageing but a survey should be done using personal interviews will help in understanding the matter perfectly (Mroczek et al. 2015).

Practical Understanding of People's Experience in Health, Well-being, Mental Health, Ageing, and Later Life

Academic theories relate to the study what is already researched and compiled in book or journals and other government online sites. This will give an understanding of the conditions what people go through or experience. But in case of understanding of personal individual experiences some research should be done using survey. To understand experiences of people in mental health first it is required to understand the mental health and its consequences which can be done by study using research articles. The dynamics of mental health it is essential to develop frequency of mental attack and pattern of it in everyday life situations. For this study of Experience Sampling method is used to find the variation in mental health (Kidd, Kenny and McKinstry 2014). It is used to get data related to the frequency and pattern of daily activities and social interactions, frequency of psychological condition and frequency of thoughts. The research articles give a review of practical and methodological issues of the ESM (Csikszentmihalyi and Larson 2014). This helps in the understanding of experiences of people in mental health.

The benefits of understanding of value of academic theories and models and using it with understanding of individuals and their experiences are that both helps in complete study of any topics (Ladwig  2016). The study of mental health can give us lists of symptoms like depression anxiety and all but if it is combined with the symptoms which really a person experiences and the consequences they go through will help in better understanding of the situation. According to academic theories and model ageing is a process in people’s life in which the body cells start dyeing and there is a drop in health and physical activities tends to cease. But it is also needed to search for interviews or get in touch with older people to understand their day to day life experiences and what problems and challenges they follow in their day to day life. The life after ageing is the life which can be enjoyable in some cases or painful in other (Fasbender et al. 2014). According to theories there are group of people who plan their after ageing life like economic stability and creation of social groups of having healthy life diet and doing regular exercise. Another group does no planning and they have no financial support or are suffering from ill health. There are many factors relating to it which we get in academic books and articles. To understand it personal visits and surveys has to be done about the community (Kåhlin et al. 2013). This will help in creating an complete idea about the after age life. When it comes to acquiring knowledge on a topic like personal experience of people in health well being mental health and ageing it can be done by two ways either getting theoretical knowledge or practical knowledge. But combining both will give complete view and understanding of the topic. In theoretical knowledge it helps in better understanding of the technique which is successful or failing. The study of academic theories helps in setting of a direction for further education. And the practical use will help in getting final review of the topic. For example in case of after age life experience of people, theoretical studies of academic articles gives a direction that the factors which determines the effect of social, economical and health helps in judgment of later life and increase of life expectancy. This will give an overview of the factors experience. But if a survey is done among the communities taking a sample of participants and use of checklists then a difference can be created in what life actually a person experience and what is theoretically given. Thus this helps in better understanding of the community people’s views and experience that they have (Montano and Kasprzyk 2015).

Thus it can be concluded from the above that both are necessary in education of any study. The academic value of theories and the studies of personal experiences of individuals is required for understanding the people’s experience in health, ageing mental health and after life. The study of models makes understanding of any topic easier. In case of people experience in health ageing and mental health proper models and framework helps in understanding of the situation (Folkman 2013). Like frameworks which show the sign and symptoms of mental health and the preventive measures which can be done will help in understanding the symptoms but if a survey is done with the health care personal then proper understanding can be done. Thus both are necessary theoretical and personal experiences of people (Pilcher, Martin and Williams 2016.). In case of any health related study firstly the direction of the study is obtained from academic theories and finally it is required to go for personal views which includes interview of related community and their views and the comparing both to obtain complete matter for the study.

Here topic to be used is Mental Health which is included in K118. The prompt analysis is to be carried out on the website which includes information regarding the mental health and it is . This website claims to provide all information regarding the mental health that is required for studying and other purposes. Here we will use prompt analysis for critically evaluate the potential of this website in providing information regarding mental health. The prompt analysis includes six criteria to be analyzed like presentation, relevance, objectivity, method, provenance, and timeliness. These criteria need to be analyzed while going through the website (Cervone and Pervin 2015).

The website contains information related to mental health. The information given here is good but not in too many details but for understanding of the topic like mental health all the information is there. There is a list of conditions which are termed and diagnosed as mental health. The topic to be considered in mental health according to K118 is depression and bi polar disorder. These two topics are present in the website. The head topics are in italics and an informal writing but the information in it is in formal writing with all fonts properly checked. The heading are written in informal style just to make it eye catchy so that the reader does not get bored while searching and enjoys while collecting information in it.

The language use is right and the information is collected and aimed at the adult population of England and Wales. The language is good and the presentation is too much eye catchy with use of certain colors and  phrases to assist the information regarding the mental health.


The information which I require like the terms of mental health like bi polar disorder and depression is given here with vast knowledge. Here in this website there is a option of PDF download option of certain topics which can be easily downloaded and information collected from it without using internet.

The information in this website is concise as well as elaborated in nature. The information in this website contains information related to mental health. The topics are divided into main heading and sub heading. The information is given in such a way that uses of tabs and links are also given. Like if you click one topic an information related to it open which may contains another links relating to same topics which will help to get vast information related to the same topic. For example bi polar disorder is the topic if we click on it then it gives information related to it with some sub links given in it like moods and symptoms. If we further click on this link then again we get information related to the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

The information provided here is in link with the mental health but it is geographic specific. Like it only provides information related to people of England and Wales. If I want to get information of other countries and area it is not given in this website.

The information is detailed but not fully informed as is found in the research journals like Pub med. The information will help in general understanding but if research related matters are required to be searched then this website will not provide that vast information.

The emphasis is that for collecting and understanding the basic needs of the topic of mental health and its related topic this website is good. But if we require facts related to research journals then we need to search some government health related website.


Here in this website they give support and services related to mental health. They give all related information of mental health and laws relating to it. They can provide help for the mental health patients.

Some cases the language used in some information is emotive. These websites also collect donations for helping in the well being of mental health patients. There is an option link in which we can donate money for help. This website also has hidden agendas which is mainly in providing information related to mental health using some emotive cases so that the mindset of readers change and they feel like helping for a genuine helping cause of mental health. The policy of this website is to influence the government and helping the mental health patients. They provide therapies and benefits and crisis case of people in deserving needs.

The website provides us information but it has vested interest also. The main reason of this website is to provide information of mental health and to create awareness among the community about it. The website also kept provision for donation by which they can raise fund for helping those people who are really in need for it. They also have provision of providing information regarding legal health rights and how to get advocates for the legal rights of mental health patients.  

They don’t have any sponsors for it. This website is open for people of England who are interested to join their campaign regarding mental health patients. They have several campaigns where normal population can join and invest their time to create awareness among other parts of the community. The campaign is names Mind Cymru.


There is no statistical data represented here as it only deals with people of England and Welsh. This website does not provide research based information and methods and clinical interventions but it provides information in simplified if research related topics are not required in the study. Here they even provided videos of experiences of some patients so that we can get an overview related to the disorder we are studying (Bowling 2014).

The information provided here is gathered from various sources and using public experiences and value. NHS England gives commitment for this website for providing information regarding the mental health. The quality of information is improved by information standard scheme so that information which is available is used by Public, patients and health care persons (England NHS 2014).

So we can decide that website is not for using it in understanding research methods and surveys but it can provide all other general information which forms the base of any study. The website provides video in each topic related to mental health for better understanding of the topic.

The standard of the information related to mental health is certified by the information standard. The information which is provided in this website is done by NHS England. This NHS England is an executive non departmental public body of the department of health. This organization set priorities and directions of the NHS and encourages and informs the national debate to improve health and its care. The information here is clear accurate and the evidence based, up to date and easy for people, patients and communities to able to get information and get involved in their health and care. the information standard which this website follows helps in going through rigorous assessment to check that their production of information process generates a very good quality information. The members of the information standard which gives certification and information to this website helps in improving the quality of information of this website. They try to create a sustainable development approach which help the providers of the information to carry on improvement in what they are doing and quality of information. It acts as a base for literacy in health and shared decision making for contributing to wider policy areas including self care and the person centered care. The information provided here contains opinions from interviews of some patients undergoing treatment in some heath care units. The information standard also works along with the patient information forum, national voices and LG communications.

The source of the information in this website can be trusted as it is certified by the information standard. The NHS England is also involved in this information providing process so the information can be trusted here.


The information which is provided here is current and up to date and the website is updated within their time frame. The information which is provided here is about the mental health.  Some information is universal and does not need to be updated every now or then. The best part of this website is that in case of each page at the end they have provided the date of the information update and when they are going to update it next. The information in updated within the time frame and this proves that the website is aware of the fact that they need to provide updated information to the people who uses it for their studies.  For example in case of information related to depression they have given at the end of page that they information was last revised in June 2016 and next they will revise it in 2019. The situation and conditions if changed in this website information then they will update it as soon as possible. The information which is provided is up do date for the time being and will be reviewed if required in future.



After analyzing this website using the prompt criteria we come to a point that the information provided here is relevant to the topic of mental health and its related issues. The website can be used for studies and to get a strong base of the disorder. The website consists of updated information which is renewed time to time. This website has a very easy going non formal display which includes using of color and informal headings. The headings which are informal make it eye catchy and easy for people to understand the topic better. The topics are links which leads to detailed information inside and written in formal font. The information provided here can be trusted as it is certified by information standard. And NHS England also provides information to this website. This website is also involved in charity work and collects donation and does campaigns for the needed person suffering from mental health. The main disadvantages of this website is that it is area specific and only provides information about England people and research based article methods and statistics are not present in this website. the student or health care people can get all other information regarding mental health but for research articles journals they need to depend on other websites. Overall the website is informative and can be used for the study of mental health.


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