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There are two components to this part of the assignment. You are required to produce an acceptance test description and a detailed black-box test description. These two test types are related but you should consider them separately.
The Acceptance test
A university requires a system to allow on-line checking of student submissions to detect possible plagiarism. The system must track student submission time and dates, and provide an analysis of the matches found in other student’s work, in Internet documents and in paper based publications such as books and magazines. The analysis will be available to the student who submitted the assignment and the marker of the assignment.
The matching must be configurable providing:
1. Optional checking of bibliographies
2. Allow proper quotations to be excluded
3. Allow setting a minimum number of matching words
4. Allow resubmission of assignments by students up to a given date/time..

The Acceptance Test

The acceptance test

Acceptance test involves a category of trial which is executed before a system is launched to verify it pertaining the needs that were contracted upon and approve whether the system meets the requirements that are consistent with the specifications made (Braude, & Bernstein, 2016). This article will be an influential document that will focus primarily on equipping a software development organization with competence in meeting the needs of a university; the university needs a system for online checking of student submission to detect plagiarism. To accomplish the task, this paper will describe a user acceptance test that will ensure that the system function as envisioned.

According to the needs of the university organization mentioned above, the specific objectives of this articles are as stated:

  • Testing strategy:will involve the procedure for conducting a valid test.
  • Data conversion strategy:describes how the existing data will get migrated to the testing platform.
  • Test environment:involve a description of software and hardware requirements as well as personnel included in the test.

Testing strategy

The test will use the Hewlett Packard Application Lifecycle Management tool to help in the identification of defects which might be encountered (Novak, 2010). The tool will be given to every participant. After the test execution, the default status will be reported to the technical team to address and mitigate the concerns which arise during the process (Wegener, Baresel, & Sthamer, 2001). The test execution process is summarized in figure 1 below.

Various data conversion strategies will be applied in acceptance test (Seetharaman, Saucier & Lamperillo, 2014). It will be essential to establish if the system ignores bibliography/references that are adequately quoted as well as small matches of not more than five words to determine the accuracy of the system. The system should also provide the originality report within five to ten minutes after the paper is submitted upon test (Röst et al., 2016). However, resubmission should take up to 24 hours.   

Test environment

The hardware requirement will be Intel 4th Generation Core i7 with 8 GB RAM and 64bit Microsoft Windows 7 (Abrahamsson, Salo, Ronkainen, & Warsta, 2017). The software, however, will be Hewlett Packard Application Lifecycle Management. The participants who will take part in the acceptance test process will be the university students and staffs (student lecturers).

A detailed black-box-test plan for Microsoft Word 2016 print dialog

In this document section, a plan for the testing print dialog of Microsoft Word 2016 is described in details. Every software requires testing throughout or even after development process to evaluate the compliance and components of a system with its specified performance (LiKamWa, Liu, Lane, & Zhong, 2013; Nidhra & Dondeti, 2012). This plan will apply a black-box technique for the test. The black box testing constitutes a software testing technique where the functionality of the software under test is tested without considering the structure and implementation of its internal code.

Testing Strategy

The requirements for the black box test will be the Intel 4th Generation Core i7 with 8 GB RAM, printer, 64bit Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, and Microsoft Office 2016. The tester will choose validly as well as invalid inputs to check whether the system will correctly process them and then determine the expected output (Khan, M. E., & Khan, F. 2012). The test will be carried out in the following steps:

  1. The test cases will be executed, and the actual output is determined
  2. The tester will then compare the actual output and the expected output
  • Lastly, defects if any output is fixed and retest it again.

The tests that will be carried out are as follows:

  1.    Testing print dialog by printing in other documents

To perform this task, the tester will open a blank page in Microsoft word 2016 and input some characters such as “=stat(34)” and press enter to insert around 20 paragraphs. The tester will then go to print dialog and try to print the document. If the material is printed successfully, the inspector will add some graphics including pictures, clip arts, and some drawings then print again. In doing so, printing error may occur, documents containing damaged files may cause printing error in word 2016.  

  1.    Testing the print dialog by printing with various printing drivers

This test is meant to discover if printer drivers have any issue, different drivers will be installed and tested in that if any word printing problem takes place when documents of specific fonts or graphics are printed, another printer is used for the test, the tester will then evaluate the output.

Build management

Microsoft nightly build system for managing changes to Microsoft operating systems and other software

Microsoft nightly build system refers to the automated build done from the latest development codes. As far as software development is concerned, neutral build consist of a software build reflecting the current state of codes that is checked into the current version management system by the software developers; they are done in a neutral ground (Li, 2011).

The nightly build system for managing the changes to the Microsoft operating system and other software is therefore based on the neutral build system that occurs automatically. The process often happens when somebody is likely to be working in the office to ensure that any change to the source code during the building process does not occur (Brunswig, & Kaiser, 2010). The build results are then inspected by the programmers who always prioritize on preventing the process and functionality of the operating system as well as other software from any damage by the recent changes to the source codes. Through system update, the nightly build ensures that the build tools are not broken.

Test Environment

Advantages of the Night build system of Microsoft

The nightly build has two significant advantages. Its first main advantage is that it can enable an organization to use all new stuff which is not present in the latest stable release. Another benefit, however, can be seen only when an organization team expands that only a few individuals can keep the project in their head anymore. In this case, nightly build will help in managing the operation of the system.

Disadvantages of the Night build system of Microsoft

However, one minor limiting factor of the nightly is that since nightly build constitute automated builds from the latest development codes in testing which is why they are unstable and untested by nature, the chances that they may contain bugs and error are very high thus they might be harmful to a machine.

How Microsoft arrive at a release that is distributed to the public

Microsoft has always ensured a release that is distributed to the public. The organization has been doing so by giving its private audience an option that can only be used by the audience when they have not published their applications to the public audience. This option can be used in applications targeting any operating system, but the tester must be running Microsoft operating system.

  1. System description

“Kool Dudes” organization is in need of an integrated system to support its five branch shops as the opportunity arise and accepts proposals in reply to this request for proposal (RFP) so that we can find a qualified source to provide a website with the following features:

  • A database for repair with the information about the devices that are repaired.
  • A market system for electronic marketing using email and social media.
  • A stock management system for products for sale, parts for use in rehabilitation as well as automatic ordering from wholesalers.
  • Provide reports the management staffs of the organization from any location and allow for ordering stocks, hire and fire and make other management decisions.

Our primary goal, however is to:

  • Provide quality and reliable services that satisfy the needs of our clients.

   As such, the primary objective of this RFP is to discover a source that will aid in offering the best value to the “Kool Dude” enterprise. Though the cost is a noteworthy factor, our award decision will be based on our criteria more fully described in the following sections of the RFP.

  1. How I would evaluate proposal   

We will evaluate the proposals with respect to the needs stated in the previous section of this RFP. We will select proposals that show a project plan for a fresh website with the feature that is consistent with the aforementioned needs of the “Kool Dude” organization. The proposal must incorporate various tools including HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and ColdFusion among other tools that will are required for the project. Note that the service will not only integrate bespoke software management to fix the business issues but also cloud services, mostly Software as a Service SaaS solution to ensure low management cost (Satyanarayana, 2012). The proposals will be rated basing on the factors stated as follows:

  •    The responsiveness to the requirements stated in this RFP
  •    The cost of the project with the inclusion of the total ownership cost.
  •    And a sample work projects that have been achieved.
  1. How I would answer questions

 If there is any question, regarding clarification of the above mentioned needs, you are free to contact the “Kool Dude”. Questions should be asked before the proposal is done to ensure that all the required details are well illustrated in the proposal.

  1. Other facts that would ensure proposals are useful and worth a supplier’s effort to respond to the RFP.

As stated in our primary objective, the “Kool Dude” aim at providing quality and reliable services that satisfy the needs of its clients and this can only be met by a reliable system for managing our clients. Therefore, your proposal will be of great importance to “Kool Dude.” Another fact showing why the proposal will be of great significance to me is that it is through the system that “Kool Dude” will run its business online, as such, I highly recommend that you submit your proposal in time. 


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